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RACHAEL TE AOTONGA: LEYS INSTITUTE LIBRARY NEWS September kicks off two not-to-be missed festivities at Leys Institute Library: The annual Heritage Festival and springtime school holidays. Visit us during September and pick up your copy of the 2016 Heritage Festival guide. Ponsonby and its surrounding areas have many stories to tell - here is your chance to enjoy them in all their glory. Celebrate the festival here with us at the library by attending some captivating lectures and guided tours. The line-up of free events for the next school holidays is outstanding - there’s something to please everyone. So don’t be shy - keep little hands and minds occupied by joining us for some steampunk fun! HERITAGE FESTIVAL EVENTS AT LEYS INSTITUTE LIBRARY

engaging presentation with local historian Edward Bennett. Wednesday 5 October, 6.30pm - 7.30pm

Guided tour of Leys Institute Building and photo exhibition The Leys Institute is an impressive building and has played a significant role in Ponsonby's history. Join us on a guided tour and discover more about its history. The tour covers the lecture hall, library, gymnasium and the basement area. Friday 30 September and Wednesday 5 October, 2pm - 3pm

20th-Century gardens Local historian Edward Bennett gives an illustrated talk on post-Victorian gardens. Thursday 6 October, 6.30pm - 7.30pm SPECIAL EVENT IN THE LEYS INSTITUTE LECTURE ROOM - UPSTAIRS FROM THE LIBRARY

Inside the Victorian villa Participate in this fascinating photo lecture on Victorian domestic architecture and interior decoration. Presented by Edward Bennett. Wednesday 28 September, 6.30pm - 7.30pm

Memories of Auckland past The 1950s and 1960s were exciting decades in the transformation of Auckland City. Filmmaker Everall Deans presents his video about life in Auckland in the 1950s and 1960s. The video captures personal stories and memories of people who grew up in the city during these decades.

Design of Victorian houses Discover more about the design of Victorian houses through this fascinating illustrated lecture. Presented by Edward Bennett. Thursday 29 September, 6.30pm - 7.30pm

The screening is combined with a compilation of archival films from the period, presented by Nga Taonga Sound & Vision. It is hoped that some participants from the video will be in the audience. Come along and reminisce with them after the screening.

Victorian gardens Learn more about Victorian domestic gardens through this

Tuesday 27 September, 6.30pm - 8pm and Saturday 8 October, 1pm - 2.30pm. Koha entry

STEAMPUNK SCHOOL HOLIDAY ACTIVITIES Code cracking cuffs We’ll show you how to make a code cracking cuff, but it will be up to you to decipher the secret message and complete the mission! Tuesday 27 September 10.30am - 12 noon Steampunk photo booth Create a steampunk inspired hat, add some accessories and then strike a pose. We’ll photo-booth you and send a copy your way! Thursday 29 September 10.30am - 12 noon Shadow portraits Capture your shadow in a lasting image to decorate and take home. Tuesday 4 October 10.30am - 12 noon Steampunk robots Armed with only clay, cogs, wire and plenty of imagination, we’ll be creating steampunk-inspired robot pendants or badges. Thursday 6 October 10.30am - 12 noon For more information, visit the Auckland Libraries website or our Facebook page. (RACHAEL TE AOTONGA) F PN LEYS INSTITUTE, 20 St Marys Road, T: 09 374 1315,


Government state house policy in a spin Housing New Zealand did come back to us eventually about the state houses on Chinaman’s Hill, but not in time for last month's Ponsonby News. Glenn Conway, Manager, Communications and Stakeholder Relationships (that’s a moniker and a half isn’t it?) told us that the property at 702 Great North Road will shortly undergo earthquake strengthening which should be completed later in the year and available to relet. Conway said there are no plans to demolish any properties at the addresses we provided. Does that mean they have plans to demolish others? The property at 708 Great North Road has been undergoing methamphetamine decontamination and work is continuing to reinstate this property. There was no obvious sign of work when Ponsonby News went past the site a number of times this month. The remediation, like Mainland cheese, does take time! There was apparently no strengthening needed for other blocks in the vicinity, despite the fact they are of similar construction. Conway then went on to give us a lecture about the dangers of P and how responsible HNZ are being. It sounds like a beat up to me. Ponsonby News hopes HNZ will hurry up with this remedial work, because according to some reports there are 2500 empty state homes right now. As part of the Government’s neo-liberal principle of shrinking government, they are reducing the state housing stock.

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As we reported in the August Ponsonby News they are virtually throwing state houses at anyone who will take them over. State houses are public property and the responsibility of government, social housing is private housing, often run by charities, but sometimes for profit. If the Government would stop its ideological sell-off of state houses, build some more, and rent them at a sliding scale depending on ability to pay, with an opportunity to rent to buy, a decent part of the home shortage in Auckland and the problem of affordable housing would go away. Public housing provided by the government and the council is the cheapest, fairest, most effective form of affordable accommodation. So, instead of flogging off state houses, sometimes below valuation, Government should boost the stock by building more. That would be the most humane and just way to assist thousands who have suffered under the right wing neo-liberalism of successive governments in New Zealand over the past 30 years, with the inevitable rise of some of the highest levels of inequality in the Western world. Both National and Labour are guilty of this subterfuge against ordinary New Zealanders, although the 1% have continued to prosper. Research has shown that greater equality is best for everybody, including the 1%. (JOHN ELLIOTT) F PN PUBLISHED FIRST FRIDAY EACH MONTH (except January)


Ponsonby? Anyone not heard of us? We are Auckland's most talked-about part of town. ENJOY :-))


Ponsonby? Anyone not heard of us? We are Auckland's most talked-about part of town. ENJOY :-))