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Saskia’s Bedroom A Short Play by Polypsyches

Dramatis Personae Saskia Dave Saskia’s Father SASKIA and DAVE are asleep in bed. Bits and pieces of their clothes are strewn around. Both are scantily clad, at best, under the covers. The door next to the bed opens a crack and then closes quickly. SASKIA wakes up at the sound. She looks around groggily and realizes with a shock whom she is waking up next to. She mutters something to herself about it and then she takes a suspicious look under the covers. She gathers up the rest of her clothes and heads for the bathroom, casting a couple of guilty glances at Dave. A moment later, we hear the distinct sound of a shower going and DAVE wakes up. He starts to panic and falls off the bed. He scrambles for a moment, struggling with the covers. He stands up quite suddenly and bangs his head against a lamp. Then he turns towards the noise coming from the next room and at that moment, the shower shuts off. DAVE looks around for something to defend himself with and picks up the lamp that was sitting on the night-stand. He holds it in his hand, ready to strike at whatever comes through the door. Finally, SASKIA emerges, and DAVE threatens to beat her with the lampshade, and she lets out a dull shriek. He stops, looking at her in confused adoration. DAVE Saskia? Saskia’s FATHER’s voice comes from the other side of the door. FATHER Saskia? SASKIA, panic-stricken, looks at DAVE, who just looks confused. SASKIA Quick! She urges him quickly to hide behind the door, out of sight from her father, and opens the door only slightly.


SASKIA Yes, daddy? FATHER Something wrong? I thought I heard a shout. SASKIA Oh, it was nothing, I just… I thought I saw a mouse on the floor, but it… yeah… false alarm. FATHER Right. (picks up Dave’s shirt) What’s that? SASKIA Oh—that. Never mind that. It’s nothing. I just like baggy clothes. FATHER Since when? SASKIA So, what’s up, daddy? FATHER Well, uh… if you’re feeling hungry, we’ve got Spaghetti for you downstairs. SASKIA Spaghetti for breakfast? FATHER Lunch. It’s twelve-thirty, Saskia. SASKIA It’s huh? FATHER That must have been some wild party last night, hunh? SASKIA Yeah. It really was. FATHER Did you have fun with Thierry? Or should I ask?


SASKIA Daddy! FATHER Well, in any case, you can just come down whenever you’re ready. SASKIA: I will. Thanks. SASKIA closes the door and rests against it, letting out a sigh of relief. DAVE May I ask— SASKIA Oh, dear God. DAVE Sorry. SASKIA It’s OK. Awkward moment. DAVE Gosh, we really slept late, hunh? SASKIA Speak for yourself. I’m all showered and ready for the day. DAVE Um… Saskia? SASKIA Yes, Dave? DAVE How did I get here? SASKIA Don’t you remember?


DAVE No. I hardly remember anything about last night. I remember Annelies dragging me to that party, and I remember a lot of noise and all this stuff moving around on the dancefloor, like snakes on the ground. SASKIA It wasn’t snakes on the dance-floor, Dave, those were people. DAVE Well, yeah, I know that, but just—Never mind. SASKIA You should get your… clothes on. DAVE Oh, right. SASKIA My dad could be up any minute. He’s one of those… He doesn’t like boys. DAVE Right. But Saskia? SASKIA Yes, Dave? DAVE There is one thing I remember. SASKIA Yes? DAVE Thierry. SASKIA What about him? DAVE Thierry ran into me and offered me a drink. I said no, at first. But in the end, he won me over and I took it. And then another. And another.


SASKIA And he got you drunk? DAVE Yeah… yeah, you could put it that way. SASKIA Yeah, well, that’s how I put it. That’s the state you were in when I found you there. You were outside. You were holding onto the wall and you looked like you were about to go home on foot, even though you were so drunk you could hardly stand up— DAVE Yes, that was what I intended. SASKIA Oh, like you intended for Thierry to get you drunk like that? DAVE No, I mean, I… I intended to go home on foot. I was— SASKIA Ah, so you do remember? DAVE No,… no, not as such. But I can imagine that was what I would do. SASKIA Well, that’s how I found you. DAVE And then? SASKIA Don’t you remember anything about last night? DAVE Well, isn’t that what I just said? SASKIA Yeah, but after the party. DAVE No… no, I really don’t.


SASKIA Oh. Well… I brought you here, ‘cause I thought that was the best thing to do. I thought you were way too drunk to go all the way home all by yourself. And I live a hell of a lot closer, so… DAVE That was very nice of you. SASKIA Don’t mention it. I was leaving anyway, or else I wouldn’t have bothered. DAVE Why didn’t you just look for Annelies to take me away? She would have. SASKIA Annelies? Please. She was long gone. She was all over that guy, Devon. Jeffrey’s cousin? She couldn’t have helped you at all. Why do you always have to depend on other people, anyway? I mean, can’t you take care of yourself? DAVE Well no… Because… ‘cause… SASKIA Never mind. Forget it. DAVE So what then? SASKIA So what when? DAVE After you brought me here? SASKIA You really don’t remember anything about yesterday? DAVE No, I really don’t.


SASKIA Well,… we came here and… I helped you out of… most… of your clothes, and… whatever… and then you fell asleep. DAVE So nothing, like… happened? SASKIA Oh, sure, like I’d let anything happen with you. Don’t flatter yourself. Why do you always have to imagine things that aren’t there? Me? I slept on the floor, and with all my clothes on, thank you very much. DAVE You don’t have to be mean about it. I was just wondering. I had a feeling… like a phantom of a thought, of a memory. SASKIA Well, forget it. Nothing happened. And nothing will happen. In a minute, I’m going to go downstairs and distract my parents and while they aren’t looking, you’re going to go through the side-door so that the neighbors won’t see you. OK? DAVE Why so secretive, if nothing happened? SASKIA Why? Why? Didn’t I just tell you about my parents? They will kill you if they find you here. And then? Then they’ll come for me. DAVE Well, then why did you bring me back here? SASKIA Would you rather I left you to wander the streets? DAVE It’s just… I didn’t think you cared. SASKIA You know what, fine. Next time I’ll just leave you out in the cold. How ‘bout that? DAVE I see your point. Thank you. (pause) But what will Thierry think?


Silence. DAVE Saskia? SASKIA I don’t care. DAVE You don’t care what your boyfriend will think about you taking another man home with you— SASKIA Man, pf! DAVE Another boy, then, home with you? SASKIA I told you, nothing happened! DAVE (sincere) Of course. Sure… Sorry. SASKIA It’s OK. There is another knock at the door. SASKIA Shit, it’s my father again. FATHER Saskia? SASKIA I’m not quite decent, Daddy, hold on. This time, SASKIA hides DAVE behind the bed, where her father won’t see him. Then she opens the door. Her FATHER is behind it again. FATHER Is something wrong? I thought I heard voices.


SASKIA No, nothing’s wrong. I was just talking to myself. You know me. FATHER Of course. Well, uh… we’re still waiting for you downstairs, just thought I’d… Saskia, could I talk to you for a moment? SASKIA Um… FATHER I mean, I don’t want to keep you from your— SASKIA No, no, that’s fine. FATHER I just wanted to make sure that you know that we’re here for you, your mother and I. We support you. We love you. And if there’s anything you need to tell us, anything you think we ought to know… SASKIA Oh, of course. I would… tell you. FATHER Right. Of course. SASKIA Of course. FATHER Right. Well, I’m glad we had this talk. I’ll see you downstairs in a minute. SASKIA All right. Thanks, daddy. Exit FATHER. DAVE peeps his head up from behind the bed. DAVE You know, he really doesn’t seem—


SASKIA Jesus Christ, stop doing that to me! DAVE Sorry. SASKIA It’s OK. DAVE It’s just… Your dad doesn’t seem all that scary. SASKIA Trust me. I know him a lot better than you do. You do not want him to know that a boy spent the night here, not anymore than you’d want Thierry to know. OK? DAVE Whatever you say. (beat) There’s something weird about this day. Do you feel it? SASKIA I don’t know what you’re talking about. DAVE I don’t know. It’s hard to explain. It’s like there’s something… ominous in the air. Only not ominous like towards the future, more of, like, some echo of something that happened in the past. Some memory. Everything feels so… different now. Changed. Smaller, and yet… bigger at the same time. SASKIA Are you about ready to leave? DAVE Are you sure nothing happened last night? SASKIA Of course I’m sure! Do you really think I was that drunk? I got you here, didn’t I? Yes, I am sure that nothing happened. DAVE I believe you. I’m sorry if I’ve… offended you or anything. SASKIA It’s OK.


DAVE It’s just… I’ve never understood why you’re so… uncaring, so indifferent towards me. So cold. What did I ever do to— SASKIA Indifferent? I just saved your ass. If it hadn’t been for me, you would have walked home. You would have been walking all night and in the state you were in—who knows what could have happened? Indifferent my ass! DAVE I’m sorry. SASKIA Stop apologizing! God, you’re such a push-over. DAVE I’m… (awkward pause) It’s just… that’s what I’m saying. I’m… I’m confused. You confuse me. I don’t know quite what to do with you. You’ve always… well, not always, but the last few years, it’s seemed to me you were trying your best to completely ignore me, to pretend that I didn’t exist. And now… this. Whatever “this” is. Or isn’t. I just… I don’t know what to make of it. I don’t know how you feel. SASKIA And you never will. Because no one can ever know what anyone else is feeling. Ever. DAVE I guess that’s true. But just… SASKIA What? DAVE Do you remember that night? SASKIA What night? DAVE Back in second. FATHER (from off-stage) Saskia?


SASKIA I’m coming, daddy. (to Dave) We really have to get you out of here. DAVE But do you remember? SASKIA Remember what, Dave? What night in second? What are you talking about? DAVE We danced. We danced, Saskia. SASKIA What? When? FATHER (off-stage) Saskia! SASKIA Dave, he’ll hear us. DAVE At the… on the ski-trip. Don’t you remember? In the lodge? SASKIA Dave, what are you talking about? DAVE But we… we danced… don’t you remember? SASKIA I don’t know what you’re talking about. DAVE I guess it’s true, then. SASKIA What? DAVE You can never know what anyone else is thinking. Or feeling. Ever.


FATHER (off-stage) Saskia, I don’t want to rush you or anything… SASKIA Are you about ready to go? DAVE Well… yeah. SASKIA All right, then, let’s go. Wait for my signal. They go about leaving cautiously. SASKIA takes a few breaths at the door and opens it. SASKIA (out the door) I’m coming. I’m coming. I’m coming. DAVE hesitates. SASKIA Come on. Reluctantly, DAVE follows her out.

Saskia's Bedroom  
Saskia's Bedroom  

What would you do if you woke up in the bed of the girl you'd had a crush on for years, not knowing how you got there? If she told you nothi...