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Blue Panther Announces Small Games Design Contest for Summer 2010 “Great Games Come In Small Packages” Blue Panther is introducing a new series of small games – these games come in small packages, and are designed to be played in 30 minutes or less. The first game in the series will be from the winner of this conest! Unlike some competitions, there are definite size and component challenges here. They are:


4. 5. 6.


1. The game must use at least one die (normal or custom engraved) 2. The game must use at least one set of cards (30 card minimum, 60 card maximum). Cards can be any size or shape up to 3.5 x 2.5 inches in size. (8.9 cm x 6.4 cm) The game must fit inside the same dimensions as our “Card Tower” product. That is, ALL components must fit inside a box the size of 3.5” x 2.5” x 1.375” (8.9cm x 6.4cm

Blue Panther Announces Small Games Design Contest for Summer 2010_____________________________ 1 GR Preorder program to help retailers_____________ 2 July 2010 News from Flying Buffalo_______________ 3 Classic Moorcock RPGs at Drivethru_ ____________ 4 There Be MONSTRES In The DUNGEON!_ _______ 5 News from Avalanche Press_ ___________________ 6 More Guests and Exhibitors for Fan Expo 2010______ 7 Sixth Anniversary Sale and Other News_ __________ 8 BP series of products exclusively at _8 Sign up for the FREE eSeminar on 20th July: Importing video and using video control buttons_____________ 9 CanCon: The Conference for Canadian Speculative Arts and Literature_______________________________ 9 Tips from AstroPrinting.com_ _________________ 10

x 3.5cm) Game must be played in 30 minutes or less Game can be on any theme (except mature themes) You can use a d d i t i o n a l components to cards and dice (e.g. tokens, pawns, etc) All entries should be sent in PDF format, including a copy of the rules, diagrams/illustrations of components, examples of play etc. All entries should be sent in English via email only. Continued on next page

Newest Featured Reviews from DriveThruRPG.com_ 12 McKenzie Files_____________________________ 16 Printing and Design Tips from Printing Industry Exchange_________________________________ 17 Tips from About.com________________________ 18 Stan Lee Headlines Arcana’s SDCC Plans!_________ 19 0one News, July 2010_________________________ 21 Prolific Writer’s Techno Thriller Envisions Future Europe___________________________________ 22 Bits and Pieces from Mongoose Publishing________ 23 Federation Commander Miniatures_ ____________ 24 Out This Week - Sex, Dice and Gamer Chicks!_ ____ 25 Savage Mojo Presents Noir Knights Release Month__ 26 2010 ENnie Award Nominees_ _________________ 27 Dark Sword Miniatures News – 6 new greens posted_ 29

IPG releases “Knock Down, Drag Out”___________ 30 Gorilla Games to Release “Lifeboat” 3rd Ed in August _31 News from Forge World______________________ 32 Margaret Weis Productions announces their new Preferred Retailer Program! ___________________ 33 2 Live Betas: Race the World & Fight for Honor!____ 34 Robot Entertainment Developing PC RTS Spartan for Microsoft Game Studios______________________ 35 Open meeting at Casual Connect AND Openings for Steering Committee Members__________________ 35 Tech news from ZDNet_ _____________________ 36 DJ Hero Sells 1.2M Units Despite Early Sales Concerns_37 News from GameIndustry.com_________________ 38 Legal notice regarding the content of Polyglot™_ ___ 40

A free publication by Polymancer® Studios, Inc.. 20 Weredale Park, Westmount QC, H3Z 1Y6 CANADA (514) 667-1585 (Canada) • Skype: Polymancer • Twitter: Polymancer,


P o l y g l o t Do not send physical prototypes. They will be discarded and not returned after the contest ends. Blue Panther does not sign non-disclosure agreements. Please do not submit any designs that are currently being offered to any other game publisher or designs that have either been published or self-published in the past. You must own the copyright to the work in order to submit it to Blue Panther. This contest is global in scope – any entrant from any country will be given equal consideration.

Continued from previous page An example of a game that would fit in this format is a resizing of the BP game Duck Duck Boom. 30 cards, 2 custom dice, 30 small tokens and a one page rulebook folded to fit into the box. Entries should be sent to SmallGameContest@ Deadline is August 10th, 2010. Blue Panther will choose the contest winners by August 31, 2010. First place winner will get their game published by Blue Panther in 2011. If there’s more than one great design, there will be more than one first place winner. Second place winner will receive a free BP standard $50 prototype package for any of their game designs.

Good Luck! Blue Panther LLC, founded in 2006, is a publisher of games, dice towers and game accessories. Blue Panther provides game prototype and short run production services. Check out our products and services at

GR Preorder program to help retailers At Green Ronin we have always valued our partners in the retail and distribution tiers. We love good game stores and we want to see them thrive in the new millennium. To that end we are launching GR Pre-Order Plus, a new program for retailers. This will allow gamers to pre-order our new products through their local game stores and receive the same special deals on PDFs that we offer in our online store.

ordered for a reduced cost (typically $5) using the code. The Green Ronin online store will offer the exact same terms (pre-order the book, get the PDF for cheap). This will allow customers to pre-order at their local stores and get the same deal as those who purchase direct from Green Ronin. To sign up for GR Pre-Order Plus, simply send an e-mail with your store’s information (name, location, web site, preferred e-mail) to Let us know if you’d like to be listed in our website’s retail locator; we can show you how to set that up, as well as list you as a member of the program. You’ll get 10 codes to start but if you use them all, simply e-mail again and we’ll send you more. The first release using the program will be the highly anticipated DC Adventures RPG. We want to start it off with a bang and DC Adventures will do just that.

Program Details GR Pre-Order Plus is open to confirmed brick and mortar retail stores. Members will be notified when one of our products is ready for pre-order and each will receive a batch of unique codes via e-mail. When a customer pre-orders the product through a member store, the staff need simply pass a code to the purchaser in any way they prefer (e-mail, business card, slip of paper, etc.). The purchaser can then go to the Green Ronin online store and buy the PDF of the product they just pre-

Bill Bodden Sales Manager, Green Ronin Publishing


P o l y g l o t July 2010 News from Flying Buffalo Just had my traditional dinner with family and friends at Monti’s La Casa Vieja (a memorable old steakhouse) and then sat in their parking lot and watched fireworks over the Tempe Town Lake sunday. It was a lovely way to celebrate the 4th. I hope you all had a great holiday also.

Also Ken St Andre will be there as a guest of honor. He'll be running T&T games. And of course after that will be our convention here in Scottsdale July 22-25. (see below) And after that will be Gencon.

Rick Loomis NUCLEAR WAR CARD GAME: It has been out of stock since the first of the year, unfortunately. Well, we will have it available again by the end of July. (Hopefully in time for our Party on July 22nd). I will definitely have it available by Gencon. If you have been waiting for it to come back in print so you can order all four games (Nuclear War, Nuclear Escalation, Nuclear Proliferation, Weapons of Mass Destruction) go check out our web page specials at The two new Hobby Japan Queens Gate books are now available. They are: Katja (from the Qwaser of Stigmata) and Junko Hattori (from Demon King Daimao). You can see pictures of them at Hobby Japan has printed four of the popular Queens Blade books in English. Now you don’t need the translation to play the game. Any two of these books can fight a duel, or any one can fight a duel with any Lost Worlds book. See them at If you think you might order them, take a look at the regular Queen’s Blade page - I've lowered a couple of prices. And remember, if you order at least two Queen’s Blade books at the same time, you can request a FREE copy of either the Skeleton or the Man in Chain with Sword and Shield. Origins Poker Deck: the 2010 version is here. We are honoring the four Game Designers Workshop guys (Frank Chadwick, Loren Wiseman, Marc Miller, and Rich Banner) as the four kings. Take a look at http://www.flyingbuffalo. com/pokerdeck.htm and you'll see some sample cards. You can order the deck now. It comes with either a black back or orange back. You can also order the 2009 and 2008 decks from that web page. Yes, Decision Dice. Use this die to determine who will play first in whatever game you are about to play. These were officially released at Origins. I think they are pretty cool. They come in 6 different colors dice.htm The next convention I will be attending is Randomcon this coming weekend in Mesa Arizona. If you come, drop by my table and ask me for a free gift. I'm planning to run some Nuclear War and Lost Worlds games.

Stuff I told you about last time: You can now follow me on Twitter as Buffalorick. I don’t “tweet” very often, but I try to be interesting! Facebook: we are a small company, and can’t afford a lot of advertising or promotion. I go to a lot of conventions to promote our products, but facebook and the internet provide a great opportunity. If you like our products, please “friend” me there, and find the “Flying Buffalo” page and the “Decision Dice” page and the “Nuclear War” page and the “Pizza Dice” page and the “Lost Worlds” page and “like” them. I plan to also put up a “Tunnels & Trolls RPG” page and probably others. Thanks! You can find the official Flying Buffalo page at and my personal page at 2010 is Flying Buffalo’s 40th Anniversary. In celebration, we have created a special limited edition anniversary t-shirt. You can see it at http://www.flyingbuffalo. com/t-shirt.htm It is a tan shirt with black printing. It is $14.95 plus the usual shipping charge. And if you wear one of these shirts and visit our booth/table at any game convention, I will give you a free 6-sider die. During 2010 I am also offering a bargain special on two of my play by mail/email games. See http://www.flyingbuffalo. com/pbmnews.htm for details on how you can play Starweb for less than 1/4 the usual price. The third annual T&T convention and the 38th annual Flying Buffalo PBM convention is going to be July 22-25, 2010. Probably at the Holiday Inn in Scottsdale. Note that this will be Flying Buffalo’s 40th Anniversary, so we are going to try to make it special. If you have ever attended one of our conventions before, please consider attending this year. If you've come before, I'll give you a special award of some kind! More details at Rick Flying Buffalo Inc PO Box 8467, Scottsdale, AZ 85252


P o l y g l o t Classic Moorcock RPGs at Drivethru Mongoose Publishing is happy to announce an agreement with Chaosium to publish classic Michael Moorcock RPG materials as PDFs on Drivethru. You can find them under ‘Classic Moorcock’ at; There are lots of classic books now available again, such as Atlas of the Young Kingdoms, Stormbringer, The Shattered Isle and much more. Whether you are a player of the older games or looking for more source material for Mongoose’s own forthcoming and updated Elric of Melniboné (due for release next month), you can bag some handy bargains that are bound to enthrall any Moorcock fan. Matthew Sprange Mongoose Publishing Tel: +44 (0)1793 434488 Fax:+44 (0)1793 497999 Mob: +44 (0)7891 624298


P o l y g l o t News from Avalanche Press New Releases and a Special Deal

you want one for free, don’t add it to your cart. Just type the title in the Comments section that appears after you click “Check Out."

For the rest of this summer – and hopefully beyond – we'll be releasing a new product every week. From add-on map sets through new boxed games, new stuff is on its way to your gaming table. Panzer Grenadier: Hopeless But Not Serious is the latest, officially becoming available at the end of last week. At $24.99, it’s a great value with 16 scenarios and two full sheets of new playing pieces. Like Iron Wolves, DAK ‘44 and Polish Steel, it’s available solely from us. Late this week we'll start shipping another, probably either Panzer Grenadier: Iron Wolves or Panzer Grenadier: Workers & Peasants. You can order these or any of the other new supplements now readying for shipment (DAK'44, Polish Steel, Black SS) now, and make use of our flat-rate shipping charge and Buy Two, Get a Third Free offer. With those six items, several Games in the Book, a pair of reprints and a couple of boxed games, we should be able to keep this one-perweek pace up past summer’s end. After that? It depends on what we get done this summer, but it’s certainly a goal we hope to reach.

Boxless Bismarck

We don’t have boxes, but we have plenty of other parts, so we’re offering Second World War at Sea: Bismarck in a special boxless edition for just $40. We’ll bring it back in a boxed edition eventually, but it’s in line behind many other new games. Pick it up now – Buy Two, Get a Third FREE is in effect! Red God of War It’s time to say goodbye to this wargame of the 1942 Soviet counteroffensive at Rzhev in front of Moscow. Until Aug. 11 we’ll be selling the remaining copies of Red God of War at $10 apiece (originally $29.99), then they feed the flames and we say goodbye. Bomb Alley Passes It’s one of our best-selling games ever, but the stockpile of parts is just about exhausted. We can put together a handful of copies without a box, but after that, everything would need to be reprinted and we have too many other projects in the works for that to happen in the next couple of years. So pick up Bomb Alley while you still can for just $49.99.

Bomb Alley Passes It’s one of our best-selling games ever, but the stockpile of parts is just about exhausted. We can put together a handful of copies without a box, but after that, everything would need to be reprinted and we have too many other projects in the works for that to happen in the next couple of years. So pick up Bomb Alley while you still can for just $49.99.

Buy Two, Get a Third Free When you place an order for two games, you can have one more for free. The free item must have a retail price equal to or less than that of the lowest-priced item in your order. Write in the product you want for free in the “Comments” section of the order form, and we’ll add it to your shipment. It’s not an automatic function of the webstore: If you order three items, it’s going to charge you for three items. If you want one for free, don’t add it to your cart. Just type the title in the Comments section that appears after you click “Check Out.” Visit us soon at

Buy Two, Get a Third Free When you place an order for two games, you can have one more for free. The free item must have a retail price equal to or less than that of the lowest-priced item in your order. Write in the product you want for free in the “Comments” section of the order form, and we'll add it to your shipment. It’s not an automatic function of the webstore: If you order three items, it’s going to charge you for three items. If


P o l y g l o t More Guests and Exhibitors Announced for Fan Expo 2010 MORE GUESTS We are proud to announce this year’s Hollywood Icon, Academy Award winner, ERNEST BORGNINE! Also recently added, MICHELLE FORBES star of True Blood and star of The Punisher, THOMAS JANE plus many more! Check out all the guest updates here!

DC COMICS IS BACK DC returns to FAN EXPO CANADA™, BIGGER & BETTER than before! More freebies, giveaways, panels and of course many appearances by your favorite comic book creators. Check it out! ARCHIE COMICS Riverdale comes North as FAN EXPO CANADA™ welcomes ARCHIE COMICS as a featured exhibitor for the first time! Check it out!

For more information


P o l y g l o t Sixth Anniversary Sale and Other News Sixth Anniversary Sale Greetings! This week Tabletop Adventures is celebrating our sixth anniversary, and we invite you to celebrate with us. From now through Wednesday, July 21, all Tabletop Adventures electronic products are on sale at 15% off. This includes our fantasy, modern, and sci-fi terrain descriptions; fantasy magic items and NPCs; futuristic space Destinations; Against the Darkness, our own Vatican horror roleplaying game; and our line of unique “on the fly” naming products, the Deck O’ Names.

One Page Dungeon Codex 2009 – Print Project! One special project available through Tabletop Adventures is The One Page Dungeon Codex, 2009 – Deluxe. This useful free product contains the top dungeons from 2009’s One Page Dungeon Contest. Right now, for a very limited time, you can get this as a full-color printed product. To learn about the possibilities, see the front page of our web site at http://www. Tabletop Adventures at GenCon 2010 Last but not least, we are pleased to say that Tabletop Adventures will be having a booth at GenCon, which is currently scheduled to be booth #530. We will be sharing the booth with Expeditious Retreat Press, making it the one place at GenCon that you can get a copy of their new game, Sorcery and Super Science! We will also be hosting products from Black Blade Publishing, Three Sages Games, and Windmill Games. Our booth will be stuffed full of roleplaying goodness, including support for any edition of the world’s most popular fantasy roleplaying game as well as games and supplements for other genres, GM aids and tools, and even board games. Tabletop Adventures – Whatever you play, we’ve got your back.

Get the BP series of products now exclusively at The all new soon to be unemployed BP CEO Tony Hayward INACTION Figure we can him “The Wanker” now on sale for 34.95. And an all new product category for is our new custom snow globe capabilities. We decided to launch this new line with the introduction of the NEW BP Polluted ocean globe. Shake this snow globe and it rains black snow. A must have Christmas gift for only 34.95 Once again all products made at are hand molded, painted and assembled in the USA.


P o l y g l o t Sign up for the FREE eSeminar on 20th July: Importing video and using video control buttons Did you know that you can use videos within your Flash® projects? Join this eSeminar to learn more about importing and handling videos within QuarkXPress 8 interactive layouts. Use pre-designed video skins and control buttons to customize the look and feel of videos. Find out more about the different types of videos that can be imported into your Flash projects. Learn how to export the videos so that they play successfully on your computer, within a presentation or on a Web site. Register now for one of the July sessions. Places are limited, so don’t miss out on this free training!

™ Session 2: 11 am EDT

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Importing video and using video control buttons, July 20th 2010

Jutta Stienen Senior Campaign Manager

Session 1: 8am PDT

9am MDT 10am CDT Register now!


11am EDT

CanCon: The Conference for Canadian Speculative Arts and Literature CanCon: The Conference for Canadian Speculative Arts and Literature in Ottawa, Canada, August 20-22. More info:


P o l y g l o t Tips from 10 Ways to Create the Wrong Brochure To be successful, a brochure needs to be produced with a precise objective and a target reader in mind. It’s best to create the least elaborate brochure likely to achieve its objectives. Deciding on Your Purpose Brochures fall into two broad categories — those that introduce a new product or service to a likely customer and those that turn an already interested customer into a buyer.

Using Color Full color is more costly but is justified if the product or service you are offering needs color to show its features. For example, a wallpaper brochure or a brochure of knitwear would not work effectively in anything other than full color. Another reason for using full color may be to compete headon with a rival’s color brochure. Using two or even three colors is a cheaper alternative to full color and can be quite effective, especially if part of the brochure is printed in a screened color that lightens the tone and gives the effect of another color. A limited use of color can look more sophisticated than bold colors. You might also consider using full color in only part of a brochure, or you might try using colored paper — although that is quite tricky to do well. 10 Ways to Create the Wrong Brochure 1. Being concerned with the looks, but forgetting the sales objective. 2. Giving the printer poor artwork, but expecting excellent results. 3. Forgetting to emphasize the unique selling proposition of your business. 4. Omitting (or hiding) prices if they are critical to the reader’s decision-making. 5. Printing too many brochures with details that date too quickly. 6. Giving insufficient thought to how the brochure should best be distributed. 7. Using text on the brochure that is too small to read easily. 8. Including poor-quality or inappropriate illustrations. 9. Allowing a fussy or complex design to distract from the key selling message. 10. Forgetting to monitor the response (as with any other type of advertising). See more great ideas like this! Click here to visit the Astro Printing Ideas Collection. Year-Round Promotions Because many companies focus their marketing on Thanksgiving and Christmas sales, it is easy to feel bombarded with marketing overload during the holidays. Here are a few examples of how to use creative promotions to grab your customers’ attention and boost sales year round: •  Happy Birthday! Take advantage of every opportunity you have to celebrate, whether it is your company’s birthday or your customers’ individual birthdays. Don’t have this information? Request it by creating a “birthday club” offering special discounts, promotions, or a


P o l y g l o t free gift on customer birthdays. This is also a great way to build and update your customer database. •  Ground Hog’s Day. While Valentine’s Day is typically the feature push during February, you can get a jump start by promoting a more light-hearted holiday. For example, a fireplace business could offer a discount promo to help customers stay warm during six more weeks of winter. •  Earth Day. You don’t need one particular holiday to show interest in the environment. Does your company take every opportunity to print on recycled materials, use energy-efficient appliances, install solar panels for energy, etc? If so, toot your own horn and look for creative ways to reward customers who do likewise. •  Cold weather fun. If you live in the Midwest, it may be fun to offer a promotion around the weather during the blissful month of January. For example, if yesterday’s high was 15 degrees, customers would receive a 15% discount on all purchases. Be clear up front if exclusions apply. •  Choose a quarterly way to highlight a target demographic. For example, seniors receive a free piece of pie with $5 purchase in April. College students receive a free pitcher of their favorite beverage with a large pizza in October. Families receive a 15% water park admission discount for groups of four or more in August. •  Help your community with goodwill promotions. Offer discount coupons or free gifts with donation of a non-perishable food item, gently used clothes, or blood bank donations. Many people forget that non-profit organizations need donations and support year round. •  Other ideas… Has your spring sprung? Overhead door companies could offer a discounted garage door replacement to promote the kick-off of spring. Enjoying the dog days of summer? A doggy-doo cleanup company can help you relax by offering summer promotions to clean up your yard.

If you’d like help creating marketing materials to advertise your low-cost, high return promotions, give us a call today! We’re full of unique print ideas to increase sales year-round. Employee Training Materials It’s no surprise that well-trained, productive employees are the key to business success. Whether you are creating an employee handbook or various training materials, here are a few tips to consider: •  Think of employee training as an investment rather than an expense. While training can be costly up front, it’s a long-term investment in the growth and development of your employee team. •  Consider making continuing education the responsibility of one person in the department, who updates all training materials and staff members on current policies, procedures, and the technology relevant to the department. •  A well-written employee training manual ensures that every employee receives the same information about the rules of the workplace, your employees will know what you expect from them (and what they can expect from you), and you’ll buy yourself valuable legal protection if an employee later challenges you in court. •  Create quality printed training materials, since they become valuable resources for trainees to refer to again and again once training is over. For example, if you are training an employee on an important piece of equipment, incorporate visual images that illustrate functions, examples, and example how-tos. •  Consider organizing your training materials in a three-ring binder with easily identifiable tab dividers to make it easier to update and organize information. •  Keep the reader in mind and avoid corporate terminology. •  Provide blank pages or white space for employee notes. •  If there are policy or procedure changes, consider distributing a brief information sheet (or training alert) and ask employees to update their training binder. Offer follow-up training if there are any questions regarding the change. •  To ensure your training materials are read, consider testing trainees and offer rewards for top performing employees. •  While a well developed training manual promotes consistency and ensures that important details are addressed, remember that a training manual should not replace a human trainer. It is simply a tool to assist both the trainer and trainee. Considering your company will only be as successful as the people you work with, you can rest assured we can help you reach your goals when you trust your printing projects with us.


P o l y g l o t Newest Featured Reviews from Like all installments in the Blackdirge’s Bargain Bestiary series, “Creepy Critters: Baleful Bugs” provides DMs (of D&D 4e) with a handful of well-conceive d and wellcrafted creatures. Players in my home campaign should not be surprised if they find themselves confronted by one or more of these creatures in the near future. The stat blocks for these creatures seem entirely appropriate and innovative, although the puppeteer spider’s webbed marionette power, effect 1, violates (intentionally, I presume) a well-established principle in D&D 4e regarding forced movement, and I probably wouldn’t use it as written. The creatures range from level 3 to level 12, so you could find something here to challenge groups from the low heroic to the low paragon tiers. Even though each creature is presented on one page with an illustration and a full stat block, enough flavor or lore text accompanies the crunch to help DMs incorporate the new creatures smoothly into a D&D 4e setting. I could wish, however, for less repetition in the flavor text. For example, one result in the scourgetail scorpion lore table reveals that “troglodytes actually enjoy [the] vinegary stench” given off by this creature, and the short paragraph under the “Encounter Groups” heading repeats this information in almost exactly the same words. Having been told this in the lore section, readers don’t need to hear it again in the encounter groups section. Most of the creature writeups in “Baleful Bugs” exhibit this sort of repetition in the “fluff,” and readers may wish those precious sentences had been used to convey new information about the creatures rather than to repeat information already given. Blackdirge’s Bargain Bestiaries: Creepy Critters – Baleful Bugs by Blackdirge Publishing product_info.php?products_ id=76169&it=1&SRC=polyglot Price: $1.49 Rating: 4 out of 5 stars (from Christopher Heard)

The Horror Game by Davis Ray Sickmon, Jr product_info.php?products_ id=81819&it=1&SRC=polyglot Price: $7.00 Rating: 4 out of 5 stars (from NB Neil)

The Horror Game is a great “rules light” horror game focused on quickly creating characters, monsters, and scenarios with enough flexibility to build a wide variety of situations. With the system you can probably replicate just about any of your favorite horror movies in under an hour. It’s a fast read at just a little over 100 pages and is written well and concisely. The only real complaint I have is the lack of artwork. That doesn’t take away from

the system though. The game strikes a nice balance between “crunch” for the more numbers focused players including creating characters with your standard attributes, skill points, disadvantages, etc. The skills are not predetermined, but narrative in nature that the players work out with the GM. If you want to be a yo-yo master who can kill at man at 10 paces . . . GO AHEAD! The limits are really your imagination and your GMs tolerance. The book does include tables of representative power levels for various skills, so you can get a sense of the order of magnitude that you can expect your character to perform. That’s about it for characters, which is great if you are building pregens or want to run a game where you players don’t have to stress about min/ maxing every little detail.


P o l y g l o t On to monsters . . . they scale depending on the number of players and the difficulty of the game. They have most of the same attributes as the players and some special abilities like Warp Walk, which is how characters like Jason from Friday the 13th are chasing someone into a house and sudden end up right behind them after they slam the door shut. It is just as easy and fast to create your monster on the fly as it is for players to make their characters. The book also has tons of examples of types of monsters. The variety is great for a GM who wants to run an impromptu game. They even have suggestions for PvP games set in dangerous locations. This just goes to show you the flexibility of the system. The book then offers us several resources for planning a game including web sites for floor plans and other game-related resources. The mechanics are simple, yet robust. With some “rules light” games, D&D veterans and other players who like “crunchy” games are disappointed by the lack of firm boundaries of play. I think in this case The Horror Game strikes a nice balance between encouraging a narrative and utilizing a mechanic to allow for a fair resolution of actions. That doesn’t mean it’s forgiving though. Don’t get too attached to your characters. Overall, I think the book is a solid purchase for GMs who want to change things up from his/her normal game or for groups without as much RPG experience. I am confident I can teach my players the game in 15 minutes and probably need less than an hour to stat out the monster/pregens for the game. I haven’t gotten a chance to run it. However, they plan on releasing free scenarios on, which I will promptly use to run a game for the NerdBound crew or our listeners. The price is right and it should offer up some fun times for your group. Now get slashin’!

One day everything is fine and the next, your day, life and your entire world are ruined by a vast meteorite with necrotic powers. Sound familiar? No? Excellent - because that’s the core setting behind Obsidian Twilight, a Pathfinder campaign setting you'll very much enjoy if you like these kind of things. Obsidian Twilight is literally a twilight world. Thanks to that aforementioned meteorite, there is no day, no night, simply twilight. There are also lots and lots of undead causing the kind of general havoc you'd expect them to cause. This campaign setting offers 8 new player races and a large number of new feats, spells, prestige classes and creatures. The 8 new races are interesting and I think well designed for this world/ campaign setting. Having said that though, they do seem a bit overpowered. I wouldn’t be comfortable introducing them in to a non-Obsidian Twilight campaign. Overpowered or not, they're interesting as all get out and while the standard races are available for play, they seem boring in comparison. The new feats, spells, monsters and other additions mesh very well with each other and the new races for what will be a dynamic setting. It will be up to the GM to create the adventures using just this book but with a little bit of reading and a dash of imagination I can see a serious and lengthy campaign built within it. Artwork and layout are all very good. Your eyes will enjoy this book as you page through it. Additionally this 168 page PDF is bookmarked, for which I thank the authors! I did notice a number of spelling mistakes which were a bit of a distraction but certainly not a deal breaker. Overall the campaign and setting is good for those who love to power game. It’s a high powered setting in a deadly world. If you're more in to lower magic settings or worlds with a bit more subtlety this may grate on you a bit. If you're open to a fast, large power campaign then jump right in! Obsidian Twilight Campaign Setting (PFRPG) by LPJ Design product_info.php?products_ id=82158&it=1&SRC=polyglot Price: $14.99 Rating: 4 out of 5 stars (from Ben Gerber)


P o l y g l o t There are two kinds of popular approaches to Call of Cthulhu gaming. One is the longer campaign, which is something of an oxymoron given that investigators supposedly go mad or die at the drop of a hat. Of course, this isn’t true – Keepers ensure that there’s some level of character continuity and often allow investigators to ensure a broader story arc. Where Call of Cthulhu gets its reputation as a “player-killer” kind of game is from short scenarios with pregenerated characters, often run at conventions. This format is particularly freeing as it allows designers to create scenarios that place the Cthulhu Mythos in unusual circumstances, far afield from the standard 1920s default setting. Ramblings of a Twisted Muse takes this approach. This review contains spoilers! The first scenario, A Night in Edo, takes place in pre-World War II Japan in 1925, a foreign setting for most American players. The plot is more Japanese- than Mythosinspired, involving ghouls, undead sorcerers, and a sentient blade. There’s not much in the way of investigation, as the investigators are on a mission to rescue a damsel in distress. The scenario is lethal, culminating in six ghouls and two crawling ones, one of them wielding a POW-draining mindcontrolling blade. The investigators must go into this death trap with just the weapons they have handy (there’s no time to get them back), faced with darkness and an underwater tunnel where there’s a real possibility that one of them might drown. The spellcasting Shinto priest player character has just a 25% Swim skill and must throw paper inscribed with symbols to cast his spells – thematically appropriate but awfully inconvenient in a damp tunnel. Fortunately, the tunnel can be circumvented if the investigators choose e the right path…but why have it there at all? This scenario doesn’t feel very playtested and the investigators seem like a distinct disadvantage without Keeper fiat to help them survive. Good pacing, great setting, terrible execution. Two out of five stars. The second scenario, Dreams of Egyptos, takes place in an Egyptian tomb. The investigators are descendants of an ancient sorcerer, unknowingly investigating his resting place. As they explore the area, there’s a chance they remember snippets of ancestral memory…or something worse that sets one of the PCs secretly against the rest. It’s that kind of scenario. The conclusion involves a battle with an endless number of Children of the Sphinx, the sorcerer himself, a possible traitor in the investigator ranks, and then another betrayal if the investigators choose their words poorly. The use of flashbacks is certainly interesting and gives the investigators some advantage as they remember some spells, but there’s a fine line between creating a scenario that culminates in an exciting battle and one in which one wrong roll dooms the entire group. Two out of five stars. Grey House on the Hill is broken into two parts. The first involves an investigator returning to his family residence after the death of his father. His accomplished Mythos-hunter comrades accompany him, of course. It’s a good thing too, because the investigators will have to face down numerous zombies, a Worm That Walks, mind-controlled locals, a Fosterling of the Old Ones. Unlike the other two scenarios, the investigators are not hobbled by circumstance or repressed memories. They're armed to the teeth with spells and magical items to boot. They actually have a chance at surviving the first half. Ramblings of a Twisted Muse by Chaosium product_info.php?products_ id=81995&it=1&SRC=polyglot Price: $19.46 Rating: 3 out of 5 stars (from Michael Tresca ) product_info.php?products_id= 81995&affiliate_id=34014


P o l y g l o t In the second half, where the investigators converge on the scenario’s namesake, they are even more prepared. There’s an opportunity to buy equipment and even read up on their foe. As it turns out, this house is no ordinary house – it has more in common with the movie of the same name than the usual haunted house, being a series of portals to other dimensions. The battle crosses dimensions and ends in the lair of a Great Old One. Unlike the other scenarios, where the players are punished arbitrarily for playing their investigators as real people rather than SWAT team members, these investigators ARE the Call of Cthulhu equivalent of a SWAT team. The odds against them are great, but the investigators are no lightweights. So long as the players are smart – and there is a running assumption throughout all these scenarios that experienced players are up to the challenge – they might just succeed. Four out of five stars. The final scenario, Senior Project, takes places at Miskatonic University. A Miskatoinc professor and his students are up against two former investigators who believe they have discovered the Yithian secret of perpetual energy. Instead, the two deluded scientists have been corrupted by the forces of the Mythos and are well on their way to destroying the world with their mad plans. It’s up to the investigators to do some actual investigating – not the kind that digs up notes in random places, but actual role-playing with other characters. This scenario, like the Grey House on the Hill, provides investigators with the tools to succeed. Four out of five stars. Overall, this series of scenarios squeaks by with a rating of three stars. It’s not that the scenarios are poorly written, but that they are overreaching in their ambition. The style of play is most certainly a pulpy, two-fisted spellcasting-and-magicweapon-wielding style of play that isn’t for everybody. Too many of the scenarios can short-circuit investigators’ plans with a poor die roll, and the scenarios as written seem all too eager to kill them off. If the players are experienced Call of Cthulhu veterans, these scenarios will definitely test their mettle. But for players more interested in role-playing and less interested in combat, their experience will definitely be “twisted."

We take it for granted that most monsters in our Pathfinder game will be somewhat intimidating. All too often, however, this is a high as the fear factor gets for a creature. A great red wyrm makes players nervous for the amount of damage it can do to their characters, but nobody looks at the picture and feels a shudder go down their spine, or fights one and then says later “man that dragon was creepy!” In other words, most creatures are intimidating, but not frightening. That’s something Alluria Publishing aims to rectify with their new Pathfinder monster book, Creepy Creatures: Bestiary of the Bizarre. So let’s take a look at this folio of fright and see what terrors lurk therein. The book is 115 pages long, containing an impressive one hundred monsters exactly. Bookmarks are present (having been quickly added after the initial release lacked them), and do an excellent job of linking to various sections as well as each individual monster. Every creature has full color artwork, which is absolutely essential for a monster book, and Alluria did a great job finding talented artists to depict their menacing menagerie. Further, all of the pages are set on a slightly off-white background that turns more tanned towards the edges of the page, like parchment. There’s an alternating border in the lower corner that contains the page numbers as well. Unfortunately, no printer-friendly version is to be found here, but that’s a relatively small oversight, all things considered. Now, what about the monsters themselves? Of course, it’s beyond the scope of this review to cover all of them in detail, but I’ll try to give some concrete overviews. The monsters range from CRs 1-20, with the majority being in the upper single-digits. As mentioned previously, there are one hundred such monsters here, and the majority concentrate on being fairly gruesome, freakish, or downright creepy creatures. For example, centipede folk are giant centipedes with a human face on the underside of their insectine head. The giant virus is exactly what it sounds like, a germ raised to macroscopic levels, which makes it more alien than most aberrations, as well as a potent spreader of disease. And the eye parasite is like a tiny beholder, save that it’ll dissolve your eyes, lair inside your head, and interchange which of its two tinier eyeballs rest in your sockets while it controls your body’s movements…all while you’re still alive. Needless to say, a lot of these creatures will (presuming the unspoken but still acknowledged effort on the part of the GM) likely freak your players out pretty Creepy Creatures: Bestiary of the Bizarre by Alluria Publishing product_info.php?products_ id=82051&it=1&SRC=polyglot Price: $17.00 Rating: 4 out of 5 stars (from Shane O'Connor)


P o l y g l o t well. There are some nasty freaks in here. Of course, that’s not to say the entire book was a home run either. There were several monsters that really felt like onetrick ponies to me. The hammertrunk elephant uses its trunk as a bludgeoning tool. Okay, I can live with that. Two variant kinds of gryphons, each one of which changes up what sort of cat and bird make up its component parts? I like the visual, but there’s really nothing that makes them different from a standard gryphon with different flavor text. Monsters like these didn’t seem to pull their metaphorical weight. I can live with a few duds though, especially since most of the creatures are at least adequate, and usually better than adequate, in their presentation. What I didn’t care for was that I kept finding small errors cropping up. The bone druid, for example, has its spell levels listed from least to greatest, instead of greatest to least. The suncat has the Angel subtype, but none of the mechanical benefits that subtype grants. It’s little things like that that dimmed the book’s luster for me, especially since they could have been easily caught and corrected if the editor had gone back a few more times with a critical eye. Here’s hoping the book will get an errata-based update soon. The book has a few appendices after all of the monsters have been presented, as well. It briefly summarizes the Remarkable Races that were the subject of Alluria Publishing’s previous works, since several of those get referenced in various monster write-ups. There’s also a set of tables indexing the monsters by CR, type, role, environment, etc. Unfortunately, while I was hoping for some information about what creatures would make good familiars, special mounts, or animal companions for PCs, such information was nowhere to be found (though a few creatures do discuss training them using Handle Animal). In closing, let me say that if my notations on where the book could have done better are making you hesitate to buy this volume, then I’m doing you a disservice. This bestiary hits far more than it misses, and vast majority of the creatures are inspiring for how they can be used to vex your players. If you want to inject some unsettling species into your Pathfinder game, I heartily recommend giving Creepy Creatures a chance. You won’t regret it, though your players most certainly will.

McKenzie Files The human United Protectorate is under attack by the reptilian alien race known as the Brelac. The Brelac’s bloodthirsty onslaught brings forth the creation of the genetically engineered humanoid weapons called Reploids. These Reploids are the perfect weapon in every way; they are identical The McKenzie Files. copies of real humans that have been First book in a new sci fi series by captured, killed, cloned, embedded author Barry K. Nelson. Published by with powerful psionic-based abilities, Leucrota Press. and programmed to kill for the Brelac. ISBN; 978-0-9800339-2-2 They are untraceable, they blend into human society, and they are believable—so believable, that the Reploids themselves do not know they are clones. Colin McKenzie is a second generation Reploid planted in the Protectorate military. When he turns on his commanding officer in an attempt to protect a shipwrecked band of Brelac soldiers, he is captured and reprogrammed—along with two other arrested Reploids—to serve the government they were originally created to destroy. A dark alliance between the Brelac and the separatist organization Vendetta looms over the Protectorate. The balance is upset when the traitorous Doctor Howard Fenlow—the scientist who is the very creator of the Reploids—manages to produce a weapon powerful enough to bring the Protectorate to its knees. And there are only three that can stop it.


P o l y g l o t Printing and Design Tips from the Printing Industry Exchange A TRIP TO THE MOVIES: “STANDEE” DISPLAYS My fiancee and I have taken on a new part-time job: assembling standees at movie theaters. These are the large, point-of-purchase displays heralding upcoming films. They are huge, dramatic, and intriguing. They have to be. After all, their purpose is to entrance the child in you, and persuade you to spend your hard-earned money for a ticket. They also offer a wealth of information on printing for those with an observant eye. Standees are part signage (a marketing term for signs), part point-of-purchase display (like the displays you see at retail stores both holding and advertising stacks of “product”). Unlike posters, they are physical “things.” They take up space. They are three dimensional, and most of the time they are huge. Some standees even include inflatable movie characters with little voice box recorders that are activated when you touch the figures. Or plexiglass structures most probably printed on commercial silkscreen presses. So what do they teach us about printing? Everything from press technology (offset litho vs. flexography) to scoring to diecutting to the physical needs of such a printed construct. On my first “job,” I had a most striking realization: The standee, which, when assembled, would be 10 feet x 9 feet x 6 feet, had arrived at the theater in a single carton. Realization #2: Paper is heavy (consider this whenever you forget to request a cost estimate for freight for a print job you're producing). The standee box weighed almost 100 lbs. Upon opening the box I found a multitude of flat corrugated boards: strips of cardboard cut down (or folded) to fit exactly inside the box with no wasted room. Granted, I noticed that rough handling of the carton in some cases had banged up what would eventually be printed parts of the final display. Closer inspection revealed that portions of the display with 4-color printing were composed of press ink on gloss stock laminated to corrugated board (after all, an offset press would crush the fluting of cardboard). Ink on areas coated with a single flat color (the sides and back of the display, for instance) appeared to be printed right on the corrugated board. I assumed this would be flexographic printing, since the rubber plates of a flexo press can print directly on cardboard. However, they can only print simple graphics, unlike the more detailed 4-color printing on the front of the standee. (Hence the standee included flexo for the back and sides and offset litho laminated to the cardboard for more complicated graphics.) Following the instructions that came with the standee (picture a giant 3-dimensional puzzle), I noticed that scoring and diecutting allowed flat panels of cardboard to be folded and assembled into a structure with depth, height, and width. (As with all preparation of cover stock and other boards, scoring on the folds allowed for easy, accurate folding.) And the diecutting was evident in the tabs, which allowed folded sections of the display to be inserted into slots on other sections to construct the massive display. (All slots and tabs were diecut.)

Essentially, the standees were flat cardboard folded into boxes, and the boxes were stacked one on the other (and then bolted together with screws) to form pedestals and walls, and then 4-color diecut posters laminated to cardboard were affixed (with tabs folded and positioned into diecut slots) to create life-size images floating at various levels (higher or lower than, close to or further away from, the structure of boxes and panels and pedestals). Beyond everything else, these were physical structures when completed. Portions of the structures even had to be reinforced (with chopsticks glued to the cardboard) to avoid their flopping over. (The glue looked familiar, as well: hot melt glue similar to the glue used on perfect binding equipment.) I thought about press runs and printing technology. After all, if the marketing company had needed only a short run of these standees to promote a movie, the 4-color images laminated to the cardboard would need to have been printed on large-format ink-jet equipment. Longer runs might have been done more economically on offset equipment. Diecutting had been done on a letterpress. I thought about the logistics of designing a marketing structure and then tempering that burst of creation with physical requirements: How could a 10 foot panel fit onto a carton pedestal? (Use screws to bolt together two panels, and score and fold the panels to fit into the 3 foot (or so) by 5 foot (or so) box before assembly. I thought about how it was a blessing to have assistance in the assembly of the structure and about the physical logistics of assembly. After all, if two huge, heavy assemblies of attached boxes had to fit together over a flat base extending out into the theater lobby, pieces and parts of the structure had to be put together in a certain order. The entire structure once completed was far too heavy to lift, just to insert a forgotten part. I thought about shipping: The box, including all the pieces, had to weigh not more than a certain amount to ship. And by what method? And to how many theaters across the country? I thought of the designers who came up with the concept but then had to break the concept down into little boxes with tabs and slots that could be put together. With holes strategically placed to allow standee assemblers to work arms and fingers into tight spots to put everything together. I thought about the installers, like myself and my fiancee. After all, such a product has to be assembled—on-site, usually in one session over multiple hours. And I thought about how it all had to come together and be magical, or children wouldn’t be compelled to plead with parents to buy tickets. All of this is printing technology: flexography, offset printing, laminating printed paper to cardboard, scoring and diecutting, postal regulations. None of this exists on the Internet; it is all physical. And as long as businesses are selling movie tickets, it will continue. And the same printing technology will show up in trade show graphics, point-of-purchase displays in retail stores, and even product packaging. It’s all still there if you know where to look.


P o l y g l o t Tips from Business, Publishing, and Web Design Business

when dialing. New one for me. What do you say? Are there rules to formatting phone numbers?

Write Better Blogs – New Book Review Amateurs and experts love to blog. Usually there isn’t a problem thinking about what to say. But how much thought is given to: how it’s said? A classic by Brandon Royal,… Read more

How to Create and Use Dashes and Hyphens One mark of professionally set type is the proper use of hyphens, en dashes, and em dashes. Each is a different size and has its own proper usage. Learn how to create, modify, and typeset en dashes, em dashes, and hyphens in desktop publishing.

Online Business 101 Doing business online requires a specific set of skills. Learn how to be successful in the online marketplace. The Ins and Outs of Freelancing as a Business Many people these days are freelancing their services, either full-time, as a moonlighting gig, or as a precursor to launching a business. While freelancing offers a lot of great advantages… Read more How to Take Your Small Business to the Next Level Many successful small business owners have at least one thing in common – the ability to see the big picture and envision what their success will look like tomorrow. Here are some of the activities successful business owners complete to place their focus on the future and keep moving forward. Read more Goal Setting, the SMART Way I frequently set goals in my business, both long- and short-term. Not only does consistent goal setting keep me moving forward, but it helps me figure out where I want to be and work out a plan for getting there. Read more Low-Budget High-Impact Marketing Plan The secret to creating a high-impact marketing plan is to optimize your limited budget. Use low-budget marketing to get your message out to your customers on a regular basis, and watch sales revenue grow. Read more Publishing Phone Numbers: Dots or Dashes? How do you set apart number groups in a phone number? In content on this site I’ve usually said it’s up to the designer (or client). But recently a reader said that to them the use of dots was an indicator that the area code must be included

The Width and Height of an Em And speaking of em. There are em dashes and there are em spaces and there are em sizes for Web fonts. While em is a width in print design, in Web design em is height (what do they do, turn the M over on its side? – just kidding). Over at Web Design there’s been on-going discussion as to the origins of the em. Check it out. Web Design Tabbed Navigation Can Be Dressed Up with CSS 3 Many people find using CSS, and especially CSS 3 somewhat daunting. But this step-by-step tutorial will take you through creating a CSS tabbed menu in short, easy stages. Rounded Corners with CSS 3 Last week, I was asked for more tutorials on CSS 3, and specifically rounded corners. And one thing you’ll learn about CSS 3 is that a lot of the tricks we had to use extra HTML or other workarounds for have been fixed in CSS 3. Rounded corners are a great example. If you create a box with rounded corners in CSS 2, you have to use a bunch of extra HTML to make the corners appear. But CSS 3 does it with just one style property: border-radius. Now there are a few gotchas to get it to work in most modern browsers, but ultimately it’s a lot easier than before. Now we just need Internet Explorer 9 to come out of beta! Learn how to use the CSS nth-child expressions Once you understand how to use the CSS 3 nth-child expressions, you will wonder how you ever got on without them. They make creating patterns with your styles simple. But first you have to understand how the expressions work. This article: How to Use nth-child Expressions will teach you the basics of the nth-child pseudo-classes.


P o l y g l o t Stan Lee Headlines Arcana’s SDCC Plans! Arcana Studio (Booth #2415) is proud to announce the legendary Stan Lee will be signing copies of Arcana’s new pop culture magazine Zedura at this year’s San Diego Comic Con! Stan Lee will be on hand to premiere the new documentary from 1821 Pictures, “With Great Power: The Stan Lee Story.” After the screening, 5 lucky fans will get the opportunity to meet Stan in a private meet and greet and get a signed copy of the new Zedura Magazine featuring Stan on the cover, as well as be invited to the exclusive Zedura Magazine/Stan Lee party. Also, actress Malese Jow from The Vampire Diaries will join Koni Waves writer/co-creator, Mark Poulton for a signing at the Arcana booth (#2415) to promote the upcoming Koni Konfidential. In addition, WWE Divas, the Bella Twins, will appear at the booth, as well as Thomas Jane! Be sure to stop by to meet all of your favorite Arcana creators including screenwriter Scott Milam who is debuting his new graphic novel, Killing Machine! Clockwork Girl creator, Sean O'Reilly and Kevin Hanna will be on hand to host a panel on Thursday July 22nd from 11am to noon in Room 9 where they will premiere new footage from their upcoming animated film. Convention exclusives will include Preview Editions of upcoming Arcana graphic novels, A Cat Named Haiku tote bags, Koni Konfidential skateboards, and a line of new Arcana t-shirts! The San Diego Comic Con runs from July 22nd to the 25th. For more information, please visit:

Premiering At SDCC Arcana unveils several new books at this year’s San Diego Comic Con including the 240 page Koni Waves: The Perfect Wave hardcover, The Hope Virus GN, Redball 6 GN, Philospher Rex GN, Penance TPB, and Demonslayer TPB. In addition, for the first time all 5 volumes of Kade will be available in TPB! Also, Arcana will offer preview editions of their hottest upcoming releases like Killing Machine, Koni Konfidential, Spotlight! Signing Times This year Arcana has all of your favorite creators appearing at their booth (# 2415)! Be sure to stop by to meet creators, get sketches, and for a chance to win great prizes! Also, comic legend Chris Claremont will appear to sign copies of Arcana’s new Zedura Magazine! Times subject to change.

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P o l y g l o t 0one News, July 2010 0one Games is pleased to announce two Ennie Awards nominations: Dungeon of Terror Virtual Boxed Set in the Best Cartography category and The Great City Player’s Guide in the Best Electronic Book category. Be sure to visit the Voting booth from July 16 to cast your vote. NOW AVAILABLE Heavenring Village: The Jail Welcome to Heavenring Village, the largest village ever tiled! Heavenring Village contains 11 buildings, 101 rooms, 8 different zones (each one featured in a single product) and it’s broken in 225 customizable tiles. This is the Jail and it is 8 of 8 products forming Heavenring Village. The Jail contains a referee map and 26 customizable tiles. If you want to buy all the products at once plus extra material, please head to The Heavenring Village Virtual Boxed Set© [more] Venture© - New Free quest available Jack the Trapper was sentenced to death many years ago. His lair was discovered, but no one came out alive from such a maze of traps! Visit Venture’s Official Web site HERE IN THE WORKS 0one’s Blueprints; Dragon Ship The classic viking ship for your adventures.


P o l y g l o t Prolific Writer’s Techno Thriller Envisions Future Europe Harpswell, ME — The year is 2034. Power lies in Europe with the bureaucrats in Brussels and London is the center for the Western Provinces. The Supremo Manipulator of this conglomerate of nations is Pius. With no religious connections and a diminishing hold on power the Union is sustained by nepotism, violence and musical chairs of political appointees. The disintegration of the Union is imminent. With a touch of humor, a satirical political edge and a flowing writing style, characters you come to know well take the reader through a techno-thriller deep into the 21st century. We see the ambivalence of revolutionaries, who never intend serious action, faced with orders to destroy and kill. Europe will never be the same again … Andrew Ian Dodge is a 40 something writer, consultant and rocker. Married to English actress Kim Benson since 2007. A regular contributor to Pajamas Media, Dodge is busy working on several writing projects including a new novel and lyrics for his band. He recently overcame colon cancer. He has a weekly heavy rock column for (as Marty Dodge), and has written a piece on the state of the music business for the Economic Resource Council (UK) and the Conpetitive Enterprise Institute (US). His blog, Dodgeblogium ( has been described as: "…bloggers who combine a taste for heavy metal music with a taste for heavy metal politics…" Dennis Sewell on BBC-R4 And Glory A New Novel By Andrew Ian Dodge Paperback: 308 pages Publisher: iUniverse (February 2, 2010) Cover by John Cox (of Cox & Forkum fame) Press Inquiries: Glass Onyon PR, PH: 828-350-8158,

Reactions to And Glory: "She is quite possibly the only gorgeous time bomb in the world.” His “quote of the year.” “Closing fight sequence would make good telly!” - Dr Lee Rotherham author of Ten Years On. "Nightmare vision of the future, which suddenly seems frighteningly close in light of recent developments. I was relieved when I put it down and I realized it hasn’t (quite) happened yet. Has made me redouble my efforts as UKIP London chairman for the forthcoming UK elections.” - Paul Kevin Wiffen, Cannes winning filmmaker & pianist to the Cannes’ most famous attendees. "Andrew Ian Dodge shows a pretty believable version of this future, where a European mandarin uses the inefficient bureaucratic juggernaut to further his own dark designs, killing anyone standing in his way. The highly entertaining plot turns and twists through the dark corners of the empire, making the book a worthy reading, so I wouldn’t spoil it for you by telling more. Just to mention the active participation of two attractive female cyborgs to whet your appetites… So go and buy the book!” - Snoopy the Goon on And Glory available from Amazon and


P o l y g l o t Bits and Pieces from Mongoose Publishing Latest News From Planet Mongoose

Secrets of the Ancients Adventure 2

We have just posted some new items in Planet Mongoose, covering releases that will be appearing at Gen Con, and some other projects we are currently working on. You can get the latest news at

We have just posted the second part of the grand Secrets of the Ancients campaign on our web site. This epic ten-part campaign is free to download and you can grab it from; home/detail.php?qsID=1843


Mega-City Archives 3: Lawbreakers Every hero needs a villain, and Mega-City One has had more than its fair share. This tome details the baddest, meanest, and just plain nastiest perps ever to trouble the city, with a complete rendition of their crimes and atrocities. From the Angel Gang to P J Maybe, Lawbreakers features inside information and glossy artwork throughout. For more information, please visit detail.php?qsID=1800

LBB 3: Scout The Little Black Books return! Harking back to the original release of Traveller in the 70’s, the Little Black Books from Mongoose bring the latest version of Traveller to your gaming table in a handy and collectible pocket size. Scout is a detailed expansion for the Traveller game, and continues the line of core books expanding the main rules to give you more options, and depth of play. This book is dedicated to Scout characters, providing them with new career options, equipment, and detailed exploration rules. Characters will be able to scan planets and asteroids to gain a wealth of detail about their surroundings, survive in the harshest environments, and explore mysterious worlds in the furthest depths of space - literally going where no one has been before! For more information, please visit http://www.

Empires A huge resource by RuneQuest maestro Lawrence Whittaker, Empires is a complete guide on founding, growing and running your own empire. Whether you are a single knight responsible for a border keep and a village or part of a huge dynasty in command of a continent sprawling empire, Empires contains everything you need to know about taming the wilderness, building castles, governing populations, and trading or waging war with your neighbours. Leave your own mark on the game world by building an impregnable society. Updating the original RuneQuest Empires supplement and adding a great deal of new information on running your own dynasty, Empires features everything you need to create and master your own dominion. For more information, please visit http://www.

Matthew Sprange


Mongoose Publishing Tel: +44 (0)1793 434488 Fax:+44 (0)1793 497999 Mob: +44 (0)7891 624298


federation commander MINIATURES

Miniatures for FC: War & Peace. Three more of our hot-selling Squadron Box series with the ships for the latest module. Squadron Box #28 has five Vudar ships, SKU 4328, $34.95. Squadron Box #29 has five ISC ships, SKU 4329, $34.95. Squadron Box #30 has seven Andro ships, SKU 4330, $34.95. Each box includes ships matched to FC: War & Peace.

First Time Available: VUDAR SHIPS

Straight from the pages of FC: War & Peace, these ships have long been demanded by fans of Star Fleet Battles. These are the most detailed ships we have done! Vudar CA, SKU 1707, $8.95 Vudar Warships (three-pack: CW, DW, FW), SKU 1709, $19.95 The Vudar DN (SKU 1705, $9.95) is available separately by special order. All five ships are in Squadron Box #28.

CA Heavy Cruiser

For Shipment on 19 July 2010

CW War Cruiser

DW War Destroyer

FW War Frigate

WHOLESALERS Please send orders when ready.

GAMERS Pre-order from your store now. We will ship mail orders on 26 July 2010.

RETAILERS Order from your wholesaler now!

CONTACT Amarillo Design Bureau, Inc. PO Box 8759, Amarillo TX 79114 PH: (806)-351-1950 To order products, contact To receive these Alerts, contact See our updated website:


P o l y g l o t Out This Week - Sex, Dice and Gamer Chicks! We have a very special book hitting the shelves of your local gaming store this week - Sex, Dice and Gamer Chicks! A serious candidate for funniest gaming book of the year - When Jonny Nexus (The Jonny Nexus Experience and Game Night) and James Desborough (The Munchkin’s Guide to Power Gaming) come together to cast an irreverant eye on gamers, expect weirdness and much hilarity! Sex, Dice and Gamer Chicks casts an introspective and irreverent eye onto gamers themselves. Just what drives a rules lawyer? What are the secrets to fame, success and riches as an all-star games designer? Are female gamers weird? These questions and many others are ignored as Sex, Dice and Gamer Chicks tweaks and teases apart the very fabric of gaming and those who call themselves gamers. Written by James Desborough and Jonny Nexus, both Worldclass Gaming Personalities themselves, Sex, Dice and Gamer Chicks will have you in stitches from beginning to end! Essential reading for gamers, gamer spouses, gamer family members and gamer widows - provided they have a sense of humour. You can find more details at http://www. Matthew Sprange Mongoose Publishing Tel: +44 (0)1793 434488 Fax:+44 (0)1793 497999 Mob: +44 (0)7891 624298



P o l y g l o t Savage Mojo Presents Noir Knights Release Month The creators of the Suzerain universe, Savage Mojo, would like to announce the release of our newest Savage Suzerain book, Noir Knights! Noir Knights, set in 1930s America, is part of our American Grit realm. You will be able to experience the Great Depression as your heroic ranked characters investigate paranormal activity across a hard-boiled film noir America! Since we’re really excited about our noir book, we’ve put together an entire month of activities so you can celebrate the release with us starting Saturday, July 17th! Here are a few things you can look forward to: •  A 25% discount off of Noir Knights via Twitter, Facebook, the Savage •  Mojo. forums and our newsletter, Mojo Matters. •  Noir Knights freebies in our Treasure Chest. •  Weekly contests for 4 entire weeks plus a grand prize drawing. •  And more! There will be two very special features in this month long promotion! The first will be a special contest prize. One of the weekly contest winners will have a chance to win a Noir Knights character drawn live by James Denton! The other will be an interview by Noir Knights artist Chaz Kemp. So make sure to mark your calendars for July 17th and keep an eye on the Savage Mojo site for more information on Noir Knights events. We really want you to be part of this special occasion! For more information about Noir Knights or our special promotion, please contact us at

games industry, the brainchild of master artists Jason Engle and Aaron Acevedo. The studio is an Origins Award Winner (for Deadlands Reloaded), and has worked on hundreds of products. In May 2007 the company stepped up a gear, becoming a publisher in its own right, starting with its Gamescapes line of game accessories and building up to the launch of Suzerain. 2008 saw the company work on more than a hundred high art gaming products, with Suzerain being Origins Award semi-finalists. 2009 expanded the range of books and game accessories further and brought products to print for the first time. 2010 sees Savage Mojo in game shops everywhere through a partnership with Cubicle 7. Suzerain is a multi-genre, multiworld game universe, Origins Award nominated in 2008. Ron Blessing of The Game’s The Thing (www. had this to say about it, “I can’t wait to spend time in this playground. As a whole it’s awesome. Suzerain can be as simple or detailed as the players and GM want. The art is absolutely gorgeous. Hopefully it’s obvious I'm pretty high on this product. Wow. Just wow.” Suzerain is available for the award-winning Savage Worlds rules system (see SavageSuzerainPlayNowForFree to try it out), and as a free download using its own Mojo Rules! system (from http://bit. ly/SuzerainMojo). For more details on this or any Savage Mojo topic, contact Savage Mojo at:

FURTHER INFORMATION Savage Mojo was formed under the name ‘Talisman Studios’ in 2003 as an art and design studio to the adventure


Web Site: Email:

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Best Interior Art •  Escape from Tentacle City (Willow Palecek) •  Pathfinder Core Rulebook (Paizo Publishing) •  Rogue Trader Core Rulebook (Fantasy Flight Games) •  Shadowrun - 20th Anniversary Ed. (Catalyst Game Labs) •  Warhammer Fantasy RPG (Fantasy Flight Games) •  Honorable Mention: Hero 6th Edition (Hero Games) Best Cartography •  Aces and Eights: Judas Crossing (Kenzer & Company) •  Dungeon of Terror Virtual Box Set (0one Games) •  Maps of Mastery: Swamp Caves (Maps of Mastery) •  Pathfinder City Map Folio (Paizo Publishing) •  Revenge of the Giants (Wizards of the Coast) •  Honorable Mention: Death Frost Doom (Lamentation of the Flame Princess)

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(Paizo Publishing) •  Shambles (A Terrible Idea) •  Honorable Mention: Fey Folio: The Unseelie Court (Alluria Publishing) Best Free Product •  Advanced Players Guide Playtest (Paizo Publishing) •  Combat Advantage #15 (Emerald Press) •  Lady Blackbird ( Design) •  Warriors Adventure Game (HarperCollins Children’s Books) •  Wayfinder #1 (Paizo Fans United) •  Honorable Mention: Hexographer (Inkwell Ideas) Best Web site • •  Epic Words •  Obsidian Portal •  Pathfinder Wiki •  Pen & Paper Games •  Honorable Mention: Hexographer Best Podcast •  All Games Considered •  Atomic Array • Minicast •  Open Design •  Power Source •  Honorable Mention: The Gamer’s Haven Podcast Best Blog •  Critical Hits •  Gnome Stew •  Kobold Quarterly • •  One Geek to Another •  Honorable Mention: Sarah Darkmagic Continued on next page


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(Catalyst Game Labs) •  Warhammer Fantasy RPG (Fantasy Flight Games) •  Wild Talents 2nd Edition (Cubicle 7) •  Honorable



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Dark Sword Miniatures News – 6 new greens posted We have six new greens posted up on the Dark Sword site for your viewing pleasure. All six are from the very talented Mr. Jeff Grace. 1.



Female Blind Warrior from the Visions in Fantasy line.

Ser Ilyn Payne from the GRRM Masterworks line.


Female Wood Elf Warrior from the Visions in Fantasy line.


Male Wood Elf Warrior/Archer from the Visions in Fantasy line. Male Dark Elf Warrior (Dual Wield to boot) from the Visions in Fantasy line.

Male Cleric from the Easley Masterworks line.

These releases will for sure be at Gen Con Indy in 30 short days…If I can get them released sooner, I will do so. We have six new critters I just got master castings on as well. Lots of fun stuff getting pulled together for the grandest gaming convention of them all - Gen Con Indy. We also have the new Game Forces # 17 magazine here and in stock. This is the English Edition. It has even cooler articles than issues # 16 in my opinion. These are total painter magazines with cover to cover minis. They are amazing inspiration. Swing on by the Dark Sword site to check out the new sculpts and have a great week everyone! Warm Regards,




P o l y g l o t IPG releases “Knock Down, Drag Out" Interaction Point Games (IPG) proudly releases “Knock, Down, Drag Out: The Wild West Saloon Fighting Game"! Let Loose in Cowskull Gulch! "Knock Down, Drag Out” is a fast playing card game recreating the hectic free for all in a wild west saloon fight. Three to ten players take turns punching, kicking and scrapping for victory, all trying to be the last bar patron standing when the dust settles. "Knock Down, Drag Out” (IPG0002) be purchased from for $14.99. While at the site you can download the “Knock Down, Drag Out” rulesheet, browse the IPG Wiki, and join the discussion on the IPG forum. "Knock Down, Drag Out” is printed in the USA. Interaction Point Games, LLC is a new game company based in Robbinsdale, MN. We have more card games in the works plus a line of Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Compatible products based in an alternate past Earth, known the “Kingdoms of Legend” series. Pathfinder and associated marks and logos are trademarks of Paizo Publishing, LLC, and are used under license. See for more information on the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.


P o l y g l o t Gorilla Games to Release “Lifeboat” 3rd Edition in August Gorilla Games is proud to announce the publication of the 3rd edition of Jeff Siadek’s “Lifeboat” in August of 2010. “Lifeboat” was originally nominated for an Origins Award in 2008. This latest edition of “Lifeboat” comes in a 7”x4”x1” telescoping box with a rulesheet, 90 cards, plastic markers and wooden birds. Adrift at sea with your secret love, hated enemy and a few other shady characters. You squabble for loot and provisions while rowing for shore and hoping you don’t fall overboard.

“Diplomacy in an hour.” Tom Vasel, review Lifeboat is a character card game where players take on a role with hidden goals. Two supplements; “Cannibalism” and the all new “Liquid Courage” are scheduled for release in September and October respectively. These supplements will have ten cards each and add a new character and some new fun stuff to the game. Product code ooc1002 MSRP $19.95 U.S. For further information, contact: Jeff Siadek 310 994-5189


P o l y g l o t News from Forge World Forge World Customer Service now available on Saturdays

Warhammer Scenery

We are pleased to announce that the Forge World Customer Service Team is now available on Saturdays as well as Monday to Friday, via telephone and e-mail. Tris, Simon or Ead are on hand from 9am to 5pm (UK time) to offer help and advice on anything from placing your very first Forge World order to how best to prepare a Titan for assembly and painting. Just call 0115 916 8177 within the UK; 011 44 115 916 8177 from the US and Canada; or 00 44 115 916 8177 from much of Europe and the team will be pleased to assist you.

Forge World’s range of finely detailed Warhammer Scenery has come into its own with the release of the new edition. Expanded Cottagerules for all types of terrain features allow your wizards to channel additional magical energy through a High Elf Monolith, while Orcs and Goblins can draw courage from Orc Totems dedicated to Gork (or possibly Mork). The Empire, bastion of courage and honour, is dotted with small settlements and towns, and expanded rules for buildings and Arcane Architecture mean that Watchtowers are even more useful in your games, while our range of Walls, Cannon and Mortar Emplacements and Earthworks represent many of the different types of obstacles detailed in the extensive Terrain section of the new rulebook.

Warhammer Monsters Available Now The Warhammer World is a grim place; a land of towering mountains and shadowy forests that are home to all manner of foul and dark beasts. Fire Dragons and Giants march to war alongside, the armies of many races and their sheer power can break the back of mighty regiments in minutes. The Chaos Wastes are home to even more terrifying the Dark Gods manifest their will in the form of the hideous Greater Daemons of Khorne, Tzeentch, Nurgle and Slaanesh, while the brutal tribes of the Khazak have for generations ridden to war upon fell War Mammoths. Hideous Chaos Beasts and Spawn shamble across this nightmare land, and when the tribes of Chaos unite against the lands of men, they drive such twisted creatures before them as sacrificial targets for the enemy to waste shot and shell upon. The savage warriors of the Ogre Kingdoms often field thunderous Rhinox Cavalry - particularly powerful Bull warriors venture deep into the mountains to bludgeon a Rhinox into submission before taking it as a mount. These Ogre Bulls band together into loose units, led by the biggest and strongest of the Ogres who takes the title Thunderlord. The full range of Forge World’s Warhammer monsters can be found here, and in light of the new edition we have compiled the rules for many of these mighty resin kits into a new Downloads section that you can find here.

Forge World Events News Forge World will be attending Games Day Baltimore on August 21st. The Reservation period has now closed for this exciting event but if you have any specific requests or queries please don’t hesitate to contact us. Forge World will also be attending Games Day UK on September 26th, keep an eye on forthcoming newsletters for more information about our stands at this event as we have plenty up our sleeves Forge World Games Workshop Ltd Willow Road, Lenton Nottingham, NG7 2WS Registered in England & Wales Company Registration Number 01467092

Phone: 0115 916 8177 Fax: 0115 916 8044 Web site: Copyright © Games Workshop Limited 2000-2010. Games Workshop, the Games Workshop logo, GW, Forge World, the Forge World logo, Warhammer, the Warhammer logo, Warhammer 40,000, the Warhammer 40,000 logo, the Aquila logo, 40K, Citadel, the Citadel Device, and all associated marks, logos, names, places, characters, creatures, races and race insignia, illustrations and images are either ®, TM and/or © Games Workshop Ltd 2000-2010, variably registered in the UK and other countries around the world. All Rights Reserved.


P o l y g l o t Margaret Weis Productions announces their new Preferred Retailer Program! This initiative includes FREE PDFs of all purchases (current and pre-order releases) at any brick and mortar location, special incentives for customers, as well as a listing on MWP’s Store ™ Locator found at Williams Bay, WI — Margaret Weis Productions (MWP) wants to drive business and sales to and through brick and mortar locations. Their Preferred Retailer Program is just one way they are accomplishing this initiative. MWP admits it’s still a work in progress and openly asks to hear from the retailing community on what works best in individual stores. MWP aren’t the first to offer free electronic copies of their current and pre-ordered product to retailers, but they see the Preferred Retailer Program as a positive move forward in this type of partnership. Participating stores receive a pre-printed card to include with any Margaret Weis Productions sale. The card instructs customers on how to contact Margaret Weis Productions through their site and provides a code unique to the individual retailer. Stores that agree to participate in this program are added to the Margaret Weis Productions Store Locator found on their site! MWP plans to provide retailers with special incentives to encourage gamers to buy from their local game store based on what works best for customers. Special Margaret Weis Productions game nights are launching around the country where people can come to a store, play MWP games like SUPERNATURAL, SMALLVILLE, and LEVERAGE, and receive a special promo item, coupon and/or discounts based on the game or games being run. These special incentives are only offered to participating retailers. With the SMALLVILLE ROLEPLAYING GAME due out in time for Gen Con in August, the LEVERAGE ROLEPLAYING GAME arriving close on its heels, and new product for SUPERNATURAL this fall, Margaret Weis Productions continues to reach out to the industry that supports them. For further information please contact Christi Cardenas by email, or give her a call at 715.629.9277.


2 Live Betas: Race the World & Fight for Honor! The open beta to the most exciting, massive, multiplayer racing game had begun and you’re invited. Meet friends, make enemies, and make a name for yourself in heart-pounding action. •  $20 Worth of speedboost •  Exclusive speedhunters toyota™ Corolla AE86 •  Exclusive beta access •  One-week head start with increased XP rewards •  VIP driver profile status

Join Beta • Learn More • Pre-Order


From GamaSutra Robot Entertainment Developing PC RTS Spartan for Microsoft Game Studios Veterans of shuttered Age of Empires house Ensemble Studios are working with Microsoft once again – Robot Entertainment, a studio founded by former Ensemble employees, is developing a new strategy IP for the company that closed their old studio down. Consumer weblog Kotaku discovered that an upcoming strategy game with the working title of “Spartan” is apparently in development at Robot, to be published by Microsoft. Robot’s newly-relaunched web site also confirms it’s at work on a game to be published by Microsoft Game Studios. After Microsoft closed Ensemble following the launch of Halo Wars, CEO Tony Goodman formed Robot with a staff of 45 other Ensemble vets. It continued to work with Microsoft, however, providing ongoing support for Halo Wars as it began work on its own IP – likely the project revealed here. No further details have been officially revealed about Spartan beyond what’s purportedly a launcher screen with a cartoonish art style. Shortly after its founding, Robot said it was using Trinigy’s Vision Engine in the development of its unannounced IP. Vision Engine has also been licensed by Blue Byte, developer of RTS franchise Settlers.

Open meeting at Casual Connect AND Openings for Steering Committee Members OPEN MEETING AT CASUAL CONNECT We will be having an open meeting of the Casual SIG Steering Committee at Casual Connect at 9:00 AM on Thursday July 22 in the Founders Room (one of the small rooms on the first floor of Benaroya Hall). I'm hoping to do three things at this meeting: 1.

Conduct the regular monthly status meeting of the Steering Committee. We will be getting updates on: •  Posting the first podcast and planning the second •  Migrating useful content links from the old IGDA site to the new one •  Getting the postmortem initiative rolling 2. Hear from YOU, the members of the community at large, about what new initiatives you would like to see from the SIG next year. I really, really want your ideas on how the SIG can serve you - especially in ways that are different from the ways that the Casual Games Association (CGA/Casual Connect) serves you. 3. Give you a chance to hear from candidates for new Steering Committee members.


Tech news from ZDNet Homeland Security blocks Web sites with ‘controversial opinions’

hurting the company, and could yet destroy it. READ FULL STORY

If you read the headline above, it seems like Homeland Security is about to become the “thought police” for Americans going online. READ FULL STORY

Top 10 cities with the worst commute, global edition

Microsoft Office 2010: What’s still missing? Office 2010 is out in the market, on Microsoft’s volume license price lists and installed (at least in Office Starter form) on many new PCs out there. READ FULL STORY Right to broadband: like access to electricity, water? When it comes to broadband as a legal right, maybe Finland has it right. READ FULL STORY Apple opens up about iPhone 4 reception problems Following complaint after complaint regarding the iPhone 4’s reception issues, Apple has finally opened up and started giving some real answers. It turns out it is a software issue. READ FULL STORY FOSS vs. open source as an American debate Open source, in contrast to FOSS, accepts the idea that people might build proprietary extensions to open source programs. READ FULL STORY Google sets sights on skies with acquisition of flight info site Google will acquire a flight information software company - but it has no plans to get into the airline ticket sales business. This is all about search. READ FULL STORY The truth Steve Jobs cannot hide from It’s past time for Steve Jobs to look beyond himself, and for Apple to look beyond Steve Jobs. Failure to do so is

Beijing, Mexico City and Johannesburg are the cities in the world with the worst commutes. Here’s a list of the Top 10 and Top 20. READ FULL STORY Does Dell deserve its tarnished reputation over faulty PCs? These appear to be the dark days for Dell, though we still haven’t heard the company’s take on a court ruling over faulty computers sold into the enterprise some 5-7 year ago. READ FULL STORY Edu netbook shootout, Round 1 These would still represent compromises in many ways vs. traditional notebooks. However, portability and durability make them well-suited to a variety of educational environments. READ FULL STORY The IT dirty bomb We pretend, as a figure of speech, that computers can catch viruses - they can’t; but they can harbor parasites and there’s more than one way those can destroy your business. READ FULL STORY 5 great $100 PC upgrades I get a continuous flow of emails from readers asking me about the best bang for the buck PC upgrades. Let’s look at a handful of $100 PC upgrades that can add a new lease of life to your existing system. READ FULL STORY Will you know your doctor tomorrow? Productivity drives progress. Productivity means doing more work with fewer people, or less well-trained people. Technology enables this. Why should doctors be immune? READ FULL STORY


From GamaSutra DJ Hero Sells 1.2M Units Despite Early Sales Concerns Despite early sales performance that failed to meet analysts’ initial expectations, FreeStyleGames’ DJ Hero has sold around 1.2 million units in North America, says publisher Activision. Following its release late last October, the game performed “modestly” at retail – some analyst projections had thought the game would move 1.6 million units in its first quarter alone – and contributed to concerns that the music genre was on a permanent downward slide. But according to Activision’s company blog One Of Swords, the game’s sales continued steadily after launch, in part due to strong reviews that praised the game’s strong soundtrack and uniqueness after a slate of guitarbased games. "What it needed was time for its audience to find it, a price break, and positive word from both friends and reviews to circulate,” wrote Activision’s Dan Amrich. The post came in the context of a defense of Bizarre Creations’ racing game Blur, another new Activision franchise that got off to a slow start. According to tracking firm NPD, the game sold only 31,000 units in the United States this May. Amrich said it’s still “way, way too early to call Blur a failure by any measure." And while DJ Hero game’s unit sales might not have topped any year-end charts, Activision said earlier this year that the game represented the highest revenue for any new intellectual property in 2009. Related news: •  Bizarre Developing New James Bond Title Blood Stone •  Activision Publishing CEO: ‘We Need To Correct’ Hardcore Reputation •  Advertising Veteran Eric Hirshberg To Head Activision’s Publishing Division


News from Reviews Blur Blur is appropriately named, as it blurs the lines between combat, racing and realism. In a lot of ways, it’s like a cart racing title for grownups, but its true strength is multiplayer, where up to 20 players can go head to head online. Split/Second We kick off Racing Week here at GiN with Split/Second, a title that brings insane combat racing to the next level. See how it compares with Blur, and classic titles like Burnout 3. And believe us, when Split/Second goes crazy, it really tips the scale. Red Steel 2 Rebooting a beloved series has many advantages and pitfalls, as the Wii’s Wild West crime-fighting game Red Steel 2 proves many times over. The controls are amazing now with the extra WiiMotion add-on, but the storyline suffers. Splinter Cell Conviction Splinter Cell Conviction isn’t like any of the other titles in the series. This time around, Sam Fisher is totally out for himself, and can use stealth or run and gun madness to accomplish objectives. While this might turn off traditionalists, we found this slick game to be more than worth the money.


Podcasts Gaming With Friends Social gaming on sites like Facebook and MySpace are the next big thing it seems, with some titles like Farm Town and Mafia Wars rocketing up to over 10 million players. But is this still a growth market, or has it become overly bloated? asp?id=67 It’s the Economy, Stupid A slow decline on the GiNDex has the Lounge Gang hitting the panic button this week, yes we really do have one, and trying to figure out what the heck is going wrong. Step one: Don’t Panic. Step Two: Panic. And don’t forget to let us know what you think about this crazy economy at asp?id=78 GiN Hardcore The Best Of Half With half the year gone, we've got a slew of amazing games, and some that are just as bad as the best ones are good. Todd ranks the five best and five worst titles of 2010, so far. This year is a bit schizophrenic it seems, hitting us one day with a great title and the next with an awful one. GiN Playmate: An RIP for RPG? Evolving from pen and paper role-playing games, computer RPGs have always been stat-heavy behemoths. That’s quickly changing with upcoming titles, for better or worse. Mass Effect 2 many have started the trend, and Fable III plans to follow it. But will we miss our beloved stats sheets? Stock Market: Agh! Not a good week on the GiNdex as we drop nearly 500 points. Something has to turn this around soon or we will be in real trouble. Copyright Game Industry News 2010. Game Industry News and GIN, plus the entire contents of this newsletter are copyright Noble Order Press Enterprises. No part of this newsletter may be reproduced without express written permission from the publisher, Nate Wooley.


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