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DAVID HARTNELL’S ONE MINUTE INTERVIEW WITH RICHARD O’BRIEN Richard O’Brien writer, creator and narrator of The Rocky Horror Show, and now resident New Zealander, shares his view on his likes and dislikes. The Rocky Horror Show which he wrote back in 1973, has been seen all over the world, in nearly 40 countries, and has been enjoyed by millions of people. WHAT DO YOU BUY A CROSS DRESSER WHO HAS EVERYTHING? A larger wardrobe. THE ONE RULE YOU ALWAYS DRESS BY? Be happy! WHAT IS YOUR FASHION OBSESSION? Sprayed on trousers. WHAT DO YOU FEEL BEST WEARING? What ever makes me feel attractive. Most of the time its a pretence but I don’t truly care. WHAT KEEPS YOU MOTIVATED? I have never needed motivation, I cruise through the day and sleep like a baby. WHERE DO YOU GO TO GET AWAY FROM IT ALL? I just lock the front door and tell the world to go away, or words to that effect. WHAT IS THE QUALITY YOU MOST LIKE IN A WOMAN? Wit and intelligence. WHAT QUALITY DO YOU MOST LIKE IN A MAN? Ditto. HOW WOULD YOU LIKE TO BE REMEMBERED? With affection. WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE ON YOUR HEADSTONE? Dancing not allowed here. WHAT DO YOU CONSIDER YOUR GREATEST ACHIEVEMENT? My children. I know that it’s trite to say so, but there you are. HOW DID THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW CHANGE YOUR LIFE? I was allowed to stay home more. WHAT IS YOUR GREATEST FEAR? That I shall not allow the primal beast in me to go into overdrive.

HOW DO YOU WATCH YOUR WEIGHT? I don’t have to. I’m a burner not a storer IF YOU HAD A TOWN NAMED AFTER YOU, WHAT KIND OF A TOWN WOULD IT BE? This has the ring of Jonestown attached to it I find it rather scary, so, no town named after me please! HOW MUCH WOULD YOU PAY FOR THE MOON, AND WHAT WOULD IT BE? I wouldn’t have it as a gift. Where would I put it? DESCRIBE YOUR OWN MIND? Light weight.


WHAT’S YOUR FAVOURITE WAY TO SPEND A NIGHT IN? Is this a chat up line David?

WHAT IS THE TRAIT YOU MOST DEPLORE IN OTHERS? Closed minds and a dependence upon witch doctors.

WHAT IS THE QUESTION YOU ALWAYS GET ASKED THAT PISSES YOU OFF? Where did you get the idea for The Rocky Horror Show?

WHAT IS YOUR GREATEST REGRET? That I have never found true love.

WHAT DO YOU SEE WHEN YOU LOOK IN THE MIRROR? Sadly, not always the truth. But, I can dream.

WHAT IS YOUR CURRENT STATE OF MIND? Sober and for the most part untroubled. HAVE YOU EVER USED BOTOX? No, but I have no problem with people having a little ‘work’ done. HAVE YOU EVER HAD A CELEBRITY COME ON TO YOU? Of course! WHAT OF YOUR MANY SKILLS DO YOU PRIZE MOST? My lyric writing. THE MOST INTERESTING PERSON YOU’VE EVER MET? Barry Humphries is one, while Willie Rushton is another.

DOES AGE WORRY YOU? Yes, I hate getting old. I am the vainest person on the planet. WHAT TURNS YOU ON? Cool Jazz. WHAT TURNS YOU OFF? Rapp, Madonna, Pink, Bono, Bar room bores etc IF THERE IS A HEAVEN WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE GOD TO SAY TO YOU WHEN YOU ARRIVE AT THE PEARLY GATES? What a pleasure this is Richard. There are a load of your mates down at the pool side bar who are just about to knock the top off a very agreeable Shiraz, let’s wander on down there shall we? (DAVID HARTNELL)

WHAT’S FRUSTRATING ABOUT YOU? I’m unable to grow up. YOU WERE BORN RICHARD TIMOTHY SMITH, HOW DID YOU SELECT YOUR STAGE NAME? In an instant when actors equity told me I couldn’t use my own name as they had someone on their books of that name. I chose the name of my maternal Grandparents. ARE ANY OF YOUR THREE CHILDREN FOLLOWING IN YOUR FOOTSTEPS? Only as stalkers. No, they are sailing in their own seas. APART FROM PLAYING RIFF RAFF WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE MOVIE ROLE? The imitation of life, by Douglas Sirk. ARE YOU A BOXER OR BRIEFS MAN? Knickers, thank you. High waisted and unfussy. WHO WOULD YOU INVITE TO YOUR ULTIMATE DINNER PARTY AND WHY? Richard Dawkins, David Attenborough, Alice Roberts and the Pope. Now that should be interesting.

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