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Topic: Unbelievable facts best interior designers in India Are you continuously getting commendations on your interior design ideas? Are you in love with decoration or interior designing or love store interior designers for their classic designs? Well in this article, we will give you some things to set you right and giving you a head on what you need to know that differentiate some of the best interior designers in India from others. Before you take a life changing career into designing, you must know some things or fact that relates to the design world. The assumption that interior designers don’t face challenges is a lie because interior designers face challenges per day; even the best interior designers in India can’t deny this basic fact. So educate yourself on some of the facts you must know if you want to be the best in this industry. 

Decorators and Designers aren’t the same. What possibly be the difference? As simple as it may sound but it can be ignored. What differentiate decorators and designers is Education. Anyone can be an interior decorator. A person that like playing with fabrics, colors or textiles can be a decorator through the printing of various business cards but interior designer must have an accredited education. This is a requirement. So when you see the best interior designers in India, you know that have gone through the four room of a building to be educated.

Interior Designing is not all about fun or fabric: While furniture, fabrics and color has an important role in interior design, there are other tasks that are mandatory from interior designers; most of these tasks aren’t what can be said to be fun but rather more work. Interior designers of necessity have to be educated about history of design, the physical veracity of buildings, ethics, ergonomics, building codes, CAD, spatial concepts, psychology etc. To be the best in interior designing, you have to be well educated in all fields.

You Need to Be a People Person: Ask the best interior designers in India to share their wonderful experiences, and I am certain they will with assurance relate some of the repulsive stories of their past customers. People are picky, particularly when it has to do with their homes. While some of these clients

have a clearer goals in mind, others may think otherwise by displaying that they don’t like the final outcome of the project and are unsatisfied with the work you have done. According to some of the best interior designers in India, a successful designer must be a mind reader and a people pleaser to be in full control. 

You Need to Develop a Portfolio: A picture they says is worth a thousand words. This is absolutely true even in the line of interior designing and designers must have a portfolio. Your portfolio showcase your designs and projects and your level of success in the field. Best interior designers in India has a lot of projects and designs in their portfolio.

Author Bio Craig Moss in this piece focuses on facts about some of the best interior designers in India and how those who wants to be in the field of interior designing can learn from them.

Unbelievable facts best interior designers in India