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“All books are precious. Be they commercial, collectible or sentimental, every book has a value, from a rare manuscript to your grandmother’s recipes.”



AT LELLOS BOOKBINDING both father and son share a true passion for their craft:

Four Seasons Portrait


singular expertise and attention to detail is evident in each careful stitch and every tooled leather cover.

For more than six decades, Lellos Bookbinding has epitomised literary quality binding, creating and restoring the volumes of work with which they are entrusted. The results can be seen in libraries and collections across the globe, from the Presidential Palace to the Vatican in Rome. All are home to these bookbinders’ ancient tomes, inlaid with intricate brasswork and bound in the finest leather, each an exquisitely refurbished masterpiece. The founder, Lellos Constantinides, began his craft at the age of 14, but is still very much in evidence. Working away in a corner of the studio, fingers dextrous, each precise movement betrays a continued reverence for his craft. His son, Petros, who manages the business, has clearly inherited both skill and passion, along with a real devotion to achieving excellence in his craft. Both father and son welcome many a visitor to their shop on Ayios Andreou Street. Casual callers, school groups, and members of guided tours are rendered spellbound, captivated both by the pair’s expertise and the photography – depicting the beginnings of their business – hung on the walls. It’s a personal approach which has stood the test of time, a blend of old and new which echoes the shop itself, where the modern entrance is graced by door handles fashioned from ancient tools, and historic tomes vie for a place among contemporary ledgers. “All books are precious,” explains Petros, acknowledging the subjectivity of worth. “Be they commercial, collectible or sentimental, every book has value, from a rare manuscript to your grandmother’s recipes. Quality,” he reiterates, “is timeless. And true craftsmanship, such as that included in the ‘Arts and Crafts Workshops Guide’, should be showcased. Above all, we artists want to share our knowledge and skills; it’s our heritage which has been handed down to us through the centuries.” LELLOS BOOKBINDING Tel: 25 363 628,

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Four Seasons - Portrait - Issue 31 Winter 2018/19