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FROM THE EDITOR THIS MONTH WE FEATURE THREE EDITORIALS ON THE RECENTLY released Unitary Plan. One by Councillor Mike Lee, another by Chair of the Local Waitemata Board Shale Chambers and an article by our contributing editor, John Elliott. A theme of these is that all three bemoan the removal of the pre-1944 demolition control, which will make it easier for developers to bowl over our unique world-rating heritage wooden villas.

Like many locals, Ponsonby News is concerned at the low turn out of voters at previous local body elections. Democracy suffers when only a third of voters bother to go to the poll. Voting opens on 16 September and closes midday on 8 October. Please vote!

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They also were unanimously critical of a lack of quality design standards in the document. Another common thread was concern about infrastructure requirements to accompany the plan, including transport and sewage. Mike Lee went so far as to say that “leave it to the market” tenor of the plan would encourage an overly developer-friendly city. Both Lee and Elliott were concerned about loss of amenity values whereas Chambers (who played an active role in the development of the plan from day one) seems more optimistic that they have got the plan right.

Jan Hewitt, Martin Leach, Jo Barrett, Jay Platt and Gwynne Davenport

Subsequent to John Elliott’s editorial on state housing, a TV news report confirmed that waiting lists for a state house in Auckland far exceeds availability. Placing our most vulnerable citizens in state houses will help ease the housing affordability that bedevils Auckland.

Don’t forget dear old Dad on Sunday 4 September for Father’s Day. This year is the first one since I lost my wonderful father and I will be thinking of him with great love and fondness.

Foodies will note that Michael Van de Elzen and Marie Colosimo have recently sold Boy & Bird, the free-range chicken eatery on Ponsonby Road. We welcome our cover stars new owner, Aari Puri and chef Danny Poulter. The pair has promised to keep all customer’s favourite dishes but will be introducing new ideas.

Auckland Zoo has a campaign calling for the mandatory labelling of palm oil on all food products and soaps. The campaign will promote the saving of wildlife and their forest homes.

The World Belongs to the Dissatisfied

On page 89, we welcome the very experienced headmaster Kieran Fouhy, who has taken over at St Paul’s College on Richmond Road.

As we go to print with this issue, NZ Fashion Week is in full swing and local designers, Harman Grubiša, whose retail PN store is in Jervois Road wowed the crowd with their runway show. (MARTIN LEACH) F


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Ponsonby? Anyone not heard of us? We are Auckland's most talked-about part of town. ENJOY :-))


Ponsonby? Anyone not heard of us? We are Auckland's most talked-about part of town. ENJOY :-))