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Mobile Application Testing Tutorial

Mobile App Testing

Mobile application testing is a process by  which application software developed for hand held  mobile devices is tested for its functionality, usability  and consistency. Mobile applications either come  pre-installed or can be installed from mobile  software distribution platforms.

Why Testing is Required?

  The goal of your                                           testing efforts is not to  find errors. Perhaps                                       your developer has                                        actually done a great                                        job and did not                                      make any mistakes.                                        Instead, your goal in                              testing  should be to                                      understand the quality of your  offering. Does it                               work? Does it function as  expected? Will it meet the needs of your users, so that they come 

And keep in mind that your  customers don’t want to be  treated like guinea pigs.  When they find a fault, they  simply never come back,  and you’ll never hear a word  from them. Therefore it is  beneficial to go through  testing.

Challenges in Mobile Application Testing Diversity in Mobile Platforms/OS

Each operating system has its own       limitations. Testing a single  application across multiple                        devices running on the same  platform and every platform                   poses a unique challenge for  testers.  

Mobile network operators There are over 400 mobile network operators in the world, out of  which some are CDMA, some GSM, whereas others use less common  network standards like FOMA, and TD-SCDMA. Each network  operator uses a different kind network infrastructure and this limits the  flow of information. Scripting      The variety of devices makes executing the test script (Scripting) a key  challenge. As devices differ in keystrokes, input methods, menu  structure and display properties single script does not function on  every device.

Different Approaches To Testing

Hand written test scripts

Record and Playback

Automatic test exercisers 

Fast to create, accurate, not as sensitive to human-errors as hand-written tests, tools avail’ty.

Fastest & extremely automated, excellent for smoke testing/quick testing, availability.

Compelling Recorder+Playback tools available for only few test automation frameworks.

Not accurate as real test cases.

Benefits: Accurate, specific to your testing needs, plenty of options with frameworks, tools etc. Tradeoffs: Takes a lot of time, ties resources to write test cases/scripts, error-prone (humans).


Cloud-Based Testing Users / Customers

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Continuous Integration Users / Consumers

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Smaller Smallercoverage, coverage,More More money moneyburnt burnt&&time time wasted, wasted,Error-prone Error-prone

10 Tips for Professional Mobile App Testing

Tip #1: Test early, Test often

Tip #2: Plan What to Automate Time Time


Infrastructure Infrastructure Tools Tools Training Training


People People

Tip #3: Use Atomic Test Units

Test iteration #1

Test iteration #2

Tip #4: Use only Real Devices

Tip #5: Create Hermetic Tests

Tip #6: Use All Possible Devices

Tip #7: Output Everything to Logs

Tip #8: Separate Apps and Tests

Your YourApp App

Tip #9: End-to-End Testing

Tip #10: Integrate Dev & Testing

Thank You Mobile is booming, and that's a good thing! But testing  mobile technology presents unique problems, such as frequent  but short usage patterns, limited screen sizes and memory,  device fragmentation, and, of course, a rapid pace of  innovation. MobilePundits, mobile app testing takes on these  challenges. It’s why many of the mobile industry’s top  companies rely on MobilePundits to make sure their network  service, mobile devices and mobile apps work great – and  look great – from USA to Australia. You can follow us on twitter and visit us at website

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