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What does your dog’s behaviour really reveal? Owning and looking after a pooch isn’t always a walk in the park - especially when they’re not feeling 100%. Unlike humans, they can’t tell you when they’re feeling under the weather and this can potentially lead to an underlying health problem going unnoticed. Heyrex is a new monitoring tool that revolutionises round-the-clock petcare. Designed in New Zealand, it offers owners the opportunity to keep a close eye on their dog’s wellbeing by monitoring their behaviour.


Mark Vette, leading animal behaviourist and consultant for 33 years and TV and film animal trainer for 20 years, says: “When a dog wags its tail, the majority of people can pick up on its behaviour to understand this action means it’s pretty happy. But other, more concerning, behaviour can often go unnoticed. Monitoring a pets behaviour is really important to ensure it lives a happy, long life. Through tell tale signs, we can find out if they’re well and healthy, or if there’s an underlying problem that could be causing them to be naughty, feel tired or be restless. Having put the product to the test on my dogs, I’ve been surprised by how much insightful information you gather.”

Auckland Council candidate Rob Thomas welcomes the discussion to allow for dog friendly public transport on Auckland’s train and bus services.

The Heyrex sensor is easy to fit on to the dog’s collar and you can monitor the information it provides through the monthly subscription service whenever you have a free moment, to make sure the dog is in a happy place.

Mr Thomas says, “Many international cities have small dog-friendly transport policies. If it’s small enough to fit on your lap it’s small enough to go on public transport.”

Heyrex knows every time your dog makes a movement and it remembers everything. It can tell you when your dog is exercising, resting or even scratching. Then it builds a picture of your dog’s activity and reports back to you - so caring owners can feel reassured about their beloved hounds, 24/7.

The current Auckland Transport rules allow only guide dogs and guide dogs in training on buses if under supervision of their care-giver. Other pets are not allowed. Waiheke Island ferries and buses are the only exception to Auckland Transport’s “no pets” policy. At last count Auckland Council said there are 85,818 dogs registered and 102,832 known dogs across the city. “There are thousands of dog owners across Auckland that are limited by their transport options and are forced into driving. For years Aucklanders have taken dogs on Waiheke Island passenger transport and now is the time to look at extending the dog-friendly network across Auckland.” Mr Thomas says that he has been door knocking residents across the inner-city that are frustrated with the lack of options which is costing them hundreds of dollars a year in parking and fuel while empty trains rattle past their homes. “To make this work, there will need to be rules in place to ensure dogs are well-behaved, leashed and that people clean up any mess. Whether or not a dog can ride on a bus or train should ultimately be up to the discretion of the driver.” “Pets teach children valuable life lessons like how to communicate, be empathetic, nurturing, confident and resilient to change. Dogs are an everyday part of living in Auckland and it’s time to take practice steps to have more dog-friendly transport options.” PN www.VoteRobThomas.co.nz www.facebook.com/VoteRobThomas

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Heyrex believes behaviour monitoring is so important to a dog’s overall well-being, it has compiled a list of key signs caring owners can keep an eye out for, encouraging them to take it seriously, too. Tell-tale signs that can indicate “something’s up”, include: • • • • • • • • • • • •

Excessive sleeping Lethargy - not wanting to go out for exercise Inability to settle/restlessness Poor quality sleep Trouble getting up, climbing stairs, not wanting to jump Overly clingy or stand offish Hiding Too much drinking (or not enough) Scratching Pacing Chewing Barking

If you think your dog is displaying any unusual behaviours, Heyrex recommends you take them to your vet. PN Heyrex is available to purchase from www.pet.co.nz and has an RRP of $149.95. For more information and stockists, visit www.heyrex.com PUBLISHED FIRST FRIDAY EACH MONTH (except January)