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Poodle Rescue of Houston Newsletter Because Secondhand Poodles Make First Class Pets Grooming Workshop

Volume 1 Issue 2

Nov/Dec 2012

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TRIBUTES Sometimes donations are made with notes attached as a tribute to their four legged and two legged friends. PRH decided that the newsletter would be a great place to honor those mentioned.

In memory of Cosmo (Cotton) Dreyer. He died from cirrhosis of the liver late last year. He was a wonderful dog………...Kathleen D In honor of Mickey F’s 7th birthday. Mickey is a Chihuahua, but has poodle friends….Sam B

Our Grooming Workshop will start the weekend of January 19th. The workshop is a great way to learn how to groom your own dog and help us spiff up our rescue dogs, which helps get them adopted. If you are interested, email to request information. (This is a before/after picture of Sparkle. See more information about Sparkle on our VIP page.)

In loving memory of Paris and Jefferson …….. …...Brenda & Paul G. In memory of our precious girls, Rusty-dog and Whitney……...Clare W. I am thankful for my two PRH rescues, Gigi and Sasha..........Marcie O. In honor of Teddy C. /AKA Rudolph’s birthday …..Pam C.

Poodle Rescue of Houston 13302 Schroeder Road Houston, TX 77070 Open 7 days a week, from 7am to 5 pm. Volunteer Orientations are usually held the first Saturday of the month. If you are interested in volunteering, please email

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Poodle Rescue of Houston Newsletter

PRH at CHAMPION WOOD ANIMAL HOSPITAL and NATURAL PAWZ VINTAGE PARK Poodle Rescue would like to thank Champion Wood Animal Hospital for the invitation to participate in their Holiday Pet Festival. We would also like to thank Champion Wood for their donation of grooming supplies to help with our grooming workshop. We would also like to thank the Natural Pawz in Vintage Park. Natural Pawz very generously allows rescue groups to setup a table at their store to promote animal adoption and to educate the public about animal rescues. We also visited the Natural Pawz on Lake Woodlands Drive earlier this year. Free events such as these are very important for advertising PRH. The more that people know about PRH, the more dogs we can place in forever, loving homes. If you would like to help promote PRH at one of our upcoming events, please let us know by sending an email to with the date that you are available and we will send an email with specific information before that event.

2013 POODLE RESCUE EVENTS (Events, Dates and Times Subject to Change) Natural Pawz - Vintage Park Natural Pawz - Vintage Park Spring Bark—Woodlands Natural Pawz - Vintage Park Reliant Dog Show Natural Pawz - Vintage Park PetFest—Old Town Spring Natural Pawz - Vintage Park Champion Wood Animal Hospital

January 26 March 16 April 13 June 1 July 18-22 August 17 October (TBD) October 27 December 7

11a – 3p 11a – 3p 8a—4p 8a – 2p TBD 11a – 3p 11a – 3p TBD

PRH Calendar for 2014 We are planning to create a 2014 wall calendar featuring our adopted dogs to help raise funds for Poodle Rescue. This will be our first calendar, so we’re still working through the specifics. Currently our plan is to have a photo contest with the winners being featured for each month. We are also hoping to have pictures of many of the dogs that didn’t

make the top 12 scattered throughout the calendar. So start taking those pictures! Everyone getting this newsletter will get an email announcement of the contest with the exact rules and specifications of the photos, so keep an eye out for the announcement.

If you would like to make a donation to PRH, you can do so by using the PayPal button on our website.

Poodle Rescue of Houston Newsletter

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Kandi’s Story This “Happy Tail” gives the before and after of Kandi’s adoption and shows just how resilient dogs can be. From the Volunteer: I was volunteering when Guinnette brought this large group of standards in from Kansas years ago. They were all adults; none under the age of five to my memory. They had been confined to crates their entire lives. Not only did one not know how to walk, I'm not sure she'd ever stood up before. We had to drag her from her crate. The amazing thing is that despite their life long confinement, none of them had a mean bone in their body. You could tell they were willing if we could only show them the way. I remember we put several of them in our volunteer grooming class and they were incredibly tolerant. These dogs all seemed to have the gentle souls of angels so it seems even more touching to get this happy tail and picture at this time of year.

This photo shows how much Kandi loves her older brother Snoopy. He has such an outgoing personality and has taught her to trust.

From Kandi's Owner: It has been two years since I adopted Kandi, previously known as Keller Girl. She was one of the Standards rescued from Kansas. She has been such a joy and a wonderful addition to my home. She has progressed so far in these two years. She is an Animal Assisted Therapy Dog and makes 3 visits a month. For Christmas time visits, she wears a Mrs. Claus dress and gets introduced as Mrs. Kandi Claus. She visits with kids and adults and seems to know they just want to reach out and touch her. She lets them give her hugs. What a difference from the dog who wouldn't even go into my home when I first got her home. A special thank you to volunteer Darrell Elliott who first told me about this beautiful girl and encouraged me to adopt her. Thank you Poodle Rescue for all the work you do to rescue these beautiful animals.

Alum Aucoin taught our Grooming Workshop last Fall and will be returning in January to teach again. Below is her Poodle Story. It all started about 2-3 years ago… I was looking to change careers but wasn’t sure to what. I knew I always loved animals so I volunteered for every animal related activity. I volunteered at a doggie daycare where a poodle puppy was being boarded. His personality was so endearing I wanted to know more about poodles. Before that, I never gave a second thought to the poodle breed – and sadly, I shared similar stereotypes with misinformed people and how they viewed poodles (girly dogs, etc). I googled “poodles” to learn more about the breed and the Poodle Rescue of Houston showed up in the search. I clicked on the link and looked through the website. I came across the ad for the grooming classes. Up until that point, I thought I would not enjoy grooming, my husband had even told me I should try it (we had a friend who was a groomer) but I vehemently told him that I would not like it. I attended my first class just to see what it was about. After grooming an overgrown rescue dog and seeing the transformation from a hairy, dirty dog – to a clean, and happy one – I fell in love! I volunteered for about 2-3 rounds of the grooming class. During one of the classes, I stayed late to finish a dog. Someone walked in to tell me there were standard poodle puppies that just came in. They told me to go look. I went to just look at the cute puppies, but I ended up falling in love with one of them – a 12 week old cream standard poodle puppy. I took him out into the play yard and knew he was the one for me. I named him Leroy and we celebrated his 2 year birthday on November 30. I fell in love with grooming so much that around the same time I adopted Leroy, I pursued grooming further. I quit my previous job and went to grooming school. After graduating, I worked at two salons, learned the in’s and out’s of the business and opened my own salon in November 2012. I enjoy my job every day and I love working with animals and their people! If I had never met that poodle puppy, who knows what I would have ended up doing! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed teaching the grooming class at PRH, and hope that I can inspire others to pursue their passion.

Geaux Grooming! Pet Salon 16444 Sea Lark Road Houston, TX 77062 Telephone: 281-286-3595 Email:

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Poodle Rescue of Houston Newsletter

V.I.P. Spotlight ( Very Important Poodle Spotlight) This page is devoted to our furry friends who have a harder time being adopted. Maybe they have a physical limitation, are shy, a little older or have just been overlooked. A few may not look like poodles, but they are definitely “poodle at heart�. Take a look and please pass along to anyone who may be interested in a forever friend. We love our dogs, but really want them to find forever homes. Sparkle is a gray colored, male poodle mix weighing about 13 lbs. We rescued him from an uncertain future at a public animal shelter. He's 4 yrs old and is a very special boy. Although his eyes look perfectly normal and are quite beautiful, he has been blind since birth. He's a happy, active, playful boy with a sweet and loving nature. We know from experience that just the right adopter is out there for Sparkle. He has been a resident of the rescue since 10/3/12. Perdita is a 2 yr old cream colored poodle mix; heavy on the mix part. We rescued her from an uncertain future at a public animal shelter. She's a happy girl with a waggy tail. She came to us willingly from her kennel when we were ready to take her photos and was very cooperative during the entire process. She's just as cute as a button and will make someone a wonderful pet and lifetime companion. She has been a resident of the rescue since 7/25/12. Divot is a darling 2 yr old white, male poodle weighing 10 bs. We rescued him from an uncertain future at a public animal shelter. He was matted and had to be shaved. He's cute as a bug now but will be even cuter when his hair starts growing out a bit more. When we took his photos he came to us easily from his kennel. He is sweet, quiet, and gentle. He enjoyed it when we allowed him some time to check out one of our doggie play yards. He gets along with anyone. He likes toys and will do a little circle dance when he gets excited. He has been a resident of the rescue since 9/28/12.

Tequila is a 2 yr old white, female poodle weighing 12 lbs. She was surrendered by her owner who could no longer care for her. She'll give you soft kisses if you ask for them. She is a happy, playful girl with a tail that is constantly wagging. She can be energetic if she's been cooped up in a kennel and really enjoys running and playing outside. She'd no doubt love it if her new forever home had a fenced yard where she could run and play when weather permits and if they had kids she'd probably be even more delighted. She has been a resident of the rescue since 7/21/12. K-Pin is a white male poodle weighing 14 lbs. He recently participated in a grooming class that Poodle Rescue was conducting on site. He's was a good boy for the groomer. He's a bit shy when first meeting someone but doesn't have a mean bone in his body. He seems to just want reassurance that you have good intentions and then he tends to bond quickly. If he's touching you like you see in his first photo he seems to get reassurance and confidence and then likes to be scratched and petted. He's well mannered and easy going. He has a nice thick coat and walks fine on a leash. He has been a resident of the rescue since 8/25/12.

If you are interested in any of these dogs, please visit Poodle Rescue of Houston and play with them in our fenced play areas. Since these dogs have been at PRH awhile, their caregivers can give you much more information about them.

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Poodle Rescue of Houston Newsletter

V.I.P. Spotlight (6 yrs and older) ( Very Important Poodle Spotlight) I’ve added an additional page to show off some of our older dogs. These dogs may be a little older but would still make wonderful companions and are “young at heart”. If you know someone who would like to give a home to a more mature dog, please forward the profiles to them or have them visit our rescue.

Leeland is dark apricot colored male poodle weighing 11 to 12 lbs. He’s a sweet, older gentleman that loves the outdoors. He’s very independent, but loves to be a lapdog. He’s been a resident of the rescue since 9/17/12.

Abbott is a great little male poodle mix weighing eleven 11 lbs. When it was time for us to take his photos, he came to us willingly from his kennel and again when it was time for us to leave the doggie play yard. He is good on a leash and was gentle when we took his pictures. Another volunteer spent some more time with him and commented the he was friendly, trusting, happy and playful. He's an energetic dog that is probably too active for a senior or small children but he'd make a great dog for someone who has an active lifestyle and has a nice fenced yard where he could run and play. He loves toys and enjoys playing tug of war. And he loves to play ball. He as been a resident of the rescue since 7/29/12. Dayton is a black male poodle weighing 10 lbs. He came to us easily when we wanted to take him out of his kennel to take his photos. He's a sweet boy, friendly and walks well on a leash. He will ask to be picked up by putting his paws on your legs and looking up at you. He can jump up on a chair or sofa when invited if you prefer not to lift him. He's loves receiving attention and would make an excellent couch companion. He's such a deserving boy. He'll look even more handsome when his hair starts to grow back out; especially on the top of his head. He has been a resident of the rescue since 11/19/12.

Amanda is a darling petite little girl weighing 9 lbs. She is a poodle/maltese mix. She can be energetic and wiggly when she's first let out of her kennel to play in one of our doggie play yards but that's often the case with dogs that have been cooped up for a while. Just give her a few minutes to check out her surroundings and then she'll be ready to turn her attention to you. She is fine with being held and carried but also walks well on a leash. While she won't come to you immediately when called (after all you will be a stranger to her at first), she is calm when you approach and will let you pick her up. She's sweet and gentle and will make someone a wonderful companion. She has been a resident of the rescue since 10/7/12. Bro is a black male poodle weighing 8 lbs. When we rescued him, his coat was matted so he had to be shaved. He will look more like a poodle when his coat begins to grow back out, especially on the top of his head. He did fine when we walked him on a leash and he loves, loves, loves plush toys and he loves to be petted. He's very affectionate, loves attention and is very good with other dogs. He'll make someone a good lap dog. Although we cannot guarantee the following information, there was a note in his file from the shelter we rescued him from that indicated that he travels well in a car and is housebroken. He has been a resident of the rescue since 11/9/12.

Poodle Rescue of Houston Newsletter Vol 1 Issue 2 - 2012  
Poodle Rescue of Houston Newsletter Vol 1 Issue 2 - 2012  

Poodle Rescue of Houston Newsletter