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“Very natural and very sunkissed on the ends, We are softening regrowth so that clients have longevity in their colour. No hard-looking blondes, just soft caramel-kissed locks. Brunettes shouldn’t be too dark for colour and there are no blanket-looking shades - think Elle Macpherson and Jennifer Lopez.” - Kate Henry (ME Salon).

KATE McGAHAN - Maxted Thomas PR When I have spare time during summer, sitting in the hairdresser’s chair for hours on a hot day waiting for a colour to process is the last thing I feel like doing, so I book in for a toner instead. For around $25.00 at most Ponsonby salons I can get a toner put though my hair in a shade of my choice that freshens up the colour, tones down brassiness and blends in any re-growth. All this is a quick fix which means I can be in and out of the salon in half an hour (or an hour if I get a blowdry) and back to the beach! Maxted Thomas reps brands like Sebastian and Nivea, and is based in the Laundry Building in Surrey Crescent.

LAURALEE NOLAN - ME Salon Start the summer season with a haircut to freshen up your look and ensure your hair is in top condition. The hot look this season is relaxed styling that looks like you’re fresh from the beach. Invest in products with UV protection. A great tip to restore moisture to hair is to leave conditioner in the hair then tie locks into loose braids – this is a great look while nourishing hair at the same time. Lauralee is a finalist for the Supreme Award in the 2011 L’Oréal Colour Trophy Awards.

NOTES ON SUMMER HAIR COLOUR TRENDS: NIKKI LOVRICH – Makeup artist Due to our harsh sunshine, come summertime you can be sure that any brown skin pigmentation patches will only get worse! Think about using a specifically designed anti-pigmentation skincare regime to combat discolouration (I am an Olay ambassador and they have a new anti-pigmentation range, Definity, which I love) along with applying sunscreen every day.

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“Cooler blondes are in vanilla with a soft cream tone finish. Warmer blondes are in honeycomb and syrup. Brunettes are sunkissed with caramelised toffee and hazelnut. Reds tend to be more amber, cinnamon and copper shades. We’re moving away from classical highlights and single flat colours and heading towards the surfer palette – dark roots with lighter pieces around the face and ends. Surfers get the best natural highlights. There’s no stop or start to them. The sun lightens their hair in such a way that it’s the perfect graduation from dark to light.” DANNY PATO “Smudgy depth at the roots rubbing out to lighter, sun-bleached ends - a very lived in yet saucy look.” LOUISE PILKINGTON



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