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FIRM PROFILE Polytech Associates Inc. is a woman-owned Architecture, Planning, and Interior Design firm based in San Francisco. We provide comprehensive and sustainable design services for Healthcare, Government, Institutional, Commercial and Sports facilities. Our firm was established in 1986 and is based on a collaborative approach to practice in which our working Principals develop strategic partnerships with our clients in order to achieve the visions and goals of their projects. We strive to understand the project from all perspectives, client, user, design team, and contractor. This process begins by actively listening, identifying the unique goals, developing design criteria and establishing budget and schedule constraints. We remain deeply committed to providing our clients with a successful project from the design process through construction, project closeout and occupancy. The San Francisco Business Times ranks Polytech Associates among the Largest Architecture Firms in the Bay Area. Our Interiors Group is currently ranked nationally, as published in Interior Design’s Healthcare Giants.


South of Market Health Center (SMHC) is a nonprofit community clinic providing quality healthcare to under-served members of this San Francisco neighborhood. Accepting the position of Executive Director in 1990, Charles Range has led SMHC with the philosophy that all people deserve the same high level of health care. With the support of key community stakeholders, Mr. Range set his vision to construct a new community clinic that elevates the health care delivery experience for all: patient, caregiver and staff member. The state-of-the-art medical center has allowed SMHC to double the number of patients it serves and meet the growing demand for primary and family health services. The new 20,000 sf space includes a full-service patient and community pharmacy, and treatment spaces for primary care, women’s and children’s services, health education, podiatry, and urgent care. Working in association with Daniel Solomon Design Partners, Polytech Associates helped coordinate complex site issues that included a high water table and contaminated water. We also developed massing studies for the clinic, and aided in materials selection for the exterior. The design program combines modern, clean lines with a light color palette, rich textures, and an open space plan that allows natural light to punctuate the space. Each of these design elements was carefully selected, and lend an element of comfort and calm to the building. The open plan allows SMHC the flexibility to increase the number of patients and services they provide. Relevant Project Features • Developer: South of Market Health Center • 20,000 sf new medical office building and below-grade parking • Interior architecture and interior design • Treatment Areas: Womens and Children’s Services, Health Education, Adult Medicine, Urgent Care, Retail Pharmacy

Conceptual overall site

Conceptual Renderings-Farmers Market


Humani is a nonprofit organization that is developing a self-sustaining community in Ethiopia. Young mothers suffering from HIV/AIDS and their children will be given medical assistance, professional training, and employment opportunities in a safe environment. A school is being incorporated into the master plan, giving the young mothers access to an education that will allow them to develop marketable skills. The organization is currently negotiating with the Ethiopian government for the 300 acres of land that will be necessary to build the compound. The plan includes small groups of buildings that will house the numerous functions within a fenced master compound. On-site utilities will be designed for conservation, with the goal of developing a net-zero community. Relevant Project Features • Developer: Humani, Inc. • Small groups of buildings will house the numerous functions within a fenced master compound set on 300 acres • Building Information Modeling (BIM) using Revit

Initial concept

Schematic Design Option

Schematic Design Option

Schematic Design Option

POTRERO HILL MEDICAL OFFICE BUILDING + GARAGE PROJECT REPORT SAN FRANCISCO, CA A major healthcare delivery organization selected Polytech Associates to provide programming and schematic design services for a new 189,540 sf medical office building and parking garage in San Francisco, CA. The developer-owned site was divided through a lot-split, in which the healthcare delivery organization obtained one parcel, and the developer retained the other parcel, to be developed into condominiums. Polytech’s scope of work included development of a site plan, massing studies and the creation of three design options for the medical office building. Programming, medical planning and blocking and stacking alternatives were developed to meet the client’s goals. Schematic architectural, structural, and mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineering design options for the medical office building and garage were used to provide cost estimates that met the project budget. City Planning and zoning codes were reviewed in preparation for full project development. Relevant Project Features • Developer: Confidential • Programming and schematic design for 189,540 sf new medical office building and parking garage • Site plan, massing studies and three schematic design options • Each schematic design option features an all-glass façade • Programming, medical planning, and blocking and stacking alternatives for client review • Schematic architectural design options were used to provide preliminary cost estimates • City Planning and zoning codes were reviewed in preparation for full project development

395 HIckey Boulevard DALY CITY, CA

Project Description 395 Hickey Boulevard was originally conceived by a developer as a commercial office space, and was leased by major healthcare organization to become a medical office building to better serve their members in Daly City. However, the horizontal space plan was not conducive to the needs of a healthcare provider so the client selected Polytech Associates to provide a master plan, program, and interior architecture program for the 140,000 sf building that would meet the functional needs of their members, caregivers,and administrators. The new program integrates space for seventy-two providers, offices, cafe, conference center, training rooms, and two pharmacies on six levels. Our design team created a separate Teen Clinic, giving this population a more private area for waiting and examination. The medical office building also features four levels of sub-level parking. The modular space plan provides maximum flexibility to accommodate for future changes in service and growth in membership. Departments can be expanded as needed, and waiting areas and group work areas are located at the perimeter of the floors for ease of movement, and to take advantage of views and natural light. Relevant Project Features • Developer: Confidential • Master plan, programming, and interior architecture • 140,000 sf medical office building and four levels of sub-level parking • Treatment areas: Opthalmology/Optometry, Mammography, Pediatrics, Primary Care/ General Medicine, OB/GYN, and Health Education

395 Hickey Boulevard | Daly City, CA


Polytech Associates provided equipment replacement and remodel programs for the Angiography Suite at California Pacific Medical Center’s (CPMC) Pacific Campus, as well as the Fluoroscopy Suite at CPMC’s Davies Campus. The new equipment delivers images digitally, allowing images to be viewed with higher resolution. Ultimately, this creates a clearer image for evaluation, reducing the risk of false positive readings. Our team coordinated with CPMC to ensure that hospital operations remained functional and that no unplanned shutdowns occurred during construction. Relevant Project Features • Equipment replacement and room remodel • Office of Statewide Planning and Development (OSHPD) review and approval • Designed to meet LEED Silver standards • Phased implementation, allowing hospital to remain operational during construction


Our design team is providing medical planning and interior design for the Replacement Hospital and full architectural design services for the Central Utility Plant for a major healthcare organization. Replacement Hospital Our design team worked closely with the client and end users to integrate the interior design and furniture selection for CT Scanner and clinical technology areas, Physical Medicine, Inpatient Neuro CCU, Acute Care and Interventional Radiology, Inpatient Rehabilitation, Neurology, and Health Information Management departments into the new, 280,665 gsf hospital, which is being designed by HOK San Francisco. Central Utility Plant Polytech Associates is serving as Architect-of-Record for the 16,000 sf Central Utility Plant, which will supply all utilities to the new hospital and house the Facilities Services Department. The site area for the building is restricted by the adjacent access roadway, new replacement hospital and adjacent office building and parking garage. The restricted site required a modification of client standards, reduction of the building area and a two-story design. The exterior of the building uses an insulated metal panel and glazing system with a metal rooftop screen for mechanical equipment. The exterior materials, colors and details were required to be compatible with the new hospital and accommodated the Redwood City Design Review requirements within the client’s cost model. Relevant Project Features • Central Utility Plant: Architect-of-Record for 16,000 sf facility • Replacement Hospital: Furniture, finishes, and equipment coordination for 280,665 gsf hospital • Building Information Modeling (BIM) using Revit


Polytech Associates provided full architectural services for an upgrades program at a Petaluma Medical Center. The 30,000 sf project spans two medical office buildings and includes an ergonomic upgrade to the reception and nursing stations and renovations to examination rooms and audio rooms. Our scope of work also included selective demolition, installation of new partitions, doors, interior windows, ceilings, and casework. New mechanical and electrical systems were integrated into the renovation, providing for relocation of fire sprinklers and fire alarms. Our design team worked with medical center administrators and staff to develop a phased construction plan, allowing adjacent areas to remain fully functional during construction. Design and construction were completed across ten phases. Relevant Project Features • Renovation program for 30,000 sf • Designed to meet LEED Silver standards • Phased implementation, allowing medical office building to remain operational during construction • Building Information Modeling (BIM) using Revit


Polytech Associates developed a full renovation program integrating new Interventional Radiology equipment into an existing hospital operating room. The new interventional radiology operating room is the only one of its kind in San Francisco. Our design team worked closely with the client’s caregivers to specify a Siemens Zeego camera that would meet their projected needs. Building Information Modeling (BIM) with Revit was used to coordinate with structural, mechanical, and electrical drawings with final architectural plans. A set of phased construction drawings was developed, allowing the surrounding departments to remain functional throughout construction. The project was designed to meet LEED Silver specifications. Relevant Project Features • Seismic upgrade, renovation, and expansion of existing hospital • Office of Statewide Planning and Development (OSHPD) review and approval • Designed to meet LEED Silver standards • Phased implementation, allowing hospital to remain operational during construction

Site Plan

Schematic Drawings


Polytech Associates is currently providing programming, architecture, and interior architecture services for the renovation and expansion of the Community Living Center (CLC) at the VA Fresno Campus. The expansion will create the space necessary to provide a patient-centered care environment, transitioning the CLC into a more home-like and less institutionalized space. Once complete, the 60-bed facility will offer a private bedroom and bathroom for each veteran resident, palliative care and hospice, patient lifts, centralized dining and recreation areas, and expanded offices for physicians and nurses, medication rooms, and public restrooms. Relevant Project Features • 49,450 gsf renovation and expansion of Community Living Center • 60-bed facility will offer private bedroom and bathroom for each veteran • Centralized dining and recreation areas • Expanded offices for physicians and nurses • Building Information Modeling, using Revit • Designed to meet LEED Silver Certification

home intravenous pharmacy BERKELEY, CA

Polytech Associates provided full pharmacy planning, architectural and interior design services for the remodel of a 3,800 sf first floor warehouse into a home intravenous pharmacy in Berkeley, CA. This facility provides IV therapies for self treatment in the comfort of the patients’ homes. Development of Interior finishes and furnishings focused on mitigating the effects of a nearly windowless space. Strategically located Interior glazing captures and shares available natural light and exterior views with pharmacy staff and provides needed orientation to time of day and weather.

Project Features • Pharmacy planning, interior architecture and interior design • Features individual spaces for Administration, compounding, assembly, storage and shipping/receiving giving these departments a more efficient work environment • Provide optimum working conditions in a nearly windowless space • Designed to LEED Silver Standards

Veterans Administration HOMELESSness resource center and EMERGENCY ANNEX MENLO PARK, CA

The 95-acre VA Menlo Park Campus is one of the VA’s largest campuses, specializing in providing mental health services, including long-term care and inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation programs. The campus is home to a domiciliary residential facility that treats homeless and substance-dependent veterans with the goal of returning them to optimal independent living. The project consists of two parts, a new building and adaptive re-use of an existing building. The new Emergency Annex will provide a central police building at the main entrance to the VA Menlo Park Campus for visitor identification and registration. The new building will complement the existing visitor’s center providing a sense of arrival to the VA Menlo Park Campus. The adaptive re-use project renovates a former domiciliary residential facility into a consolidated Homelessness Resource Center. This expansion will provide the much needed space for the VA’s growing outpatient mental health programs which focuses on homeless veterans.

Relevant Project Features • Homelessness Resource Center includes offices, open and private spaces for nurses and physicians and the addition of conference areas, private consultation rooms, and examination rooms • Emergency Annex will house the Police Department, including offices, conference/training areas, registration, and staff/support spaces • Building Information Modeling, using Revit • Designed to meet LEED Silver Certification


Polytech Associates provided full architectural services for a new, biorepository/DNA laboratory in Berkeley, CA. The expanded space allows researchers to store 500,000 blood and saliva samples in a database for disease prevention and genetic studies. An important component of our scope of work was the creation of a ventilation system that holds the correct percentage of oxygen in the air in the event of a liquid nitrogen spill. An alarm system that signals users to evacuate the laboratory was incorporated. Relevant Project Features • Laboratory planning and architectural design services for 5,500 sf biorepository/DNA laboratory • Includes areas for ambient storage for storing DNA extracted from blood, and cryogenic storage, which stores DNA extracted from saliva • Designed to meet LEED Silver certification

FOR MORE INFORMATION Polytech Associates Inc. 235 Pine Street, 17th Floor San Francisco, CA 94104

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Robert J. Schafgans Principal/Director of Information Technology

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Renderings: Polytech Associates

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