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ITALY: +39 0932 753158

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We are a dynamic and rapidly expanding company which has developed his own business in open technology innovations as well as in online and offline marketing strategies.

POLYLINE TRANSLATIONS: All translations are performed exclusively by qualified translators who are based in their respective target/native countries, with regards to their language, as well as their respective specialist fields. For large projects, we can assemble a team of qualified translators. Each translator, editor and proof-reader has been tested against strict criteria, has been monitored over numerous projects and is provided with feedback and areas for improvement in order to meet our rigorous quality control standards.

We strongly believe in the necessity to create a new form of communication. We are proud to be among a few companies based in Italy that continue to offer Integrated Marketing Services with the aim to opening up new markets in Italy and abroad.

Fields of expertise: Technical, general, marketing, financial, commercial, legal, literature, medical/scientific, IT, tourism, hospitality, and much more.

We provide customized services and products to our clients which aim to achieve acquisition and retention of new customers. We offer professional solutions for all needs in the audiovisual market such us: documentaries, corporate and institutional videos,advertisement spot, jingle, iPad and IPhone smartphone app development services. Customized solutions for the web industry as well as translation and voice over services in a wide range of languages. We work through a professional network of talented people, who take care of the client during all stages of our work. From the conception of the idea through development till to the delivery of the product ensuring high-quality service. We are also specialised in the production and post production sector, thanks to our professional and expertise team of specialists. We can offer the best technological tools on the market.

POLYLINE VOICE OVER: For any type and length of both industrial and advertising films, teaching material or documentaries, our team of mother tongue are at your disposal to lend their voice for voice-over and dubbing services to ensure you a high quality end product with a proper pronunciation. We collaborate with professional voice over talents who have lend their own voice for the most important worldwide BRANDS: NIKE RUSSIA and NIKE UK, ALLIANZ, THE CROW movie, VIENNETTA, RYAN AIR, ROVAGNATI, NIVEA, FERRARI, BBC, MCDONALDS, MTV, CLARINS, MICROSOFT, FOOT LOCKER

POLYLINE MULTIMEDIA: works in the Graphics and Multimedia sector: Editorials and documentaries, personalised adverts, animated adverts, multimedia CDs/DVDs modelling and animation of 2D and 3D characters, photo-rendering, industrial design, 2D & 3D logo modelling, PC software development, rendering for interiors, exteriors and furnishing, threedimensional plans, visual impact, volumetric rendering, rendering of roads, motorways and bridges Polyline specifically deals in: Pre-production: the study of those elements that will constitute and characterise the complete video. From the project creation to its development. Production: once the pre-production stage is complete, we enter the production development stage under the direction of our Production Manager. We produce everything from simple videos with professional and non professional actors, to adverts or documentaries and 2D and 3D productions, depending on the Client's needs. Post-production: once the video is made it is edited, special effects are introduced, and processes of dubbing, soundtrack, colour correction and any subtitling complete the post-production stage. All to guarantee you an excellent final product.

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