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The time is over to dose Granular Chlorine manually! Mastering pools disinfection from 50 to over 2000 m³ on German standards using GRANUDOS dosing systems. Automatic dosing of granular calcium hypochlorite (65-75% free chlorine) at the same time with acid for pH-correction. For all who likes to save running costs on pool operation (chemical costs and equipment life time) and to ensure the pool never turns green. Only as much of chlorine will be dosed as necessary to get a perfect water quality, at lowest chlorine concentration. 24 hours/day. Measurement & control of pH, ORP or free chlorine. Dosing directly from the drum or from integrated hopper. Interface for external display at pool side to show how perfect the pool water quality is.

Win the confidence of your guests. GRANUDOS 45-PR with i integrated auto-control pH/ORP

GRANUDOS 45–S4 with chlorine drum and chlorine dosing hopper

drum with hopper loaded onto the rotating drum carrier and fixed by clamp bands

drum with hopper rotaing to dosing position

Granudos 45-S4 for continuous dosing in dosing position

•  high dosing performance and fast reaction on changes in water quality which is important especially for tropical pools •  no sludge, no valve blockage as all solid particles are dissolved completely •  no chlorine smell •  30 years experience in dosing calcium hypochlorite •  proved safety

GRANUDOS 15-PR with integrated autocontrol pH/ORP Dosing chlorine from hopper, acid from container

GRANUDOS 45-Top with integrated autocontrol for free chlorine/pH/ORP Dosing chlorine from hopper, acid and flocculant from container


GRANUDOS dosing systems