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Non Surgical Cosmetic Treatments Last Sunday when I met my cousin, my heart bled when she told me that she failed in her recent interview. Ratna, my beloved cousin is a management graduate from a top tier B school. Her strong credentials reflect in her body language and her intelligent conversations. It was obviously impossible to discard such a worthy candidate like trash. I asked her to recall every event with the minutest details that took place that day. Everything sounded perfect but she didn’t mention a word about her attire, her make up or hair. When I asked her about these details she sounded totally nonchalant and then I realized what could have gone so wrong for along with a bad taste in dressing, unfortunately, she has a hugely wrinkled face, making her look much older than her age. Often, we tend to neglect how we appear or how we present ourselves once we step out of our home. Sometime, makeup and a good hairstyle also do not come to our rescue. Now to have a healthy body, we eat right and exercise regularly, similarly to have a flawless skin; we have to put in efforts and at times have to go for an extra mile. If you are going for an important event, your wrinkles, flawed skin, body bulges are likely to call for an uninvited attention. Have you ever wondered that a single visit only once a month or maybe less frequent than that can get you rid off of all your bodily imperfections? And that too in a very less time and a hassle free non surgical manner? Yes, this is possible! Today, with the advent of non surgical cosmetic procedures, one can feel and look appealing in just a few sessions. Benefits of non surgical cosmetic procedures are incalculable like: 

No Need for general anesthesia: Since non surgical procedures are far less invasive, the procedures can be easily accomplished with/without local anesthesia.


Negligible Pain: Again, since these are minimally invasive, the pain involved is also markedly less.

Nominal Risk of Infection: Cosmetic surgery engages a larger surface region









consequently carries a high possibility of infectivity due to bigger wounds and prolonged healing. 

Modest Recovery Time: Non-surgical aesthetic procedures are performed quickly and necessitate little to no healing downtime, signifying that you go about your routine activities with least interruption.

Some of the popular non surgical cosmetic procedures are: 

Chemical Peeling, to improve and flatten the texture of the facial skin by means of a chemical solution that causes the dead skin to finally peel off.

Injectable Fillers, which are injected below the skin surface to fill the hollow areas or plump the lips, back of the hands and other parts of the body.

Botox, which is effective in reducing wrinkles and creases for a rejuvenated contouring and relaxed facial appearance. Other








Microdermabrasion, Face Firming etc. are also hugely popular and guarantee a problem free skin and body, resurrecting your lost confidence and adding a spark to life. Wellwishers Discover provides complete package for medical tourism in India which facilitate cost effective and quality, medical treatments and Procedures in India. We specialize in Anal Fistula, non surgical cosmetic procedures, ivf, Dental, Dermatology, Stem cells & pgd treatments for infertility, and medical care for travelers in best hospitals of India. Like a vacation we will make your treatment a memorable experience. Live Beautifully 

Non Surgical Cosmetic Treatments  

Last Sunday when I met my cousin, my heart bled when she told me that she failed in her recent interview. Ratna, my beloved cousin is a mana...