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FASHION + STYLE MORE PLEASURE… TOGETHER OVER THE LAST DECADE MANY KIWI COUPLES HAVE PARTAKEN OF THE ‘D.VICE experience’ and as a result have introduced sex toys into their love making. Our customers are adventurous everyday people with the desire to fulfill their pleasure and intimacy potential with their partner (or solo). Often they are new to toys and looking for ways to add to the fun in their sex life. At D.VICE, the toy shop for grownups, we believe that sex is an adult’s opportunity to play. Sex toys can enhance pleasure and encourage the exploration and sharing of new sensations. We often say that great sex starts at the lips…with great communication. Introducing toys into your lovemaking can be the catalyst for frank discussion on a topic, that as couples, we often find it hard to broach. Toys are about having fun, laughing and making your couple time together into playtime. So where to start on the pleasure enhancement journey? Over the last few years there has been a design phenomenon in the world of sex toys. The focus has changed from the unappealing toys of years gone by, to low noise, stunning designs, gorgeous colours, skin friendly materials and sensational technological advancements. For the environmentally conscious, rechargeable options are now available. The challenge is to decide on which toy, to add to-or to begin your collection. One gem of a toy that stands out as unique AND is now the most popular toy for couples at D.VICE, is the We-Vibe. Appearing on the global scene in 2009 the We-Vibe has won the coveted ‘Toy of the Year’ accolade at the prestigious European adult toy awards. Receiving rave reviews the We-Vibe has quickly gained in popularity and it’s easy to see why; it’s the perfect couple’s vibrator. Designed to be worn while making love, this innovative toy provides vibrating pleasure for you both at the same time. Made from 100% skin friendly silicone the We-Vibe is fully rechargeable, super silent and offers nine different pleasure modes, allowing you both to explore the stimulation of vibration to the full. Prepare to be swept away with mind blowing sensations! What better way to introduce toys into your lovemaking and experience more pleasure…together. PN WENDY LEE and EMA LYON: co-owners of D.VICE

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