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HOME: WHERE THE HEART IS COMMUNITY CULTURE AND THE ENVIRONMENT WE ALL OCCUPY AN ENVIRONMENT THAT WE DEFINE TOGETHER BY THE choices we make. These choices should be treated with the utmost respect, since the way we define our environment directly affects, and reflects upon, who we are and how we choose to exist for this moment in time and beyond. matter has made a choice, to commit to the environment and its users. matter believes success starts with people, continues with process, and concludes with a new beginning. matter promotes and enjoys the simple act of questioning while making. This often leads beyond immediate expectations to inspire the next step. matter presents a process of critical thought, applied to any situation, eventuating in the best possible solution. They believe in the value of all things, especially the vision and forethought provided through people trained and experienced in analysing situations and providing optimal solutions for client requirements. They encourage the idea of holistically approaching projects they are engaged in, irrelevant of scale or intent. Collaborating with all involved directly and indirectly has enabled them to produce exceptional results throughout a large body of work in many mediums. They wish to encourage the accessibility and understanding of what they contribute throughout our community. What better way to do this than with an introduction through the Ponsonby News. matter is based in an old brick building on Richmond Road where the pavement sometimes feels like part of their office. “We are passionate about our work, clients, and community. The joy we gain from our work is something we look forward to sharing with everyone”. To learn more about matter, feel welcome to stop by for a chat, visit their website at, or their facebook page – ‘matter as a practice’. PN MATTER, 102 Richmond Road T: 09 360 6983

The World Belongs to the Dissatisfied



DECEMBER/JANUARY '10/ '11 Ponsonby News  

Christmas issue - covering December and January - news/views and all that is happening in and around Ponsonby