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EASY CARE SUMMER HAIR AND BEAUTY You don’t want to spend hours on your grooming, but nor can you hide inside with your hair scraped back and your trackies on. For a low maintenance solution, we asked mostly-local experts to share their easy care summer hair and beauty tips. (Boys - you’re on your own here - just be clean and sunscreened, or as Servilles’ Louise Pilkington puts it - “military meets GQ”). DANNY PATO - Creative Director d&M Hair Design Remember to apply a leave-in conditioner throughout your hair every hour when you’re at the beach to keep it smooth and stop it drying out. Brush it through your hair to keep it from getting tangled. This will also create a protective barrier to keep the salt (or chlorine if you’re pool-side) away from your hair.

ANGIE TINKER - tinker & tinker Moroccan Hair Oil is the only product that works on my merino mane of hair in this Auckland humidity. It smells divine and my hair soaks it up and manages to behave itself. It’s also amazing for when I straighten it - the oil protects my very porous hair strands and gives it a glorious glossy shine. I have a travel size bottle as well for when I’m on the road flogging frocks or floating around Pauanui and have to look completely fabulous! tinker & tinker are agents for Nude shoes and Elwood, among other fashion labels.

JOANNE LEONG – Marketing and Communications Manager for Shiseido Leave your face mask in the fridge a few hours before you use it. The cooling sensation will give you that muchneeded pick-me-up before you head out to your next summer barbeque.

LOUISE PILKINGTON - Servilles Ponsonby This summer is all about sexy, natural, slightly enhanced, not over-done hair. A great thing to do over summer is, when you go to bed, sleep with your hair in a top knot and when you take it out in the morning you’ll have soft casual waves.

JULIE ROULSTON - Fashion Editor, Ponsonby News I’ll be booking a $65 Shellac mini-pedicure - or OPI’s alternative Axxium - just before I go on holiday, in the knowledge that I can get FIVE WEEKS out of it. Technicians apply a gel to your nails that they ‘cure’ insalon, and you leave with varnish so dry that you can walk out with your shoes on. Ok, you’re not that glam at the end of the five weeks but you just need to make sure you have Acetone (get it at the pharmacy, to soak the product off) and/or your next appointment booked.

HELENE RAVLICH - Ponsonby News’ beauty specialist ANGELIQUE FRIS-TAYLOR - Fresh PR The heat of our Auckland summers makes my face pretty shiny. My lifesaver is a Primer. I use a little under my makeup to not only keep my foundation lasting all day and night, but to keep me from looking like a disco ball on a Christmas tree. Smashbox have a great oil-free one which also happens to iron out some of the wee lines around your eyes. Fresh PR is based in Franklin Road and represents brands like Orly, Wella and Dermalogica.

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This summer I’m all about three things. The first is using sunscreen religiously, every day. Find one that suits your skin type and lifestyle and make it a priority to slap it on before leaving the house. It’ll be the best - and possibly cheapest - anti aging product you’ll ever buy. The second is staying hydrated, especially around Christmas party madness. Try putting some sprigs of fresh mint in your water to keep things interesting, and make things easier again by carrying a bottle at all times. Last up, if you’re baring your feet then they’d better look good! A regular pedicure takes all of the hard work away, and at Diamond Nail Salon & Spa in Redmond Street they even have a loyalty program to keep you coming back for more.


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