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Topic: Process and Technology to Manufacture Cement Product Cement product is a binding material, which is very essential in the building industry. Every construction do requires some kind of cement. This has made the process and manufacturing of the cement products a matter of interest among engineers. In this article, we will look at the ingredients that is being used in the process and manufacturing of one of the most important cement JKLakshmi cement. Changing one ingredient in the process of production can be detrimental to the quality of the cement itself. For those who don’t know, cement product is a very fine product, which is mixed with water and get harden after some days. It is primarily used in the binding of fine sand and coarse aggregates with concrete. There are 5 general categories of cement with 27 common types and 3 strength classes. The classes are very high, high and ordinary. There are also special cements that exist, such as low heat cement, sulphate resisting cement and calcium aluminate cement. A two-step process Fundamentally, cement is formed in two steps: first, clinker is created from raw materials. In the second step the cement product is produced from cement clinker. The first step can be a dry, wet, semi-dry or semi-wet. Making clinker Raw materials used are delivered in bulk, homogenized and crushed into a combination that is fed into a rotary kiln. The kiln goes through a heating of about 2000°C. The kiln is faintlyprone to allow the materials to gradually reach the other end, where it is rapidly cooled to 100-200 degree. From clinker to cement The cement is taken to the grinding mill in the second phase. This mill may be situated in different clinker plant. Inert materials and gypsum are also added to the clinker. This and other ingredient leads to the end product of a fine powder. The cement is then stored in silos before being dispatched either in bulk or bagged.

Functions of Cement Ingredients The key ingredient of cements are listed below with their functions and harmfulness. 1. Function


Lime: This







Lime is needed in a sufficient amount. This helps in the formation of aluminates and silicates

Insufficiency in lime minimizes the strength of the cement

The lack of lime makes the cement to set quickly

Cement unsoundness is caused by excess lime

When there is too much lime, the cement expands and disintegrate

2. Silica: Silica is also known as silicon dioxide. Its chemical formula is SiO2. 

It helps the strength of the cement.

Sufficient quantity of silica should be present in cement to di-calcium and tricalcium silicate.

Silica typicallyexisting to the extent of about 30 percent.

Alumina: Aluminium oxide is Alumina. Its chemical formula is Al2O3. 

Alumina imparts quick setting property to the cement product.

Clinkering temperature is dropped by the existence of required quantity of alumina.

Surplus alumina deteriorate the cement.

3. Magnesia: Magnesia is Magnesium Oxide. Its chemical formula is MgO. 

Magnesia shouldn’t be present more than 2% in cement product.

Surplus magnesia will diminish the strength of the cement product.

4. Iron oxide: The chemical formula of this ingredient is Fe2O3. 

It imparts color to the cement product.

It acts as a fluidity.

5. Calcium










. 

This is present in cement in the form of gypsum

It retards or slows down the action of the cement.

6. Sulfur

Trioxide: Chemical




. 

The quantity shouldn’t be more than 2 per cent

The unsoundness of the cement is caused by Sulfur Trioxide

7. Alkaline:

Should not be present more than 1%.

Excess Alkaline matter causes efflorescence

Author’s Bio John Prince in this article highlights the process through which the cement products is made. He made a general overview of the ingredients that is used during the cement product that is used by most top product like the JK lakshmi

Process and Technology to Manufacture Cement Product  

Cement product is a binding material, which is very essential in the building industry. Every construction do requires some kind of cement....

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