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Hi Loyal Customers and Resellers: We at Pooki’s Mahi know that our NPI (New Product Introduction) expertise from the high tech industry greatly influences new product launches as well as End-Of-Life existing ones. Our prowess in managing our supply chain ecosystems bringing hard to find, highly valued, and award-winning products to customers at an affordable price quickly and efficiently has earned us top awards as an operationally efficient company. Our 100% Kona coffee single serves continue to win awards and delight customers. Delivering high quality 100% Kona coffee single serves consistently, improving our supply chain metrics, develop a better technology stack, and setting new goals are huge accomplishments. We’re over achievers. We continue to earn the Top 1% Operational Excellence awards from several Top 50 Disty customers. Personally I’m proud for: 1. Earning a patent (copyright) for my lifetime work on Product Lifecycle Management, New Product Introduction and Go-To-Market Framework(s). 2

2. Being inducted into the Business Hall of Fame (Class of 2014) 3. Landing on the coveted Top 10, Top 50, Top 100 lists. 4. Landing top internet retailers to carry Pooki’s Mahi’s products. 5. Landing disty partners for Pooki’s Mahi’s new Custom & Private Label platform: http://customkcups.pookismahi.com 6. Lead times of < 4 weeks (new record) to launch custom products. 7. Developing a tech stack for improved customer experiences. 8. Growing Pooki’s Mahi without any loans or taking VC funding. Many thanks to my executive advisors, customers (you) and my family for the support. A few things keep me up at night: 1. Continue to develop Pooki’s Mahi’s overall architecture and technology integrations to better serve our larger customers. 2. Continue to earn the Top 1% Operationally Efficient Award 3. Continue to introduce new products that delight and wow Pooki’s Mahi’s customer base. 4. Continue to grow custom private label channel. 5. Out perform. Consistently. #DontStopBelieving 6. Learn and improve

Shawn Zeller Pooki’s Mahi™ CTO

Les(lie) Magsalay-Zeller Pooki’s Mahi™ CEO


GROWING CUSTOM & PRIVATE LABEL SINGLE SERVES: Pooki’s Mahi Custom Private Label Single Serves platform launched in 2016. We received tremendous response and are already fulfilling orders for luxury hotels, professional sports teams, corporate break rooms and top retailers. Pooki’s Mahi #1 focus is to grow our luxury custom private label sales channel. The custom promotional products are focused on the luxury coffees and award-winning teas in a sustainable cup. Pooki’s Mahi is not a fit for customers looking for cheap Hawaiian coffees or teas in non-recyclable or non-compostable plastic white / black cups. We’ll continue to improve PookisMahi.com to deliver a better experience for custom private label customers. At the core we’re a high tech company selling a low tech product.

quality Hawaiian Kona coffee pods that delight our customer base. We’re expanding our existing catalogue with limited edition coffees, artisinal teas (2017) and rare white truffle salts. Luxury Coffees & Artisinal Teas: - Single Origin, Organic, Islands (Jamaican Blue), Exclusive - Fruit Tisanes / Herbal, Fusions (Oolong, Black, Green), Caffeine Free (Decaf) Custom Private Label Onboarding Process: 1. SELECT Private Label vs. Custom Products. 2. SELECT Kona coffees*. 3. UPLOAD ARTWORK and pay. We want repeat customers while growing our distributors.

Expect transparent custom pricing, efficient supply chain and luxury single serves at Pooki’s Mahi.

Many Thanks!

What We’re Working On: Pooki’s Mahi’s #2 focus is to grow our sales channels by expanding our single serve product line with artisinal teas and luxury coffees. We continue to improve an already efficient supply chain delivering high

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CUSTOM PRICING $3.00 / cup 2460 single serves (96 boxes)

PERSONALIZE Setup Fee $285, 4-6 week lead time







Pooki’s Mahi/8. Custom Pricing Overview/16. Custom Promotional Products Pricing/18. Private Label/22. Sustainable Single Serves/28. Customer Success Center/34. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)/36. Artwork Requirements/38. Product List/40. 7



Pooki’s Mahi™ is a Silicon Valley-based private label single serve distributor, and custom promotional products manufacturer offering sustainable award-winning Hawaiian 100% Kona coffee single serve, teas and other specialty food products. In 2012 we incubated and piloted several products over five product lines. Since its online launch in 2013, Pooki’s Mahi’s products have been a favorite of customers, charities, celebrities and athletes and have been featured at red carpet events including (Oscars, MTV Movie Awards, Emmys) Celebrity Gift Suites and Celebrity Poker tournaments. The products have been endorsed by many celebrities and athletes and seen on several television shows.



OUR MISSION: Pooki’s Mahi™ mission is to revolutionize the supply chain ecosystem in bringing the highest quality 100% Hawaiian Kona coffees into the market in a sustainable cup. All 100% Kona coffee, 100% Maui Mokka coffee, and 100% Kau coffee beans are harvested / roasted in Hawaii, single serve manufactured in US and distributed to several fulfillment centers in the US. Pooki’s Mahi sustainable single serves are made from 99% mesh, 1% plastic and compostable. Our strict RFI/RFP process is designed to weed out vendors and suppliers who aren’t a cultural fit, engage in cyber -harrassment, cyber-bullying or brand / character assassination. For resellers our lengthy due diligence process ensures the top 1% resellers aren’t carrying the load for the entire B2B2C channel. We are #BayAreaProud and deeply integrated with technology.



OUR STORY: We began with a simple idea: Bring hard to find, highly valued, and awardwinning products to customers at an affordable price, quickly and efficiently. We ideate and innovate with our partners / suppliers by using key customer insights to drive decisions. Our NPI (New Product Introduction) expertise from the high tech industry influences new product launches as well as End-Of-Life of existing ones. As experts at bringing new products to market, our product lines are always expanding. We’ve just gotten started and why not be part of it.


Why Pooki’s Mahi’s custom single serves? Pooki’s Mahi™ designs, manufacture and fulfill sustainable private label Hawaiian Kona coffee single serves for your next product line, promotional product, corporate gift or marketing event.


CUSTOM PRICING $2.75 / cup 6150 single serves (256 boxes)

PROMOTE Setup Fee $285, 4-6 week lead time


Create. Manufacture. Launch. Any questions?


custom private label pricing overview http://custom.pookismahi.com

Pricing Includes: Price of the single serve cup, 100% Kona coffee, 2.0 Keurig cups lidding film, nitrogen flushing, co-packing, QA waste, set up fee, fulfillment, shipping to destination, bill of lading (BOL), palletizing, pouch production. Pricing DOES NOT Include: Additiional private label services like custom box design, product labels, press releases or hiring a custom box designer. Pooki’s Mahi™ does not outsource copacking to third party fulfillment companies or store (warehouse) private label single serve orders. This leads to very poor quality control. Pooki’s Mahi™ single serve manufacturing adheres to strict First Article Inspections (FAI) processes. Our competitors outsource copcking to third party firms that might provide a good social story. 3 Step Ordering Process: Step 1: Select Private Label vs. Custom Promotional Products Step 2: Select Hawaiian Kona coffee and quantities Step 3: Upload artwork & pay A Pooki’s Mahi private label custom account is required to manage and complete the order. 17

Single Serves Pricing Custom Promotional Products


custom pricing

http://custom.pookismahi.com Pooki’s Mahi’s CUSTOM PRODUCTS CUSTOMERS design single serves promotional products to give away to employees as a corporate gift, help launch an event or product line. PRICING: 1. $7,665.00 - 2460 cups (96 boxes, $3.00 / cup) 2. $17,197.50 - 6150 cups (256 boxes, $2.75 / cup) 3. $31,035.00 - 12300 cups (512 boxes, $2.50 / cup) Initial Setup Fee: $285.00 Custom single serves arrive with the customer’s design (front pouch), product information and shipped in Pooki’s Mahi ecommerce packaging. Customer designs the front panel only. Custom pricing DOES NOT include custom designed retail unit packaging, or design services for product label, film or retail unit boxes. Pooki’s Mahi DOES NOT warehouse private label orders. 19

//Custom Single Serves Pricing

Custom Products Promotional products Customer is on a tight budget. Minimum Order: 2460 cups/96 boxes $7665 - $3.00/cup, $285 setup fee Customers looking for a low cost solution to gifting, promote an event, corporate kithens or luxury accommodations. Lead Time: 4-6 weeks after Pooki’s Mahi receives approval on final artwork • Customer designs the front panel (pouch) • Pooki’s Mahi’s product name, ingredients list • Expiration date and LOT codes, ingredients list. What’s NOT Included: Custom designed retail unit box, design services for product label, film or retail unit boxes, product marketing assets or collateral ITEM #PR-KONA-24 UPC #8122830XXXXX 20


Single Serves Pricing Private Label


private label pricing http://custom.pookismahi.com

Pooki’s Mahi’s PRIVATE LABEL CUSTOMERS design and resell single serves into established sales channels. PRICING: 1. $9,840.00 - 2460 cups, $3.50 / cup 2. $23,062.50 - 6150 cups, $3.25 / cup 3. $36,900.00 - 12300 cups, $3.00 / cup Initial Setup Fee: $750.00 Pooki’s Mahi’s private label single serves arrives in a custom design wrapper with the customer’s logo, brand identity colors and the required product information: UPC, origin, distribution, nutrition information, ingredients list and instructions. Private label pricing DOES NOT include retail unit packaging, product label, or design services for product label, film or retail unit boxes. 23

/Private Label Pricing

Private Label

100% customer designed Customer has an established channel. Minimum Order: 2460 cups $9840 - $3.50/cup, $750 setup fee Customers designs and resells Kona coffee pods under own brand with a verified UPC certificate into established sales channels. Lead Time: 4-6 weeks after Pooki’s Mahi receives approval on final artwork • Customer designs front/back of pouch • Kona coffee, cup, 8 color film, lid, free shipping • Plain shipping box What’s NOT Included: Custom designed retail unit box, design services for product label, film or retail unit boxes, product label with UPC, ingredients list, SKU and product name. ITEM #PL-KONA-24 UPC #8122830XXXXX 24

private label pricing - byoc BYOC - Bring Your Own Coffee http://custom.pookismahi.com

Pooki’s Mahi manufactures sustainable single serves for PRIVATE LABEL CUSTOMERS that provide their own coffee, branded design and sell into established sales channels. PRICING: $24,600.00 - 12,300 cups, $2.00 / cup Initial Setup Fee: $750.00 Pooki’s Mahi’s private label Kona coffee single serves arrives in a custom design wrapper with the customer’s logo, brand identity colors and the required product information: UPC, origin, distribution, nutrition information, ingredients list and instructions. Private label pricing DOES NOT include retail unit packaging, product label, or design services for product label, film or retail unit boxes. Pooki’s Mahi DOES NOT warehouse private label orders. 25

//Private Label - BYOC (Bring Your Own Coffee)


Bring Your Own Coffee Must have established sales channels and a Bill of Material (BOM) template. Non-Hawaiian Coffee only. $24,600 - 12,300 cups ($2.00/cup) Pooki’s Mahi will not work with customers bringing their own 100% Hawaiian coffee.

Lead Time: 4-6 weeks after Pooki’s Mahi receives approval on final artwork • Pallet: $3.00 / pallet • Pallet wrapping: $2.50 / pallet • New pallet: $6.00 • BOL / Invoice Processing: $3.50 per BOL • Case Stacking: $.18 / case • Floor unloaded-inbound shipments: $20 / hr (minimum $100) • LTL Shipping: $5000 +/- per 1 pallet (estimate) ITEM #PR-KONA-DECAF-24 UPC #8122830XXXXX 26

pooki’s mahi uses the highest quality kona coffee beans for our custom promotional products and private label kona coffee single serves.


Sustainable Single Serves Lids, Cups, Film


//Single Serve Lids

Standard Lid

Recyclable, Compostable Non-customizable lid (included) Minimum Order: based on order Lid Color: Burnt Orange (No extra charge) No plate charge: No extra charge 2.0 & 1.0 Keurig single serve compatible • Recyclable Lids made from Polypropylene #5 • Keurig 2.0 and 1.0 brewers. • Lids are NOT fully compostable 100% Compostable Lids - Extra Cost: • 100% compostable made from paper. • Corn based PLA and BPI certified compostable • Adheres to American Society for Testing & Materials (ATSM for compostability ITEM #PR-KONA-24 UPC #8122830XXXXX 29

//Single Serve Lids


One-time (non-refundable) Minimum Order: 500K / 1 lid design Cost: $450.00/color + $150.00 plate charge Same material, specs as Standard Lids. Pooki’s Mahi’s single serve lids can be customized in any PMS color up to (6) colors per lid (1 design). Lead Time: 3 weeks-reorders, no design change. • Keurig 2.0 3 “common” colors: Orange, Red, Brown • Orange: PMS Bright Orange, PMS 1505, PMS 2018, PMS 2028 • Red (PMS 2035, PMS 199), Brown PMS 1535 • White or Black is considered ONE color


//Single Serve Cup


97% Mesh Cup, Recylable Higher quality / grade single serve. Minimumum Order: Based on order Individually wrapped mesh cups for freshness. Better customer interaction with Kona coffees and award-winning teas. Lead Time: 4-6 weeks after Pooki’s Mahi receives approval on final artwork • Filter is 100% recyclable and compatible with Keurig 2.0 and 1.0 brewers. • 97% mesh material, 1% #5 plastic • Expiration date for each individual cup. • Ideal for coffees, teas, non-soluable products ITEM #PR-KONA-ESTATEXFANCY-24 UPC #8122830XXXXX 31

//Single Serve Film

Freshness High Barrier Film

Higher quality Minimum Order: Based on order High barrier film that is easy to tear, excellent barrier against oxygen and moisture. Pooki’s Mahi recommends imprinting expiration date and LOT codes on the individual wrapper. Lead Time: 4-6 weeks after Pooki’s Mahi receives approval on final artwork. • High barrier silver fractional pack film • 48ga PET White Metalized Polyster • 4 millimeter Plyethylene film • $0 plate charge • $0 tooling charge • No color limit. Recommend 8 colors (max) ITEM #PR-KONA-PEABERRY-24 UPC #8122830XXXXX 32

pooki’s mahi mitigates risk in the supply chain; suppliers consistently produce high quality products for our custom promotional products and private label single serves. 33

How can we help?


Customer Service page: http://support.pookismahi.com Š 2015 Pooki’s Mahi. All Rights Reserved.

customer success center http://support.pookismahi.com Hours: Sunday - Thursday 9:00am - 12:00pm PT Pooki’s Mahi Custom Private Label Products platform walks the customer through the ordering process with the minimum requirements, pricing and to upload creative files. Visit Pooki’s Mahi’s Customer Success Center for all questions. Try searching our knowledge base prior to creating a new case. Custom private label orders are reviewed / approved by Pooki’s Mahi executive team. We’re always improving our Customer Success Center by adding detailed explanations to the most frequently asked questions. If you can’t find the answer, then reach out to us by filing a case. All requests are handled through Pooki’s Mahi’s Customer Success Center.

KEY LINKS 1. Custom Products: http://customkcups.pookismahi.com 2. Pricing Overview: http://goo.gl/1cwY5D 3. Custom Products Learning Center: http://pookismahi.com/blogs/promotional-swag-private-label-kona-coffee-pods 4. Refund Policy: http://pookismahi.com/pages/refund-policy 5. Terms of Sale: http://pookismahi.com/pages/terms-of-sale

No phone support. We are faster responding to customer cases via Pooki’s Mahi Customer Success Center. We are a growing, lean startup dedicated to responding to Pooki’s Mahi’s customers within two business days. 35

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ


#ExpressYourStyle: Glamour youru event w/Pooki’s Mahi™ Single Serves © 2015 Pooki’s Mahi. All Rights Reserved.

faq (frequently asked questions)

1. May I pay for custom promotional products or private label single serves orders through an I-O-U or “Cash on Demand?” No. Pooki’s Mahi will not start reviewing private label or custom promotional product order(s) until customer pays the order in full. 2. Can I talk to someone about a potentially “big” order? Submit an order. “Big orders” never materialize from customers that aggressively look to speak to someone. 3. Are the minimums negotiable? No. Pooki’s Mahi custom private label products are not a fit for custoemr unable to meet the minimum requirements. The single serve price will double if a customer insists on manufacturing less than the minimum order. Based on our experience these customers do not have an established sales channel or the budget; Pooki’s Mahi loses money on the order due to the effort spent. 4. Can Pooki’s Mahi manufacture sub-par quality white / black plastic cups used in single serve coffee makers? Yes - We do not recommend this solution - you’re killing the environment. 5. What is the process to obtain samples? Pooki’s Mahi will ship 2-3 units (single serve) at $0 cost to customers with an active custom private label order. Customers must pay for a full retail unit (24 single serves) at 50% off the retail price. The cost covers shipping cost. 6. Does Pooki’s Mahi have a cheaper luxury coffee or tea available? No - Teas will be available in 2017. Minimum quantities are not changing. 7. Does Pooki’s Mahi work with distributors? Yes - Distys need to sell $85K/month + approved reseller for TWO years. Pooki’s Mahi partnered with an approved Disty Platform for Custom Promotional Products; we’ll consider distys referred to Pooki’ sMahi from this platform. 37

check out & upload your artwork http://custom.pookismahi.com/cart

Upload your artwork when paying for the order. Quantity cannot be less than the available option ordered.

Mocks and proofs for your Pooki’s Mahi custom order requires uploaded images. If Pooki’s Mahi has issues, then we’ll send a request for an .eps file with all fonts converted to outlines. Image(s) must be at 300 dpi resolution (final size). Accepted file formats: .jpg, .png, .eps, .psd, .ai Maximum limit of the file size: 20MB 1. CONFIRM QUANTITY: The option and quantity must match what is being ordered. Example: “Custom Single Serves, 96 boxes, 2460 cups” option on the “Upload Your Artwork” must match the line item on the order form. 2. SELECT PROOF METHOD: There are two (2) options for proofs. Pooki’s Mahi cannot guarantee colors will be accurate. Option 1: PDF Proofs (FREE) - Free and emailed for approval. Option 2: “Slit” of 5-7 printed images as press proofs for customers to “see the real thing before starting production. A $15.00 fee applies. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: Customer created original content. Production schedules are deteremined AFTER Pooki’s Mahi receives the signed proof. COPYRIGHT DISCLAIMER: “Customer warrants that any artwork, logos, design elements, graphics, text, or other components that it has submitted to Pooki’s Mahi for printing (“Materials”) do not infringe on the intellectual property rights, including copyright and trademark rights, of any third party. Customer agrees to indemnify Pooki’s Mahi and hold it harmless as to any claims, damages, losses and expenses, including attorney’s fees, arising out of or resulting from claims that the Materials infringe on the intellectual property rights of third parties.” 38

CUSTOM PRICING $2.50 / cup 12300 single serves (512 boxes)

PROMOTE Prices may increase.

Setup Fee $285, 4-6 week lead time 39

Product List Award-Winning Teas & Hawaiian Coffees


#ExpressYourStyle Groove & Fuel Da Music w/Pooki’s Mahi. © 2015 Pooki’s Mahi. All Rights Reserved.

product list

Artisinal teas & luxury Hawaiian coffees Teas will be available in 2017 for custom single serve sreves. Pooki’s Mahi will expand luxury coffees from Single Origin, Central & South Americas, and other regions. Coffees and teas selected have won multiple awards and are popular with Pooki’s Mahi’s customer base.

Hawaiian Kona Coffees - Prime #3, Private Reserve: 1. 100% Kona Coffee, Medium Roast 2. 100% Kona Coffee, French Roast Roast 3. 100% Kona DECAF Coffee, Medium Roast 4. 100% Kona Coffee, Extra Fancy (grade), Medium Roast 5. 100% Kona Coffee, Peaberry (grade), Medium Roast 6. 100% Maui Mokka Luxury Coffees: Expanding in 2017 Single Origin, Exotic, Exclusive (Limited Edition), Private Reserve Regions - Central America, South America, Jamaica Blue Mountain Artisinal Teas: Coming in 2017 Black Fruit Tisanes / Herbal, Black Fusions, Green Fusions, Oolong Fusions, Decaffeinated / Caffeine Free, Chai


http://pookismahi.com | support@pookismahi.com PookisMahi.com | wholesale@pookismahi.com 42

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