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JEANNE CLAYTON UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL “I first specialised in up-market apartment sales in the CBD, then moved to Custom Residential. I have worked with Custom now for one year, though it feels like I have been here forever as we are like family. I value professionalism and always doing a good job whilst having fun – this approach fits in with Custom perfectly. WHO IS YOUR PARTNER? Evan Woodruffe, artist and manager of Studio Art Supplies. DO YOU HAVE ANY CHILDREN? Two daughters: Seira (16) and Sacchi (14). They are half Japanese with US/NZ dual citizenship. They attend Epsom Girls’ Grammar. HOW DO YOU KEEP FIT? Running up Mt Eden and swimming at the Hyatt, my favourite indulgence. WHAT WOULD YOUR BEST FRIEND SAY ABOUT YOU? That I’m a good listener and always there when needed. WHAT WOULD YOUR MOTHER SAY ABOUT YOU? “Her housekeeping skills are challenged, but at least she has not starved the kids.” WHAT ARE YOUR VIRTUES? I’m trustworthy, up front, professional and always enjoy a laugh. VICES? Pre 1940’s Cocktails. Friends enjoy our little soirees and this is probably the closest I will ever get to a scientific application of measurements. SECRET PASSION? Pucci and stilettos. WHERE DO YOU LIVE? During the week I live with my girls in Mt Eden. In the weekends I’m with Evan in Ponsonby. WHERE DO YOU SPEND YOUR HOLIDAYS? Evan and I went to Barcelona to see a friend and to New York to see Evan’s brother and sister-in-law and catch up with some of my friends. Favourite towns. WHAT WERE YOU GOING TO BE WHEN YOU GREW UP? I had visions of joining the Diplomatic Corps since I loved languages. I went to university and ended up in Japan for 12 years, teaching and translating. HOW DID YOU COME TO BE A REAL ESTATE AGENT? I worked in import sales and really enjoyed the negotiating and relationship building. When I left that particular industry I applied those skills to a new area that allows me to be independent and achieve my personal standards. IF YOU WEREN’T A REAL ESTATE AGENT YOU’D BE? Agent 99. FAVOURITE PONSONBY CAFE? Agnes Curran. FAVOURITE PONSONBY RESTAURANT? SPQR and Yuzu.

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FAVOURITE PONSONBY STORE? Marvel and WORLD.. FAVOURITE PONSONBY FASHION LABEL? WORLD all the way. YOUR BEST KEPT PONSONBY SECRET? Yuzu – looks really ordinary as a restaurant but this place is top notch. Yuzu has a Japanese hotel-trained chef – great food at very reasonable prices. Yes, I know I am a bit obsessed with food. YOUR DESERT ISLAND DISTRACTIONS? Sun screen - being a redhead the sun and I are not great friends unfortunately. Long Island Iced Tea between applications. ONE THING YOU HAVE LEARNED ABOUT LIFE? It’s the people, the food and the experiences you remember – you can forget the material stuff. WHAT WAS YOUR STANDOUT SALE OF THE LAST 12 MONTHS? I sold a Marshall Cook-designed townhouse at auction in Napier Street. Great real estate in a fabulous location. Owners were stoked with the result. I take real pleasure in helping people achieve their goals. WHAT IS YOUR ADVICE TO PONSONBY HOME SELLERS? Invest in marketing and presentation - buyers really respond to those efforts. Make sure you have an agent whom you trust to execute a plan to achieve a premium result. Remember you only get to sell your home once so you want to get it right. WHAT IS YOUR ADVICE TO PONSONBY HOME BUYERS? Draw up a wish list, get out there and see everything you can in your desired location. Reassess the list and don’t be afraid to ask specific questions of the real estate agent. A good agent will always be trying to help find the perfect home for you. PN


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