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Our Vision • Tadaay is devoted to the service of the society and has a mission to touch billions of life. • We have experienced the IT revolution in India and understand the challenges ahead. • Our decades of experience in IT has enabled us to launch Tadaay which will fuel the IT growth in India.

Tadaay is an inception of a novel idea to solve the problems of  Training Institutes  Students  Corporate Trainers  Recruiters

Problems faced by training institutes • Put lots of efforts in advertisements • Worried about lot of invalid leads • How to retain trainers for a long term • Uncertainty about students taking admissions • Communicating with students • How to gain credibility in the eyes of students

How Tadaay helps training institutes • Provides an online platform to connect with millions of learners across the country. • Unbiased reviews and ratings help gain credibility • You can connect with freelance trainers too • You depend less on advertisements to connect with students

What Training Institutes do at Tadaay Register

Invite Leads

Certify Students

• Add Courses and branch details • Add Faculty • Schedule Demos and Batches • Track Payments • Assign Quizzes • Assign Tasks

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Problems faced by students • College degree doesn’t give them the required IT skills • Choosing a right IT course is a dilemma • Training institutes sing a song for their own courses • Finding a training partner • Following up to know the schedules • Is my training inline with the market requirements ?

Tadaay’s solution for students • Find trainers online • unbiased reviews and ratings about the training institutes • Complete course overview with syllabus and demos • Information about batches • Attempt quizzes, tasks and interviews from recruiters on Tadaay. • Land at your dream job

What students do at Tadaay

• Based on career growth • Based on salary Analyze and Select a Course

Find Best Training Institute

• See Reviews • Compare ratings

• Take Quizes • Take Tasks Enroll and Assess Yourself

Problems faced by corporate trainers • Can not get corporate training assignments • Do not have credibility • Lack visibility

Tadaay is one stop solution for trainers • You get visibility on an online platform • Gain credibility for your work • Get corporate training assignments

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Problems faced by recruiters • Recruiters do not get quality human resources • Candidates lack desired IT skills and soft skills • It is difficult to connect with candidates • Hiring process requires lots of efforts

How Tadaay helps recruiters • Recruiters can assign tasks or quizzes to assess candidates online. • Candidates on Tadaay are good in IT skills and soft skills • Connect with millions of candidates across the country • Streamline recruitment process for easy hiring

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Assign Tasks


Assign Quizzes

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Tadaay | Your career advisor  

Discovering has never been so simple. Find courses, trainers or training institutes, and reviews, students looking for course,reviews in a o...

Tadaay | Your career advisor  

Discovering has never been so simple. Find courses, trainers or training institutes, and reviews, students looking for course,reviews in a o...