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Polysh Magazine Vol. 2 Issue no. 2

BIG, Bold FasHIoN




does sex really sell?

Editor There’s so much about summer to love; there’s no way

one can be unhappy with longer days, more sun and frequent dips in the pool. Being a fairly new publication, we are in constant change, which is a good thing right? This issue is about our fresh new look more than anything, which we’re hoping will rub off on you! We’re introducing a new feature, where you’ll get to read about people who have really cool jobs and what better way to start it off than by featuring a chef who not only has a cooking show (every chef ’s dream) but just released his debut, solo album! (pg. 39) Check out Nathan’s picks of top men’s fragrances (pg. 58), for day and night and much more.

Stay tuned for Fall, which will be BIGGER, and BOLDER!

Sincerely, Courtney Roberts Editor-in-Chief I want to hear your interesting stories! Email me at

4 | POLYSH | SUMMER 2010




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in this issue 12 get bronze without the sun! 14 accessories to die for 26 beachwear to suit your personality 45 ahead of the game: young, male musicians in t.o. right now!



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By: Kirsten Bramble

Christina Aguilera Bionic The “Dirty” pop singer returns

with her fourth studio album after a four year hiatus since Back 2 Basics. Her new sound is nothing close to basic and shows a different Christina, who may take some time to get used to. Bionic is an attempt to keep up with newcomers like Lady Gaga but instead of keeping up, she falls behind. Her up-tempo, futuristic-sounding songs fall short of making you wanting to get up and dance or even sing along. “Woohoo” featuring hip hop’s newbie, Nicki Minaj, and “Not Myself Tonight” are the only up-tempo songs that demonstrate a shred of her natural talent. Her slower ballads such as “Lift Me Up” and “I Am”, somewhat redeem the overall quality of the album, as Aguilera showcases her impeccable vocal range that we’re used to. If she had utilized more ballads in the compilation of this album, it would’ve produced a better outcome. 2.5/5 stars

Drake Thank Me Later After a successful year as the phenom of Hip hop and a Grammy nominated mixtape, Canadian superstar, Aubrey “Drake” Graham releases his much anticipated and widely received debut album Thank Me Later. After selling 400K units in just two days, Drake definitely lives up to the anticipation and delivers a solid, clear-cut, hip hop album that has the potential to be considered a classic. With features from Young Money label mate Nicki Minaj, hip hop greats T.I., Swizz Beatz, Jay-z and Young Jeezy, he proves that he is securing his place in the music industry with support from critically acclaimed artists. Remaining true to his Canadian roots, he seeks out Canadian producer, Boi1da, complementing his originality. If you’re a drake fan you are sure to love this album as he really treats this album as a project with a beginning, middle and end. From lyrics to beats, every song on this album is noteworthy. Favourites include: “Fireworks” and “Light Up.” 4 stars Eminem The Recovery EMINEM IS BACK! He is no longer relapsing and is on his way to a full and speedy Recovery. To say Eminem came back with a vengeance is an understatement. The sound, engineering and features are all unexpected but work tremendously in his favour. Eminem sticks to his aggressive flow as he doesn’t hold back on any track. The album features appearances by Lil Wayne, Rihanna, Pink and producer, Boi1da. There are songs on this album that have vintage Eminem feel but by experimenting with new sounds, he creates an interesting compilation. Album favourites include “Not Afraid”, “Going Through Changes”, “No Love” featuring Lil Wayne, “25 to Life” and “Love the Way You Lie” featuring Rihanna. 4 stars Travis “Travie” McCoy LAZARUS Gym Class Heroes front man, Travis Lazarus McCoy finally releases his solo, debut album, Lazarus. Conveniently self-titled, this album shows us who Travis McCoy really is. The sound reflects typical Gym Class Heroes vibe while giving us something new. Travis fuses rap, pop and alternative music to create a fun album. Much like the video for his debut single “Billionaire” featuring Bruno mars, his lyrics make you reflect on life while encouraging fun at the same time. His use of the acoustic guitar and drums effectively create a summer, party vibe. Album favourites include “Billionaire” feat. Bruno Mars, “Need You”, “After Midnight” and “Don’t Pretend” feat Colin Monroe. 3.5 stars PM


POLYSH | health & beauty


PAYING FOR CANCER Summer’s finally here and it’s that time of year when we whip out our red, polkadot bikinis (ladies) and swimming trunks (gentlemen), and lay on the sun-tan lotion for a nice couple of hours in the tanning salon. Right? 10 | POLYSH | SUMMER 2010

Summer’s finally here and it’s that time of year when we whip out our red, polka-dot bikinis (ladies) and swimming trunks (gentlemen), and lay on the sun-tan lotion for a nice couple of hours in the tanning salon. Right? As fabulous as it is to get a nice “healthy-glow” before the summer hits and the anticipated tan lines start to appear, the consequences of a couple hours—or even half an hour—in the tanning salon can have severe effects on your body and health. It is a common misconception that getting a tan in any indoor tanning facility is safer than laying outside in the sun for a couple of hours. With shows like MTV’s Jersey Shore, where tanning is a part of the guido and guidette routine—along with the toned body and frequent haircuts—it not only attracts more people to the idea of getting tanned easily and quickly, it tempts young teens and adults to go tanning under a heat lamp in hopes of achieving a sun kissed glow without ever having to see the sun. Indoor tanning facilities pose serious health risks, such as the exposure to high levels of ultraviolet (UV) radiation that damages

the skin and promotes premature aging, while increasing the risk of skin cancer.

Health Canada states that as the most common form of cancer in Canada, there were more than 76, 000 cases of skin cancer, including 4, 200 cases of melanomas in 2004. Melanoma is the most deadly form of skin cancer. If caught early, it can be cured; however, the risk of developing melanoma increases with age, with more cases developing in younger individuals annually. Individuals with lighter skin have a higher chance of developing skin cancer. Other than skin cancer being a major consequence of tanning salons, eye problems are also an issue. UV radiation can cause painful injuries to the cornea and conjunctiva, called photokeratitis and photoconjunctivitis. These conditions can develop as early as within 6 to 12 hours of sun exposure.

UV radiation from tanning facilities has a much greater risk of damaging the eye, than it does while tanning in the sun. So by the time you’ve gotten comfortable in that tanning bed, you might’ve exposed yourself to an eye condition. I’m not implying that getting tanned at the beach is safer. No. Tanning indoors or outdoors puts you at risk of several health concerns. I will, however, stretch so far as to say that tanning

radiation than sitting in the sun. The media, TV and Hollywood alike, have all influenced women to do whatever it takes to achieve that “sun-kissed glow”— to make us look more attractive. And we’ve bought into the trend. More than men however, nearly 70% of all tanning salon clients are Caucasian girls and women aged 16 to 29 years, according to the American Academy of Dermatology.

“The indoor tanning industry itself, earns approximately $5 billion in revenue, and continues to increase. That’s $5 billion towards the risk of skin cancer...” beds, lamps, and facilities have much more severe health concerns. The World Health Organization (WHO) has stated that UV-emitting devices (i.e. tanning beds) are known as carcinogens. This declares that tanning beds and lamps are not just possible causes of skin cancer— they do cause cancer. Some tanning beds create up to 5 times more

The indoor tanning industry itself, earns approximately $5 billion in revenue, and continues to increase. That’s $5 billion towards the risk of skin cancer, sunburn, damaged eyes, premature ageing, melanoma, photokeratitis, photoconjunctivitis, and many more. Instead of battling cancer and finding a cure, we’re paying to get it. PM POLYSHMAG.COM | 11



o bold go bronze

GLOW-FUSION Micro-Nutrient Face & Body Natural Protein Tan. Available at Sephora. The first ever clear, all natural, fast drying, odor-free, self-tanning mist. No odor. No streaking. No staining. No kidding. Lasts up to two weeks without fading. Dermatologist tested. Non-comedogenic. Suitable for all skin types. Available in two formulas: light and medium, $64.

BENEFIT Boxed Bronze Powders Collection in HOOLA. Available at Sephora. Wanna be sun-kissed? Need a perkme-up? Whatever you wish for, youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll find it in this collection, HOOLA gives a natural matte caramel kiss that is build-able. Awesome for those who can live without shimmer, $36.

NARS BRONZING POWDER in LAGUNA. Available at Sephora. This true brown-based bronzer with a gold shimmer makes it easy to create or enhance the look of healthy, glowing, tanned skin, $38.

12 | POLYSH | SUMMER 2010

LISE WATIER Havana Dry Oil Body Glow. Available at Shoppers Drug Mart. A tough sell to the average woman â&#x20AC;&#x201D; that is, the woman who considers herself average. This beautiful body oil is easy to apply and absorbs right into the skin without the greasy residue. It is formulated with a light sunscreen and enriched with emollients and Vitamin E, leaving your skin lusciously smooth. Great for complete body coverage especially on legs! $38

LAURA MERCIER Body Bronzing Makeup. Available at Sephora (Only during S/S). This body bronzer with light-reflective particles instantly reveals radiant, bronzed skin without long-term commitment. The satinysmooth formula disguises imperfections while adding a subtle, all-over sheen. Lightly scented with Almond Coconut Milk, it is streak free, transfer resistant, and easy to remove, $46.

RIMMEL 3 in 1 Sunshimmer Bronzer. Available at Shoppers Drug Mart, Walmart. Rimmel’s 3 in 1 Sunshimmer Bronzer is an absolute steal, and is a must-have for your beauty bag this summer. This bronzing powder can be applied to the face and body and comes in two palettes, each with three shimmering tones, for a light or intense golden tan, $8.99.

NUXE Teint eclat prodigieux. Available at Select Shoppers Drug Mart locations. This offers natural, healthy glow action with the “bare skin” effect. Result: Natural tinting to match one’s own skin complexion. Mineral powders and pigments provide even colour and ideal light reflection. Available in Golden, Natural and Tanned, $28.

THE BODY SHOP Nature’s Minerals Bronzing Powder. Available at The Body Shop. Provides a long lasting sun-kissed glow without the use of potential irritants such as binders and fragrances, and is free from traditional fillers such as talc, boron nitride and bismuth oxychloride, $18.50.

CHANEL Soleil tan de CHANEL Sheer Illuminating Fluid. Available at Holt Renfrew. Sheer, weightless liquid instantly brightens skin, evens skin tone, and adds subtle warmth. Light-reflecting pigments provide radiance and luminosity. Botanical extracts soften, smooth and moisturize. Oil free. Fragrance free, $54. POLYSHMAG.COM | 13


luxe life Photographer: Mathew Wilson Stylist: Tova McCall (Judy Inc.) Makeup Artist: Onna Chan Model: Celia from 14 | POLYSH | SUMMER 2010

Chain bracelet by French Connection UK Leather Bracelet by Designs by Naomi necklace by french connection POLYSHMAG.COM | 15


Jewelry by Designs by Naomi 16 | POLYSH | SUMMER 2010



Choker by Swarovski Long necklace by Carolee Bracelet by Expression 18 | POLYSH | SUMMER 2010



Necklace by Designs by Naomi Earrings are stylist's own 20 | POLYSH | SUMMER 2010

Bracelet by Avondayle POLYSHMAG.COM | 21


Feather necklace by Expression 22 | POLYSH | SUMMER 2010

Bracelet by Expression POLYSHMAG.COM | 23


Crown necklace by Expression Drop necklace on hand by Swarovski Ring stylist own 24 | POLYSH | SUMMER 2010


PoolSide Lux Make and entrance by the pool with the hottest styles of summer! 1





Jimmy Choo Gold aviators $255, Holt Renfrew


Sam Eldeman Black Thong Sandal $70, Stoneridge & Mendocino


Lisa Marie Fernandez black and yellow zip up one-piece Swim Suit $395, & Holt Renfrew


Jessica Kagan Cushman This bag makes me look Rich and Skinny (Canvas tote) 70$, Holt Renfrew

26 | POLYSH | SUMMER 2010

Designer Diva olive










Giuseppe Zanotti Stone Embellished Leather Sandals $595,


Old Navy halter green swim suit $29.50


Old Navy embellished leAther t stRap sandal $19.50


Nina Ricci Green Sunglasses $295, Holt Renfrew

Missoni Bikini $395, Tom Ford Sunglasses $430, Holt Renfrew





Gold Rush



Eugina Kim Craig sequined straw fedora $315,


Melissa Odabash cream and gold cutout swimsuit $340,

28 | POLYSH | SUMMER 2010


Old Navy gold flip flop 9.50

Flirty Floral 14




Versace Purple Sunglasses $239, Holt Renfrew


Jets by Jessika Allen, Floral cut out Swim Suit $215,


Giuseppe Zanotti Stone Embellished Leather Sandals $630, Davids Footwear





diva Photography: Brian Styling: Youlanda Jackson Make-up: Anna Carina Hair: Krystle Chari

30 | POLYSH | SUMMER 2010

Orange Bra, Bathing Belle Swimwear Black and Creme Skirt, Winners Designer Purple Shoes, Winners Bracelet/Ring, Lara Bohnic Necklace, H&M, Holt Renfrew Sunglasses, Chanel Designer Straw bag, Winners POLYSHMAG.COM | 31


32 | POLYSH | SUMMER 2010

Multi cultured Jacket, Winners Black/White Swimsuit, Bathing Belle Swimwear Green Necklace, Vintage Pink Necklace, H&M Pink leather fingerless glove, Stylist Own Rings, Stylists Own Designer Pink Shoes, Winners Bracelet, Vintage Retro Swimming Cap, Speedo on him White shorts , Greta Constantine Bow tie, Vintage Orange running shoes, Converse Glasses, retro super future POLYSHMAG.COM | 33


Light/Teal Dress, Winners Pewter Bikini Top, Winners Bracelets, Winners Necklace, Winners Ring, Swarovski ON HIM: White Blazer, Gala White Shorts, Greta Constantine Orange running shoes, Converse 34 | POLYSH | SUMMER 2010



White Tank, Stylists own Blue/White Stripe Swimsuit, Bathing Belle Swimwear Red Hat, Winners Necklace, Ring and Bracelets, Stylists Own ON HIM: Black Blazer Vest, Neil Allyn Blue Boxers, Calvin Klien 36 | POLYSH | SUMMER 2010

Hidden Gem Tabula Rasa Toronto’s hidden Gem: Tabula Rasa

Located at Broadview and Danforth Avenue sits a hidden haven where vintage meets vintage inspired designer clothing. With high turnaround and new shipments coming in regularly, it’s easy to find affordable, stylish clothing that you won’t see everyone else in. The store opened in April 2010 and carries brands like The Addison Story, Alternative Apparel, BB Dakota, Domino, Gentle Fawn, Left on Houston, Le Petit Beret, MINK PINK, Psalms 9:11 and Something Else. Tabula Rasa, which means “blank slate”, is your ideal one stop shop to freshen any wardrobe without the expensive price tag.

Store Hours: Tuesday-Friday 11am-7pm | Saturday: 11am-6pm | Sunday: 12-5pm | Monday: Closed Address: 745 Broadview Ave. (at Danforth Ave.) | 416-465-4450 POLYSHMAG.COM | 37

Food & Fortune

Roger Mooking, A Success in so many ways Words by: Courtney Roberts Photos by: Steve Carty Styling by: Youlanda Jackson

Can one person master two incredibly different—yet similar—crafts? For Juno award winning musician, chef and restaurateur, it’s only natural. Mooking, who descends from a lengthy line of restaurateurs, also spurs from talented jazz trio, “Bass is Base.” Join us as travel with Mooking through the business of making great food and music. ▶▷


When I first approached him about this new feature, he immediately obliged and even let us in on a creative idea he’s been going over in his head for years. “Tell me if you think this is a stretch,” he said. At that moment, I discovered two things; 1) This was going to be a challenging shoot to execute and 2) Roger Mooking doesn’t lend his name or become involved in something without being included in the creative process. It is this meticulous and careful mantra that has allowed him to plant the right seeds at the right time. Waiting for the right time is how he landed his popular cooking show, Everyday Exotic.

The Chef You infuse several cultures in your

show “Everyday Exotic” how did that come about?

About 7 years ago, I was a chef at a restaurant called, Barrio, on Queen, around the corner at that time is where the Food Network used to shoot all those shows like “Sugar” and some of the first shows that launched. Then after work, they’d be beat and they would stop by my little restaurant and have dinner. At the time I didn’t know who they were but I would always go over and say hi. I got friendly with these people and then after a while I discovered who they were. After a long period of building that relationship, they called me and told me about an idea they had for a show and although I was flattered I didn’t really believe in that idea. I told them my idea but they weren’t really interested in that. After a while they stopped calling me then I opened Kultura at King and Jarvis and the same producer ended up at the restaurant. At that time, they had changed production and she was no longer heading the Food Network. She had moved to HGTV and Slice. She put me in touch with the right people, we finally had a meeting, then two years later, “Everyday Exotic” aired.

You have such a rich cultural background, how does that influence your cooking? How you carry yourself is a reflection of your past. My grandfather came from China and moved to Trinidad; I moved to Edmonton, Alberta, where I grew up; then I came to Toronto when I was 19, and I’ve lived here ever since. So the roots of my cooking are what I

40 | POLYSH | SUMMER 2010

learned growing up. There’s Chinese, Caribbean and I was trained in classical European techniques in North America. I draw from those three specific cultures to create a broad type of food.

Do you have creative control over the recipes and every aspect of the show? I work with a great production team and we co-create the recipes together. I write all the music for the show with my partner. “We have the best food styling people and the recipes are pretty much downloaded from my brain. We test them, perfect them, and then those are the ones we use after the network approves them.”

I always wondered about cooking show—is it really ever live? “Well I don’t always know what they’re doing, so I can submit a recipe for a grilled steak but they may have just taped a show with Anthony Sedlak, who did a grilled steak last week; and from their brand perspective, they don’t want to duplicate things. So they look at things like audience response and they gauge it, and we work together. It’s a collaborative effort and at the end of the day, if I’m not comfortable cooking the stuff while I’m shooting, it’s not going to happen.”

You have such a busy schedule, how do you have time to do everything you do? It’s just like how this shoot came together, we just had an idea then told someone about it and they got excited, then another person gets excited and then you need to build a team and before you know it, in ten days you have ten people who are excited about something. Then I can step away and say “go do it.” It’s about creating teams that are excited about what you’re doing. There’s no way I could run restaurants by myself. I have great partners at each location and I trust them implicitly to support what we’re doing. On the record company side, I manage the company and if I want to make a video, I just go do it. I’ve been in the game for a while, been through the system and I find sometimes the ideas get filtered down and diluted and they get lost with the energy. So if I have a situation where I can control that energy, the final product will be good. “if I can drive the energy of it, everybody else will control the final product because they don’t want to disappoint the energy”. The key is building

teams and getting excited.

The Musician Let’s talk about your album “Soul Food” It’s my first solo record and the process was quite different because every final decision was mine. In every other situation I’ve kind of had to compromise and get somebody else’s idea in. It was a little bit daunting but I loved the final product. I brought in Chin who co produced a song and Ivana (Santili, CP records) does some amazing piano parts on the record with me, so regardless of whether it’s a solo project or not, I still had a team. I would never have been able to make that record without all of the people involved.

Was it done under a huge label or independently? I own the masters to my recordings and I own the publishing, so if anyone wants to use one of my songs for whatever purpose, they have to come to me. It’s about ownership, as opposed to a publisher using it and it ending up somewhere and I have no idea about it. At least I know where and when things are happening. It’s licensed under Warner Music Canada so they do their thing and give me all the support as a label, but I have full creative control.

RogeR Is there anything that you haven’t conquered yet? For the record, I don’t think I’ve conquered what I’m doing now. There are lots of things I can do. I look at what I do as a lifestyle. I could say look I’m creating a line of pots and pans or cutting boards and it’s not a leap. I could say I’m creating headphones and it’s not a leap but it’s a part of branding my lifestyle. Martha Stewart does it, Oprah does it. They had ideas, they motivated people and look at what they’ve created. Our only limitations are our own minds. We put these limitations on things because society follows a certain structure or our parents raised us a certain way but they’re superfluous. I think I’ve created my window under the

entertainment umbrella and there are a lot of ideas I need to bring to life.

You are an avid user of ecofriendly utensils, what are your thoughts on the environment and everything going green? We live in a world where if you’re not conscious of taking care of the planet (like the Gulf and what’s going on right now with the oil spill), then you need to be concerned because it’s very real. We are very fortunate to have things like clean tap water. I’ve been off bottled water for a while. It’s all just a matter of being conscious. I compost everything I possibly can. The raccoons are a nuisance but you have to be mindful.

You’re going to be embarking on new ventures in the U.S. and the Caribbean, what’s that about? We sold first to Discovery Asia and Travel and Living and we just sold to the Cooking Channel, so “Everyday Exotic” is now playing in the US and the Caribbean and the response has been great. It plays about 10 times per week.

What’s your favourite dish on the menu at Nyood? I love the Braised Short Ribs. Every menu has what I call, a “Big Mac.” The Big Mac will never leave McDonald’s, and the ribs will never leave Nyood.”

Your favourite appetizer, main and dessert? I love soup, which can be all three of those things. I would eat soup everyday of the week if I could.




42 | POLYSH | SUMMER 2010

“Our only limitations are our own minds. We put these limitations on things because society follows a certain structure or our parents raised us a certain way but they’re superfluous. I think I’ve created my window under the entertainment umbrella and there a lot of ideas I need to bring to life.” PM


A shoppoRtunity yoU CAn’t pAss Up! Update your closet with something new or something old and recycle those items that you don’t wear anymore. Visit, Canada’s newest FREE online market place entirely dedicated to fashion.


Talk of T.O. Let’s face it, since Drake’s success as the phenom hailing from Toronto, Canada, all the eyes of industry vets have been turned to Toronto as it has become a metropolitan of raw talent. Check out our interviews with male artists, we’ve got our eyes on. They’ve got the talent and street cred to back it up. ▶▷



By: Courtney Roberts


We first got wind of his rhymes from an avid hip hop lover who described him as the Canadian “Lupe Fiasco”. After listening to his praiseworthy mixtape titled the Chixtape, it’s easy to see why one would compare him to the talented lyricist. He has received acclamation from Big Sean – an artist signed to Kanye West’s label, G.O.O.D Music – and Grammy award winning artist Chrisette Michele, Erik Flowchild is proving that good music and raw talent will get you noticed no matter where you’re from. We all know how hard it is to make it in the Canadian music industry, which is less glamorous and superfluous than the music industry elsewhere; however for Flowchild, making it here is more important. For the Radio television and arts major, being a role model to young men and putting on for his city means more than anything. You’ve been doing music since you were a toddler, how would you describe your gift? I don’t feel like it was something that was God given, I kind of stumbled upon it. My parents weren’t necessarily into Hip hop but I kept bumping into people who would bump Biggie and Tupac and I was curious. I grew up in a household that was pretty strict so I feel like it wasn’t meant to happen but it did. They made it clear this “hip hop thing” wasn’t supposed to be for me. So how do they feel now that your music is taking off and you’re gaining more exposure? It’s funny because now my dad is actually on board but my mom is forever skeptical about the whole thing, even though she’s heard me on the radio and

46 | POLYSH | SUMMER 2010

seen the video. I’m getting cheques in the mail but for some reason she can’t believe that this is really what I want to do. I understand that because I was the kid that was really into books and into learning but above all else I love music. Big Sean heard your music and is a fan, what’s that like for you? Big Sean has created a following for himself; a lot of people in Toronto don’t really know who he is just yet but the good thing about that is that we got the opportunity to work together. I’m glad that someone who’s part of that regime, told me I was good enough to work with them. A lot of Canadian artists have to move south of the border to achieve success, do you think that’ll be the case for you? I don’t think it’s something that I’ll have to do, but I feel like it’s something that’ll happen just because of the connections that I’ve made so far. I feel like I skipped a step and my appeal has passed Toronto. I have blogs in Chicago, Detroit and New York that rep me and it’s funny because they have nothing to do with where I live. There are radio shows in Spain asking me to do drops for them and it’s weird because that sort of excitement for Erik Flowchild doesn’t happen here yet. So let’s talk about the Chixtape… The Chixtape was something that I did first in high school, which is the version that no one’s really heard. I did it because I’ve always been that guy that was interested in relationships, the opposite sex and what pushes people’s buttons. People always come to me for relationship advice for some reason

and it’s not like I’ve been the greatest in relationships. I talk about the difference between lust, like and love. I’ve got songs about crazy ex boyfriends; there’s always that guy that gets in the way of what you’re trying to do (that’s happened to me more than once). Sometimes guys mess up, girls will forgive them but yet they keep bringing it up. Those are some of the issues that I play with. What is the difference between Lust, Like and Love? “If I’m looking for action and I just happen to touch ya, I just might lust ya/ If I call again and I call you a friend, and I write ya, I just might like ya/ If I put none above ya I just might love ya” Sometimes people don’t know the difference and end up getting hurt. How did you come up with the concept for the Delivery Boy? After sending out my music and getting people’s feedback, the main critique I got was that I needed better delivery. They liked the lyrics, content, flow etc but the way I sounded on records was something that concerned important people in the industry like Djs and A&Rs. This mixtape is an attempt for me to break through the industry in a way I wasn’t able to before. If you

hear a record that I’ve done two years ago as opposed to one I’ve done now you can hear the difference. For me to say that proves I’ve learned from the critiques and there’s growth. A lot of people can’t do that.

Did you go with a theme for the delivery boy?

I tried to make it all one metaphor, so the song titles reflect the job of a delivery boy. One is called “Tip me”, then there are songs like “change please” and “knock knock”. They’re really subtle, nothing too overt. This is me now, I’m a better artist than I was before and I know that I’ve shown growth. Before it’s for anyone else, this cd is for me, it’s a way to train myself. I have a feature on this mixtape with Joe Budden. He was somebody I grew up listening to and his flow is really polished. You can feel his emotion, his aggression. Anything he wants you to feel, you’ll feel and for that reason I wanted to get him on the mixtape. I wanted to challenge myself, to go side by side with Joe Budden, that way I have no choice but to deliver. Would you say there’s a struggle right now, to do what you want to do and balance your life? I find myself not going to class so I can record or just resting because I was recording the night before. I find myself not doing assignments, which is funny because some of my professors know about the music and they have the Chixtape. I like the fact that they support me. The money is the worst thing. What are your hopes for the future? Graduating is important to me. My parents worked so hard and education is something that’s important to them and me. After this mixtape I hope to have a lot more clout or pull in Toronto. I don’t want to have to move south of the border. I’d like to revive urban culture here. It’s definitely not the same as it used to be. PM



Lincoln and the Marshin Academy

Imagine a school where the ladies man, the geek, the genius and the jock all hang out together. Now imagine them in a band making crazy music. Welcome to Lincoln Marshin Academy! Meet Lincoln (lead vocals), Marty (guitar), Gem (keyboards), Mike (Bass) and George (drums), who collectively form Lincoln and the Marshin academy. The name fits well seeing as the group started while they were in high school. Their sound can be described as a hip hop/pop, rock party much like N.E.R.D. Though their style resembles one of the most popular bands of our time, their sound is nothing short of original. At first glance, the diverse, quirky group of boys come off as nonchalant

48 | POLYSH | SUMMER 2010

and oblivious to their rising fanbase, but once on stage, they switch gears, with amplified music that encourages crowd surfing and screaming at high voltage. After weeks of trying to synchronize schedules, we finally sit down with the Marshins, who turn every event (work or play) into a laugh-fest. We shared embarrassing stories, laughed at our technical difficulties and talked about life. Welcome to LMA High. How did you guys get together? Lincoln: I went to high school with Mike and Marty and I started doing this project with a producer and we needed Marty for the drums. Next thing I knew, we were like “let’s start a band”. We hooked up with Mike

and then we auditioned Gem. Mike then introduced us to the perfect drummer—George. Who came up with the name? Jem: It just kind of fell out of the sky, we had a bunch of names written down and were so indecisive but didn’t end up using any of them. You do a great job of infusing different genres, what musicians influenced you? Marty: Metallica, Taking back Sunday, Brand new and Sinatra Gem: I had a huge gospel background, so I listen to a lot of gospel and R&B but then there’s the other side that listens to artists like Jack Johnson, Lady Gaga, she’ll always be my favourite. (I’m trying to convince them to cover one of her songs) I’m classically trained so when I see someone playing the piano, I know what background they have. Lincoln: A lot of artists influence me, it’s funny, my first concert was Tina Turner. My mom got tickets in the 6th row, I was 9 years old. When was the first time that you guys performed together? LMA: New years! It was the Hard Rock bar. What do your parents think? Jem: They like the music; I hope they don’t read into the lyrics too much because they’re really conservative. They like “Out of my mind”. Lincoln you were nominated for a Juno

this year, what was that like? Lincoln: Yea, it was great! Every headline in the newspaper said I was drunk, (laughs) too many open bars. What’s been your craziest moment so far? Jem: There was a girl crowd surfing at Freedom Fest and she was all over the place. There were so many people that she couldn’t fall. Marty: There’s a funny story behind that. They told us to show up for 10am and we get there about 15 minuts late, but sound check always runs late. At about 11:55, someone tells us we’re on in 5 min. Jem: We rush everything onto the stage and while I’m setting up, the announcer comes on and says: “Welcome to the Toronto Freedom Festival,” at this point, my piano’s not working and Jordan went to go grab his symbols, so it was our sound check and performance at the same time. Marty: It was raining that day and they had put tarps over the speakers, which they took off about halfway through our performance but it was still amazing. Jem: That was the scariest moment of my life. What was the inspiration behind your debut video: “GO”? Lincoln: I was sitting at home talking to Sean Hayes (director) and he wanted to shoot something totally different, that people hadn’t seen before. I had this girl in mind and I had just watched this movie called “Factory Girl” and a light bulb went off. Marty: It was a lot of fun.

What are your favourite songs off the new album? Lincoln: “Let me Live” Marty: “Wasted” Jem: “Out of my mind” even though it’s softer, it has a really good groove to it What’s it like to see people enjoying your music? Lincoln: I feed off of that, we work really hard and people don’t see that, they just see a party on stage. It gives us energy to keep doing what we’re doing. Who are some of the producers and people that you teamed up with? LMA: Alibi and Baby G, they pioneered almost everything we did. Is there anyone you’d like to work with in particular in the future? Lincoln: Travis from Gym Class Heroes. Marty: Pretty much whoever’s different, I want to learn from all genres. What’s next for Lincoln and the MA? Jem: We’re launching a new website soon so that’ll be cool. Lincoln: We’ve gotten to the point where we have pretty hectic schedules, but we’ll always be working on new music. PM



A-Game epitomizes success. Influenced by hip hop artists such as the Roots, Common and the Wutang Clan, Robert and Rommel, otherwise known as Nova and Chase, have indeed made their mark on the Canadian music industry. Toronto, otherwise known as the â&#x20AC;&#x153;screwface capitalâ&#x20AC;?, which they call home and their ability to achieve recognition in their hometown, forces them to constantly be on their A-Game. 50 | POLYSH | SUMMER 2010

that they have creative control over their music and are able to express themselves in the way that they want.

that they had put in. They recently won 2010 Group of the Year at the WBLK Unsigned Hype Awards. A-Game consists of dynamic Pushed to the forefront of twin rappers, who both began the Canadian music scene, taking rap seriously at age 16. A-Game has set the bar Looking up to fellow Toronto extremely high, only to set rappers such as Saukrates and it even higher with every Since the release of their first Choclair, they embarked on project that they embark single, “The World Is Yours,” their journey and began to upon. Currently under a they have A-Game has grown experiment with music and management contract with tremendously. The single create the sound that makes Capital Prophet Records (CP), received widespread attention them extremely unique. home to recording artists Previously referred Danny Fernandes to as A-Team, they and Belly, A-Game decided to change has a story that their name out of A-Game has a story that people can believe respect for another in and one that people can believe in and rap group out of gives the world one that gives the world New Jersey. At the many reasons to time, their sister many reasons to take them take them seriously. had suggested that seriously. Referring to their Referring to their they change their movement as the movement as the “Pilot” name to A-Game movement, movement, they will continue “Pilot” a sign of the talent they will continue they bring to to soar to the top of the to soar to the top the game. Often of the Canadian Canadian charts. lyrically to T.I. and charts. The name the New Boyz, this for the movement comparison sets came about after them apart from the belief that terms other musicians within our city. and was put in rotation at such as swag were outdated Toronto’s top Hip Hop and When asked to describe their and pilot will transform the R&B station, Flow 93.5. But sound, Nova describes it as power of the word. their next single “Go Head “motivational” music. They were asked to open Shawty” achieved even more But do not underestimate the 2010 Stylus DJ Awards success and quickly became Nova and Chase, as they will in Toronto, and definitely a radio and dj favourite. continue to be a force to be were showstoppers. Given the widespread reckoned with for years to As their name suggests, they attention received at home, come. Not only do they rap, are always on their A game. PM they began to penetrate the but they are also songwriters and have been instrumental in American market and received tremendous attention and the production of their music. recognition for all the work These things help to ensure POLYSHMAG.COM | 51

fall forecast Men's Fall Preview

With Fall 2010 upon us, here’s a sneak peak at the various men’s fall shows of 2010. From Milan to New York, designers showcased a wide range of familiar fall classics with new finishes and some new modern breakout trends. As retailers start to receive their new fall collections look out for the season’s main trends such as leather, capes, new takes on wool designs, and burgundy and navy/indigo hues.



alexander mcqueen


POLYSH | MENâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S FASHION

phillip lim


54 | POLYSH | SUMMER 2010

phillip lim

marc jacobs


calvin klein

neil barrett

paul smith

paul smith

william rast

roberto cavalli


yves saint laurent


rick owens

tim hamilton



men’s fashion get the look: shorts

louis vuitton



4. 6. band of outsiders


5. 2.

1. FCUK, $50

5. Hollister, $20

2. Abercrombie - $80

6. Mango, $50

3. Abercrombie, $30

7. Old Navy, $15

4. FCUK, $35

8. Old Navy, $25

56 | POLYSH | SUMMER 2010


get the look: the denim shirt


trussardi 1911



7. 8. 1. D&G


1. Abemrcrombie & Fitch, $110

5. Hollister, $30

2. Gap, $44

6. Levis, $80

3. Gap, $40

7. Mango, $35

4. H&M, $25

8. Mango, $90




So Fresh & So Clean

Step into summer everyday smelling “So Fresh and So Clean.” Here are Creative Director, Nathan G’s top 10 colognes for the season and his recommendations on scents best for day and night.


I AM King by Sean John Notes: Tangerine, Orange, Cranberry, French Berry, Kir Royal Cocktail, Water Accord, Key Lime Pie, Lemon Crème, Labdanum, Cedarwood, Vetiver, White Moss, Sandalwood.



Man by Rochas Notes: Lavender, Green Leaves, Bergamot, Cedar, Jasmine, Coffee, Sandalwood, Amber.



Chrome by Azzaro Notes: Bergamot, Bigarade, Neroli, Ginger, Ivy, Lichen, Cardamom, Mate, Rosewood, Sandalwood.



Men by Marc Jacobs Notes: Italian Bergamot, Tuscan Cypress, Cumin, Cardamom, Ginger, Fig Leaves, Rose de Mai, Cyclamen, Tonka Bean, Cedarwood, Nirvanolide Musk, Provence Fig, Indonesian Patchouli, Musk.

58 | POLYSH | SUMMER 2010


Light Blue Pour Homme by Dolce & Gabbana Notes: Sicilian Mandarin, Frozen Grapefruit Peel, Bergamot, Juniper, Rosemary, Szechuan Pepper, Rosewood, Musk Wood, Incense, Oak Moss.







Declaration by Cartier Notes: Bergamot, Bitter Orange, Birch, Oak, Moroccan Artemisia, Cardamom, Musk, Vetiver, Oak.


Le Male (summer edition) by Jean Paul Gaultier Notes: Mint, Ginseng, Ginger, Lavender, Vanilla. Aqva Pour Homme By Bvlgari Notes: Mandarin, Petit Grain, Santolina, Posidonia, Mineral Amber. 6



Intense by Issey Miyake Notes: Mandarin, Yuzu, Bergamot, Nutmeg, Saffron, Cardamom, Black Incense, Ambergris. Dior Homme By Dior Notes: Lavender, Sage, Cardamom, Iris, Cocoa Bean, Amber, Vetiver, Patchouli, Leather.





By: Courtney Roberts

On Track with Joey McColm

At 24, Joey McColm is quickly breaking records. He’s the youngest driver taking part in NASCAR Canada he is also one of the most ambitious. This year, he teams up with luxury watch retailer, Watch IT for the Canadian Tire Series which will be in Toronto July 17, 2010. For NASCAR fans, it’s not all about the driver, but the sponsors, who play a major role. Recognizing this, Joey, being as driven as he is, obtained sponsorship from a large retailer on his own accord. “I attend Ryerson University so I’m always walking past Yonge and Dundas square. WatchIT has a huge presence there and I was always looking at sunglasses and watches that I want,

“i knew that this was something i really wanted to do so we started a team and moved up the ladder.”

so I finally spoke with Darren Bondar (President of WatchIT). Their story of entrepreneurship, growth and dedication to the young Canadian, matched with mine. It couldn’t be a better fit or come at a better time.” Mccolm, hailing from Ajax, ON, began racing mini stocks at 15 years old and in 2006, he began competing at the national level. “I knew that this was something I ve: lm race liTo o C c M ey really wanted to do so we started a team o Jo h nt c ro at W a Indy nto, ON - Hond ay and moved up the ladder. This is our 4th dw July 17: Toro ee ll Sp on, AB - Rexa ay dw July 25: Edmont ee Sp year in the Canadian Tire series.” So far, ey , BC - Sun Vall Speedway ng ri July 3: Vernon ea Cl to he has raced against top Canadian names ières atoon, SK - Au t de Trois-Riv August 4: Sask s, QC - Circui re iè like Jacques Villeneuve, Andrew Ranger iv s-R oi ay Tr ort Speedw August 15: ille, ON - Mosp ve anv eu wm and Patrick Carpentier. en Bo : ll 21 Vi August uit Gilles réal, QC - Circ ont M : 29 ay Surprisingly, much of his success in st Augu Barrie Speedw : Barrie, ON Speedway 11 ’l er Int e emb id pt rs Se racing comes from the way he puts on NS - Rive eedway : Antigonish, September 18 - Kawartha Sp ON , his clothes. gh ou or : Peterb September 25 “I have a really weird ritual, I put on the WatchIT firesuit, left side first. It’s weird, but it seems to work.” PM 60 | POLYSH | SUMMER 2010

Exclusive To Mart Shoppers Drug in Canada

*Scientifically tested on 20 women


he original and arrestingly attractive creations of Toronto’s iconic fashion designer, Pam Chorley, can be found exclusively at Fashion Crimes, her Queen St. W. Boutique. Established in 1983, Fashion Crimes has been a cutting edge fixture on Queen West for 26 years. Her eponymous glam emporium overflows with spectacular one of a kind made to measure and custom designs for women of any age and size. Designed and manufactured locally, Pam’s Canadian made cocktail dresses, couture gowns, and accessories have sparkled countless exquisite weddings and brides. The boutique’s expert stylists and technical design team create a marvellous experience for Fashion Crimes’ brides, who always leave feeling like a star.

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