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I am weighing up the options between a full tiled shower or a tiled shower with an acrylic tray, which one would be best for my home? It depends on your bathroom design, full tiled enclosures offer a seamless effect, however the risks of water leakage is higher than that of an acrylic tray. Modern acrylic trays have been designed so that they are discrete but also offer leak protection.

In New Zealand, our living spaces are generally spacious, constructed from timber and include a mix of single and multi level houses. It is important to keep these building materials and construction methods in mind when installing a new shower in your home to ensure you meet local council regulations and create a healthier home. On a more personal level, when selecting a shower consider the amount of space available, who will be using the bathroom, any personal preferences, budget and the time frame required to complete. As the idea of a bathroom is now moving more towards a retreat and away from the view of it being a personal grooming and hygiene area, our bathroom spaces are increasing in size. Tiled showers are a flexible choice when it comes to bathroom projects as they offer the ability to select custom shower sizes including larger shower sizes, tailored tiled colour schemes, more drainage options and a seamless look from floor to wall.

to prevent leakage and reduce installation complications and cost issues associated with traditional full tiled shower enclosures. Acrylic trays such as these are quicker and easier to install than a full tiled shower enclosure as no pre forming of the floor is required for drainage and no water proofing membrane is necessary on the floor. There is also the added advantage of having no grout lines on the floor which may promote mould growth and are difficult to clean.

Particularly with tiled showers however, waterproof preparation by a trained professional is essential as inadequate waterproofing and incorrect installation will result in leakages. In multi level houses where there are tiled showers in the upper levels; movement in the timber framing and floor joists can often damage the floor waterproofing membrane and therefore create leaks. In general, the method of pre forming the floor for drainage and waterproofing is complicated, time consuming, costly and comes with a higher risk factor if the job is not done right.

Further information on the Athena Allora Lifestyle Series Shower can be found on the Athena website at

The option of a tiled shower wall with an acrylic tray is a safer approach to achieving the seamless look of a tiled shower but with the increased leak protection of an acrylic tray. Modern showers such as the Allora Lifestyle Series by Athena Bathrooms, include shower trays that are specifically developed for tiled wall shower installations

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Everyone wants to create a bathroom that enhances their home, lifestyle and ensures greater longevity in our living spaces. As the shower is one of the main components in the bathroom, installing a good quality product is an investment which adds value to your home. The most important point to remember is that you should create a functional bathroom that meets the needs of your family and all products have been installed using trained professionals. PN BUILDSPACE KITCHENS AND BATHROOMS – Design Build Install T: 0800 455 556


DECEMBER/JANUARY '10/ '11 Ponsonby News  

Christmas issue - covering December and January - news/views and all that is happening in and around Ponsonby

DECEMBER/JANUARY '10/ '11 Ponsonby News  

Christmas issue - covering December and January - news/views and all that is happening in and around Ponsonby