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Roofing Systems

Appearance is important, but so is functionality

It’s always amazing how an object can be so expressive even when the shape, material and construction are so simple. The underlying philosophy is a basic yet appealing design, functionality in place of decorations and, of course, the use of the very best materials. Polyfaser stands for traditional quality, aesthetic appearance and unmistakeable reliability.

A powerful body is a strong argument

You don’t just jump in the pool to cool down anymore; it marks the start of your next challenge. Regular sessions become routine, exercising less effort. The time for excuses is over. Neither the cold nor the wind can hold you back. The right roof is the guarantee for an extended season, for the definition of your targets.

Enjoy the feeling of security

Indulge your desire for relaxation and recreation whenever you want. Spend quality outdoor time with your family, sheltered from the wind and rain. The amount of time you can actually enjoy the pool is considerably longer. Only you determine when and how long you want to abandon yourself in the protected atmosphere of your pool.

Smaragd Model

Edgy design is just so innovative

This model is particularly suited to pools with higher borders. The roof rises quickly and markedly around the edge, yet the whole structure is low and unobtrusive. The front wall can be opened up to allow for optimum ventilation, even if all the modules are closed.

A sliding door here on the side ensures convenient access to the pool. It offers security in enclosed conditions plus the water stays warm and clean.

You can also swim in the pool with the roof completely closed. Make the most of your bathing pleasure without worrying about the weather.

Diamant Model

With just the sky above you

The lower version of our roofing systems covers any pool perfectly and blends inconspicuously into your garden surroundings. The stable aluminium profile system has a sliding side door integrated into it, guaranteeing easy access to the pool even when the roof is completely closed. The front wall can be opened up to allow fresh air to circulate; the height is up to you. The glazing comes in two versions: transparent or blue-tinted. The powder-coated aluminium profiles are available in every imaginable colour. The coating procedure and powder layer are subjected to numerous tests in order to guarantee the highest quality standards by the trademark QUALICOAT.

Shallow and smooth, the curves of the diamond roof stretch over every shape of pool. The lockable modules slide easily.

Rubin Model

Good design is always simple

This model really shows off its strengths in the case of larger swimming pools. There’s plenty of space for all of your activities, and whenever you feel the urge to exercise the weather just isn’t an issue.

The sliding side door is also a part of this convenient system. It goes without saying that, as with all of our models, we use only rustproof materials and UV-resistant rubber seals – after all, durability is one of the hallmarks of our products.

Higher, broader, more spacious, this model primarily offers swimmers more height. The edge of the pool is perfect for relaxing after a strenuous session.

Rubin Plus I und II Model

Equipped with all of the best ideas

model, made up of several sections, is different to other roofs mainly on acco This unt of its varying heights. This smart solution offers an integrated “anteroom” at the front, providing ample space for getting changed or relaxing. There’s also plenty of room for

Rubin II

loungers and chairs; a sheltered break guaranteed. Despite being slightly lower, the other sections over the swimming area still allow enough room for swimmers to enjoy all the pleasures of the pool. Protected from the elements, the outdoor pool thus becomes a truly enjoyable experience.

Rubin I The lower sections can be opened to fit completely inside the highest section. The higher “anteroom” provides generous relaxing space. It is also possible to have 2 higher sections (see fig.)

Perle Model

Size can be recognised in detail

Symmetrical heights to excite perfectionists. With both sides at full height, this model opens up the most outdoor opportunities, while offering the greatest space in the entrance area to lie back and relax. Generous ceiling heights let you stand up straight; the aluminium and glass construction virtually blend into the sky. With a large entrance at the head or rear, getting in or out of the pool couldn’t be easier.

This elegantly built pavilion can be raised over all standard pools. The profile colour is available in all RAL colours on request.

Saphir Model

Shape in perfection

In the spacious interior you have plenty of space to relax on one side. Enjoy all the pleasures of your own swimming pool, even when the weather has other ideas. Loungers, tables and chairs will all fit comfortably into the area on the high side. The modules slide easily on rollers, while a sliding side door ensures convenient access to the pool.

The consistent height lets you make use of the covered area like no other model. The pool therefore becomes an extension to your living area.

Details and Innovations

Utmost precision is our promise to you

It is the small details that make all the difference. That is why our top priority is to find practical solutions and long-lasting mechanisms. Slimline surface sliding rails have rounded tracks (1), which are safe to step on even with bare feet. A retractable support frame allows the paving slabs to be installed flush with each other.





JAn adjustable wind retaining clamp (2) protects the roof from the wind. (Important: the roof must be completely closed) The rollers (2) for the roof modules have double stainless steel ball bearings and tracks made of a special plastic which prevents abrasion. The roof can be locked to prevent children, unwanted guests etc. from

The glass made of high-grade SAN (4) – available in transparent or blue-tint –

getting into the pool area by means

is UV resistant and installed loosely. This allows it to stretch as temperatures

of our specially developed locking

change. The newly developed brushed profiles (5) protect against dirt and

device, using a plastic key (3).

help to keep the rails clean. Spring bolts (6) secure the individual modules


5 6

in the desired position. The plastic used is non-corroding and therefore not The frames can be seen: a modified

subject to weathering. The low, shapely flap provides optimum ventilation

rail profile (3) very much meets the

and prevents the pool edge from getting scratched when sliding the modules.

design requirements of today’s conception.

The automatic catch (7) allows an “automatic” release / locking of the subsequent parts when opening or closing the first module.



Our Company

Guarantee for top quality and reliability

Polyfaser means quality down to the


last thread. This was the topmost priority of company founder Josef Wagmeister, who set up our company with great enthusiasm back in 1968. Since then, our family business has been producing GRP elements using a manual lamination process with polyester resins and glass fibres. This means real craftsmanship, which notably distinguishes our products from the rest. In order to guarantee consistent quality for our roofing systems, they too have been manufactured in our company’s own production hall since 2005. Polished aluminium profiles with the QUALICOAT quality standard and every possible colour combined with crystal clear or blue-tinted UV glazing allows us to produce unique designs from a

More than 100 skilled professionals work to produce top quality swimming

variety of models.

pool roofs, one-piece pools, modular pools and steam baths. Rigorous quality control measures are carried out both in-house and under external supervision.

Deviations in the structure and materials used as well as production-related dimensional discrepancies of the models shown are possible due to technical requirements.

1. Company headquarters in Prad am Stilfserjoch/South Tyrol 2. Austrian branch in Bad Fischau


Office and factory: Polyfaser AG Industrial zone Kiefernhainweg 99 I - 39026 Prad am Stilfserjoch Tel: +39 - 0473/61 61 80 Fax: +39 - 0473/61 66 12 E-Mail: Austrian branch and exhibition room: Polyfaser Kunststoff Ges.m.b.H. Hornbachplatz 3 A - 2721 Bad Fischau / Vienna Tel: +43 (0)2622 42111 Fax: +43 (0)2622 4211150 E-Mail: info@polyfaser. at

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