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Huge float tank, made in Thailand.



POOLASIA EXPO 2011 Phuket Tropical Asia’’s first Pool & Spa Trade Exhibition proves to be a success


he pioneering POOLASIA Expo & Conference 2011, held on Phuket at the Hilton Phuket Arcadia Resort and Spa from 4 - 6 March 2011, was an undoubted success. With visitors and exhibitors from 33 countries, 28 international speakers and 59 companies participating, the Expo gave unparalleled access to international knowledge and expertise. POOLASIA was unique in being dedicated to all countries in the tropics, where outdoor swimming pools are exposed to harsh environmental conditions. Heavy rainfall and abundant vegetation may not only cause contamination but also react with disinfectants such as chlorine, causing itchiness and that familiar smell associated with chlorine. In addition, the extremely strong tropical sun depletes chlorine by as much as 50% in only 35 minutes, making achieving international quality standards a tough job. Who is giving pool operators of public, hotel and resort pools independent knowledge to deal with such difficulties for the benefit of consumers and tourists? According to Dr Josef Konrad, the organizer of POOLASIA, the answer is nobody. It is not only Thailand that lacks an




The CEO of the BioNova Group, Rainer Grafinger, Germany: “It was an interesting conference with good contacts in a tropical region. ”

Pool Asia participants.

independent knowledge platform, but also the surrounding region, home to 2 billion people. It is therefore no surprise that many pool operators do not know that they must distinguish between “active ” and “inactive ” chlorine to ensure that the pool is safe for swimming. Making this distinction is also a key in assuring that cross infection between swimmers with viruses, bacteria or parasites is prevented. Cheap or free test-kits often provided by chemical suppliers are not designed to test for active chlorine. The POOLASIA Expo gave pool operators the opportunity to learn about this issue free of




charge, although disappointingly the majority of invited hotels did not send representatives. The POOL CLINIC showed how to test pool water on 12 different parameters to ensure the highest quality of water, save chemicals and minimize “aging ” of pools. Pool professionals and operators were able to participate in tropical Asia ’s first certified operator course on the initiative of POOLASIA. The US based non-profit National Pool & Spa Foundation (NSPF) certified pool professionals from Myanmar, Indonesia, Brunei and China. In Europe, water in public pools has to meet similar standards of hygiene to drinking

Whirlpool on display at Pool Asia.

water. Because children in particular cannot be expected to avoid swallowing some water from pools, it is essential that pool water is kept free of diseases. Ministries of Health in countries such as Germany and the US take this issue very seriously. POOLASIA therefore initiated the International Awareness Conference “Tourism & Healthy Water ”, the first of its kind in Asia, as the highlight of the POOLASIA show on 4th March. Dr Stottmeister and Dr Grummt of the German Federal Environment Agency, Dr Antineau of the NSPF, and Southeast Asia ’s famous Water Park designer and consultant Mr. Lim, from Malaysia, were among the 10 international speakers.

Other speakers highlighted the huge potential of medical pools and aqua fitness to generate more value from swimming pools, open new market niches and to encourage tourists to stay for longer periods of time or return in the future. The founder of Europe ’s only Aqua Fitness Professionals Convention provided certified Aqua Fitness Instructor Courses throughout the POOLASIA Expo. The only disappointment was that more visitors did not take the opportunity to learn new course trends such as Zen Aqua, Bollywood Waves or Aquatic Kick & Punch at the hotel ’s lovely swimming pool.




The ECO POOL FORUM focused on how to build ecologically-friendly pools. It was shown how efficient pool management can save water and reduce the use of chemicals and energy. This issue is of extreme importance for large pools, which are very expensive to operate if international water quality standards are to be achieved. The “Defining Luxury Pools Built on Sustainability ” Forum unveiled a taste of the future with stainless steel pools. Not only do they look extremely modern and timeless, they are also lightweight, easier to maintain and particularly suitable for mountain slopes. Property developer ISTANA Phuket showed




definite interest, and it will be interesting to see which company will be the first to take the plunge in Thailand. In Singapore it will soon be reality, with the construction of a large public pool made 100% from stainless steel. The “Pool Tech Talk ” on the final day revealed which saltwater pool system is the most resource efficient. It is the sea water system, where pre-filtered sea water is pumped into the pool and electro chlorinated to disinfect the water. An extraordinary attraction of the sundowner was the monofin performance of Mr Vladimir Karmazin, trainer of the Thai National Fin Swimming Team from the Thai

Hilton Arcadia owner Maitree Narukatpichai & Phuket ViceGovernor Mr.Weerawat Janpen. (above). Relaxing at the show (below).

Dive Association (TDA). The trade show offered multiple opportunities to network and connect with other industry professionals from across Asia and around the world. Visitors from as far as Shanghai, New Zealand and Dubai mingled at two Sundowners at the charming terrace with dedicated meeting points for the themes: “ecological pool, medical pool & spa and pool design ”. The absolute highlight of the Sundowners was the POOLASIA award, the first pool award for outstanding achievements in the pool industry and business in tropical Asia.

JD POOLS Co. Ltd. (Thailand), Mr. Pachare, Manager & Business Development, “Such an international show is new to Thailand. We are very satisfied. Not so many visitors came, but the ones who came promise excellent business opportunities. We will certainly join POOLASIA 2012. ”




POOLASIA ENVIRONMENTAL AWARDS 2011 Category 1: Water Treatment Concept Magnapool Australia, Australia Highlight: Environmentally-friendly integrated pool water treatment concept with magnesium & potassium as alternatives to conventional salt water chlorination using sodium chloride. Category 2: Process Innovation UVION GmbH, Germany Highlight: Chlorine-free swimming pool water treatment by Cu/Silver Ionization with online control of copper. Category 3: Product development PAC Co., Ltd., Thailand Highlight: Almost total heat recovery of air conditioners for pool heating.

POOLASIA AWARDS 2011 Category 1: Resort Pool Villa SONEVA KIRI, Koh Kood, SIXSENSES for their ECO VILLA Selected main criteria: Environmentally friendly and fully-integrated pool water treatment and setup. For their ECO POOL VILLA with reed bed-water clarifier and Mg/Potassium disinfection with additional value for money “swimming pool water for health improvement ”. Category 2: Outstanding Business Support Mr. MARTIN WOELK from TINTOMETER GmbH, Germany For his outstanding efforts to create awareness in the understanding of water quality in the pool business in Asia for the past 15 years. POOLASIA will host the 2012 show in Bali and be back to Thailand in 2013. It hopes to build upon the success of the first show by attracting a bigger local audience. www.poolasia.com info@poolasia.com




Award winners - AXT Co. Ltd.,Thailand, UVION GmbH, Germany and MAGNA POOL Ltd., Australia (from left).

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