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PORTFOLIO ’12 Pooja Lakwal | Product design

PWND chess for noobs

To make Chess fun and easy to learn








32 pieces





64 pieces

60% strategy and 40% chance

How to play? # Pick a card {52 cards} # Follow the instruction # Play!


PACKAGING for paint brushes


Lays/Pringles box Paperboard tube with a paper and foil liner

Keeps the brush hair intact till it is sold

Existing packaging Different brands available # Winsor & Newton # Eva # Camlin # Real value # Artist Users - People who paint regularly and find it difficult to carry brushes

Gathered with the help of a rubber band

Different ways of carrying brushes

Corrogated stationery box Type of packaging - Primary (discarded after buying) Sold both in a set and loose

# Once the primary packaging is removed, a secondary one is required. Why not combine the two? # The tip of the brush is very important. Once its gone, brush becomes useless. # There is no provision in any of these to keep the brush hair from scattering.

Cloth specially stitched for keeping brushes Better than most, but the crimp is exposed

PACKAGING for paint brushes Concept 1 Inspiration - Pringles pack It is already used by a lot of people to keep brushes. Can I make it better?

2 # # # # #

This brush set will be sold with 7 flat or 7 round brushes. The whole thing could be injection moulded with 2 materials. There are 3 pieces in this - cap, body and a container base. This packaging can be converted into a holder when required. Extra brushes can come in the centre.

Tubes run through out inside, to keep the hair intact

Size - 0 1

H - 175 mm

Camlin brush set

Maximum Diameter





Remove the cap

Remove the base

Push the holder down

Packaging + holder + container

It can be used as a container for water

Brush automatically comes up!

Brush hair remains intact

Tube according to the diameter to hold the brushes separately

Range - 0 to 12 Second Diameter

Size - 12 H - 205 mm

Extra brushes can come in the centre


An attempt to break the octagonal geometry of an umbrella visually

Umbrella is more of an accessory than a utility item. People carry it everyday to their workplace or wherever they go. So, here I have tried to do a few things on its canopy using basic shapes and curvilinear lines.

CATTLE DUNG systems thinking

To efficiently manage the daily wasted cattle dung from an urban cattle-shed

Group project Cattle-sheds we visited

Its Digestion # All cattle are Ruminants. # They regurgitate food. # They have four chambers in their stomach. # Their digestion is weak and the food they eat is fibrous.





An urban cattle

Why are we saving cattle-dung? Because it is a very useful material, good for soil and a source of biogas. It is a material with traditional and modern uses.

1- mouth 2- stomach 3- intestine 4- udder





Breeds studied Fodder





Indian cow

25 kg

40 L

8 L/day

5-6 L/day

7-8 kg

Hybrid Cow

30-40 kg

40-55 L

20 L/day

10-12 L/day

12-15 kg


40 kg

40-55 L

10 L/day

12-15 L/day

12-15 kg

Semi Dry

* Data mentioned has been carefully observed in cow sheds

Stages of Dung


# It is 80% water # Smells a lot! # Micro-organisms are present # Temperature is same as that of the cow.

# For coating the wall (it works like a disinfectant) # In biogas slurry # In Gauri (sun dried cakes)

# Less water content # Barely any smell # Micro-organisms are present # Easy to handle/transport # No water content # No smell # Micro-organisms are dead # Very light # Burns easily # Produces a lot of smoke

Its Routine 3 am - 5 am

5 am - 3 pm

3 pm - 5 pm

5pm - 3 am

# Milking # Defecation # Shed cleaning # Feeding

# Regurgitates food # Rests

# Milking # Defecation # Bathing # Shed cleaning # Feeding

# Regurgitates food # Rests



In the outskirts of Pune -


# In biogas slurry # Manure - Heap method - Trench method - Vermicompost

Cattle sheds in Pune -


# Its ash is used for - bleaching teeth - Cleaning utensils - Balncing the pH of a pond # To protect the seeds from pests # Its smoke works like a mosquito repellant

Dung is either drained





No dung wastage!

Near residential area!

thrown in the garbage bins


CATTLE DUNG systems thinking

To efficiently manage the daily wasted cattle dung from an urban cattle-shed

There are 300 cattle sheds in Pune and nearly 7 cows in each one of them. A cattle produces 10 Kgs of dung everyday, therefore 21,000 from each cow-shed. All of this is either drained or thrown into the community garbage bin everyday. So the question came up , ‘ How do we make sure none of it is wasted?’

Who can be involved?

Biogas plant at household level

Biogas plant at a big level like mess, dairies, to light ATM kiosks, bus stops, etc.

Where can we use cattle dung?

Biogas can be bottled and sold

As fuel

As manure

As disinfectant

Raw material for small scale industries

Dung ash

For making paper like elephant poop paper For makings bricks Used for seed storage

3 cattle feed (30 kg)


3 meals for 2-3 people


plant size 1 m3 Dung


For cleaning utensils Instead of throwing it into the garbage bin, As toothpowder it can be drained into the river to feed A small amount is marine life used in Ayurveda

In small scale industries as raw material or a source of energy


Ideally, each house should have its own biogas plant. It should suffice a family’s cooking and electricity needs. The manure left in the end can be put in the garden. A big plant is required. Kitchen waste can also be used in the plant. A mess worker goes out to buy vegetable and a milkman to deliver milk. Dung can be bought on the way back. With the increasing LPG price, soon a time will come when people start using CBG (compressed bio gas). An inititate can be taken by the petroleum companies to provide CBG.

Drain it in the river Manure/Vermicompost

In villages people In biogas plant There are three coat the house to for cooking and methods: electricity # Make a heap of keep away flies dung In coils to kills Biogas can also # Dig a trench mosquitoes be bottled # Vermicompost

Group project

Although manure releases a lot of methane which is a green house gas responsible for global warming, it is good for the soil. All it requires is land, trees and enthusiasts.

CATTLE DUNG systems thinking Experiments with dung

To efficiently manage the daily wasted cattle dung from an urban cattle-shed

Group project

System proposed - Value for waste Municipal corporation - a group of people elected to govern a city, town, or borough. It is responsible for everything, right from making roads to collecting garbage.

Collects waste

Collects dung from shed

DUNG PAPER. First, we boiled dung then added natural glue and flattened the mixture

Jute with dung lining, can be used to keeps seeds pestfree

When wrapped in cotton it gave a nice texture and did not disintegrate easily

Small factories buy dung from the cow shed

Gives dung

Municipality worker

Kitchen waste

This system aims at value for waste. The cattle shed owner gets his money for dung and stops throwing it in the garbage bin and the society people utilise the kitchen waste as well.

Stick dung + mud around a mould. Once dry, it can be used to plant saplings in the nursery and later into the soil

Brick out of mud and dung mixture. Dung also helps in the uniform baking of bricks

Changed its form for effective burning

Non-biodegradable waste

Municipality appoints a person to set up biogas plants in the society/ factories. This person makes sure all the requirements are met for setting up a plant and ensures its smooth functioning.

Biogas plants are set up at household level



FORM SEMANTICS for the word ‘distinct’ Distinct - recognizably different in nature from something else of a similar type

Forms are explored keeping in consideration the dimensions of a toothbrush. All the forms are made out of MDF (medium density fibre). I have tried to make each one of them look very different from a regular toothbrush form, which is the meaning of distinct itself. The form in the fourth picture is also made out of MDF yet it shows the flexibility of plastic.


1 Design brief - To redesign the stapler for those unanticipated moments for unintended uses when you feel the need to staple in between the fabric or paper.

Intended uses

un-Intended uses

To BIND documents like script, book, lose sheets, etc together.

For DRAPING cloth over manikin or a table.

Can I reduse the size of the cartridge?

assembly of a stapler

Arm Tooth

To GROUP currency notes, for separate bundles of 10s and 100s. Very helpful in banks!


When do we use stapler?


In STAPLER ART. Staples are used on the canvas instead of paint.

Cartridge Base

In SWATCH CARDS of fabric, paper, plastic, etc.


To PIN UP soft-boards.

3. Ends are folded automatically.

# Spring steel, used on the insides of the top arm. Tooth is a part of the spring steel assembly, used to drive the staple into the paper. It uses the resilience of spring metal to function.

2. It not messy like adhesives.

# Stainless steel, used for the framework. It is pressed to get the required shape.

1. It saves time.

# PE (generally, LDPE) used for the grip

People use stapler because

Last but not the least, to fix torn pockets or sheets in emergency.

Materials used For PACKAGING, making cartons, envelops, etc.

Normal 6� stapler

Palm size desktop stapler

Both use the same staples



Normal 6� stapler

Construction- stapler in its extended form

This area can be used for the extension mechanism


Cartridge Old cartridge placement

Original placement in the cartridge. All three parts (two arms and a cartridge) are of the same size, held together by a hinge pin.

New cartridge placement

New placement and size of the cartridge. That ways the latter part can be used for an extension mechanism. Logic - If the small stapler uses the same staples as this one, can its cartridge be used in the 6� stapler?

The size and the position of the cartridge is changed and an extra hinge pin is added.


Paper pen packaging

Explorations with paper POS (made out of acrylic) will be kept on the table at the airports, and stationery stores.

Giving the sheet an angle of 450 Plastic sheet folding

Testers will be kept for trial. 140 mm

A Rubberbrand pad will be provided for scribbling on.

10 mm

Dimensions of the pen

Out of corrogated 3 ply

Plastic sheet folding

Leaving enough space for graphics

Paper prototype for POS


Sketches done with hand and on wacom. rendered with alcohol markers and photoshop .


Point to point interaction using a 2mm thick Aluminium sheet.

A form made out of plasticine using pineapple as a source of inspiration.

Metal bowl made out of a 10x10 cm Aluminium sheet. The text translates into ‘Piyala’, “mashkeeza, ‘koozah’ which are the urdu words for a bowl. The sheet was hammered into a bowl and then the text was etched on it.


Modelling software - Basic Rhino, Rendering software - Keyshot


Geometrical composition using pencil gradation technique Labirynth created using the isometry grid

Posterization in grey scale Posterization done using four color schemes {Warm, cool, achromatic, monochromatic}


Aperture- f3.5 focal length- 6.3 Shutter speed- 1/13 sec


Aperture- f3.5 focal length- 6.3 Shutter speed- 1/5 sec

Aperture- f3.5 focal length- 6.3 Shutter speed- 1/5 sec

Aperture- f3.5 focal length- 6.3 Shutter speed- 1/10 sec


Aperture- f6.5 Shutter speed- 1/30 sec

Aperture- f4 focal length - 13.7 Shutter speed- 1/25 sec


Aperture- f3.5 focal length - 6.3 Shutter speed- 1/10 sec

Aperture- f3.5 focal length - 7.9 Shutter speed- 1/8 sec

Aperture- f3.5 Shutter speed- 1/10 sec

SHORT FILM A short film made for ‘Still-in-motion’, a movie making contest held annually in our college. It won the 2nd prize.

Title- Nest Time limit- 4 minutes Theme- Develop a stor y on the given instrumental piece by Bonobo. Team- Nikhita Prabhudesai, Poulomi Mehta and Madhuwanti Vaidya and I. To view the full video -

EXPERIMENTAL THEATRE An outcome of a two week long course of experimental theatre where we learnt how to act, freely express ourselves, face an audience, play with sounds, gestures, props, space etc. We wrote the script and created our own props and sounds!

Title- The curious play Theme- Be curious! Team- of ten people. Plot- The play starts with the Punctuation marks, where they are shown conspiring against the question mark. They want to banish him. Our attempt was to illustrate how life would have been without the question mark. New ton wouldn’t have discovered gravity, Wright brothers wouldn’t have discovered airplanes. People would have died of plague, had penicillin not been discovered! To view the full video-


Pooja lakwal


+91 9765413240



47, Agrasen nagar, near Abhudaya public school, Mahesh nagar, Jaipur (Rajasthan)

Education present

MIT institute of design, sem 9

sr. secondar y

Sophia senior secondar y school 2007-2008

secondar y

Sophia senior secondar y school 2004 -2005

Sof tware skills


Adobe Illustrator cs5 Adobe Photoshop cs5 Adobe InDesign cs5 MS of fice Basic modelling and rendering sof twares

Internship at Ajay Shah design studio, Bombay.


Material skills

Travelling Reading Writing Watching movies Photography

Worked with wood, MDF, aluminium and polystyrene

Attended Ethnography workshop by Dr. Catriona Macaulay Headed two events in college Won second prize in a short film making competetion

Portfolio 2012  

A compilation of some of my college work

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