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Cover Story

31 Wolfson Children’s Hospital

A guiding light of hope leading thousands of children on a path towards a better life.


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Model: Jana Lyn Williamson Photographer: Greg Cunningham Metallic Gold Sequin and Tulle Dress, Nicole Miller, Krista Eberle Accessories, Ellie Bing

19 PVL’s The Look A glimpse of native style.

26 10 Questions with Jordyn Jackson Learn about a local jazz sensation.

36 Running for a Cause

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The history of the One to Grow On Marathon with Paul and Amy Wilson.

41 Ponte Vedra Style For those obsessed with glamor, passion, and luxury.

58 Local Buys for the Holidays Great local gift ideas for your holiday shopping.

68 Beautiful People of Ponte Vedra Get to know local community leader Robin Wahby.

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PUBLISHER David M. Newman EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Matt Frank CREATIVE DIRECTOR Terry Griffith PHOTOGRAPHY Dana Thompson Greg Cunningham STAFF WRITERS Cristina Stebbins Patti Connor Dakota Potts MARKETING CONSULTANT Cherya Cavanaugh STYLE CONTRIBUTOR Liza Chung FASHION CONTRIBUTOR Melissa Intemann ............................................................ For Advertising Information Contact:

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904.639.6018 4290 Redtail Hawk Drive Jacksonville, FL 32257

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publisher’s letter

................................................................................................................................. Welcome and thank you for picking up a copy of the new Ponte Vedra Living. We are excited to be able to provide Ponte Vedra with a one-of-a-kind local community lifestyle magazine. In every issue we will be covering the latest trends and events around town as well as introducing you to some of the local residents and businesses that call Ponte Vedra home. We would like to thank all of the businesses who chose to be a part of this publication. Your support is appreciated and overwhelming. We would also like to thank Terry Griffith for his superior design, as well as Liza Chung and David Newman Melissa Intemann for their unbelievably creative minds which are reflected throughout the pages of this publication. 904.639.6018 Ext. 02 I would also like to thank my wonderful wife and children for their endless support. We look forward to hearing your feedback. Until our next issue… …This is your magazine, enjoy it!

editor’s letter


Matt Frank 904.639.6018 Ext. 03

The holiday season has finally arrived. It is time for family and friends to come together and be thankful for all of life’s gifts. At the same time, most are planning New Year’s parties, resolutions, and what 2011 could mean for them both, personally and professionally. Within this issue are some inspirational editorials on personal and professional challenges and how those challenges have been overcome. My suggestion is that you read the compelling editorial on the Wolfson Children’s Hospital and the Wilson family. This story will not only open your eyes to some amazing medical work that is going on in the Jacksonville community, but will also lead you to an opportunity to get involved in a terrific cause. From myself and the entire staff, we thank you for your support and we wish you a safe and wonderful holiday season.

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1. Melissa Intemann Coupling many years of shopping services with a penchant for style, fashion stylist Melissa Intemann has formed MIA Styling to offer an array of image consulting and set styling services to individuals and businesses alike. Her service menu includes fashion styling for shoots, shows and wardrobe consulting. 2. Dana Thompson In addition to being a staff photographer, Dana Thompson specializes in capturing many of life’s greatest moments for her clients. She has built an extensive portfolio covering major events and family portraits. 3. Liza Chung Creativity comes through many mediums for designer Liza Chung. Liza’s complete devotion to the ever-changing world of style has positioned her as an innovator among her peers. Not limiting her talents to a specific industry, Liza’s specialties include couture floral design, wedding & special event creation, interior & personal styling and editorial creative direction. Liza’s work has a distinguished (Liza) appeal and is highly sought after both locally and abroad. Professionally recognized as a design expert for more than 15 years, Liza and her team of talented Divas answer the calling of clients ranging from brides, elite venues, professional athletes, celebrities and key media outlets.

special thanks .................................................................................................................................

David Medure for allowing us use of his world class establishment and to the Medure staff for their attentiveness. Balloon Construction Co. for bringing our shoot to life. Blenda (owner) of Balloon Construction offers a couture approach to the most traditional aspect of a party. The Mitchell Family, thank you to Pete and Tamara for sharing their darling children with us, Skyler, Sophia and Sheppard. The Plantation At Ponte Vedra, for use of their stately clubhouse and extraordinary manicured grounds. Ponte Vedra Living | 13

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Animal Care That Counts Animal Care Of Ponte Vedra By Patti Connor ...................................... ..............................................................................

Growing up in Atlantic Beach, Blythe Waters had two cats, a dog, a parakeet, several geese, a small flock of ducks and countless rabbits. So it was hardly surprising that the young animal lover would set out to rescue every creature in distress that she could get her hands on. Injured seagulls and sandpipers were gently scooped up and rushed to BEAKS Sanctuary on Little Talbot Island by Waters and her parents, the latter of whom would look at each other and nod knowingly. No doubt about it -- their daughter was destined to be a veterinarian. But Waters didn’t see it that way -- at least, not yet. Why not be an orthodontist, she thought. After all, look at the one she went to, with all those cool video games in his waiting room...On second thought, perhaps she would become an environmental engineer, and help save the rainforests. Still undecided as to what her ultimate career path would be, she enrolled at the University of Virginia, with the idea of maybe becoming a writer and teacher. But it seemed as if all the teaching opportunities were in towns that were landlocked -- and after a lifetime spent with

the ocean literally in her own backyard, she wasn’t about to give that up. What to do? Whether by virtue or fate or serendipity, sometimes, it seems, our decisions are made for us. Even as she continued her soul searching at UVa, Waters worked as a vet tech, first as a clinic for small animals, and then at an equine clinic in the fabled horse country surrounding Charlottesville. “I think I was destined to become a vet,” she says now, “but I didn’t know it (yet).” It didn’t take much longer for her destiny to finally catch up with her. After attending veterinary school at the University of Florida and spending the next eight years as a practicing vet, Waters has just opened her own clinic in Ponte Vedra. What does she like most about her job? “Being able to provide pet owners with the information to help keep their pets healthy and happy for the duration of their life,” she says. “For me, it doesn’t get more rewarding than that.” Animal Care of Ponte Vedra is at: Ponte Vedra Pointe Shopping Center. Call Dr. Waters at 904.280.4544 for an appointment. Ponte Vedra Living | 15

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PONTE VEDRA GOLF CARTS 25 Years and Rolling By Cristina Stebbins There is a seamless connection between running a business and the game of golf. Both are mental games in which one must face small victories, tough shots, and frustration with every missed opportunity to get ahead in the game. But it’s also about something else. Golf and business bring parties together to share in the love of the game and the desire to succeed. Ponte Vedra Golf Carts LLC sees the connection, and the company is thriving on the opportunity that it has brought to them. Ponte Vedra Golf Carts is about more than just helping us live our dream to shoot more birdies than bogeys. Ponte Vedra Golf Carts is taking one of the best parts of golf and moving it into the streets. A simple golf cart is enough transportation for some of the locals, especially the retirees. Once it’s jazzed up with a few tailored accessories, a golf cart transforms into a classic way to get around town. With steadfast ambition, Ponte Vedra Golf Carts is driving a wedge between what we have used golf carts for and what we will come to expect of them. Golf had already been Ponte Vedra Golf Carts’ means of income long before the shop opened. Roy Gale, the owner of Ponte Vedra Golf Carts, previously worked at The Plantation, where he was in charge of the club’s golf cart maintenance. It was a task that grew more daunting after a fire destroyed the shop one Saturday night a few years ago. Now, golf is creating a new opportunity for Roy. Bidding farewell to The Plantation, Roy took over the abandoned cart shop just up the road at the edge of Sawgrass Country Club and set up shop. He was joined by George Powell, who brought extensive experience in servicing and selling golf carts. Powell started in this business more than 40 years ago as a service representative – first for Golf Cart Systems, then EZ-GO Textron and Club Car. To give this business that store-next-door feel, George’s wife, Dee, also joined Ponte Vedra Golf Carts as the office manager. Dee handles all of the sales and organizes the service repairs. A successful business isn’t determined by how long you stay on the fairway, but how well you maneuver through the roughs. You can see the success of PVGC in every golf cart parked outside the local market or library. They’re in small neighborhoods, private residences, and naturally on the golf course. Their four wheels, small stature, and versatility have brought together local entrepreneurs who share the passion in building a business they have come to know so well.

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Tweed Jacket, Joseph Ribkoff, Red Boutique White Tank Top, Saint Grace, Red Boutique Jeans, Genetic Denim, Red Boutique Necklace, vyvy, Red Boutique Black Earrings, Alexis Bittar, Emly Benham Metallic Animal Print Bag, Foley+Corinna, Emly Benham Grey and Black Leopard Pumps, Miu Miu, Emly Benham

20 | Ponte Vedra Living

Brown Jacket, Joseph Ribkoff, Red Boutique Jeans, Blank Skinny, Red Boutique Leopard Scarf, Luxe Junkie, Red Boutique Black Suede Button Bootie, Moschino, Emly Benham Tigers Eye Earrings, Coralia Leets, Emly Benham Charm Bracelet, Lily Posh, Emly Benham

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Pinstripe Button Down with Rufe Sleeve, Bell, Red Boutique White Silk Cami, Acrobat, Red Boutique Jeans, Genetic Denim, Red Boutique Suede Peep Toe Pumps, Miu Miu, Emly Benham Gold Hoop Earrings, Alexis Bittar, Emly Benham Python Cuff, Ted Rossi, Emly Benham Brown Zebra Studded Bag, Jimmy Choo, Emly Benham

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Red Moto Jacket, Saint Grace, Red Boutique Grey V-Neck Shirt, Saint Grace, Red Boutique Brown and White Striped Scarf, Saint Grace, Red Boutique Jeans, Genetic Denim, Red Boutique Gold and Red Beaded Earrings, vyvy, Red Boutique Black Leather Booties with Braided Heels, Moschino, Emly Benham Glazed Python Resin Bracelet, R&Y Augousti, Emly Benham Blue Animal Print Bag, Foley+Corinna, Emly Benham

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Brown Gown, Nicole Miller, Krista Eberle Vintage Stole, Liza Chung Style Feather Earrings, AV Max, Emly Benham Animal Print Pumps, Balenciaga, Emly Benham Style Contributor: Liza Chung Fashion Contributor: Melissa Intemann Photography by: Dana Thompson Hair: Grazyna Mercado Make Up: Carrie Hammock Wilson Model: Kristia Knowles 24 | Ponte Vedra Living

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26 | Ponte Vedra Living

Photo by Krystal Blase of West House Photography

10 Questions With Jordyn Jackson Up and Coming Artist By Patti Connor

For her latest album, September In the Garden, Jordyn Jackson chose as her backdrop New Orleans’ Garden District, a venue both sultry and sophisticated that showcases to perfection a collection of 10 songs that reflect the young singer’s reverence for classic jazz and blues. Mixed by Shawn Grove at Edible Studios, the private studio of Ed Roland, lead singer and songwriter of Collective Soul, the album, at the same time, pays tribute to Jackson’s rock beginnings. While her latest work showcases her flair for reworking existing songs, Jackson is no stranger to song writing, having penned tunes for herself as well as other artists. In 2003 she released “I Dreamt A Dream,” a compilation of original songs featuring guest artist guitarist Sonny Lallerstedt, who has performed and recorded with Elton John. The following year she released a self-titled album in collaboration with Lee Miles. A performer at the 2010 Jacksonville Jazz Festival, she recently returned from a tour of the UK.

“September in the Garden” is a compilation of some of the songs I most love singing. It was recorded in September, in the New Orleans Garden District. I selected 10 songs that I felt best suited my voice and then reinterpreted them, with arrangements by Beau St. Pierre & Jake Smith. New Orleans was the perfect place to go for the jazz/blues vibe that I wanted, and the musicians I worked with were incredible. The album was released through my production company in December 2009. It was then heard by London-based record company Right Recordings, who signed me last summer. The company repackaged it, and released it this past September, with Universal Music as distributor. 2. Tell me about your tour of the UK. I traveled to the UK on Oct. 1 to begin a nationwide promotional radio tour. While there I was based in London, but I traveled

all around the country doing interviews & performing on various radio stations. I visited multiple radio stations in London, Manchester, Liverpool, Sheffield, Cheshire, Hull, Bristol, Glastonbury, Cardiff, Gwent, & Pontypridd. During my tour I performed live on TV, shot a video for an electronic press kit for Right Recordings, and went sight-seeing in many different cities. It was amazing to actually see Stonehenge!


1. Tell me a bit about your new album.

3. How long have you known that you wanted to be a singer? I’ve always loved to sing, and I’ve been intrigued by the music industry my whole life, But it wasn’t until eighth grade that I really became serious. I was attending a small Christian school, and one day a man named Louis Pecci overheard me, singing on the playground. Mr. Pecci owned a design company in Jacksonville, and he ended up giving me recording studio time for my eighth-grade graduation. As soon as I stepped into that studio, I knew that I wanted to be a professional Ponte Vedra Living | 27

28 | Ponte Vedra Living

Photo by Krystal Blase of West House Photography

I learned to sing by emulating Whitney Houston. From the time I was a little girl, I idolized her...I even had an imaginary friend named Whitney and my favorite color was blue because her album cover for “Whitney” was blue. I also learned a lot by singing along to Mariah Carey, Celine Dion and Disney music. As I got older I began to expand my musical collection. I have been influenced by Christina Aguilera, Billie Holiday, Led Zeppelin, Nine Inch Nails, Freddie Mercury, and many others. 5. Who are your favorite singers, present and past? Whitney Houston, Christina Aguilera, Freddie Mercury, Jay Buchanan, Brandi Carlile, Alanis Morissette, Billie Holiday, Etta James, George Michael, Phil Collins, Jimmy Gnecco, Tori Amos, Jeff Buckley...the list goes on! 6. What is one thing that no one knows about you? There’s nothing that I haven’t told my mom! Hmmm, most people probably don’t know that if I wasn’t a singer, I would be either an interior designer or a chef. 7. How did you happen to move to Ponte Vedra Beach? What do you like most about living there? I actually live in South Jacksonville Beach... very close to Ponte Vedra Beach! I was living in Mandarin with my family, and we decided that we needed a change. The beach life suits our lifestyle, and it’s wonderful to look out your window every morning and see a beautiful ocean. 8. What is your favorite song of all time?


singer for the rest of my life! 4. What singer(s) most influence your work?

Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” ... One of my favorite bands of all time as well. 9. Where do you go locally when you want to unwind? I’m a huge foodie. I love to come up with a few recipe ideas and head to Whole Foods. I could browse there, all day! 10. What is your favorite vacation destination? Bordighera, Italy. Six years ago I visited a friend who lives there, and I absolutely fell in love with the city. It helped that I had the opportunity to sing all along the Italian Riviera, eat amazing Italian food, and make some dear friends along the way... I want to own a home there one. To learn more about Jordyn Jackson go to: New album available now on itunes. To learn more or donate to Jordyn’s Charity Water Project go to:

UK Release

US Release Ponte Vedra Living | 29

30 | Ponte Vedra Living

Embracing Community

Ponte Vedra Living | 31

Jeans, Ben Sherman, Kyds Plaid Shirt, Ben Sherman, Kyds Polo Pull-Over, Models Own Shoes, Models Own Blue Rosette Dress, Mimi & Maggie, Kyds White Sweater, Models Own Shoes and Tights, Models Own Black Tulle One Shoulder Dress, BCBGMAXAZRIA Nude Patent Heel, Moschino, Emly Benham Earrings, Alexis Bittar, Emly Benham Ring, Crystal Lized, Emly Benham Blue Rosette Dress, Mimi & Maggie, Kyds Sweater, Models Own White Boots, Models Own Models: Kristia Knowles, Skyler, Sophia and Sheppard Mitchell Photography by: Dana Thompson Hair: Grazyna Mercado Make Up: Carrie Hammock Style Contributor: Liza Chung Ponte VedraMel Living 32 | Contributor: Fashion Intemann

Wolfson Children’s Hospital A Leader In Children’s Healthcare By Cristina Stebbins

No child left behind takes on a more inspirational meaning at Wolfson Children’s Hospital. Every day these hospital doors open to children and families from all over the nation, including those who may not be able to afford health insurance. It’s more than a hospital; it’s a guiding light of hope leading thousands of children on a path towards a better life. Part of Baptist Health in Jacksonville, Wolfson Children’s Hospital was named among the top three children’s hospitals in Florida by Child magazine. That is no small feat for the regional pediatric referral facility. In order to achieve such a high recognition, its staff has dedicated themselves to designing the hospital and their services to cater to the ever-changing needs of the children who depend on them. A Refuge Built for Healing The expansive hospital is home to more than 650 full-time staff and 400 full-time physicians. With more than 180 beds, 10 operating rooms, and one special procedure room, the staff cares for more than 41,000 patients a day. Some of their specialties include neurology, neurosurgery, neonatology, diabetes care, behavioral health, and cancer. It is designed to be a sanctuary for the frightened families and children who are seeking medical attention. The hospital also includes a gift shop, healing garden, and a library. Ponte Vedra Living | 33

ioral Unit and Pediatric Infusion and Dialysis Center; and a Pediatric Clinical Research Center that will double the current unit in size. Wolfson Children’s Hospital opens its doors to thousands of ill children each year. The mission of the staff is to see that as many of those children as possible walk out of those same doors with a brighter future ahead.


34 | Ponte Vedra Living


Moving Forward As the hospital grows, so does the need for its expansion. To allow for more room and comfort for its guests, Baptist Health has been working on a new patient tower that will be divided bet w e e n adults and children. The new tower will include 167 pediatric and adult beds when it opens, and will have room for 203 beds at full capacity. The renovations will include a cardiovascular intensive care unit and cardiovascular and neurosurgical operating suites; a new Pediatric Behav-

For more information you can contact Wolfson Children’s Hospital at: 904-202-8000

Ponte Vedra Living | 35

Running For A Cause One To Grow On Ultra Marathon By Cristina Stebbins The first moment of any journey starts with a single stride. A single stride can put you on a path that can change the course of your life. Add 55 miles to that course and you have the start of the Wolfson Children’s Hospital One to Grow On Ultra Marathon and the path of one family who came together to better the lives of children all over the Nation. It all started with Paul and Amy Wilson. Paul and Amy’s son Luke was born with spina bifida, which is a birth defect that affects the spinal cord. The first weeks of their child’s life was the longest, most trying weeks the family had ever endured. Without control and feeling helpless, they did everything they could to help their baby. It was at this moment, in the lobby of the Wolfson Children’s Hospital that Paul’s course was setting in front of him. As he gazed upon the display cases that showed the smiling faces of hundreds of children who had graced these halls, Paul found a way to help. The One to Grow On Ultra Marathon was created with the idea that Paul, an avid marathoner and athlete, would run one mile for every year that Wolfson Children’s has been changing the lives of families everywhere - an extraordinary 55 years. Wolfson Children’s Hospital, which is a part of the Baptist Health in Jacksonville, is a regional pediatric referral hospital that serves children through Northeast Florida and beyond. Paul and Amy, who are both Remax Realtors in the Ponte Vedra area, knew they had to do something to show their gratitude to the team that saved their son’s life. 36 | Ponte Vedra Living

.......................... .........................

“Wolfson gave me the greatest gift: my son had the chance to celebrate his first birthday and every one after that,” said Paul. “This is me giving back!” On January 29, 2011 Paul, Amy and their energetic son Luke will continue the path they have created for themselves and so many other families. Paul will be running the 2nd annual Wolfson Children’s Hospital One to Grow On Ultra Marathon while his wife will be supporting Paul from the sidelines with son Luke. It is not about the endurance test or the challenge of competing at such a high level; it’s about the Hospital that is a haven for so many children. The 11-loop course run will include a memorable patient story at every mile. 55 stories told by the light of 55 oversized, glowing candles that will lead Paul and his fellow runners to the end of the course. It started as a way to give back to the hospital that had done so much for the Wilson family. Now, it is an event that Wolfson Children’s Hospital looks forward to every year.

Last year One to Grow On, presented by RPM Automotive, raised $550,000 for Wolfson Children’s Hospital. The funds will be used toward purchase of a 3 Tesla MRI. The 3 Tesla is the most advanced, highest performing MRI available with distinct advantages for children over current technology. In order to understand why Paul wanted to create the One to Grown On Marathon, you’d have to walk a mile in his shoes. These are the same shoes that hit the cold hospital floor every night as he paced outside of his son’s door wondering what to do. These are the shoes that wandered through the lobby staring at the faces of all of the children that had passed by these same hospital doors while their parents sought hope and a chance for a life as a family. These will be the shoes that will take to the streets on January 29, 2011 to give back to a hospital that saved his son’s life and to raise awareness for children everywhere who deserve to celebrate their next birthday.


Ponte Vedra Living | 37

38 | Ponte Vedra Living

Ring In Some New Year’s Financial Resolutions

From Your Local Edward Jones Representative Now that 2011 is almost here, you may want to make some New Year’s resolutions. Planning to volunteer? Go to the gym more often? Learn a new language? All worthy ambitions, of course, but this year, why not add some financial resolutions as well? Which resolutions should you make? Here are a few ideas to consider: Boost your retirement accounts. No matter how old you’ll be in 2011, one thing is certain — you’re a year closer to retirement than you were in 2010. And that’s why you’ll want to increase your contributions to your retirement accounts. If your salary is going up in 2011, boost the amount you defer for your 401(k) or other employer-sponsored retirement plan, such as a 403(b) plan (if you work for a school or other tax-exempt organization) or a 457(b) plan (if you work for a state or local government). With tax-deductible contributions, tax-deferred growth of earnings and several investment options, these types of plans are tremendous ways to save for retirement. And try to “max out” your traditional or Roth IRA, too. Look for opportunities. With the uncertainties in the economy and the volatility of the financial markets, many people decide to head to the investment “sidelines” for a while. Yet, this environment may actually be a good one for investors with patience, discipline and the ability to look beyond yesterday’s headlines. For one thing, many quality securities are now good values. Also, we’re still seeing low inflation and low interest rates — factors that may lead to greater economic demand and improved strength in the financial markets. Don’t over-react to market swings. Over the past few years, we’ve seen plenty of sudden, sharp swings in the financial markets, and you’re likely going to see more of them in 2011. Don’t overreact to either the “ups” or the “downs” of the market. Over-reacting leads to short-term thinking — and successful investors are the ones who can maintain a long-term perspective. Rebalance when necessary. At least once a year, review and rebalance your portfolio, as necessary, to make sure it still reflects your goals, risk tolerance and family situation, all of which can change over time. Reduce your debts. While the sluggish economy of the past couple of years has obviously been a cause of concern for everyone, we have seen one “silver lining” in that many people, concerned about over-spending, have shed some of their debt load. The less money you have to spend on your debts, the more you’ll have available to invest for your future, so do what you can to cut down on what you owe. Maintain adequate cash levels. As an investor, you’ve got at least two good reasons for maintaining enough cash in your portfolio. First, having adequate cash available means you’ll be ready to act quickly to take advantage of good investment opportunities. And second, by having a cash cushion, you won’t be forced to liquidate long-term investments to pay for short-term needs such as a major car repair, a new furnace, a big doctor’s bill, and so on. By following these suggestions, you can position yourself to make progress toward your long-term goals in 2011 — and in all the New Years that follow. Ponte Vedra Living | 39

40 | Ponte Vedra Living


Ponte Vedra Bronze and Gold Sequin V-Neck Dress, Single Dress, Krista Eberle Accessories, Ellie Bing Black Fedora Hat, Urban Outfitters Tank Top, Model's Own Suspenders, Urban Outfitters

Ponte Vedra Living | 41

Tank Top, Models Own Suspenders, Urban Outfitters 42 | Ponte Vedra Living

Ponte Vedra Living | 43

Bronze and Gold Sequin V-Neck Dress, Single Dress, Krista Eberle Boots, Prada, Emly Benham Accessories, Ellie Bing Black Fedora Hat, Urban Outfitters

44 | Ponte Vedra Living

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Sequin Dress, Nicole Miller, Krista Eberle Accessories, Ellie Bing

Ponte Vedra Living | 45

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Ponte Vedra Living | 47

Metallic Gold Sequin and Tulle Dress, Nicole Miller, Krista Eberle Off-White Python Clutch, R&Y Augousti, Emly Benham Tan Suede Heels, Balenciaga, Emly Benham Accessories, Ellie Bing Black Sweetheart Strapless Dress, Nicole Miller, Krista Eberle Black Glitter Studded Clog, Miu Miu, Emly Benham Black Python Clutch, Michelle Vale, Emly Benham Black Hat Headband, Urban Outfitters Hosiery, Urban Outfitters Accessories, Ellie Bing

48 | Ponte Vedra Living

Sequin Top, MIA Styling Black Tulle Tu Tu, Models Own Chocolate Studded Heels, Miu Miu, Emly Benham Accessories, Ellie Bing

Ponte Vedra Living | 49

Metallic Gold Sequin and Tulle Dress, Nicole Miller, Krista Eberle Tan Suede Heels, Balenciaga, Emly Benham Accessories, Ellie Bing 50 | Ponte Vedra Living

Ponte Vedra Living | 51

Black Sweetheart Strapless Dress, Nicole Miller, Krista Eberle Black Hat Headband & Brooch, Urban Outfitters Accessories, Ellie Bing 52 | Ponte Vedra Living

Black One Shoulder Dress, Nicole Miller, Krista Eberle Hosiery, Urban Outfitters Green Suede Pumps, Miu Miu, Emly Benham Accessories, Ellie Bing Feather Head Piece, Liza Chung Chung Style

Ponte Vedra Living | 53

Black Jersey Dress with Sequin Sleeves, Nicole Miller, Krista Eberle Green Suede Pumps, Miu Miu, Emly Benham Accessories, Models Own Black Pinstripe Suit, Brioni Couture, Karl’s Clothiers Black Polka Dot Pocket Square, Tino Cosma, Karl’s Clothiers White Shirt, Models Ponte VedraOwn Living 54 |

Grey Gown with Sequin Cap Sleeves, Nicole Miller, Krista Eberle Feather Boa, MIA Styling Accessories, Ellie Bing Black Gown with Sequin Cap Sleeves, Nicole Miller, Krista Eberle Accessories, Ellie Bing

Ponte Vedra Living | 55

56 | Ponte Vedra Living

Black & Metallic Strapless Dress, Nicole Miller, Krista Eberle Chocolate Studded Heels, Miu Miu, Emly Benham Black Hat Headband & Brooch, Urban Outfitters Hosiery, Urban Outfitters Accessories, Ellie Bing

Style Contributor Liza Chung Fashion Contributor Melissa Intemann Photographer Greg Cunningham Hair Casey Powell Hope Schiller Makeup Carrie Hammock Wilson Jill Magri Models Ashley Ann Vickers Jana Lyn Williamson Dana Jones Craig Clark Special Thanks to Restaurant Medure

Ponte Vedra Living | 57

local buys for the holidays

................................................................................................................................. Stationary Couture stationary Cadeau Sawgrass Village 904.273.2929 Gift Card Restaurant Medure 904.543.3797 Matthews 904.396.9922 Brown Crocodile Gold Money Clip M Clip Rosenblum’s 904.247.9755

Gift Card Vertical Fitness Studio 904.333.4431 TPC Gift Card The Golf Shop at TPC SAWGRASS Home of The PLAYERS 904.273.3235

Aquiesse Candle Red Boutique 904.280.7831

Voluspa Candle Cadeau Sawgrass Village 904.273.2929

Voluspa Candle Cadeau Sawgrass Village 904.273.2929 Gift Certificate Deep Cleansing Facial Ponte Vedra Plastic Surgery 904.273.6200 58 | Ponte Vedra Living

Frasier Fir by Thymes Cadeau Sawgrass Villagev 904.273.2929

Timeless Italian Dinnerware by Vietri Cadeau Sawgrass Village 904.273.2929

Monserat De Lucca Clutch Handbag Light Grey “Pajaro” Leather Model Citizen 904.273.5185 Glitter Bow Flats Miu Miu Emly Benham 904.246.1401

Black Watch with Rose Gold Detail, FreeLook Red Boutique 904.280.7831

Ponte Vedra Living | 59

Evolution Of Style Liliana’s Hair Studio By Cristina Stebbins

Color Yourself Beautiful Do you want to experiment with color but you’re scared to take the plunge? Liliana’s color experts can ease you into any transformation that you’ve wanted to try. Luscious blondes, fiery reds, and vibrant brunettes are just a start. Their stylists’ techniques range from classic to fashion forward. Add an edgy cut or a quick trim to complete your ideal look. 60 | Ponte Vedra Living

Relax and Rejuvenate Looking to escape if only for an our or two? Liliana’s has the sanctuary of serenity that you are looking for. Their estheticians have received formal training from the prestigious Demalogica Institute. Try to rejuvenating facial followed by a peaceful pedicure to ensure a tranquil moment of bliss. The holidays can be stressful between parties to plan and company parties to attend. You never know who you will meet and what connections you will make. Make the best of the holiday gatherings by looking and feeling stunning. Liliana’s can give you the entire look you desire from head to toe. Start with a full cut and color then end your blissful salon day with a facial and pedicure. Happy holidays from the expert hair and beauty care specialists.


Luxurious Hair is an Appointment Away Liliana’s specializes in hair extensions. Whether you are looking to try a new style or to add some flair to a girl’s night out, extensions are the quickest way for a glamorous transformation. At Liliana’s, they believe in making the Ponte Vedra “better and brighter one client at a time.”

Blow It Out Brazilian Style Tame that hair beast of yours with a treatment that will last an astonishing 12 weeks. If you have curly, frizzy, or often unruly hair, then this is the specialized treatment you want. It is a curl relaxer treatment that is the hottest new trend in United States. After the treatment, you are left with smooth, frizzfree hair for 12 long and beautiful weeks.


‘Tis the season to be fabulous. Holiday parties are in the air and it’s time to get the right look to stop the room. Liliana’s Hair Studio brings you the gift of style this season with the right look to match any occasion. Located in the heart of Jacksonville Beach, Liliana’s offers an all-encompassing menu of hair and beauty services that you will leave you feeling beautiful from the moment you leave the salon to last toast on New Year’s Eve and beyond.

To set an appointment please call: 904.242.2424

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Ponte Vedra High School Up and Coming Artists The award-winning Arts program at Ponte Vedra High School offers Advanced Placement Studio Art, Drawing and Painting, Digital Art & Sculpture classes. A member of the National Art Honors Society, the program seeks to lend its talents to the community via arts service projects and student artwork. The program’s emphasis is on building artistic skills for advanced degrees in art as well as cultivating the students’ creative process to prepare them for all academic and career pursuits. The school invites visitors to view the online gallery of student work on the art department website at “Ponte Vedra Beach” by Allison Schaeffer, 12th

“Guana” by Elizabeth Scarlett, 12th

“Sea Oats at Sawgrass” by Tanner Boyles, 11th

“Beach Sunset” by Lauren Lancaster, 11th

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Nease High School NJROTC

By Dakota Potts

On December 2nd, the Nease High School NJROTC will have to pass their Annual Military Inspections (AMI). This will determine the effectiveness of the ROTC unit and ultimately determine how they place. In the past years, they’ve placed as a distinguished unit (in the top 30%) of schools, with honors (in the top 10% of the original 30%). In addition, they’ve ranked 6th and 7th the last two years, out of a total 620 schools. This year, they hope to continue the trend. Earning such honors is a long process that takes a lot of preparation. First, the area commander (Commander Rustie Hibbard) will come to the campus for a personnel inspection. Each individual cadet will be inspected based on uniform, grooming standards, etc. 80% of the cadets must pass for the unit to pass this phase of the inspection. If the unit does not pass this part of inspection, they are put on probation. Another failure after this stage could result in the removal of the program. The next stage is the drill team. The Navy Band will play while the Armed and Unarmed drill teams perform their drills. In addition, the cadets from the last stage who placed in the top 10% will earn awards for Exemplary Appearance. The third and final phase in the inspection is inventory . This stage alone can fail a unit. In this stage, the commander will check the unit’s inventory sheets and spot check them for accuracy. This year’s AMI is yet another accomplishment waiting to be achieved by the Nease NJROTC.

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dining out


The Adeeb family has been serving Jacksonville in the restaurant and catering business for over 50 years. Whether you look as far back as the Copper Kettle and Sea Turtle Inn or currently at the Beach Diner and Bono’s Barb-B-Que, We have continued to strive for the highest quality food and service possible. (904) 273-6545 • 880 A1A N. Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082 •

Pusser’s Bar and Grill (904) 280-7766 816 Highway A1A North Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082 Aqua Grill (904) 285-3017 950 Sawgrass Village Drive Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082 Restaurant MEDURE (904) 543-3797 818 A1A North Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082 Mangrove’s (904) 273-9957 880 AIA North #9 Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082


Karma (904) 834-3942 822 A1A North Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082

Al’s Pizza (904) 543-1494 635 A1A North Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082 Bogey Grille (904) 285-5524 150 Valley Circle Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082 Barbara Jeans Restaurant (904) 280-7522 15 South Roscoe Blvd. Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082 Players Café (904) 273-5595 262 Solana Road Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082 Palm Valley Fish Camp (904) 285-3200 229 N Roscoe Blvd. Palm Valley, FL 32082

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calender of events

Nov. 19, 2010 through Jan. 03, 2011 WINTER WONDERLAND Lace up your ice skates and head over to the Amphitheatre for some winter-time family fun. Winter Wonderland features a real ice skating rink, ice slide, Elf Express train rides, The Elf Village, sleigh rides and SNOW! There are even scheduled visits from Santa. It all takes place at the St. Augustine Amphitheatre, located at 1340 A1A St. Augustine. Hours November 19 – December 17th : Monday through Thursday 4 to 10 p.m.; Fridays from 4 to 11 p.m.; on Saturdays from noon to 11 p.m. and from noon to 10 p.m. on Sundays., and December 18 through January 2, Sunday through Thursday from noon to 10 p.m. and noon to 11 pm. Dec 11, 2010 10:00am TEENS READ WITH KIDS 101 Library Boulevard, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL. Drop into the Children’s Department the 2nd Saturday of every month, September - December, between 10 and 12 and be read to by a teen or read to a teen! The teens of Ponte Vedra High School’s Book Club would love to share a book (or 10!) with you! All ages of children are welcome. Pick out your books for checkout on a 2nd Saturday morning of the month AND enjoy being read to or reading! Please call us at 8276950 with any questions. December 10,11 2010 6:00-8:30 pm A BETHLEHEM VISIT Bethlehem is PVPC’s annual Christmas gift to the community- a live Nativity held in December, featuring over 200 cast members, dozens of live animals (including camels), and much more. 66 | Ponte Vedra Living


................................................................................................................................. December 12, 2010 6:00 am to 8:00 pm

BEACHES UNPLUGGED SERIES The Cultural Center address:50 Executive Way Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082. The Third Annual Beaches Unplugged Series is back at the Cultural Center for 2010! Beaches Unplugged, a series of free community concerts professionally produced by V.I. Productions, features up to 20 local musicians performing a variety of music live on stage. Come early! Many of the songs performed are original and all the music is performed live on stage. There is limited seating and always a full house, so come early to grab a seat, enjoy a glass of wine and listen to wonderful music. Join in the fun! Dec 18, 2010

THE 2010 PALM VALLEY LIGHT AND BOAT PARADE As Palm Valley’s Christmas Card to the world, the Light and Boat Parade will set the Intracoastal Waterway ablaze, Saturday evening.

January 29th

PALMER CATHOLIC ACADEMY 5K RUN/WALK Jan 29, 2011 at 8:00 am, Mickler’s Landing, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL, Sports and Recreation.



Chamber of Commerce


Ponte Vedra High School


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Beautiful People Of Ponte Vedra Featuring Robin Wahby, CLU

Robin Wahby is a leader in our community. She is a successful businesswoman, mother, wife and philanthropist. For more than twenty years, Robin has enjoyed a successful and exciting career at New York Life Insurance Company. She was given the opportunity to join the Company’s management team after spending two years as an agent. Her hard work and leadership skills have paid off. She now leads an office of 80 agents, managers, and administrative support staff at the Jacksonville, Florida General Office. Robin has mastered the art of balancing time spent with family — husband, Dan and eight year old daughter Olivia — and her work within the community. Along with several colleagues, Wahby joined The Women’s Giving Alliance (WGA). A non-profit organization, The WGA contributes to over 20 organizations in the Jacksonville area including programs that teach girls and women to empower themselves through counseling, literacy and education. Robin is the Co-Chairperson for Ponte Vedra’s Pink Ribbon Golf Classic, a golf tournament held each October that directly supports Breast Cancer research at Baptist Hospital and the Mayo Clinic. This year was the Pink Ribbon’s Fourth Annual Classic and, under Robin’s leadership, the event raised over $100,000.00. Another charity very close to Robin’s heart is the Angelwood Foundation. Growing up with a brother who has cerebral palsy and is a quadriplegic, Robin knows first hand the need for organizations that help provide services to those with developmental disabilities as well as support to their families. 68 | Ponte Vedra Living


1. Why did you choose Ponte Vedra as your home? We moved to PV (like many people) as part of a promotion/relocation for my company of 20 years – a Fortune 100 Company – New York Life. The office was in need of a new Managing Partner and I was only a Senior Partner back in McLean, Virginia so this was an opportunity I couldn’t refuse. The office opened in 1904 downtown and I moved us out of downtown to the south side to be more centrally located for our policy owners and also, admittedly, closer to our home in Marsh Landing and the beaches area. 2. How long have you lived here? WE have enjoyed living here for the last 12 years…..our daughter, Olivia, was born here so she is a true Floridian. She is in second grade and enjoying PV. She tells people she is part Lebanese, part Irish, part German, and part Florida!


3. What do you do for fun For Fun – my family will laugh at this because they think I work too hard. Truth is that I enjoy working but to your question I am an avid reader. I am reading “Drive” right now by Daniel Pink and love it thus far. I enjoy interior design and landscaping; but honestly I am really bad at both of them. I have all the great ideas and my husband make another trip to Home Depot and implements them wonderfully, I might add. I would love to find a retired master gardener – let me know if you find any. I also love birding – I don’t tell many peo-

ple this because they think it’s boring. I love it. We have owls that must be two feet tall and just recently I found burrowing owls that look like little bowling balls and I almost had a heart attack and scared my entire family because I was freaking out when I found them right next to my garage and the marsh! 4. Do you have a favorite dining spot? We have a wide range of dining spots since we have a 7 year old that is quite picky. Our top three are Carrabbas, Roys and I personally love Salt Life. I think the food is great and well priced and we can go as casual as we want and still be overdressed for Salt Life….love that. I think they have great wings. 5. Describe your perfect Ponte Vedra day? The perfect day in Ponte Vedra is picking up the to-go picnic chicken dinner from Zoe’s and getting in our 1970’s Jeep Commando and head to the beach and look for shells, play Frisbee, bring some wine and bloody mary’s and meet some friends at the club and watch the sunset….. truly a perfect day for us.

You can visit Robin at: New York Life Insurance Co. 7880 Gate Parkway, Suite 200 Jacksonville, FL 32256 Or Call: Tel. 904.997.3000 Ponte Vedra Living | 69

Where Did My Body Go? Peggy Hilbert, Trainer & Fitness Guru We whirl through our childhood years just playing and having fun and developing our talents and skills whether they may be athletic, artistic, educational, etc. Then we whisk through our high school and college years noticing changes in our bodies and working through our awkward stages, not really having to pay attention to what we eat or maintaining our weight. As my mother always told me--”Enjoy your high school years--they are the best years of your life!” Our life moves on as we progress and advance through our career and usually marriage and children! As we approach our 40th birthday (and 40 used to be old in my day-ha-ha!) all of a sudden we seem to be putting on weight especially in our belly, hips and thighs. We join a gym, take classes; decide we are going to start counting calories and.....that works for a while! As we climb into our 40’s and that 50th birthday is creeping upon us, it’s a horrible awakening and you scream----”It’s Not Working Anymore!” In the last few weeks I have been approached with the same problem/complaint from many 45-50 year old women. They said---“I don’t mind getting old but I can’t stand this slowing of my metabolism---Ugh!!! What am I to do?” Well, that is the million dollar question or should I say billion dollar question that is asked at that time in life, and I bet you think I am going to give you an easy answer---what you want to hear! I hate to disappoint you, but you have to step it up---extend your cardio time, work in intervals, clean up your diet which means eliminating sugar, eating frequent small meals during the day 3 to 4 hours between each meal, getting rid of anything made with white flour, change to good carbs such as brown rice and sweet potatoes, oatmeal, beans, etc… It’s not a diet; IT’S A WAY OF LIFE. Once you make up your mind that you have to do more than you used to, you will accept it as a lifestyle change! And, this is a great time to take up weight training to save your bones from becoming brittle as we go into our older years. So what I’m trying to get across to you as you age, a slow metabolism is NOT ACCEPTABLE IN MY BOOK. Your new rule from now is: JUST GET UP AND MOVE MORE ----MORE IS THE WORD YOU HAVE TO CONCENTRATE ON!!! 70 | Ponte Vedra Living

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