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I have hard time understanding how other hunters get their hands on reliable gun safes. Part of me thinks that they build them, and then obviously the other part is I think that they are buying them. One of the things I don’t think they have down is how cheap you can actually buy a gun safe for. It is really isn’t that expensive. Any hunter or firearm owner who pays over $2000 for a top of the line gun safe honestly got ripped out. The first thing you need to realize when buying a gun safe is that each one you look at, there is probably as cheaper option somewhere else. It is that simple. Usually Amazon is the cheapest, but sometimes the websites that don’t show up on the front page are the cheapest. And even better, there is usually coupons codes to be found on each of the smaller sites. Some even hold regular sales. The next thing you should do is make sure that you are picking the best choice for yourself. It is really important that you make this the best choice you can possibly make. The small reasoning behind this is, you might want to buy an $800 safe from Bighorn, but the exact same safe in terms of security, features, size, etc might only be $500 from Amsec. Don’t click buy on the first safe you see. Make sure it is the right one. Spend wisely, don’t be a fool with your money. I can’t help but tell people how naïve they are for building their own gun safes. Don’t even start with me and try to act like you can make a better gun safe the top manufacturers in this country. It just isn’t going to happen. And when you spend those 100s of hours trying to build the safe, only to come up with a mediocre build, or even worse: nothing, then you will realize that it was just better off for you to spend the cash and get the process done and over with. Yes, some large corporations are evil. Yes, they do things to get more cash out of your pocket then they deserve, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t building the best products. This applies to gun safes especially. These companies go through rigorous training on both their build procedures and testing. They aren’t selling you a product they designed in the lab yesterday. So next time you go to buy a gun safe, please make sure you are making the right call. Don’t be that guy who buys the 30 gun safe only to realize he can’t get it into the front door. A gun safe on your front lawn, gee, what a great addition that’ll be.

Don't Make These Gun Safe Mistakes  

Here is a quick rant on hunters making bad calls with their money. Don't be one of them.

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