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The Man Issue Release Party Nineteen - TPC Sawgrass Clubhouse Thursday, February 7 - 6:30pm Join us for tunes, fares, cocktails, raffles, fabulous company, Chipping, putting and shortgame green RSVP Ponte Vedra Life

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PUBLISHER’S LETTER Men! When most of us hear the phrase “real man,” what comes to mind is someone like the Marlboro Man or the guy on the Brawny paper towel roll. He’s rugged, outdoorsy and isn’t afraid of messy situations. Although all that is great, there’s so much to be said about men with good taste. Even more importantly, the men with tender hearts underneath their armor are the ones who touch our own hearts the most. What is it about men? They are strong, courageous and kind, and their cologne smells REALLY good. My friends and I have had the pleasure of knowing men who embody these wonderful qualities, and we are better for it. Speaking of real men, PVL caught up with a True American Hero. Not to be confused with the imitation. For decades, we have been afflicted with debates about whether sports personalities, music superstars and movie celebrities are supposed to be role models. We have viewed them as near Gods and Goddesses. We have also poured obscene amounts of money in their direction. We have allowed them to be spokespeople for all sorts of causes despite their obvious biases. In some cases, we have allowed them to hijack the morals and values of our country. Why? Because we long for someone to respect and admire. We appoint celebrities and sports stars to these highly coveted spots by default — not because they did something valiant or noble or sacrificial, but because we enjoyed what they did to entertain us. Somewhere along the way, our world has changed. We celebrate pretend heroes by settling for the imitation glitter of cinematic pretenders or inflated egos of adults playing children’s games. Why are we cheapening true sacrifice and defacing the legacy of those making a difference in our world? How can our hearts appropriately value or measure the sacrifice of those who try to help others? There is a word for these people. It is heroes. Heroes are people who put themselves at risk for the benefit of others. They are selfless. It is time to take that word off the shelf and honor those deserving of the title. PVL is proud to feature retired Army Colonel Dr. B. Hudson-Berrey, M.D., a hero in every sense of the word. We hope you enjoy The Man Issue. It just didn’t feel like work for one simple reason... We love you, men! You delight our hearts (most of the time).

Kimberly Hooks Kim

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Retired Army Colonel Dr. Hudson-Berrey Jr., M.D. , A hero in every sense of the word

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Mario Peralta behind the lens - Accessories for todays fashion conscious man

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Dr. Ali Kasraeian discusses the importance of early detection

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Tee up in Ponte Vedra Beach, the golf capital of the world

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Dr. Erez Sternberg chats about aesthetic procedures for Men

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2013 Natural Life Music Festival - Good wholesome fun

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The ultimate workout to naturally increase testosterone levels

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An American Hero By Kimberly Hooks

In a world that can be a hostile and dangerous place, courage doesn’t always get the recognition it deserves. The loss of lives and the horrible physical injuries are the most enduring images of the hell that is war. In the toughest of times, though, the bravest amongst us seem to step forward to serve and protect. Retired Army Colonel Dr. B. Hudson Berrey, Jr., M.D., known to most as just “Hud” is a portrait of bravery and inspiration. A West Point graduate and former Chief of Orthopedics at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Berrey knows no limits to selfless acts. He says, “there is no greater honor for a surgeon than to care for the warriors of his country”. They stand over broken soldiers, doing all they can to heal. When healing isn’t possible, they comfort. The UF - Jacksonville Orthopedic Surgeon is motivated by the innate goodness in people. We live in an age where we appoint celebrities and sports stars as role models by default — not because they did some12 |

Ponte Vedra Life

thing valiant or noble or sacrificial, but because we enjoyed what they did to entertain us. Forget the pretenders. Dr. Berrey is the real deal. As a 2012 US News “Top Doctor” and a “Best Doctor” for the past 10 years, he is the epitome of what defines a hero. He is a devout Christian, a doting husband of 37 years,

a proud father, an exemplary orthopedic surgeon and a true humanitarian. He is relentless in his efforts to relieve human suffering and to save lives with acts of domestic and international benevolence. He has served both in the Army and out in Panama, Honduras, the Philippines, El Salvador and Haiti, citing it as a true blessing personally and professionally to help those surviving poverty. When asked what inspires him, he simply says, “People inspire me.” He believes you often find goodness when you least expect it and all of us are capable of wondrous acts of kindness. Berrey acknowledges how lucky he has been to be exposed to great leaders who have inspired passion to attain his goals. Back home in Northeast Florida, you can find Dr. Berrey at UF and Shands Jacksonville Ho spit a l / T he Bone and Joint Institute. In non-war time, his specialty is Orthopedic Oncology specializing in bone cancer, musculoskeletal tumors, sarcomas and soft tissue tumors. He also does what he calls end-stage orthopedics (amputations, infections and such). Patients from near and far come to seek the help of his skillful hands. Bone cancer can strike anyone at any age…even high-tech military pilots. Berrey tells the story of one of his most memorable patients. A fixed-wing Army pilot had developed pain in his leg on his first tour in Iraq. When he returned from that tour the orthopedic surgeons at Ft.

Stewart, Ga. sent him down to Dr. Berrey to take care of, in a good Army way. Dr. Berrey and his team removed the tumor, filled in the space with bone cement and implanted a stainless steel plate to keep the leg from breaking. The young pilot returned to Iraq about the same time Berrey was sent to COB Speicher in Tikrit, Iraq. Berrey had given him the name of the base where he would be stationed. The soldier flew in one day for a “reverse” house call. The pilot had flown into every airfield in Iraq and told Berrey it was the worst base he had ever seen in all of his tours. His check-up was fine. He flew out just as a terrible dust storm closed the skies for air traffic which it did sometimes. The pilot is still doing well and did another tour following that one. He is now back in the states out west, still flying, still defending our country. Berrey states, “It is great to be able to do that for our warriors.” In 2008, Berrey found himself with the all too familiar urge to serve his country. Our soldiers were at war in Iraq and needed surgeons. He had retired from the Army in 1993 and was then recalled to active duty. Fourteen months later, he returned to Jacksonville to help patients fight cancer. A true American hero. When asked to recall his most proud military moment, Berrey remembers a night of mass casualty event at the 85th EVAC Hospital in Saudi Arabia during Desert Storm. They had just implemented a Ponte Vedra Life

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mass casualty plan that had been exercised only a a handful of times. An Iraqi scud missile rocket landed on a warehouse housing a transportation battalion. The hospital was fully staffed with the best personnel, many from Walter Reed. They had so much talent that the facility was nicknamed “Walter Reed East.” They worked through the night, finishing as the sun came up. The mass casualty plan was executed perfectly, and 76 of the 80 soldiers brought in were saved. This success story was especially close to Dr. Berrey’s heart for it was he who wrote this plan and set it into action. Dr. Berrey didn’t get to help as many people as he has without a long history of working hard in the classroom, and his educational accomplishments are quite impressive. Long before he helped anyone at “Walter Reed East,” he received an appointment to the United States Military Academy at West Point, NY. These appointments are reserved for outstanding young men and women to be soldier-scholars and future generals who have more than the ability to lead troops in battle. He attended West Point during the days of the Chicago Riots of 1968, the Kent State tragedy and campus radicals. Berrey and his fellow cadets were cloistered away and became true radicals of their generation as they were not anti-establishment and chose to take a very different path. Bonds were created that can never be broken. In case you had any doubt, West Point was tough. Berrey considers it to be a “great place to be from, but not exactly a great place to be.” Berrey received his medical degree from the University of Texas Medical 14 |

Ponte Vedra Life

Branch in Galveston, Texas. He fulfilled his residency requirements at Tripler Army Medical Center in Honolulu, and was selected for Fellowship in Orthopedic Oncology at Mass General Hospital/ Harvard University in Boston. Out of curiosity I asked him about the moment in his life when he was the most frightened. He paused and said, “I don’t know. I’ve been shot at…I’ve been part of jungle extractions hanging from a helicopter at the end of a rope...Let me think about it.” All of this was confessed with a smile on his face. It is my impression that he wasn’t scared even under those circumstances. I have decided this is how I like my heroes. Makes me feel safe. He finally concluded it was on a sailboat with his family stuck on a sandbar outside the Panama Canal. Huge freight ships were passing throwing large waves onto their boat. Agreed…that is scary. The mere mention of his family brings a calm serenity to the conversation. No doubt this is the happy place. He describes his wife, Rolly, as the kindest, most giving person he has ever known. That is how most would describe him, and it is clear they make a spectacular team. His fondest memory was his return from Desert Storm. As he exited the

plane and entered the rotunda at Washington National Airport, his 8-year old girl, Alison, sprinted and leaped into her daddy’s arms. She was followed by Rolly and their one year old Jillian. A proper hero’s welcome. So what’s next for Dr. Hudson-Berrey? Retirement? Not a chance. Not yet. He states simply “I’m not done yet. When I am, maybe I will sail around the world.” Personally I would like to see him enter the political arena. I wouldn’t mind seeing some old school. Dr. B. Hudson-Berrey Jr., M.D., is an orthopedic surgeon at the University of Florida & Shands Hospital in Jacksonville, Florida. He can be contacted at the following locations.

The Bone & Joint Institute Shands Jacksonville 655 W 8th St. Bldg. 2 Jacksonville, FL 32209 (904) 383-1010 UF Bone and Joint Center at Emerson 4555 Emerson St. Ste. 100 Jacksonville, FL 32207 (904) 383-1010




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Ask Your Doctor:

Prostate Cancer Screenings

By: Ali Kasraeian, MD, FACS

With conflicting reports and so many different options, what should you ask your doctor about prostate cancer screenings? With all of the controversy, you really need to talk to your doctor about these procedures. For men in the United States, prostate cancer is the most commonly diagnosed non-skin cancer and the second most deadly after lung cancer. One in six will develop prostate cancer in his lifetime, and one in 36 will ultimately die of the disease. However, appropriate screening and early detection has allowed for very successful treatment of organ-confined prostate cancer with more than 2 million American men currently diagnosed and living with it today. Conflicting reports have emerged from various organizations over the past year regarding prostate cancer screening. As a result, men may feel puzzled by mixed information regarding this controversial issue. 16 |

Ponte Vedra Life

In response, the American Urological Association (AUA) updated prostate cancer screening guidelines following a comprehensive review of all available data by a panel of experts. The recommendations hinge on the AUA’s belief that the decision is one that a man should make with his doctor following a careful discussion of the risks and benefits of screening. Currently, the AUA recommends in favor of prostate cancer screening using the combination of a simple laboratory test that measures your body’s levels of prostate specific antigen, or “PSA”, along with a digital rectal exam (DRE) starting at the age of 40. Over the past several decades, prostate

cancer screening, with the combination of PSA tests and DRE, has decreased prostate cancer related deaths by more than 40%. Today, more than 90% of prostate cancers are detected early and confined to the prostate. Treatment of organ-confined prostate cancer can be extremely successful with cure rates above 90% depending on the stage and grade of the cancer. As always, the importance of maintaining an open and honest discussion with your physician when considering prostate cancer screening must be emphasized. The key to this success is early detection and finding the treatment that suits you and your body the best.

How do I know if my prostate is healthy? · Urine flow is a good indicator of pros-

tate problems. If your once proud stream of urine has dwindled to a feeble trickle, you’ll need to see your doctor.

· Symptoms to look out for are getting up more at night to urinate, dribbling before or after urinating, and a weak urine flow. ·

Less common symptoms include pain in the testicles, problems getting an erection, pain when ejaculating, pain when passing urine and blood in the urine.

Improve your diet · Try to eat six portions of brightly col-

ored fruit and vegetables a day. Include three portions of oily fish a week, such as salmon, herrings, mackerel or sardines, which are rich in vitamin D and essential fatty acids, omega-3 and omega-6.


Drink green tea because it is rich in polyphenols, which have antioxidant properties.


Alcohol and fizzy drinks are rich in sugar, which can pile on the pounds. Instead, you should try to drink six to eight glasses of  water  each day to help flush out the kidneys and keep the body hydrated.

Management options for treatment of prostate cancer include: · Active surveillance · Androgen deprivation therapy · Surgery (open radical prostatectomy, laparoscopic prostatectomy and robotic-assisted laparoscopic (da Vinci) prostatectomy)

· Radiation therapy (brachytherapy, or

“seed implantation”, external beam radiation therapy, proton beam therapy, and cyber-knife)

· HIFU, or high intensity focused ultrasound

· Cryotherapy Any gentleman diagnosed with prostate cancer should discuss the risks, benefits and alternatives to each of these options with his urologist. For more facts and figures, please contact: Ali Kasraeian, MD, FACS Kasraeian Urology - Laparoscopic, Robotic and Minimally Invasive Urologic Surgery The American Cancer Society: The American Urological Association:

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“Who doesn’t appreciate the occasional twist? Mister...” “Bond. James Bond.” “Severine. So, Mr. Bond, shall we discuss your next performance over that drink?” “I’d like that.” 20 |

Ponte Vedra Life

Straight Flush

Photography by: Kristia Knowles

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Milly sculpted skirt dress $275, Rosenblums Jimmy Choo clutch- The Caro $525, Emly Benham David Yurman Signature black onyx oval ring $2,450, Levy Jewelers 22 |

Ponte Vedra Life

Breitling Transocean Chronograph Unitime Worldtimer $11,200, Levy Jewelers Ponte Vedra Life

| 23

Eton shirt in black $225 Vince onyx stretch five pocket pants $195 Bill Lavin stamped pewter belt Hugo Boss burgundy jacket- The Keys $595 Rosenblums 24 |

Ponte Vedra Life

Ponte Vedra Life

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Eberjey jade bralet and lace bikini $97, Gwen Berlin Miu Miu The Madonna Bootie $950, Emly Benham Aston Martin, J7 Motorsports Ponte Vedra Life

| 27

Nicole Miller black lace and nude $410, Krista Eberle Miu Miu berry suede peep toe $675, Emly Benham David Yurman Rolo chain $325 Levy Jewelers David Yurman Midnight Tahitian pearl necklace $4,500 Levy Jewelers 28 |

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Ponte Vedra Life

| 29

Hugo Boss Jam Sharp suit $895 Ike Bahar- The Grant Shirt $135 Donald J. Pliner Rex black stretch Nappa, Rosenblums 30 |

Ponte Vedra Life

Nicole Miller square neck gown $550, Krista Eberle Prada nude peep Toe $650, Emly Benham Danni Jo pearl and rhinestone cuff $225, Gwen Berlin Estate diamond necklace $8,800, Levy Jewelers David Yurman Albion pave diamond ring $4,500, Levy Jewelers Ponte Vedra Life

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Tom Ford Whitney $395 Tom Ford Marko $410, Solstice

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Photography: Kristia Knowles Wardrobe Stylist: MIA Styling Creative Director: Inger Williamson Models: Alyssa Melendez and Aaron Bean, Prodigy Model Management Hair Artist: Chuck Puttman, Dirty Blonde Salon Makeup Artist: Carrie Wilson Location: Matthew’s Restaurant, Marco Hanger Wardrobe Sponsor: Rosenblums, Krista Eberle, Emly Benham, Gwen Berlin Jewelry/Accessory Sponsor: Levy Jewelers and Solstice Contributors: J7 Motorsports, Marco Hanger and Matthew’s Restaurant Ponte Vedra Life

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2409 S. Third Street, Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250


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14603ÊBeachÊBoulevard,ÊShowroomÊ900,ÊJacksonville,ÊFloridaÊ32250 LocatedÊinÊtheÊPalmÊCoveÊMarinaÊComplex

Ponte Vedra Life

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paparazzi D’Elegance fashion show By spirit wolf photographe

36 |

Ponte Vedra Life

Ponte Vedra Life

| 37

SCENT OF A WOMAN Aphrodisiac Scents that Magnetize...

By Kim Spadaro

38 |

Ponte Vedra Life

aph·ro·dis·i·ac [af-ruh-dee-ze-ak,] 1. Any agent that arouses or is held to arouse sexual desire. These agents may be psychophysiological...arousing the senses of sight, touch, smell or hearing. One of the most ubiquitous questions I am asked when helping customers select a fragrance – what fragrance is an aphrodisiac? How do I select a fragrance that will attract a lover? For an unknown number of years, lovers have always been on the lookout for new, wonderful and effective aphrodisiacal scents. Fragrance selection is subjective. We all have a particular scent or scents that are notorious for our olfactory memory to recall either a pleasant memory or one we would rather NOT recall. Scent is a secret weapon that works naturally without control. Using arousing aphrodisiacal scents can influence someone’s sensuality as well as activate sexual feelings. Through inhalation, these fragrances impact your energetic center from aromatherapy to perfume to natural body scents; all play a specific role in intimate relationships. Men’s tops scents picks in surveys are: vanilla, almond, cinnamon, grapefruit, musk, patchouli and sweet orange (citrus in general). The great French perfumer Jacques Guerlain once said that perfumes should smell a little dirty. Save the desserts for the kitchen “I don’t think women should smell like food — nor should men, for that matter.” Surprisingly, chocolate is among the scents that turn men on the

least. Vanilla, however, is the exception. For the most appealing mixture, try a fragrance that combines vanilla with amber and sandalwood, or try layering fragrances to achieve the fullest effect.

Woody fragrances

are surprisingly tempting. Don’t be put off if a perfume says musky, spicy or woody on the label. Although you might think the notes are masculine, these multilayered scents smell great on most and will win him over in a big, big way, if you know what I mean! There is a level of sophistication to the sexier, woodsy Orientals.

Floral fragrances

can be a turnoff, especially if too strong. It may come as a surprise, but not too many guys are into stopping and smelling the roses — the men in studies were hardly turned on at all by the floral scent, and it made them think of an old lady. It can also trigger headaches both in men and women. Sniffers preferred sophisticated scents over celebrity-labeled and big-brand scents. Think about how many people wear the scent “Angel” by Mugler. Daughter, mother, grandmother, best friend and coworker. Why smell like everyone else and risk your man thinking about his ex or his mother? Look for scents featuring a base of earthly notes to ground the perfume. Just a touch of floral adds a hint of femininity but not the primary note. A veil of a sweet note (like vanilla) works well. Spicier ones don’t smell like something a high school girl would wear. They smell expensive. Combining spicy and floral makes men estimate a woman’s weight at 12 pounds less than her actual weight! Ponte Vedra Life

| 39

Citrus notes

have been a huge draw to men and women. As with most citruses, bergamot is very uplifting and clean- smelling. Combined with lavender and patchouli, you can create an amazing combination that excites most men.

Spadaro Notes:

Spadaro’s “Doux Amour” (Sweet Love) is amber, vanilla, Moroccan jasmine, Casablanca lily, sandalwood and so much more. It’s the scent men and critics have nicknamed the “Goddess Scent.”

Spadaro’s “Sole Nero” (Black Sun) is imbued with grapefruit, honey, almond, sandalwood and musk. Yes, musk as the pheromone adds to the aphrodisiacal oils of this elixir. As one editor wrote, it’s the “lick your wrist” fragrance, and in Refinery29, it was one of the 10 top picks for summer in the article “Why smell like everyone else?” Spadaro’s “Noche Del Fuego” (Night of Fire) is the woodsy oriental that has been labeled the ultimate addiction. Layered with patchouli, sandalwood, vanilla, black pepper and so much more. It’s no wonder it’s receiving critical raves and has been nominated for several awards. Spadaro Luxury Fragrances can be purchased nationwide.

40 |

Ponte Vedra Life

Journeys to exotic destinations combined with her love for keeping her memory alive – thus Spadaro fragrances was born. Spadaro’s products set a mood through scent, lighting and music, merging beautiful Majorcan ambiance, Sicily’s essential oils and spices and Marrakech’s textiles all uniquely produced into three alluring fragrances, each with its own story, capturing the imagination of women all around the world. Kim Spadaro’s brand empowers. It takes you back to the city where it was born. Spadaro is the culmination of years of Kim’s passion and experience, combining her loves of aromatherapy, design and travel into a lifestyle brand that celebrates the spirit of adventure and inspires journeys of self-discovery. Kim’s philosophy and brand further extends into The Spadaro Foundation. Her involvement with the American Cancer Society and the Wolfon’s Childrens Hospital have been her greatest gift. Giving back to the community and reaching out to domestic and abroad has always been a staple in the Spadaro brand. Ponte Vedra Life

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Ponte Vedra Life

Ponte Vedra Life

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The Family Man 2013 Natural Life Music Festival Do you remember those old grainy home movies? No sound. Flickering images. Children running in the grass. The ones you watched as a kid with your family gathered around the living room after a holiday meal. Didn’t it seem like whatever you watched on those old 8mm movies evoked such happy feelings? Birthday parties. Family reunions. Summer vacations. And Dad always seemed so proud...proud to be a family man. You 44 |

Ponte Vedra Life

know what I’m talking about. Those nostalgic family memories that always take you back to a special time and place. Now that you have a family of your own, do you ever wonder where to go, or what to do, to create those family memories? Well, no need to wonder any more. The Community First Natural Life Music Festival is the perfect weekend event for you, The Family Man, to treat your family to

so you can make those special memories you’ll love to reminisce about for years to come. Everyone can look forward to this event year after year, making it a cherished family tradition. Just be sure to bring your camera, because you won’t want to forget times like these. The mission of the CFNLMF is to give back to the city of Jacksonville by creating a FREE, wholesome, family-friendly

music festival that features emerging Americana bands from around the country. The festival takes place in downtown Jacksonville’s beautiful Metro Park on the river and includes Crafternoon, an Artisan Market, and local wholesome Food Vendors with an array of delicious, healthy and organic foods. It is a day to slow down and enjoy the little things in life that mean the most: Family, Friends, Food, Music and Fun! Ponte Vedra Life

| 45

Crafts and Food Crafternoon, which has been an event of its own for the past 11 years, is now a major part of the Community First Natural Life Music Festival. In keeping with its tradition, Crafternoon provides an endless list of super-cool nostalgic arts and crafts for everyone to enjoy, from tie dying t-shirts and leather stamping to hippie bands, DIY prayer flags, hula hoops and Frisbee spin art. It’s all the cool crafts you remember from childhood that kids don’t get to do quite as much these days! The CFNLMF also includes an Artisan and Food Market with local artisans selling their handmade art, and local food vendors selling delicious, healthy meals and snacks. If you are interested in manning your own table, you can find application packets online at or just email your information to

Music Martin Sexton is a soulful singer-guitarist known for playing a blend of folk, rock and blues. Sexton has been featured on the shows Parenthood, Scrubs and 46 |

Ponte Vedra Life

Brotherhood and has collaborated with John Mayer and Peter Frampton. Song to listen to: “One Voice Together.” Swear and Shake is a four-piece band from New York who released their latest album with the help of the crown funded website Kickstarter. This group of friends has appeared as the opening act for Weezer and Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic

Zeros. Song to listen to: “The Light” Sugar and the Hi-Lows is a laidback male-female duo dedicated to creating danceable feel-good music reminiscent of the ‘50s and ‘60s. Song to listen to: “I’ve Got You Covered” Henry Wagons is a former English teacher turned singer-songwriter. He is known for his folksy country rock music and was named one of Melbourne, Australia’s most influential people in 2009. Song to listen to: “I Blew It” Field Report is a six-piece band known for their heartfelt lyrics and named after an anagram of the lead singer’s name, Christopher Portfield. To download their music for free, go to Song to listen to: “I Am Not Waiting Anymore”

Need-to-Know Info When: March 10, 2013 Time: 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Rain or Shine Where: Jacksonville’s Metropolitan Park Extras: FREE Admission and Parking To get more information online or view a video of last year’s event, go to and LIKE them on facebook to stay up to date! Ponte Vedra Life

| 47

48 |

Ponte Vedra Life

Ponte Vedra Life

| 49

Ponte Vedra: Golf Capital of theBy World Andy Reistetter Five years ago, not knowing one soul here, Andy Reistetter came to Ponte Verda to embark on a new career in golf. Today with well over 100 tournaments of tour experience as a volunteer, broadcast assistant and golf writer, he calls Ponte Vedra home. Hopefully, you are already aware that Ponte Vedra is the Golf Capital of the World. If not, Reistetter, through Ponte Vedra Life’s new Golf Department, will not only make you aware, but convince you and others that it is so. Starting with this first article in the series “Out on Tour,” 50 |

Ponte Vedra Life

it is PLAYERS’ time all the time keeping you in touch with golf and our friends and neighbors who work and play out there on tour. Coming to Ponte Vedra in early May to compete in THE PLAYERS Championship is all the validation that one needs to know they have achieved success as a professional golfer. Being in that field means you have earned a tour card and are one of only 125 golfers with the right and privilege to play on the PGA TOUR, the world’s premier peregrination in golf.

All such professional golfers are “home” in Ponte Vedra as TPC Sawgrass belongs to and is the home club of PGA TOUR players.

amazing every day of the year. Soon after beginning to walk, one sees on the left and the right, the subtle corporate onestory home of the PGA TOUR. Commissioner Tim Finchem’s office is housed on the right in the West Building. While representing the interest of the players, the tour has raised over $1.7 billion for charity. “Together, Anything’s Possible,” begins right here in Ponte Vedra. As your walk continues, the road meanders a bit as it gently rises to the high point of the TPC property, the Clubhouse. Before you get there, you will see portraits of all THE PLAYERS’ champions including the likes of Calvin Peete, 2013 Hall of Fame inductee Freddie Couples, Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods. Through the pine trees one gets a glimpse of the first green, and as we follow the hole backwards to the tee, we make the final turn. There she is, the Clubhouse, the Home of THE PLAYERS, and TPC Sawgrass.

Once a professional golfer, your hope and dream is to come home to Ponte Vedra more than once. You want to be like local residents Vijay Singh and Jim Furyk who have played 20 and 17 times respectively. You want to be like Bud Cauley who played in his first PLAYERS last year at age 22 after rocketing to the PGA TOUR, bypassing Q-School like Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods. You want to be like Ponte Vedra’s own Fred Funk who won THE PLAYERS in 2005 at 48 years old. Ultimately, in one’s golfing career, your target shifts slightly southwest, 25 miles from the TPC Sawgrass Clubhouse in Ponte Vedra to a place where young and old legends receive what everyone calls “the highest honor in golf.” Instead of walking down and playing golf on the lush fairways of the Stadium Course, you want a bronze sculpture of your head in Shell Hall at the World Golf Hall of Fame in St. Augustine. From conception to destiny, all in golf is found, experienced and witnessed right here in Northeast Florida. From the turn onto Championship Way, the distance to the Clubhouse is a walk of 700 or so paces, and it is worth the walk. First on the corner, etched in aluminum and hung on a lamppost is the mural of Jack Nicklaus, “the greatest golfer of all time.” His three triumphs in The PLAYERS, “the modern major,” 72 tour wins, including his 18 historic major titles are the merit upon which that title is bestowed.

While the island green is where the dramatic game of golf takes place, the Clubhouse is where the excitement and entertainment occur for most people. Whether it is a drink in Nineteen or a dinner in Traditions, a wedding of hundreds or a small private gathering, it seems like there is always a new experience waiting for you when you arrive at the Clubhouse. Social Club and Golf Club memberships are available for even more access and fun here in Ponte Vedra and throughout the world at almost 30 TPC locations. Indeed, you can be treated like one of the 125 tour players at your home club, TPC Sawgrass.

The walk begins with a burst of beauty on the corner with the incredible landscaping of TPC Sawgrass. While truly exceptional during THE PLAYERS, it is

An interesting historical event took place on the back lawn of the Clubhouse at the 2008 PLAYERS when Jack received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Ponte Vedra Life

| 51

PGA TOUR. Commissioner Finchem read a letter from Tiger who was absent from the ceremony and tournament due to his left knee injury. Tiger’s words, in the letter, spoke to Nicklaus and the world of golf: “Your impact on golf has been incredible to say the least and I count myself among the millions of fans who consider you to be the greatest of all time.” Coincidentally, in 2012 Tiger won Arnold Palmer’s tournament at Bay Hill. The 36-year old Woods (now 37 with a December 30th birthday) then won Jack’s tournament at Muirfield Village to tie Jack in all-time tour wins at 72. He surpassed Jack by winning his own tournament in July to become second to Sam Snead’s record 82 victories. If ‘V’ is for Victory, then ‘PV’ stands for Ponte Vedra, the Golf Capital of the World. This year will be a great year in golf and in Ponte Vedra. Will Rory McIlroy become the new Tiger Woods? Or will the old Tiger reemerge to win majors after demonstrating his desire, commitment and ability in 2012? Tiger could tie the Golden Bear’s record with the ultimate Grand Slam this year. Of course, we have THE 40th PLAYERS to look forward to as well as the Induction Ceremony of Freddie Couples, Ken Venturi, Willie Park Jr., Ken Schofield and 52 |

Ponte Vedra Life

Colin Montgomerie at the Hall of Fame. Whatever happens, look for the next issue of Ponte Vedra Life. I am out on tour and taking you with me, always longing to return home to Ponte Vedra. Andy Reistetter is a freelance golf writer as well as a Spotter, Research and Broadcast Assistant for The Golf Channel, NBC and CBS Sports. He spends time on all four major American golf tours — the PGA TOUR, Champions, Nationwide and LPGA Tours — and

is always looking to witness the excitement of junior or collegiate golf. Reistetter resides within two miles of the PGA TOUR headquarters and home of The PLAYERS Championship at TPC Sawgrass in Ponte Vedra Beach. A lifetime golfer, Reistetter enjoys volunteering at the World Golf Hall of Fame and THE PLAYERS while pursuing his passion for the game of golf and everything associated with it. He can be reached through email at

WE’RE COOKING UP SOMETHING SPECIAL FOR YOUR HOLIDAYS. It’s the time of year for presents, parties, and time with loved ones. And, thanks to your San Jose Boulevard Publix Aprons, you can have it all. Our tasty variety of Publix Aprons Cooking School classes feature a world of cuisines, techniques, and celebrity guest chefs. Every class, demo-style or hands-on, lets students taste all the dishes prepared. So classes make the perfect gifts for foodies on your gift list. And it’s a great place to host a private holiday party or two with friends.

Of course you expect delicious food and beverages from us. But that’s just the beginning–we cover everything from delivery to cleanup, customized menus to on-site meal prep–and more. From venue recommendations and organizing rental items, we do it all for you. Come talk with one of our Publix Aprons Event Planners at San Jose Boulevard and see the countless combinations of menus, venues, and services we include. 10500 San Jose Blvd. • Jacksonville, FL 32257 • 904.262.4187

GET YOUR HOLIDAY ENTERTAINMENT ALL WRAPPED UP. And speaking of parties, we have an easy way to help you host them all this holiday season: Publix Aprons Event Planning Catering.

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| 53

The Kit for Success. The first step toward all things possible. Start here to give your child every advantage for a rewarding scholastic life. The Bolles School’s Kit For Success contains all the facts, choices and options to help you make informed decisions about your child’s education. It also provides insight into all the advantages Bolles’ 81 years of achievements can bestow. Request your FREE Kit for Success by visiting or calling (904) 256-5030. Now accepting applications for Grades Pre-K—5. Day and Boarding School from Pre-K through Grade 12.

If your New year’s resolutIoN was to play more golf, we caN help.

receive a complimentary custom club fitting when you join as a Dye’s Valley member by feb. 28, 2013. a $275 value!

Dye’s Valley annual membership includes: - Cart fee-only access to Dye’s Valley Course - Preferred rates on THE PLAYERS Stadium Course - Discounts on dining, Golf Shop merchandise, instruction and club-fitting $2,500 aNNual Dues

golf Not your game? Ask about our Social Club Membership.

Visit or Call 904-280-2412

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12/11/12 5:23 PM

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| 55

The Style


Photography By Mario Peralta

“Fashion fades, 56 |

Ponte Vedra Life

style is eternal�

-Yves Saint Laurent Ponte Vedra Life

| 57

“Shoes transform your body language and attitude. They lift you physically and emotionally.” -Christian Louboutin 58 |

Ponte Vedra Life

“Design is a constant challenge to balance comfort with luxe, the practicable with the desirable� -Donna Karan

Ponte Vedra Life

| 59

“Fashion anticipates, and elegance is a in which we live, a translation of the

60 |

Ponte Vedra Life

state of mind ‌ a mirror of the time future, and should never be static.� -Oleg Cassini

Ponte Vedra Life

| 61

“Anyone can get dressed up and glamorous, but it is how people dress in their days off that are the most intriguing.� -Alexander Wang

62 |

Ponte Vedra Life

Photography By: Mario Peralta Wardrobe Stylist: Alan Vinson Creative Director: Inger Williamson Model: Mike Skinner, BMG Model Management Makeup Artist: Paulina Perez Hair Artist: Mindy Stamulis Props Contributor: Luxury For Less Wardrobe Contributor: J.T Vinson Custom Clothier Jewelry Contributor: Omega, James Bond 007 50th Anniversary Limited Edition

Ponte Vedra Life

| 63


64 |

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3645 PARK ST JACKSONVILLE, FL 32205 P: 904.551.3408


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| 65

By Matt Thornton - Meridian Fitness Did you know that low testosterone in men can cause a lot of problems? Men with low testosterone have higher body fat, less muscle mass, a higher risk of heart problems and a much lower sex drive than men who have normal “t” levels. On top of that, they’re more susceptible to disease. So what can you do about this problem? You can go to your doctor and have him write you a prescription for synthetic testosterone, or you can follow these simple steps and follow my workout routine to increase your testosterone levels naturally. Take note: Pushing yourself to muscular failure is imperative when training for muscularity, strength and overall increased testosterone. Training to mus-

66 |

Ponte Vedra Life

cle exhaustion improves physique and muscle mass. Remember to check with your physician and train with a spotter to avoid injury.


Get plenty of rest between workouts that focus on the same muscle groups. Your muscles get stronger when they are recuperating from an intense workout, so try to take a break that lasts 48 to 72 hours before training the same muscle groups.


Sleeping well and reducing stress may be the most important things you can do to keep testosterone levels high and your muscles strong. This will help keep cortisol levels low and will not suppress your body’s ability to produce testosterone.

· Stay away from foods high in saturated

fats and sugar. Do this to keep your system free from blockage and help maintain blood flowing efficiently to all muscles. This will enhance recovery and provide the muscles with the nutrients they need to stay strong and lean. Eat good fats like avocados, nuts and fish.


Train your legs. This is imperative if you want to build a lean, strong body. The bigger the muscle, the harder it is to train and the more testosterone the body will produce naturally to rebuild the brokendown muscle. Also, big muscles burn more calories and more fat.


Do your cardio exercises quickly. Run sprints, jump up on boxes or do any type of cardio that spikes the heart rate way up. Afterwards, give your body time to recover. Training this way will burn more calories while retaining more muscle.

ories are compound movements, so why would you do anything else? If you need to change things up, adjust the angle of the movement to target different areas of the muscle or switch up your equipment. For example, instead of doing a flat barbell bench press, change it up by doing a dumbbell incline press. The basic movement is the same, but by changing the angle and equipment, you can shock the muscle just enough to build new muscle fiber.

· Eat plenty of protein! This is very im· Stick to compound exercises and multi- portant when it comes to burning fat

joint movements. Weightlifting should be done with great intensity, and the types of exercise you choose are also extremely important. To burn the most calories in the shortest amount of time while building the most muscle, stick to exercises that target large muscles and put the body in a position where it can lift the most weight. You can find a list of my recommendations on the next page.


Change up your workout by changing reps, tempo and sets, but keep the movements basically the same. Think about it: the best exercises that burn the most cal-

and building muscles. For one, protein is the building block for muscle growth. Without it, building muscle mass is nearly impossible. Also, protein helps your body feel full after eating without spiking blood sugar or causing it to store fat the way carbohydrates do. Carbs are important and necessary in the process of building muscle, but limit carbs and keep the diet balanced. Personally, I keep my protein intake higher than my carbohydrate intake.

· Take L-arginine, creatine and glutaPonte Vedra Life

| 67

mine to promote muscle growth, increase growth hormone and testosterone levels and help your body recover from tough workouts.

Increase your vitamin D and zinc intake to dramatically increase testosterone levels.

Keep calories low to help reduce weight gain. This will help your heart work more efficiently, increase muscle definition and lower fat retention.

Do multiple sets of the basic exercises at 5-15 reps and stay away from isolation movements like biceps curls and tricep pushdown.

68 |

Ponte Vedra Life

Ponte Vedra Life

| 69

Paparazzi birdies for the brave Photography by Mckinsey Wilson

70 |

Ponte Vedra Life

Founded by Phil and Amy Mickelson, Birdies for the Brave is a military outreach initiative proudly supported by the PGA TOUR that is dedicated to supporting the brave men and women of the U.S. Armed Forces and their families. The fundraising weekend at TPC Sawgrass raised close to 3 million for the cause.

Ponte Vedra Life

| 71

Cosmetic Surgery: It’s not just for women anymore

By Erez Sternberg, MD TrüYou Plastic Surgery

72 |

Ponte Vedra Life

If you think women are the only ones getting plastic surgery, you may want to think again. Over the past decade, male cosmetic surgery has increased so much that it now accounts for about 9% of the total procedures performed in cosmetic surgery offices across the country. Why the sudden growth in numbers, you may ask? Several likely explanations are possible. “It’s a male ego thing,” one of my patients tells me. “I see my wife looking younger and better every time she comes back from your office and I’m like, ‘What the heck!’” Men are trying to keep up with their significant others, undergoing liposuction, Botox procedures and face and eyelid lifts. In fact, most of my male patients are introduced to plastic surgery when their wives or partners bring them along while they get Botox and convince them to try it. After that, the men love the way their foreheads look, they notice that their headaches are gone, and when it wears off, they come back for more. In my experience, Botox is usually the “gateway drug” for most guys. Once they realize it’s not so bad, they consider other procedures. Another reason has to do with the changing social stigma towards cosmetic surgery. Men are becoming less embarrassed to discuss plastic surgery at work or with their buddies while watching football; they find that they don’t have to keep it a secret because other guys have also “had things done.”

Yet another explanation for the rise of male cosmetic surgery has to do with competition in the work force. Men are trying to keep up with their younger male and female coworkers or are interviewing for new positions where appearances are important. This motivates them to exercise more and, for the first time, consider having liposuction or facial procedures performed. Eyelid lifts, neck lifts and face lifts help them turn back the hands of time. Whatever the reason, men are now visiting the plastic surgeon’s office more than ever before, and as a result, surgeons are changing their marketing strategies to account for this growing patient demographic. You will undoubtedly see more advertisements geared toward prospective male patients in the near future. Here in Jacksonville, there are many board certified plastic surgeons with experience in male aesthetic procedures. Schedule a time to sit down with one and discuss a personalized plan to achieve your specific goals. And don’t worry about your buddy finding out — he may already be on the schedule!

THE SIX MOST POPULAR MALE COSMETIC SURGERY PROCEDURES: Botox Nose Reshaping (Rhinoplasty) Male Chest Reduction Fat Removal (Liposuction) Face/Neck Lift Ear Reshaping (Otoplasty) Ponte Vedra Life

| 73

74 |

Ponte Vedra Life

Ponte Vedra Life

| 75

76 |

Ponte Vedra Life


you own a business, large or small, your website is a vital piece of your marketing and branding efforts. Whether it’s an eCommerce site, a blog or a place to showcase your talent, your site has some competition, and the wide world of good search engine rankings can be a daunting one. It’s time to look at the key to good rankings: search engine optimization (SEO), or the process of getting traffic from natural listings on search engines. In general, the higher your website is ranked on a search results page, the more visitors it receives. We’ve compiled a list of “power tools” to simplify the overwhelming task of improving your SERP (search engine results page) rankings. Hiring an SEO specialist or web marketing company is always an option, but be wary of promises for “page one rankings” and increased ROI. It’s a slow and steady process that can happen organically if you keep reading and do a bit of your own research for best practices.

• Create a Keyword Strategy You’ve likely used keywords to find an item or topic online using Google, Bing or social media sites. Consumers are more apt to find a business online through a keyword search than anywhere else. You can take advantage of this consumer habit by optimizing your website around the keywords that are relevant to your business. This increases your chances of being found by people searching with those keywords and, in turn, drives more traffic to your website. There are ways to determine the popularity and competitiveness of certain keywords. A great place to start is Google’s AdWords tool, available at www.adwords. You’ll learn how to define which keywords will maximize your potential to draw traffic from search en-

gines. Just remember, very general words that are highly competitive make it harder to rank well for them in search engine results. If you own a small to mediumsized business, choose less competitive keywords more specifically related to your business. Although Google provides this free tool to assist you in purchasing pay-per-click campaigns, you’ll find the tool is handy in helping you to grow your organic traffic without spending money. If you want to know how much content you or your competitor has around a specific keyword, perform a “allintext:keyword site:www.example. com” search in Google to see what’s indexed. The keyword or keyword phrase you put in will be in either the title or bold in the snippet of the results. Notice how many results there are at the top of your results page (usually in gray.) Note: type “allintext:keyword” exactly as shown in the Google search bar, without the quotes, no spaces after the colons. Place your desired keyword in place of “keyword” and the web domain name in place of “example.” Don’t worry if it takes a few tries; it took the writer a while. Well worth the effort for this free, handy tool.

• Optimize Your Pages around Your Keywords Now that the primary keywords have been chosen, incorporate them into your website. Integrate your keywords into the body of your page text, but be careful not to unnaturally stuff the page with keywords. As you’re writing or rewriting copy, aim for relevance so that the page gets matched with the appropriate query. Ultimately, you want the reader to share the content, so make sure it’s valuable and not crammed with variations of your keywords. Ponte Vedra Life

| 77

Meta Data: Meta data is the text seen as the description of a site in Google search (usually the black words). These words attract the searcher’s attention and describe what the page or site is about. The descriptions (best when kept under 150 characters) won’t get your site better rankings but, if well-written, can generate more clicks. If you or your webmaster has not implemented meta data, the search engine will choose it for you from the content on the page. Page Title: Page titles (sometimes referred to as “title tags”) are one of the most important factors for SEO. They are the text you see at the top of the browser window when viewing a web page, which is the same as the title of a page that’s presented in search engines (usually the blue words). Note: if using Google Chrome, hover the mouse pointer over the page tab to see the full page title. Here are a few tips for best practices when writing page titles: •

Include keywords in the beginning of tags, but don’t overuse them

Include your company name at the end of the page title. Use different page titles for each page — a prime opportunity to target keywords!

Avoid using page names like “About Us” or “Home” in your tags.

Separate phrases with pipes |

Make them less than 70 characters in length

An example of a good page title for a local pest control company would be: Pest Control | Ponte Vedra Beach | Smith’s Pest Control Try Googling the name of your website 78 |

Ponte Vedra Life

to see your tags and meta description. As with everything in SEO, test it out and see what you find to be most effective.

• Optimize Your Images Even the images you use should include alt text that reflects your keyword strategy. Great images add another dimension to an article or page that can encourage people to share the page and create backlinks to your website. Using keywordrich words in your image filename helps search engines determine relevancy. For example, if you own a pest control business and your image filename is “iStock_879000.jpg,” you can change it to “pest-control.jpg” Be certain not to use images excessively as this can slow down the loading of your page.

• Make Your Site Easier to Navigate Steve Krug says it best in his book “Don’t Make Me Think,” “Nothing important should ever be more than two clicks away.” In addition, make certain that all pages have a clear visual hierarchy. Remove noisy and unnecessary graphics and clean up your site’s navigation so visitors won’t bounce to your competition.

• Create Fresh and Relevant Content Studies show that users tend to scan pages in an “F” shape, spending only 4.4 seconds per 100 words. Keep your content concise and follow E.B. White’s 17th Rule: “A sentence should contain no unnecessary words, a paragraph no unnecessary sentences.” Produce fresh content on your site, via blog post or news, as often as possible. This causes Google to crawl (collect information from) your site and update the information related to it. Home page: Your home page should concisely tell the

user what you offer, why he should be there and what he needs to do first. Users spend 80 percent of the time “above the fold,” so content here is critical. A great tagline is paramount, too – but choose just one and be consistent. Delete your home page “welcome mat” and avoid boasting and over-promoting your business. Blogging: Blogging is a powerful way to drive the right people to your business online. A blog makes your website dynamic by injecting new content each time you publish an article. When writing a blog entry, take off your hat as a business owner or marketing manager and try to think like a news reporter. Use words your customers use to describe your business and avoid industry jargon that only your employees would understand. Be sure to include a call-to-action (like “join our newsletter”) in your blog posts. Take Advantage of Social Media If you can leverage social networks to distribute business content, you’re on the right track. To

immensely improve your SEO, create a Google+ business account in addition to your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. Setting up email marketing, creating YouTube videos and publishing online press releases are other ways to distribute your content. Also, be sure to use your business name in precisely the same way throughout the web. For example, the business “The Credible Word” should appear as three separate words and not “TheCredibleWord” or “www.” in various profiles and websites.

• Optimize for Mobile Experts predict that for 2013, the number one internet marketing strategy is to optimize for mobile viewing. A recent study revealed that sixty one percent of mobile device customers who visit a site that isn’t mobile friendly are likely to visit a competitor’s site. Growing companies should consider the importance of creating content that can be viewed on these devices.

• Analyze and Refine Strategies It’s critical to review the performance of your online marketing strategies, identify the winning ones and eliminate or mod-

Ponte Vedra Life

| 79

ify the ineffective campaigns. Google Analytics ( is a great tool to help you analyze website traffic. You can see which keywords are drawing in the most visitors and which ones brought in the most sales. It’s important to know how much you’re investing to draw in each new customer. If you’re focusing a lot on outbound marketing methods like trade shows and direct mail, your cost per customer is probably fairly high. If you properly use the steps outlined in this article to focus on inbound marketing, you can save your company a lot of money. Overwhelmed? To make it more manageable, tackle each tactic starting with keywords—and conquer internet marketing one step at a time! This article was reduced for this publication. To view the full version, please visit our website at 80 |

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Whitney Houston Gangnam Style Hurricane Sandy One Direction Selena Gomez iPhone 5 Jeremy Lin Michael Phelps Peyton Manning Kate Middleton The Hunger Games Here Comes Honey Boo Boo

Ponte Vedra Life

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Ponte Vedra Life



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Ponte Vedra Life

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PVL The Man Issue

PVL The Man Issue  

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