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ISSUE 16 - Winter 2010/11


T HE B U S I N E S S P L A N Corporate care at the Four Seasons T HE A RT A ND E T HIC S O F G A S T R O N O M Y Chaîne des Rôtisseurs in Cyprus A P P R E C IAT IO N O F A RT AT T HE F O U R S E A S O N S A diverse collection of artwork on display



Inside 3 EXECUTIVE DEVELOPMENTS Welcome message from the Executive Chairman 5 COMING OF AGE Welcome message from the Executive Director 6 BRUSHSTROKES News, Events and Special Occasions


18 MEET THE MANAGER The Four Seasons is happy to introduce the new Hotel Manager 21 LIMASSOL DIARY Don’t miss the main highlights of Limassol’s cultural scene 34 TEMPTING UPDATES Attractive upgrades take the Adult Wing to the next level


36 SPOTLIGHT ON F&B A promising new recipe for the Four Seasons F&B Department 41 DINING WITH A DIFFERENCE Innovative flavour combinations on the Four Seasons gourmet menus 46 DREAM DRINKS Four Seasons mixologists present new cocktail creations

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54 APPRECIATION OF ART AT THE FOUR SEASONS Discover the diverse collection of artwork on display across the hotel 58 THE BUSINESS PLAN Why corporate clients prefer the Four Seasons for business and pleasure 62 ADVENTURES IN THE GARDENS OF EDEN Explore hidden corners of the island that rank among the ‘European Destinations of Excellence’ 66 THE ART AND ETHICS OF GASTRONOMY Introducing ‘Chaîne des Rôtisseurs’ and its Cyprus Chapter 72 A REAL BUZZ How and why apiculture continues to blossom in Cyprus 76 A STRONG FINANCIAL CENTRE Cyprus reinforces its role in the world of international business 80 INSIDE STORY Lambros Lambrou: Charged with responsibility

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48 SWEET SENSATION Chocolate Week and beyond at the Four Seasons



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YIANNOS GREGORIOU, F&B Manager (left),

enjoys the support of F&B Service Manager Costas Nicolaou (centre) and F&B Sales Manager Leonidas Leonidou (right).

Food & Beverage Department

Cooking up new ideas has always been the goal of the Four Seasons’ Food & Beverage team. To crown his many awards to date, Yiannos Gregoriou has been appointed the new Food and Beverage Manager, at the helm of a department that is likewise no stranger to success.


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is an abbreviation of a complex entity in 5-star establishments such as the Four Seasons. Apart from the skilful kitchen brigade, the department includes an effective sales team led by Leonidas Leonidou, a guest-oriented service team under the supervision of Costas Nicolaou, and now to complete the F&B trio, Yiannos Gregoriou. Yiannos has long been commended for his innovation, vision and passion as Executive Pastry Chef of the Four Seasons, a position which has earned him countless awards over the years. With his experience in such an imaginative field, Yiannos’ promotion to the position of Food and Beverage Manager is decidedly fitting. “We wanted someone who could contribute to the creative dynamic of the team,” says Nick Aristou, Executive Director of the hotel. “Yiannos conducts the fine-tuning that will unite this very multi-faceted department with so many responsibilities.” Thus Yiannos has been assigned to coordinate the two strands of work – Sales and Service – which although related, are also quite distinct in character. “Together with Leonidas, I will be looking beyond our existing purchases in search of new products, not only in terms of quality fare but also equipment that is beneficial to the creative work of the Food and Beverage team,” says Yiannos. The team will be exploring new additions to the menus and new machinery to accommodate the culinary goings-on behind the scenes. “We want our guests to taste the finest ingredients, but they also need to be served in the best glassware, and this demands a continual revival and monitoring of the market,” says Yiannos. Despite the shift in responsibilities within the department, thanks to its positive work ethic, there are high hopes for the new F&B management team. “There is such a good climate amongst all colleagues, simply because we love what we do, which in turn creates a high level of professionalism in our department and delivers results,” says Leonidas.





adventures in the

KYKKOS MONASTERY (left), the largest and most well-known monastery in Cyprus, will impress you with its grand structure and stunning location.


iles of coastline and abundant forests, historic icons and captivating mountain terrain are the main features of a Cyprus ‘EDEN’, one of four pockets of paradise where beauty and adventure await those

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who like to explore off the beaten track. EDEN is the acronym for ‘European Destinations of Excellence,’ a European Commission initiative which promotes sustainable tourism practice and encourages visitors to explore less well-known destinations.

Local Treasures

gardens of eden

THE EDEN DESTINATIONS rank as the ‘gems of Europe’, featuring exceptional natural beauty and cultural heritage.

FROM PRISTINE LANDSCAPES to Byzantine churches, EDEN locations offer visitors a glimpse of the authentic character of Cyprus.

Since joining the scheme in 2006, Cyprus has conferred the EDEN title on four exquisite destinations all perfect for a day trip and offering a multitude of activities. 2 0 0 7 ‘ B E S T E M E RG I N G RU R A L D E S T I NAT I O N S ’ – T RO O D O S R E G I O N

An area of outstanding beauty and biodiversity, this mountainous region is one of ten EU destinations awarded the EDEN designation for successful promotion of rural heritage and the natural environment to attract year-round visitors. The area spans five sub-regions extending from the Troodos foothills to its highest elevation, Mount Olympus, at 1,952m. Man-made highlights include the charming alpine-style mountain resorts to be found around the summit of Troodos National Park, and

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Participating countries organise an annual competition to find destinations with emphasis on a particular theme - such as rural and heritage tourism - chosen by the EU and national tourism organisations. Each country selects its own recipient of the coveted EDEN award, in recognition of its commitment to social, cultural and environmental sustainability in the design and delivery of innovative, high-quality tourist experiences. Elena Pericleous from the Cyprus Tourism Organisation describes the benefits of the project for visitors and local communities: “EDEN destinations are the ‘hidden gems of Europe.’ They treasure their local heritage and nature which remains pristine and untouched,” she says. “Visitors enjoy the authenticity and unique character of the destinations, while the local economy develops with the creation of new visitor services.”





THE ART AND ETHICS THE ORIGINS OF THE CHAÎNE DES RÔTISSEURS date back to 1248 and the practices of the old French Guild of Goose Roasters.

THE SOCIETY’S COAT OF ARMS (left) consists of two crossed turning spits and four larding needles surrounded by hearth ames.

Four Seasons Portrait 66


hields and sashes, enthronement, etiquette, even an oath of allegiance… words that suggest homage and hierarchy. Yet they are also the symbols and statutes of a worldwide society of gourmets: Chaîne des Rôtisseurs. Its roots may be French, but its reach is worldwide. It sounds utterly grill-oriented,

but in fact spans the whole spectrum of superior gastronomy. Indeed, the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs’ philosophy is exemplified through its passionate embrace and appreciation of fine wine, fine dining and international friendship; it is

Chaîne des Rôtisseurs

OF GASTRONOMY THE CYPRUS CHAPTER has just welcomed 18 new members, bringing the total to just under 150 members of various nationalities.

EVERY YEAR, eight or nine evening gatherings are organized to celebrate and share the pleasures of ne and formal dining in the company of fellow food and wine connoisseurs.

a unique cross-cultural gastronomic ‘Brotherhood’ or ‘Confrerie’. As an international society, the bond that ties each of the 25,000 current members from across 70 countries is their dedication to promoting fine dining and preserving the camaraderie and ‘spirit’ of the gastronomic experience. For members of this illustrious society, gastronomy – or the relationship between culture and food – is a fundamental

What sets the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs apart from other similar gastronomic organisations is its shared interest

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element of the Confrerie’s ‘raison d’être’.


Four Seasons - Portrait - Issue 16 Winter 2010/11  

The in-house magazine of the Four Seasons Hotel in Limassol, Cyprus, is a reflection of the hotel’s premium facilities and services, as well...

Four Seasons - Portrait - Issue 16 Winter 2010/11  

The in-house magazine of the Four Seasons Hotel in Limassol, Cyprus, is a reflection of the hotel’s premium facilities and services, as well...