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Women Attracting Pheromones and How They Work Also what is the effect of a women being exposed to the same pheromone all the time. Wouldn't it trigger her to get used to that scent and therefore no longer react to it?. My suggestion is to look for other ways to attract somebody that can produce consistent results without relying on some product. Have you ever noticed that guy who, although not traditionally good-looking or particularly interesting, seems to attract women by the truck load? I mean, he doesn't even have as good a job as you, drives a beaten up old car, has a receding hairline and yet he just has 'a way' with the ladies. And he makes it all seem so effortless. In contrast - you regularly attend the gym, you've got some nice designer clothes, you've just bought a brand new car and yet you still can't get a date. What is it that he's got that you don't? There has to be a scientific explanation. Well, maybe there is. In the last 20 years or so, the academic and scientific world has become obsessed by the theory and study of human pheromones. Simply put, pheromones are a naturally secreted chemical by both men and women that trigger a response in members of the same species. Everybody secretes this chemical through their sweat to various degrees but it has been found that people who perform better with the opposite sex generally produce higher and more detectable levels of pheromones. Ever had your head turned by the smell of a female walking into the room? It's not just her perfume because if it were you would be affected more regularly by the same brand. No, there is something different about this girl. It can be an almost overwhelming feeling that you can't consciously explain. That, my friend, is pheromones. Men are attracted by pheromones given off by women, and women are attracted by pheromones given off by men. What are Pheromones exactly? Pheromones are secretions of chemicals given out through the pores in human skin. They are often seemingly odorless molecules that are picked up in the Vomeronsal Organ (VNO) in the human nose. The VNO organ is thought to have played an important role in evolutionary development - in some cases allowing a human to literally smell fear - but also in the most basic function of choosing sexual partners. When a female catches a whiff of the male pheromone, the VNO organ transmits a message to the brain which then produces a subconscious biological sexual response. They are primarily secreted through the vagina and the scent has been shown to raise male testosterone levels and increase sex drive.

Positively effecting perceptions of female attractiveness, Copulins are secreted at the optimum ratios during ovulation with the primary aim of encouraging men to crave sexual intercourse. This taps into the most basic human motivation of survival through procreation. Fundamentally we are designed to fulfil one purpose - to pass on our genes and ensure the continuation of the human race. The best time to order pheromone perfume was last week, the second best time to order pheromone is right now! Why last week? Because then you would already be all those delicious benefits of using human sex pheromones in your relationship, or to attract a man. pheromone cologne, pheromone perfume for women, what are pheromones for women

Women Attracting Pheromones and How They Work  

Also what is the effect of a women being exposed t...

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