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10 6. NINA GLUCINA-CHAN wrote, “I’m Miss Nina from Richmond Road School. That’s what the kids know me as,” she explained, “I was in CHINA and climbed the great wall. Please include a shout out to my class - Ruma 2! Oi… learn your spelling words!” 7-8. GAIL HOFMANN, from Gow Langsford Gallery and John Leech Gallery emailed us several shots. “Thought you might be interested in seeing where a copy of the Ponsonby News has been travelling during October - from Puerto Moreno Glacier in ARGENTINA, to the Equator in ECUADOR and finally to San Cristobal, Galapagos Islands.” 9-10. MARITA VANDENBERG writes, “we took PN along on the NZSO’s biggest-ever International Tour. VIENNA’S Musikeverein is considered the most prestigious concert hall in Europe, possibly even the world. DAVE BREMNER is our Principal Trombone (and Stuff website blogger). VESA-MATTI LEPPÄNEN is our Concertmaster and reads PN above the stage. OLIVIA TAYLOR took both pictures.”



78 PONSONBY NEWS+ December 2010

11. CLAYTON MUNTIN (aka LORD Munting) our local real estate valuer was in ITALY recently for months it seemed! “Here’s a copy of my lovely face on the Cinque Terre,” he gushed trying to make us envious. He succeeded! PUBLISHED FIRST FRIDAY EACH MONTH (except January)

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Christmas issue - covering December and January - news/views and all that is happening in and around Ponsonby