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HIDRION - Description The HIDRION system uses electrolysis, which releases positive metal ions. These ions destroy the cells of negatively charged pollutants, such as bacteria, fungi and algae in the water, leaving it pure and healthy. The process guarantees long-lasting disinfected water, when copper ion concentration is between 0.3 and 0.5mg/l. As well as its properties as a disinfectant, copper ions also act as a flocculant which helps to keep water crystal clear. We estimate the following reduction in the use of chemicals: > up to 100% in the use of algaecides and flocculants > 90-95% of oxidants (chlorine, bromine, active oxygen, etc.) and in private pools > 60-70% of oxidants (chlorine, bromine, active oxygen, etc.) and in public pools


Public pools


HIDRION Conditions for operation • Power source: 230V AC • Output to ioniser: max 24V DC • Maximum operating pressure: 2.5 bar • Maximum operating temperature: 40 C • Pipe Diameter: 63mm • Installation time of less than 3 hours • Instruction manual, copper testing kit supplied with each complete unit.

Better Water Quality / Better Health and Quality of Life - Prevents asthma, allergies and skin, eye and mucus membrane irritation, reducing the risk of cancer associated with chlorine. Treatment without the disadvantages of chemical products. - Eliminates algaecides and flocculants, and needs only 5-10% of oxidants (chlorine, bromine, active oxygen, etc.). Economical - Return on investment in 2 years, low electricity usage and low cost of replacing electrodes, which have a lifespan of 2 years. Environmentally Friendly - Reduces the use of chemical products which destroy the ozone layer. Allows swimming pool water to be used to water the garden. Reliable and Safe - Protect patented for more than 10 years; thousands of units installed. Reduces the risks associated with transporting and handling chemical products. Convenient - Automatic system which runs at the same time as the pool pump. Reduces the needs to transport chemicals and kilos of salt. Guarantee and Technical Assistance - Has a 24 month guarantee against manufacture defects. Technical support from the manufacture, all parts available and deliveries to anywhere in the country. Versatile - Can be used in any type of pool. Quick and easy to assemble.

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