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NIKKI HART: GOOD NUTRITION SURVIVING THE HOLIDAY- FESTIVE SEASON WITHOUT PILING ON THE KILOS! The festive summer season is a time when many New Zealanders, away from the routine of their daily lives, go on an “eating holiday” and many gain unwanted body weight. Great tasting, healthy foods and smart eating will take the hassle out of eating over the holidays without making you feel deprived or hungry. Thoughts of summer eating always makes me think of bright, colourful eating. We have such a wonderful and varied array of foods to enjoy in New Zealand especially over the summer months. Fruits and vegetables in particular add colour to summer eating. Many of the protective compounds in vegetables and fruit (phytochemicals) also give them their colour. So for good health all year round it is important to choose from each of the five colour groups every day – green, white, red, orange and purple. GREEN broccoli, asparagus, Asian greens, celery, kiwifruit, green grapes, watercress, lettuce, green capsicum, peas, beans, leeks, spinach, cucumber, courgette WHITE potatoes, ginger, cauliflower, mushrooms, garlic, turnips, asparagus, banana, lychees RED tomatoes, red capsicum, red onions, red cabbage, radishes, red skinned kumara/ potatoes, plums, strawberries, quavas ORANGE Carrots, sweet-corn, pumpkin, golden kumara, yams, oranges, peaches, mangoes, nectarines, apricots PURPLE Eggplant, beetroot, blueberries, purple tinged broccoli, purple capsicum, asparagus, purple grapes To ensure you don’t gain unnecessary weight over the festive season stick to a fat and alcohol budget – approximately 40g fat a day and two drinks. On Christmas Day, with all the high-fat nibbles and Christmas fare that you will be tempted to indulge in over the course of the day, I would encourage you to have a low fat, high carbohydrate breakfast. It does not have to be your usual bowl of high fibre cereal. Choosing bagels instead of pastry is a good way to get carbohydrate with lower fat. A selection of sliced tropical fruit and a dip made from cream fraiche blended with strawberries would be a great way to include fruit in to your otherwise decadent day.

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Plan ahead and choose your fats wisely – don’t waste your fat budget on things you don’t really love. Substitute corn chips (10g fat for 100g chips) and guacamole (28g fat for ¼ cup) for pretzels (3g for 100g); and select nuts (26g fat for 50g) over the cheese (10g for 30g) because even though nuts are high in fat , it’s a mono-unsaturated fat, with lots of vitamin E. Our summer weather allows us to enjoy BBQ cooking and alfresco dining. Grilling kebabs, lean meat and marinated skinless chicken and seafoods is a great way to avoid cooking with fat. Provide dressings and sauces for salads in jugs for people to add at their own discretion. If you are more traditional and have roast dinners on Christmas Day, cook on a rack so fat can drip away. Provide boiled potatoes as well as roasted ones and steam vegetables without adding butter. Before you reach for your favourite alcoholic drink this summer be aware that: • Alcohol requires NO digestion and is absorbed directly into the bloodstream. It contains 29 kilojoules/gram of alcohol. • Alcohol slows down the rate at which the body burns bodyfat. • Healthy drinking requires you to stick to 2-3 drinks (30g alcohol) a day for women and a maximum of 6 drinks (60g alcohol) a day for men (with 2-3 days alcohol free a week) • Alternate mineral water, soda, low calorie mixers with alcoholic drinks. Christmas sweet treats have the potential to be loaded with fat and sugar. For example the pastry that encases Christmas fruit mince pies contains a considerable amount of fat. My substitution is a recipe called: ‘NIKKI’S LOW-FAT CHRISTMAS FRUIT-MINCE ICE-CREAM’ • Mix 1 litre of lite Vanilla ice-cream with 1 standard jar of fruit mincemeat and 1 Tbspn of brandy • Freeze in a pudding basin

• Drape tea-towels dipped in boiling water over up-turned pudding basin to loosen the ice-cream • Decorate with sprigs of holly

Remember the key words when thinking of food for the Christmas holiday season – moderation, balance and variety. PN NIKKI HART NZRD MSc, Shop 9, All Saints Centre, 282 Ponsonby Road T: 09 360 6330



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