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Enlightening solutions for a developing world

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Communication solutions for quality-minded businesses willing to improve productivity and sales. A one-stop shop for creative, graphic and digital services. It’s also Portuguese for octopus - brilliant little creatures, but we like to say it’s Australian for quality digital design.


We believe good communication is key to any good corporate relationship which leads to more sales, better results and improved customer action. That includes the organisation’s brand identity and any message associated with it.


We offer our customers exceptional value: Top quality products, on brand, on brief, on time - every time. The designers making it all look distinctive and the development team making it truly accessible.


Communication Plan Corporate Video 3D Animation Motion Graphics Character Development Graphic Design Web Design & Development Multimedia Design +

So you can achieve your goals.

SO, WHY THE OCTOPUS? Extremely clever One of the few animals capable of solving mazes.

Exceptional at problem-solving Did we mention they are clever?

Unique They reign alone in their category. Highly adaptable Can change shape, size and colours, when required.


COMMUNICATION & VISUAL ID Conveying an extraordinary message requires exceptional visual communication. It's a customer's call to action.


VIDEO EDITING & MOTION GRAPHICS Your corporate video, from concept to completion, in stunning high definition and accessible any time.


MODELLING AND ANIMATION Your concept arts modelled and animated in high definition and rendered in photorealistic quality.


YOUR BUSINESS ONLINE From simple emails to complex systems, your online presence beautifully displayed and truly accessible.


INTERACTIVE, ENGAGING APPS Interactive, engaging and fully manageable online applications. Great for induction system and web banners.


PRINT MEDIA AT ITS BEST Concept art, logo design, packaging and premium marketing collateral development.


2D, 3D AND VECTOR IMAGES Character design, product development and more delivered to the media of your choice.

""I am really glad that you were able to do these jobs, you have done a really great job that met our brief, but also implemented a lot of creativity in the design of both the DVD and the website. I was really impressed with the DVD how you timed everything to the music and the additional animations you used to bring the still shots to life were great."


BioGuard Australia - Kelly, Marketing Executive

"Perroud has a unique ability to produce what I need and want but thought was impossible. Always thinks out of the box to produce work that effectively communicates the message, captures the personality of the brand and attracts attention. Highly recommended." Elders - Amelia, Segment Manager


"Excellent, professional service, relevant to level of requirements. Australian Society of Forensic Odontology - Dr Helen, manager


"Alessandro is a brilliant, creative and highly competent Graphic and multimedia expert that I would recommend to anyone looking for creative solutions that are executed really well." Elders Group - David, National Marketing Manager

"This is fantastic data, it will be a great addition to the conference showing that we learn form our 'mistakes'. See this format being used each quarter for the business to get buy in. Congratulations on getting get sample data to help make the right decisions." Chemtura Australia - Lindsay, Commercial Director

"The quality of work and creativity were excellent and exceeded our expectations; and there was a real concern from Polvo that everything they produced met the standards we require to accurately present our brand and products. I recommend Polvo to anyone seeking to propel their brand identity above the crowd, and would happily provide a personal reference to that end. Brazcom Imports - Dr.Tim, Managing Director


Enlightening solutions for a developing world

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1303 Polvo Digital Arts Presentation  
1303 Polvo Digital Arts Presentation  

A brief overview of what we do, how and why.