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ANGELA LASSIG I am very, very, very excited about the Davis Cup that we are hosting December. Not so much for the tennis – you in the Domain in late l know that I prefer ccroquet – but the number of new gowns that I’ve been commissioned to make! I think it must be the thought of all those men that’s got the society girls all excited. handsome young American A It’s America versus Australasia. While I’m on the subject of handsome lads and gorgeous frocks... that a Mrs Fossett has deigned to propose at the the Star reports th Housewives’ Association conference an extravagance Melbourne Housew tax on young girls to help curb what she sees is a current flurry of flamboyant dressing! dressing All because her son feels intimidated by welldressed girls who lilike jazz parties! My advice to my customers: Say YES to those eextra three yards of Valenciennes lace! I must say that I’m really enjoying the Star’s Fashion Notes. What a thoroughly enviable career their ‘Expert’ has, going tho to all the Paris couturier’s shows and being privy to all that is in store for us in the ccoming seasons. It seems so strange to be reading about fur coats an and velvet dresses while we are sweltering but it does allow me to st start planning and thinking about what additional frivolities I can suggest sugg to further embellish my customer’s orders. I’m especially excited aabout the Parisian rose craze that the ‘Expert’ has predicted will follow in Auckland before too long. Did you know that I am quite the artist when it comes to making roses? I shall get to work in my spare time an and make a decent start on my rivals. What do you think about roses of o the same material as my customers’ dresses or coats sewn onto a black velvet ribbon and worn on the wrist?? I might bl try it out using some of the very little I have left of that divine peacock blue silk that I made up for Mrs Airey for the Mayoress’s At Home for Viscountess Jellicoe. Jellicoe Would you like one Gerty? I’m already planning a peony rose-colour rose-coloured velvet opera cape with a deep collar smothered in gorgeous full blow blown roses in the same fabric! Can you imagine how chic and alluring I sshall be!

illustration: onno knuvers

By the way, I’ve had to be VERY careful to write down which silk I’ve used for Miss A and which lace Miss B chose for her cuffs. It would be VERY BAD for business if Miss A sauntered into Miss C just as Mr bu American Tennis Beau came over to admire Miss A’s muff ! B Do I need to tell you how much I love hats! The papers and the magazines are simply sim full of them and the words they use to describe them are seduc seductive beyond my poor dressmaker’s means. Best I stay away from the millinery departments this summer. Perhaps if I drop eenough hints, Bertha will give me something chic, dainty and an artistic that’s been slow to sell in their Christmas show. I really don’t mind as EVERYTHING in the Misses re McCabe’s Millinery shop is heavenly! I send enough business their th way to deserve such an extravagant gift, don’t you think?! Well I think after aall this news it’s time for an invigorating cup of Butterfly tea and a w wee lie down. I really ought to keep my strength up if I am to ward off my fudge rivals at the Ponsonby Children’s Home fair this afternoon! Y You know how I love my fudge, Gertie! Tiger sends lots of ssloppy doggy kisses to Mr Scottie (who I’m sure will be delighted T. isn’t there to plant them on his sweet nose in person!). You know that you are EXPECTED to stay with me when you come to Auckland for your annual Christmas shopping expedition. sho Until Un then, dear cousin All Al my love,

Maudie xoxo

NOTES: The events referred to in the text were sourced from Auckland newspapers and magazines published in i December 1920. MENTIONED: ACTUAL PONSONBY SHOPS MENTIONED Road (corner of Ponsonby Road and Mackelvie Street) • R & W Hellaby Ltd, Butcher, 126 Ponsonby Ro 118 Ponsonby Road • Ladies’ Emporium (Mrs Ethel M Wheatley), 11 Ponsonby Road • Mrs Phoebe Ann Taylor, Confectioner, 80 Pons The World Belongs to the Dissatisfied



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