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1. Decide the purpose of making an app either to promote an existing business or to make money from it?

2. Examine the goals for future roadmap, once you've agreed on the goals, prioritize them so you'll know where to start.

3.Understand your target users, their goals, requirements and the technologies they use.

4. Select the platform that suits your market demographic better. Like, if you want to make money, for now choose the iPhone/iPad. If you want the app to promote a business, think seriously about Android.

5. Who will make an app? If you only want to make one app, you probably want to hire a developer/team. If you want to start an app business, learn from success stories of business persons and what they did to get there.

6. Keep your risk low and your prospects for success high. Aim to create a portfolio of successful apps, rather than putting all of your energy into one big app.

7. Re-engage your user with multiple release. Spread key functionality in first handful of release. Not to release next versions too often, lets users feel pelted.

8. Balance your users and your business cost. Collect research such as user studies, expert opinions, business viability and technical feasibility studies to make balance between user-centric solutions and business-value gains.

9. Keep eye on market. Spend some time exploring apps in each of the platforms will help you understand not only what is possible on the platform, but also the user's expectations.

10. Measurement of app success by potential features, devices, platforms and technologies are little bit challenging. Consider your app success if it will increase revenue, customer adoption and retention, brand recognition and loyalty. And successfully provide integrating solutions as user requirement.

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