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A PAINTING FOR THE LITTLE SISTERS OF THE POOR A LOT OF TRAFFIC PASSES THROUGH ROB’S PATISSERIE AND YOU ONLY have to taste one of its little orange tartlets to realise why. It would be the ideal place to run a charity fund raiser and that’s exactly what Rob and his wife, Helena have done over the past two years. Helena’s sister, Marie Robben is an artist who resides in Paihia where she does commission works. When Rob showed the Little Sisters a religious painting she had done they loved it but had no money to buy that sort of thing. Their expression of interest in the painting was so heart warming, Rob and Helena decided to do something about it. The painting was duly displayed in the patisserie and a collection box put in place under a drawing of a thermometer with a small write-up about Marie’s art work. Customers were invited to make a donation that would go towards purchasing the painting which would then be given to the Little Sisters. The painting seemed to touch people in many different ways, especially women whose name was also Marie or Maria. Soon it became customary for buyers in the shop to put any change received into the collection box. Some even made five and ten dollar donations. Each week Rob would draw a mark on the thermometer and a record of the figure reached so far. Eventually there was enough money for the artist to receive a reward for her work though it was well below what it was worth. That didn’t matter because she was happy it was going to an appropriate home. Rob’s customers loved the exercise and their response demonstrates that a generous community spirit is alive and well in Ponsonby. (DEIRDRE ROELANTS) PN

IT IS OVER A YEAR NOW SINCE MARTIN LEACH, MY EDITOR SUGGESTED THAT I write this column based on my personal passion for health and wellbeing. At first, I was confronted by not only what I know, but in particular, what I have yet to learn. I decided to share my experiences and my passion regardless of those self-doubts. The original column that I wrote was about the green smoothies -and so Martin called the column ‘Green for life’ based on Victoria Boutenko’s book. As my passion is all encompassing (as you would have seen from my articles each month), I now feel that the title – “Live and die well” reflects more my own personal mantra. My purpose in taking this title is to remind myself and assist others, to see life as part of death and death as part of life in a continuous way. I also want to see how discussion and support about death can be brought out into the open, as I saw first-hand with my young nephew’s death how our culture is quite awkward about how death evolves in each of our lives. My vision is to help people on every level, physical, mental and spiritual to be well. This has resulted in my spending a considerable amount of time using Jin Shin Jyutsu, an Art of gentle Acupressure; a modality that I have now been studying for some 12 years. Supporting people through challenging stages of their lives has proved a very rewarding journey for me. I am inspired by Clare Caldwell (who writes for the Ponsonby News), volunteers in Hospice work, and others, to work with people who are in the final transition of life. I am committed to assisting and supporting them; their families and loved ones, to make this transition be a calm and less fearful journey. This column has inspired me to put this dream into reality and I thank Martin and the team for giving this gift to me in my life. PN “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give” Mary Burmeister, Jin Shin Jyutsu. (DEBORAH KELLAND)

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