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Q. How do you compare co-extrusion with related processing techniques? Product performance or source reduction...which is the stronger business driver for you? Co-extrusion is the method to combine layers of different materials. It is possible

to combine many polymer layers with specific properties that will bring unique

benefits to fit the application, all in one step. Competing technologies usually involve multiple fabrication steps, for example laminations. Co-extrusion brings the advantage of productivity efficiency, the ability to create relatively intricate structures and the ability to optimise individual layer ratios and polymer selections.

Cloeren has been very strong in co-extrusion technology with the ability to tightly control individual layer thickness, bring flexibility for structure constructions, all at high production rates.

Alicia Cloeren, Director of Business Development Cloeren Incorporated, USA


POLYMERS Communiqué l June - July 2016

POLYMERS Communiqué June - July 2016  
POLYMERS Communiqué June - July 2016