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River Argard in Norway

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Good vs. Bad News

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Hotel Wutte in Austria

The Magic Morrum River

Do fish feel any pain?

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The Em river in southern Sweden Just a little thought!

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The POOL 32 PHILOSOPHY Fly fishing has given me so many fantastic moments of excitement, beauty and long lasting friendships. It’s therefore essential for me to give something back to this sport and the fish that means so much to all of us. So help Pool 32 Mag make a change – Sign up, pass it on and get involved! Truth is, the more readers Pool 32 Mag gets, the greater value it will provide to advertisers all over the world. By the revenues generated by magazine ads, Pool 32 Mag will aim to support conservation projects, in need of economic donations, to reach their goals. The Pool 32 E-magazine gives you, dear reader, a unique possibility to give something back to nature. How, you may ask yourself? It’s very simple! - Just by signing up, reading and enjoying it! Contents

And hopefully by you recommending “Pool 32 E-Mag” to some of your fishing pals. By expanding our readership we will attract attention - and through that, we will create a “win-win” for “Mother nature”. Companies wishing to advertise in Pool 32 E-Mag will obtain relevant product exposure to target audiences, backed by readership statistics. By supporting Pool 32 Mag through advertising, companies will in return enable our financial donations to the conservation projects and the fish these companies depend upon, to lead a successful business in the first place. That´s what we call a “win-win” On top of all that, Pool 32 Mag is produced without the use of paper - a win for the ecosystem as well.

The whole idea behind Pool 32 Mag, is to produce a free, top quality “fly fishing E-mag” for fly fishers all over the world, who have the same passion for this fascinating sport as I have. Hopefully I will be able, through time, to give something back to nature, if people sign up, and companies one day feel tempted to put some ads in “Pool 32 Mag”. Until then, I just hope you will enjoy this free e-magazine full of cyber fly fishing. Tight Lines M. Wengler


River Argard




Early morning catch!


â&#x20AC;&#x153;The Salmon ran to the other side, and the line got stuck under some rootsâ&#x20AC;?

"....Quiet and beautiful nature surrounded me I was in salmon heaven"

"The huts I stayed in had a magnificent view,

and were equiped with every moderen facility"

“Watching TV wasn’t really an option, with a view like this...”

Sea pool was full of salmons

Sunset fishing & Lotâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s of Salmons

Dozens of salmons were passing by me in the pool I was fishing in.

Sunray Shadow & 47 Salmons in 6 days!

Midnight sun over River Argard

River Argard is truly a “salmon dream” Everything you wish for as a fly fisher, you will find here and you surely want to come back after visiting this unique little paradise. I can highly recommend Argard River to everyone who enjoy the combination of excellent fly fishing and superb accommodations. If you want to learn more about Argard River, then press the button underneath, where it says “READ MORE” and you will jump right to the Pool 32 blog. Here you will find contact info, links to their web site and a more detailed article about my trip to River Argard. Tight lines


The Magic Morrum River




The traditional Morrum opening


The old smokehouse in Morrum


Pool No. 1 Quiet sunrise atmosphere

14.2 KG - 100 cm Salmon Caught 1.6.2007 - 11:15 AM By Klaus Plate - Germany

Hook in and hold on!

19,6 KG- 115 cm Salmon Caught 7.5.2009 - 10:30 AM By Alexander Viklund - Sweden

Dreams come true, with a bit of luck and lotâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s of Morrum Magic

Early Morrum Morning Magic

My beloved Pool 32 Right here I hooked my first salmon - and lost it !

HDR photo of Pool 32

“Slowly, but surely the Magic of Morrum infiltrates your soul, and then there is no turning back, you are hooked, it is like an addiction, you keep wanting more, and more, and more...” )><((((º>

Happy horses!

Happy German!

Ulf Sill with an early morning catch

Morrum City Everything is about Salmons and fishing!

A serious Salmon hunter in Morrum !!

Vittskรถvle / Pool 32

When I arrive and see the Morrum City sign I always feel great - full expectations and dreams....


but when I leave!.... I canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t wait to get back - back to dreams of huge fish, beautiful nature and the Magic Morrum River......

The Magic Morrum River

If you want to learn more about The Morrum River, then press the button underneath, where it says “READ MORE” and you will jump right to the Pool 32 blog. Here you will find relevant contact info, links to relevant web sites and a more detailed article about the Morrum River Tight lines


TARGET CORPORATION DON’T SELL FARMED SALMONS ANYMORE This is really GREAT !! The no. 2 US discount retailer Target Corporation have made a fantastic decision. Target have decided that they are no longer selling fresh, frozen or smoked farmed raised salmons in it’s 1744 stores nationwide Target have pronounced that they have made these changes - “to ensure that its salmon offerings are sourced in a sustainable way that helps to preserve abundance, species health and doesn’t harm local habitats.” Happily there are people out there who stripe to do the right thing, for a change! People who care about the environmental development, and want to make better decisions, want to set new standards - and it makes me so happy. My biggest wish right now, is that this kind of brilliant decisions, will inspire others to follow the same path.


A KILLER HAS ARRIVED Mnemiopsis leidyi - also called the American comp jelly is a pure killer, a mass murder, nothing less! In Denmark we call it “The Killer Jelly fish” - and that is exactly what it is. The Mnemiopsis leidyi can be up to 15 cm. long, it has an egg shape and is a greedy predator, that feeds from zooplankton, but also fish eggs and small larvae is on the menu. It can eat up to 15 times it own body weight every day, the pray is caught by small adhesive cells along it body shape. They can’t harm bigger fish, but it takes out the first joint in the food chain, witch makes it very dangerous for every living environment. But on top of all that - as if it wasn’t enough! What is even more scary is that it is a hermaphrodite, and can reproduce it self only a few weeks after it’s birth. They are capable of laying up to 12000 eggs in only 10 days - which speaks for it self, especially if the living conditions are right during a season. It has arrived in ballast water from supertankers. Pool 32 Mag will follow this situation very closely.

The best from two worlds




Typical Slovenian landscape


Milan Wutte with a Slovenian Grayling

Pure fly fishing happiness no pills, no bills, no bullshit

Big shadow Big fish!

Is this a dream? must be a dream - too beautiful to be real

Milan showed me some unbelievable places in Slovenia

Heavenly fly fishing..

...requires an Angel reel

Mr. Wutte knew exactly how to approach these shy fish

I used 10 min on this Grayling - gave up! Then Milan gave it one try - and caught it.

My friend Robert Deeply concentrated

Beauty Perfection Fascination & Brownies

A Rainbow was continually eating small black flyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s

The Slovenian colours are unbelievable

To me fly fishing isn’t just about catching fish, as much as the sensation of enjoying the rhythm of the ocean or a river, exploring it, breathing it, listening to it. It isn’t just the precision casting. You have to learn and to know how the specific fish lives that you want to catch. What and when it eats, the whole life cycle is important, you have to dig deeper, be more precise in your presentation of your fly – and nothing gives me greater pleasure. I love to sneak in on a shy fish, make a difficult cast with a fly I have made myself - and then catch it.

Hotel Wutte is perfectly positioned Milan Wutte’s cosy family hotel are sovereign positioned between the best from two fly fishing worlds - Austria and Slovenia. Once a year I simply have to go back to meet good friends, enjoy a superb atmosphere and of course do some serious fly fishing! If you want to learn more about Hotel Wutte, then press the button underneath, where it says “READ MORE” and you will jump right to the Pool 32 blog. Here you will find contact info, links to their web site and a more detailed article about my trips to Hotel Wutte. Tight lines


DO FISH FEEL ANY PAIN Does it hurt when a fish bites on a fishing hook? What does science tell us about this subject?



For years fishermen and biologists have discussed if fish does feel any pain. It has been common knowledge for a long time that cartilage fish, like Sharks, probably donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t feel anything, because they are not equipped with any receptores, which can detect pain. And it has also long held the belief, that the most common teleosts are not capable of feeling anything either. But British scientists have recently presented research suggesting that teleosts actually do feel pain.

The scientists studied a group of troutâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s and found 58 receptors on their heads, all responding to painful stimuli as heat, poison and strokes. The fish reacted therefore strongly when they had poison from a bi and acetic acid sprayed into their lips.

The troutâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s heart rate increased by up to 30 percent, and it took twice as long time for them to start eating again, compared with the fish that just were injected with plain saltwater.

The poisoned fish also began to behave abnormally: They were performing rocking movements and constantly trying to rub their lips against the aquarium. However this interpretation is rejected by large parts of the fishing industry. They have pointed out that fish do not have enough brain capacity to feel any pain. But hey - I would be surprised if they said anything else! Source : The Illustrated Science Magazine

Em herregard




When you visit Em Herregard it feels like travelling back in time Suddenly you are surrounded by fascinating fly fishing history )><((((ยบ>


Under this old Oak, fascinating fly fishing stories has taken place for nearly 100 years

Some of the biggest sea troutâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s ever caught have been landed on these riverbanks

Em Herregard has been in the Ulfsparre family for 9 generations

In 1924 Gustav Uflsparre established the first fishing at Em Herregard

Gustav Ulfsparre was one of the first persons to help nature and establish conservation projects

The Swedish King Adolf invited two english friends to Em Herregard in 1920

This event started the Em adventure, after that the fishing at Em became very exclusive

When Gustav past away the Gustav Ulfsparre Foundation (G.U.S) was established

G.U.S still exists and are today a monument of a visionary and very special personality

Gustavs son Gรถran, took over from his farther, and kept it in the same unique atmosphere

For 250 years the Ulfsparre family have run this very unique little place

Royal profiles, English Lords, and well known fly fishing profiles was a part of the Em atmosphere

Old catch rapport from 1938. Picture shows Prince Axel fighting a sea trout

Old card over Em책n - the pool names indicates that this place was inspired by the English fly fishing scene

A young Mikael Frรถdin with his catch

A view over Sea pool

Emâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s old smokehouse

The beautiful forest road that leads down to Em Herregard

Gรถran showed me their unique collection of old fishing tackle. Some of these things were gifts from the Hardy Brother, who fished at Em

The future for Em River Today Em is run by a group of serious and very engaged people, with Göran Ulfsparre as Chairman. And the Ulfsparre family have made long-term plans, for their fantastic work with the maintenance of a natural reproduction of a sea trouts population in Em River, and their motto is - “The sea trout fishing in Em River should continue until the next ice age” - so Em River is in the best hands, and I feel very optimistic about the future perspective for The Em River.

Lennart Westerlund with his 15,26 kg world record sea trout from Em

EM Herregard is a place you never forget After visiting this unique little oasis, it will stay in your mind forever. The mix of fascinating fly fishing history, beautiful surroundings and excellent fly fishing conditions, makes it one of those places you will never forget. If you want to learn more about Em River, then press the button underneath, where it says “READ MORE” and you will jump right to the Pool 32 blog. Here you will find contact info, links to their web site and a more detailed article about my trip to Em Herregard. Tight lines


Just a little thought......

“An angler is a person who spends rainy days by the muddy banks of rivers doing nothing because his wife won’t let him do it at home.....” Author Unknow


“Politicians are full of shit ...and the oceans are where they dump it!”



For over 40 years I have witnessed an amazing development in fishing equipment, which is great – but sadly also an unbelievable environmental devastation around the world, something that makes me sad and very worried. Consequently, since today´s fishing and environment are closely tied together, I find it imperative to highlight environmental issues as well. Mother nature is getting tired and if we keep on doing what we do “She” will change our lives dramatically in the future. And I am not sure we will like what’s coming!

What can we do, you might ask your self? - We can all think!! Think about how we live - what we buy, what we trow out and who we support politically.

But maybe the most important thing!! We can think about the coming generations!Simply because our kids are the ones who are going to clean up the mess and live with the decisions we postponed now!! (Pictures: Green algae attack a warm summer in Denmark)


GUDENÅEN vs. Varde Å Gudenåen is the longest river in Denmark, and it’s history goes way back to ancient times. It has always played an important role for the people living close to it - and it still do. In 1921 the biggest hydroelectric power station in Denmark was established in Gudenåen, called Tangeværket. Of course it changed the living conditions for the fish in this magnificent river, suddenly the salmons were cut of from their most important spawning grounds. No wonder it had a devastating effect on the original salmon tripe living there - It disappeared completely. Today the debate about Tangeværket have reached a high priority level among the a lot of interest groups all over Denmark. The Danish Sport fishing Federation (DSF) has demanded that Tangeværket is removed. Several biological experts have commented on the devastating biological effect it has on Gudenåen and whole biotope surrounding it, but despite all these relevant and very serious attempts to make the politicians wake up!! - nothing has happened yet! Contents

No wonder it is called The Gods River!

They just constantly postponed any decision about this very relevant biological problem. A problem that has led to accusations against Denmark for not meeting the requirements, for the hydrological plan from EU. But the most strange part of it all - Tangeværket can’t survive without governmental financial support - last I heard it got a mill. dkr. a year. And if you look at the productivity of this very old hydroelectric power station, it produces less energy than a small windmill. But the insanity doesn’t stop here - If we look at the possibilities regarding economically growth for the whole region, there is a huge economical potential in developing this river into an area for exclusive recreative fishing. Status right now is that every political decision are postponed until 2012 - again - I might add, because this isn’t the first time they have done that. It is very sad decision without any kind of political vision. Hopefully it will all change one day - but I must admit I do not have very high expectations, simply because of the way things are right now, politically. My friend Meik with sea trout from Gudenåen


Close it down, create a museum. Do something right for a change!

The story about Guden åen - The Gods River! - and how the politicians chose to leave Tangeværket like “a cork” in the river, is a sad story indeed - BUT!!! - there are positive stories around. One of them is the story about Varde Å in Denmark, not that far from Gudenåen, by the way. In the next issue of Pool 32 Mag we will bring a more detailed story about the Varde Å project - a huge conservation project which is in progress right now. Rasmus Bohnensach has taken this nice picture of a beautiful 17 kg salmon, caught in Varde Å April 2010, by Jesper Petersen, on a fly. Varde Å have had some amazing catch statistics lately, and the whole Varde Å project is a very positive success story. A story that proves that changes can be made - and it will pay off in the long term to do something - not just postponed it year after year. Tight Lines M. Wengler

Dear Reader If you read these lines, it probably means you have read all of Pool 32 Mag, and I sure hope you have enjoyed it. Pool 32 Mag is made on a very low budget, and I couldn’t have done it without help from my daughter Marie, who has helped me a lot true this project My very good friend Susie Mikkelsen, who is an “In Design Guru” and lastly my best fishing pal Svend Erik Albertsen. You all gave me constructive and valuable critic true the whole process, which made it all possible. Thank you all for being there by my side - you are simply the best !!


Tight Lines M.Wengler )><((((º>

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