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The Shirt an original screenplay by Polypsyches

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FADE IN: INT. CLOTHING STORE - DAY A CLERK places FREDERIQUA (Fred), a loud pink shirt with an UGLY GREEN FAIRY on the front, on the rack surrounded by a bunch of DULL GRAY SHIRTS. The Dull Gray Shirts do not approve of Fred, but still Fred sways confidently on the rack. Customers walk through the store, browsing Dull Gray Shirts. Two shallow teenage girls, vapid TINA and insipid HEATHER, find Fred and turn their noses up. Seriously? Tina giggles.


They leave Fred hanging.

AT THE END OF THE DAY The clerk turns out the lights. Fred hangs on the rack alone, all the Dull Gray Shirts huddled together on the other side. INT.


SHIRLEY, 17, a high school senior with a chip on her shoulder, stands in front of the mirror, tries on Dull Gray Shirts and sighs. Seriously?


EXT. CLOTHING STORE - DAY Shirley browses the display case and glimpses Fred through the window. She lights up. INT. CLOTHING STORE Shirley approaches Fred, looks at him. Fred looks back. She picks Fred off the rack and smiles. CHECK-OUT Shirley puts Fred on the counter. Seriously?


The Clerk frowns.

2. Seriously. EXT.



Shirley walks into school wearing Fred, head held high. Boys and girls alike smile at her, but then whisper behind her back. INT. HIGH SCHOOL Shirley wears Fred all the way up to Heather and Tina. smile at her, but then cringe at what she's wearing. Seriously?



Shirley frowns. Heather "accidentally" spills her drink on the Ugly Green Fairy. Shirley runs away. INT.


Shirley comes into the room, looks into the mirror, tears in her eyes. Seriously?


She opens her backpack. MOMENTS LATER Shirley looks at herself in the mirror, wearing a Dull Gray Shirt. She picks up her backpack and leaves. JUDY, confident in her look, walks out of a stall wearing GEORGE, a pair of jeans showing the same Ugly Green Fairy. INT. SHIRLEY'S ROOM - NIGHT Shirley opens her backpack on her bed, takes out Fred. Ugly Green Fairy glares up at her.


She clutches Fred to her chest, briefly, then puts him into a shoe-box. The Ugly Green Fairy glares at her. She closes the box. INT. HIGH SCHOOL - DAY Shirley walks through school wearing a Dull Gray Shirt and hanging her head. She rejoins Heather and Tina at their lockers. They smile at her, poisonously.

3. INT.


Shirley sits down at a desk wearing her Dull Gray Shirt. Judy walks in wearing George. of Shirley's.

She takes the desk in front

Shirley notices the Ugly Green Fairy on Judy's pants. Seriously?!


Judy turns around to her.

Shirley looks away, embarrassed.

But once Judy looks away, Shirley smiles. INT. SHIRLEY'S ROOM - NIGHT Shirley puts the shoe-box back on the bed, opens it up. Ugly Green Fairy glares up at her. Seriously.



INT. HIGH SCHOOL - DAY Shirley, once more wearing Fred, walks in like she owns the school. She breezes right past Heather and Tina without even looking at them. Seriously?


INT. CLASSROOM - DAY Shirley sits at her desk, waiting. Judy walks in, sees Shirley wearing Fred, and smiles. Seriously?


Fred smiles. George smiles. Seriously. FADE OUT.


The Shirt  
The Shirt  

Fred is a loud, pink shirt adorned with an ugly green fairy, in a world that's enamored of dull gray shirts. All Fred needs, though, is one...