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Sagittarius (the Archer): 23 November - 22 December You might be able to resist change but it does not always mean you will get your own way. Lower your expectations and enjoy what you have now.


Don’t worry about your future too much as what you do now will ultimately set the tone for how you live your life. If you want things to be real find some common ground to stand on.

Planning on checking out the famous Franklin Road Christmas lights? Why not bring the family to the ecostore Christmas fair – just off Franklin Road.

Aquarius (the Water Carrier): 21 January - 19 February If you focus on your personal life you can get some emotional satisfaction now. You can set new goals for work once you get your priorities right.

With free face painting for the kids, Kohu Road ice creams for everyone, and late night shopping specials. Monday 20 December - Wednesday 22 December 6.30pm - 8.30pm, then head off to look at the lights! PN

Pisces (the Fish): 20 February - 20 March There is something about this time of the year where we are all thinking about what’s around the corner. You have to meet your obligations now and deal with tomorrow when it’s here.

ECOSTORE, 1 Scotland Street. T: 09 360 4733

♑ Capricorn (the Goat): 23 December - 20 January ♒ ♓ ♈

Aries (the Ram): 21 March - 20 April Your desire to move away or travel overseas is so strong that you can sometimes overlook the financial aspect of it all. However you may go ahead with your plans anyway as it’s not always about the money.

Taurus (the Bull): 21 April - 21 May You sometimes feel disconnected from your feelings and your intensity can often be overpowering. Soften your approach and you’ll be heard more.

Gemini (the Twins): 22 May - 21 June Try and get as much done at work as possible this month because you always manage to get distracted. You don’t have to compete at work if you find a place that makes you feel comfortable.

Cancer (the Crab): 22 June - 22 July You have had a very anxious time lately and you’re not feeling settled at all. Your ability to deal with stress has improved but remember not to anticipate the outcome of a situation when you have no control over it.

Leo (the Lion): 23 July - 21 August You would like to have remained hidden away these last few weeks with the thought of how much work there is to be done. But like always the work is done and you wonder why you put yourself through the wringer.

Virgo (the Virgin): 22 August - 23 September If you open your eyes to other possibilities this month you might feel like you’re letting your eyes wander from your main prize. If you’re able to broaden your horizons you will gather so much more experience for what’s to come.

Libra (the Scales): 24 September - 23 October You feel like you have to flex your power around you this month as your self expression is being blocked. You have a lot to say and fortunately you have time so just make sure you express it in a professional way.

Scorpio (the Scorpion): 24 October - 22 November You seem to have an uncertainty about you this month that could prevent you from reaching your potential. If you make some progress now you could put away any doubts and start believing in yourself. PN

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