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Political war turns violent






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May 17 - 23, 2018


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EFF members photographed in Hans van Rensburg Street after the reported attack in Schoeman Street. In front to the right is EFF Provincial Secretary Jossey Buthane in a branded EFF hoodie.

A bloody clash between opposing structures that resulted in injuries and the institution of criminal charges on Monday, signifies an evidently greater brewing political war that is being fought on the streets of Polokwane. Monday’s occurrences follow a series of reported interventions steered by the Radical Economic Transformation Forum (RETF), a formation that was established in August last year and has a foothold in Limpopo and Free State. Its members are seemingly using platforms of government and self-imposed measures to raise discontent over the awarding of tenders in the To page 2

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May 17, 2018

Political war turns violent From page 1 province and local businesspeople and labourers allegedly not benefitting from contracts or tenders in their area. As the deafening voices of discontent are progressively drawing attention to their anticorruption message, political players are seemingly being engaged in the bigger battle. Initially there was the reported disruption of a meeting of the Department of Cooperative Governance, Human Settlements and Traditional Affairs (Coghsta) by RETF members at a Polokwane lodge towards the end of last month, then the interruption of an Integrated Development Plan (IDP)/budget consultation meeting of Polokwane Municipality at Jack Botes hall last Thursday evening. On Saturday evening the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) in Limpopo lashed out with a media statement on the RETF’s perceived harassment of black businesspeople in the city on Friday. A day and a half later came the explosive noon showdown on a sidewalk in front of a posh hotel in the central business district (CBD). Monday’s meeting of members of the RETF with stakeholders on the issue of empowering local contractors held at the hotel was reportedly interrupted by a group referred to as “blood hungry hooligans”. Sources and images of the occurrences pinpointed EFF Provincial Secretary Jossey Buthane to have barged in with reinforcements. Attempted murder, assault charges registered In no uncertain terms the RETF made it clear in a statement issued by its chairperson’s office, that it would ensure Buthane faced the full wrath of the law. After the incident that reportedly led to the injury of a local councillor and two of their members, charges of attempted murder, one of assault and two of assault with the intent to cause grievous bodily harm were registered. Apparently it is not the end of the bloodshed as sources raised alarm about RETF members allegedly planning revenge against their op-

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ponents. Clips forwarded from different corners depict persons identified as EFF supporters in red T-shirts assaulting members of the RETF, being kicked and beaten by attackers armed with clubs and pick axe handles. Buthane is visible in more than one of the videos relating to the incident. After the alleged encounter Polokwane Observer met and photographed Buthane in Hans van Rensburg Street behind the hotel as he led a group of predominantly male supporters armed with pick axe handles and clubs, some aggressively enquiring why photos were being taken. They made their way down the one-way in Marshall Street seemingly on their way back to the EFF provincial headquarters. Contradicting versions of events Buthane’s version of the preceding happenings starkly contradicted that of RETF Chairperson Johz Mamabolo. Buthane said they had taken a decision to peacefully patrol the streets of Polokwane up until they got a tip about the closing of an office in Schoeman Street, only to find that the RETF was having a meeting there. According to him the fight started when RETF members exited the hotel and started shouting insults. When they wanted to leave there was an exchange of words and a stone hit a councillor, whose full details he didn’t have. He added that he had taken his own vehicle to take the injured councillor to hospital. He referred to RETF members closing businesses of black South Africans without explanation in Polokwane on Friday, apparently in the name of empowerment of the youth and locals. Buthane reiterated that the EFF didn’t have a problem with the RETF, only when they targeted individual businesspeople. During Monday’s telephonic conversation, as additionally set out in EFF Limpopo’s statement issued on Saturday, he named ruling party leaders forming and funding the RETF to deal with their competitors. RETF version On Monday afternoon Mamabolo explained the

RETF was engaging Polokwane Municipality on the issue of contracts and tenders having to benefit local contractors, which was the purpose of the meeting with stakeholders on Monday. He mentioned he had gone to Buthane’s office that morning, at a time when some 100 to 200 EFF supporters had gathered at the party’s provincial headquarters, and the two of them agreed that there was no fight between their forum and the EFF. Without further ado he proceeded to the meeting only to be informed at a later stage of the arrival of a convoy armed with knobkieries and new pick axe handles that started beating up municipal councillor Papas Moakamedi and four of their members. According to him Nkadimeng had refused to meet with them twice after their first engagement two weeks ago. Mamabolo alleged that for their meeting to be interrupted Polokwane Executive Mayor Thembi Nkadimeng would have summoned Buthane, whom he said had gone inside the hotel at the time to beat up three of their members. He emphasised the inclusion of local businesses in contracts awarded for projects in their area as the cause the RETF was fighting for, “because they have been excluded for a long time”. Mamabolo conceded that a political war had now been taken to the streets, adding that in all their interventions they had never been violent but just displayed their displeasure. He said after a sit-in at the Coghsta MEC’s offices two Thursdays ago, which followed the initial disruption of the departmental meeting with entrepreneurs at the venue outside Polokwane, changes had subsequently been made to a clause contained in related RDP housing tender documents. Departmental feedback on the matter is still awaited. He refuted allegations of the RETF closing down businesses on Friday and stated they had visited three sites of projects around Polokwane to request the contractors to comply with the law that dictates employment of 30% local labour force and sub-contractor inclusion. Mamabolo emphasised that the allegations

around their funding were unfounded. “They just want to derail our cause. We’re not aligned to any party.” When following up further information with him yesterday (Wednesday) Mamabolo denied that the RETF’s members intended revenge against the EFF, saying that they were going to concentrate on their core mandate and mission of unlocking opportunities for local companies. Neither would they pursue the EFF, he added in conclusion. “Mr Buthane’s fight is not an EFF fight.” Victim recalls attack Moakamedi, who is the Chairperson of Polokwane Council’s Rules and Ethics Committee and was reportedly among those assaulted outside the hotel where he was supposed to attend the meeting with the RETF and other stakeholders, said he had lost consciousness after being hit in the face, on the head and right ear with a club only to awake at a medical practice after the incident. He had later been informed that he was transported there by two EFF members, he said. In relating what happened on Monday, he said he had gone back to his car that was parked on the pavement to collect his diary that he forgot. He explained that he had still left the hotel premises with Buthane, who couldn’t trace two RETF members whom he was looking for. When questioned by EFF members on the side walk whether he was one of the two men Buthane was looking for, Buthane declined and identified him, he said. When he had returned he was approached by four big men with sticks, whereupon one beat him in the face with a club, he recalled. He then lost consciousness. Provincial Police’s feedback Provincial Police spokesperson Moatshe Ngoepe confirmed three counts of assault with the intent to cause grievous bodily harm having been registered. No arrests have been made as yet.

Limpopo government departments fail to pay 4 681 invoices ENDY SENYATSI >> Four Limpopo Government departments have in the previous financial year failed to pay a cumulative total of 4 681 invoices. The departments have to pay invoices within 30 days but Health had failed to pay 4 571 invoices, Education 43 invoices, Transport 52 invoices and Social Development 15 invoices. This information was revealed by Provincial Government spokesperson, Phuti Seloba during a Post Executive Council (Exco) media briefing at the Premier’s Office last Thursday. He stated that Education at 91,95% and Health at 75,84% did not achieve the 95% compliance rate set for the province for 2017/18 financial year. He said the percentage of invoices paid within the prescribed 30 days of receipt during March 2018 was 95,57%, which was 0,57% above the 95% compliance rate set for all departments.

Four departments paid all their invoices within the given time and they are Limpopo Economic Development, Environment and Tourism (1 282 invoices), Transport (820 invoices), Office of the Premier (769 invoices) and Provincial Treasury (560 invoices), Seloba indicated. Asked the total amount for the outstanding 4 681 invoices, Seloba said they don’t deal with the figures but the number of unpaid invoices. He stressed that invoices should be paid on time for service providers to benefit. Allegations that the Provincial Government had failed to spend over R1 billion in the previous financial year, a report on revenue and expenditure tabled at the meeting confirmed the claims and highlighted that as of 31 March the overall provincial expenditure was at R61,8 billion which is 98,7% of the total adjusted budget of R62,8 billion. Seloba said it was rare to spend 100% of the budget but reiterated that Limpopo Government was doing well especially when


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it comes to revenue collection. The report indicated that compensation of employees recorded an expenditure of R42,6 billion which is 99,7% while goods and services recorded an expenditure of R9,1 billion which is 96,8% and transfers and subsidies amounts to R7,9 billion or 98,9% of the total budget. Payment for capital assets recorded an expenditure of R2,1 billion which is 86,9%, conditional grants expenditure was standing at R7,7 billion which is 97,3% of the total adjusted budget of R8,1 billion. The provincial infrastructure recorded an expenditure of R5,3 billion which is 97% of the total adjusted provincial infrastructure budget of R5,4 billion and revenue amount of R1,316 billion or 101,5% out of a target of R1,138 billion was collected, it was learnt. Seloba emphasised that the Exco meeting was to reflect on matters that affect financial management, strengthening of governance and government priority programmes to accelerate service delivery.

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Mei 17, 2018

Edu Dept sits with R177 million meant to fix schools ENDY SENYATSI >>


ith a budget allocation of R177 million to fix all schools across the province and preference to be given to the torched schools in Vuwani, only eight out of 31 schools in Vuwani have reportedly been refurbished thus far although the funds were allocated in 2016/17 financial year and contractors were reportedly appointed on 15 February last year already. The Democratic Alliance (DA) in Limpopo accuses both Minister for Basic Education, Angie Motshekga and Education MEC Ishmael Kgetjepe for the alleged failure to accelerate the process of rebuilding the remaining schools and ignoring their responsibilities of ensuring that children get the best possible

education. DA Provincial Leader, Jacques Smalle reportedly said the department had confirmed in a written reply to the party that the money was allocated in the 2016/17 financial year, but only eight out of the 31 schools were refurbished. He further said the party can confirm that the Department of Public Works, Roads and Infrastructure conducted an assessment that estimated the damage to all 31 schools to be worth R177,5 million. However, the assessment report further indicated that the upgrades and maintenance required in the same schools including the riot damages amounted to R462 million, explained Smalle. “The contracts for these projects were awarded on 15 February 2017 but it is extremely astonishing that a year on, only eight schools were attended to. The DA’s biggest

concern is that the R177 million budgeted falls short of the required R462 million. DA will write followup questions to the department seeking a full report on how the budgeted money was spent, plans to provide the shortfall in money required to repair all the schools and to provide further information and deadlines on rebuilding the remaining schools before the winter season,” he stated. Departmental spokesperson Sam Makondo also confirmed that R177 million was budgeted to fix all schools in Limpopo but could not reveal as to how many schools were fixed thus far as he responded to the question by saying: “Work is continuing in this regard across the province.” When asked as to how much has been used so far, Makondo opted not to comment.

Man kills girlfriend, son and then takes own life Police are investigating a case where a 33-year-old man allegedly killed his wife (23) and two-year-old son before hanging himself at Ga-Thoka Village outside Mankweng on Friday. Provincial Police Spokesperson Moatshe Ngoepe indicated that a passer-by had alerted the Police after

discovering a man hanging from a tree. Police and emergency personnel who arrived on the scene declared him dead. Further investigation led Police to the man’s house where they found the bodies of his girlfriend and son who had both been stabbed to death. Ngoepe added that Police condemn

any act of violence perpetrated against women and children. He further urged people experiencing family problems to consult relevant authorities for assistance. The motive behind the killings are still under investigation but domestic violence cannot be ruled out.


Retsini Kwekery se oorspronklike eienaar sterf “My pa was liefdevol en vrygewig met ongelooflike groot hande wat altyd sag en met liefde gewerk het. Die boemelaars het Bekende en geliefde inwoner van hom selfs by sy hek ingewag want Polokwane, Stephanus Besini hulle het geweet hy sal hulle nie (Blackie) Swart word na 78 jaar wegwys sonder om hulle iets te gegroet. Blackie en sy vrou, gee nie,” sê Stephnee wat hom as Retha het 35 jaar gelede Retsini 'n toonbeeld van liefde sal onthou. Kwekery begin wat die afgelope Benewens Retha en Stephnee, 17 jaar deur sy dogter, Stephword hy ook oorleef deur drie annee, en haar man Brett Hughes der dogters, Reneé, bestuur word. Die Nadine en Heidi, en naam Retsini is 'n 'n seun, Besini asook samevoeging van sy 11 kleinkinders en tweede naam (Besini) vyf agterkleinkinders. en Retha se name. 'n Roudiens vind Stephnee sê hy het vandag (Donderdag) in sy aftreejare met by die Agape Kerk, beeste gespekuleer Kiddsrylaan, Ivydale en was hy baie lief vir om 11:00 plaas. sy beesboerdery. Hy Vir navrae kontak was onder die beesStephnee by 082 561 boere as 'n kenner Stephanus Besini 4479. van beeste bekend. (Blackie) Swart.


Former Education Department assistant director jailed ENDY SENYATSI >> Former Department of Education assistant director, Mbhazima David Mabasa has been sentenced to four years’ imprisonment with an option of a R160 000 fine, half of which is suspended for five years by Polokwane Magistrate’s Court last Thursday. According to Limpopo Hawks spokesperson Matimba Maluleke, Mabasa was arrested by the Hawks’ Serious Commercial Investigation Unit in May last year after he demanded R4 400 from a

University of Venda student, who had applied for a bursary. It was reported that Mabasa demanded the money to approve the application. Maluleke stated in a media release that Mabasa was granted R1 000 bail and subsequently made a series of court appearances, which culminated in the recent conviction and sentence. Department of Education spokesperson Sam Makondo emphasised that the department was against fraud and corruption practices and reiterated that anyone found engaging in such activities will face the law.



No show by Premier, MECs at Workers Parl ENDY SENYATSI >>


he 2018 Workers Parliament convened by the Provincial Legislature last Friday has met with criticism from the Democratic Alliance (DA) in Limpopo who expressed dissatisfaction with the fact that Premier Stan Mathabatha and certain Members of the Executive Council (MECs) failed to attend the session to listen to challenges faced by officials in the public sector. The initial statement issued by the Legislature last Tuesday highlighted the theme of the sitting as ‘Celebrating the lives of Mama Sisulu and Nelson Mandela 1918 – 2018’ and it was expected to focus on issues including job creation, reflections on the meaning of International Workers’ Day and a close look into the legislations and policies that address abuse and practises that deprive many workers of basic protection. In a statement issued by the party, DA Limpopo Spokesperson on Quality of Life and Status of Women, Youth and Disability, Katlego Phala said trade unions representing educators wanted urgent intervention from Education MEC Ishmael Kgetjepe regarding corporal punishment, teacher safety, drug abuse and teenage pregnancy in schools but Kgetjepe was not available to account.

A union from the health sector had hoped to lodge a formal complaint with Health MEC Phophi Ramathuba regarding all the challenges they face in the rural clinics and hospitals, but no response was forthcoming, Phahla pointed out. One of the objectives of the Workers’ Parliament was to educate and share information with the workers as well as facilitating a direct oversight exercise that involves all the key role players such as the Legislature, MECs and the targeted beneficiaries in one sitting, Phala explained. She went on to say the last Workers’ Parliament was held almost six years ago and it could have been an appropriate platform for Mathabatha and his cabinet to take note of some of the burning issues raised by workers and initiate plans to address them. Provincial Government Spokesperson, Phuti Seloba said the DA should first ask the reasons for the Premier and some MECs’ absence before jumping to conclusions, adding that the Provincial Government meets with trade unions often to address workers’ concerns and they will continue assisting workers were possible. Seloba indicated that the Workers’ Parliament was a critical sitting and that they take workers serious. He said the DA must learn to address issues with relevant parties first before rushing to the media.

May 17, 2018

Relief for commuters as bus strike ends ENDY SENYATSI >> Bus commuters across the province can breathe a sigh of relief following an agreement reached by trade unions and employers that ended the national bus strike on Monday. The strike, in its fifth week running, left commuters stranded with many forced to resort to using expensive taxis. Great North Transport (GNT) drivers returned to work on Tuesday morning and the company’s Marketing and Business Development Manager, Patrick Monkoe stated that all commuters who had bought tags will be able to claim their lost trips and the process already started on Tuesday evening. He further said all their buses were back on the road on Tuesday morning and they were delighted that negotiators had reached an agreement. When asked how much was lost due to the strike, Monkoe said management was expected to meet later in the week to discuss such details. The South African Transport and Allied Workers Union (Satawu) media officer, Zanele Sabela said the unions and employers agreed to a 9% increment across the board for the first year which

started on 1 April and 8% for the second year. She indicated that bus drivers lost about 15 days of work and reiterated that they will be paid the days they worked before the strike with the increase. “The past five weeks have been hard but we are happy that we managed to reach an agreement. We would like to thank our members for their patience and support. I also want to thank the five trade unions which have been part of the negotiations for their unity. The unions are Satawu, the National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa, Transport and Allied Workers Union of South Africa, Transport and Omnibus Workers’ Union and Tirisano Transport Workers Union,” she explained. In a statement issued by the Department of Transport, Minister Blade Nzimande reportedly said he was grateful for the decision to end the strike and reiterated that they will continue to engage the bus industry on pertinent issues that affect the industry including issues relating to bus subsidies, broadening the supply value chain of the industry, to include the historically marginalised groups, including, women, youth and people living with disability.

Damaged car abandoned in game reserve The vehicle



that was found abandoned in Polokwane Game Reserve last Sunday.

No charges have been registered against the owner of a luxury sedan found abandoned in Polokwane Game Reserve early last Sunday morning after it had apparently left the road the previous day. A visitor to the facility said his name was the first to be recorded in the visitor’s book at the entrance shortly after 06:45. “I noticed the abandoned vehicle next to the road near the Tom Naudé koppie. Judging by all the empty liquor bottles found along roads in the reserve, it appears that the place is becoming a popular place to socialise,” the source commented. Communications and Marketing Manager of Polokwane Municipality, Matshidiso Mothapo con-

firmed that the vehicle was found by municipal officials last Sunday morning. “Traffic officials attended to the matter and no charges were registered. No municipal property or any animals were involved or harmed,” Mothapo said. The owner of the vehicle was not identified. Mothapo appealed to visitors to the facility to observe the speed limits and always to endeavour not to disturb the habitat. “Also consider fellow visitors,” Mothapo urged. At the time of going to print, it could not be established when the vehicle had been retrieved.

Mei 17, 2018

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May 17, 2018

DA takes Polokwane Municipality to SAHRC over lack of water >> Community allegedly deprived of potable water >> Municipality denies allegations BARRY VILJOEN >> Democratic Alliance (DA) councillor for Ward 29 in Polokwane Municipality, Sarah Modiba filed a complaint against the municipality with the South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) on Monday for failing to provide clean water to the residents of Segopye and the Lenyenye section outside Mankweng. According to Modiba, the DA conducted a door-to-door campaign in the area last week and realised that residents are currently fetching water from a well that has a very low yield. “Water supply dries up in the mornings and the level only rehabilitates in the late afternoons and the municipality fails to provide

Victor Mavhidula, Provincial Manager of the SAHRC accepts the complaint from Polokwane Municipality DA councillor Sarah Modiba. PHOTO: BARRY VILJOEN

water tankers as an interim relief,” Modiba said. Asked whether the matter was raised with the municipality, Modiba replied in the negative. “It is not my way. We have identified the problem and have an oversight role to play. I have to expose the municipality,” Modiba said. Victor Mavhidula, Provincial Manager of the SAHRC, accepted the documentation and said that the matter will be assessed and if there are no other issues, the site will be visited in due course. “We will also engage with Polokwane Municipality and may find an interim intervention,” Mavhidula said. He could not provide time frames for the process. Communications and Marketing Manager of the municipality, Matshidiso Mothapo commented on the matter, confirming that the municipality is indeed supplying water to the area in question. “The municipality supplies the Segopye area including the Lenyenye section with a functional system that includes boreholes and supply from Lepelle Northern Water. On top of these, the supply is augmented with water tanker supply on a weekly basis to cover areas that are on elevated catchment and may not be covered due to low pressure,” Mothapo said and added that the municipality is not aware of anyone who is fetching water from a well in that area as the municipality provides clean drinking water to the community. Mothapo admitted that there may be challenges with pump operators, but stated that the municipality’s Water Section has been instructed to engage with Lepelle Northern Water to investigate the matter and provide the full facts. “The municipality is highly responsive to the needs of its communities and whenever there are challenges with services, the municipality intervenes to ensure services are provided in a sustainable manner. We continue to work closely with Lepelle Northern Water and other community stakeholders and the municipality will cooperate fully and provide all facts to the SAHRC should such an inquiry be brought to our attention.”


Polokwane Municipality removed litter from a pavement in Natrium Street last week after media enquiries, but other illegal dumping sites in the area still leaves much to the desire.

Muni service delivery remains a headache usinesspersons and general road users of the city share the opinion that Polokwane Municipality is failing to maintain a safe and clean environment that lives up to the city’s status as the Greenest City in the province. “Street littering in the industrial and commercial areas as well as in the city centre appears to be out of hand and the municipality is clearly not dealing with the problem,” a businessman said. “Waste is dumped on pavements right next to the bulk containers that are provided and it not only creates a health hazard, but also poses a threat to pedestrians and motorists. It may assist if the containers are emptied within shorter intervals or be increased.” Residents are also unhappy about the lack of supervision of contractors involved in the replacement of the old asbestos cement water pipes and road surfaces that are excavated during maintenance operations. “It is apparent that the municipal workers or the contractors employed by the municipality are not supervised. Trenches are left uncovered with no signs to warn motorists and no attempts are made to rehabilitate the areas immediately after work has been done,” a resident remarked. Communications and Marketing Manager of Polokwane Municipality, Matshidiso Mothapo commented that complaints regarding littering have been referred to the responsible

unit of the municipality. “They will deal with the situation and also recommend solutions in the event of illegal dumping which is becoming a serious problem in the city area,” Mothapo said. “Regarding excavations and road surfaces, the municipality has on several occasions announced that the city area is undergoing several construction projects that will run over a period and are meant to improve efficiency and enhance the economic activities and the quality of services to the residents of the area. We have also posted several billboards around the city that Polokwane is a city under construction. Until these projects are finished some of the areas will remain a sore to the eye,” Mothapo said. According to Mothapo, the municipality will continue to improve its systems with regard to project management to avoid unnecessary inconveniences to residents that may be resulting from contractors who are not putting the necessary markings on roads. ”Once the projects are done, the rehabilitation will continue with results that will benefit the residents and those commuting to Polokwane on a daily basis for economic activities. The municipality will continue to plead with the public to remain patient and team with us in our endeavour to build a smart city together instead of complaining,” Mothapo stated and added that the municipality welcomes suggestions from members of the public on how best to improve its operations. “Polokwane belongs to all of us, let’s contribute positively to its development,” Mothapo urged.

A trench at the crossing of Bodenstein and Dorp streets poses a hazard to motorists due to the absence of danger signs.

A trench at the crossing of Bodenstein and Burger streets has not been rehabilitated for some weeks.




A trench at the corner of Dorp and Suid streets is in dire need of rehabilitation.

Mei 17, 2018



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Zetec – SE Duratec 1.6 / 1.8 / ZM Ford Focus Eco Boost 1.0 Duratec 1.8 / 2.0 Individual Coil 2.0 TDCi F9FA / Z6 / 109Y / 1.6 TDCi Sierra 2L H/B/S Etude BP / MX5 / B6 Rocam 1.3 (Build Over Box) Focus 2.5 ST / HA Alim / Rotary RX8 2.2 Diesel Ford Ranger H/B/S 3.2 Diesel Ford Ranger H/B/S Zetec – EYDB / NGBX / EDDC FE / F8 FWD FS Telstar / 626 Focus / Duratec 2.0 S/Coil Focus / Fiesta ST Non Turbo / NEW Focus TDCi V8 F250 Indiv Coils / L3 WL 2.5 Turbo Diesel Mazda 2 1.3 ZJ / Fiesta 1.3 2008 R2 2.2 Diesel / Duratec V6 Courier / F8 1.8 Endura E / KA 1.3

SUZUKI Vitara 1.6 Coil (4x4) Swift 1.5 / j18 / j20 Vitara 1.6 Dist (4x4) G16A 2.7 V6 H20A V6

R29 500 R38 500 R7 950 R22 900 R19 500 R11 500 R16 500 R29 500 R5 950 R5 800 R59 500 R115 000 R29 500 R26 500 R7 950 R9 500 R42 000 R19 500 R21 000 R12 900 R14 500 R19 900 R32 500 R7 950 R54 200 R17 900


R1 950 (M) R4 900 (A) R1 950 (M) R1 950 (M) R3 900

G/BOX R13 500 (M) R12 500 (M) R4 950 (M) R16 500 R7 900 (M) R5 500 (M) R7 900 (A) R13 500 R3 250 (M) R4 900 (M) R12 900 R32 500 R29 500 R7 950 (M) R4 500 (M) R6 900 (M) R14 900 (M) R7 900 (M) R8 500 (M) R9 900 (M) R5 500 (M) R9 500 (M) R8 900 (M) R2 950 (M) R14 500 (M) R12 500


R11 500 R16 900 R13 900

R4 900 (M) R6 950 (M) R6 500 (M)



R7 900 R11 900 R9 900 R11 500 R19 500 R29 500 R39 500 R27 500 R49 000 R17 900 R7 500 R11 900 R19 500 R12 900 R26 500 R14 500 R18 500 R14 900 R19 500 R39 000 R39 500 R32 500

R1 250 (M) R7 500 (A) R1 950 (M) R9 500 (A) R4 900 (A) R9 500 (A) R14 500 (A) R14 000 (A) R12 500 (M) R12 500 (A) R1 250 (M) R1 250 (M) R3 900 (M) R4 500 (A) R9 500 (A) R7 500 (A) R4 500 (M) R9 500 (A) R7 500 (M) R19 500 (A) R19 900 (A) R16 900 (A)



R7 900 R19 500 R12 500 R17 900 R4 950 R7 900 R8 950 R29 500 R45 000 R59 000 R5 900 R11 950 R11 500 R11 500 R19 900 R29 500 R11 500 R14 500 R10 500 R4 900

R2 900 (M) R8 500 R6 900 (M) R6 900 (M) R3 950 (M) R4 950 (M) R2 950 (B) R12 500 (M)



R1 950 (M) R2 500 (M) R6 900 (A) R4 900 (M) R13 900 (A) R7 950 (M) R4 950 R6 950 (M) R6 900 (M) R2 950 (M)

R6 500 (M) R6 900 (M) R2 700 (A) R6 950 (M) R6 900 (A)

ENGINE G/BOX R8 900 R7 500 R26 900 R7 500 R8 950 R6 500




R8 950 R12 500 R8 950 R12 500 R18 000

EJ25 EJ20 Turbo EJ20 Turbo Dual VVTI 4 Cam 16V EJ20 Turbo 4 Cam 16V E20 Twin Turbo 4 Cam 16V EJ20

R9 800 (A) R5 700 (A) R4 500 (M) R4 900 (A) R6 500 (A) R7 950 (A) R5 900 (A) R9 500 R7 500 R6 500 (M) R6 500 (M) R6 950 (M) R9 000 (A) R6 500 (A) R8 900 (A) R9 500 (M) R4 500 (M) R9 500 (A) R6 500 (M) R7 900 R6 900 R6 500 (M) R6 500 (A) R9 500 (M) R5 900

R4 900 (M) R14 500 (A) R4 900 (M) R4 900 (M) R4 900 (A)



1.4/1.6 Distr F13 Box / 1.8d 1.4/1.6 Gama Utility / F15 X20XE Top Coil Rail – 1.6 – 1.8 Z12XEP New Astra Diesel / Meriva / Z17DT Old Corsa 1.7 Diesel / 1.7 TD Z20 LET / Z20 NET Opel Gamma Astra Z19DT / H/ Z22 V6 / Z13DTH Corsa Utility Old TYE / 4EE1 Astra Zafira Z19DT / Z19DTH / Z12XEP X25XE V6 / Astra Z22SE Z20LEL / F28 / A12 XER / A14 XER Z12XEP – Same as Z14 XEP – 1200 Z14XEP Z16XEP Y17DT Corsa Utility DTi tra Z16SE / 16SEL C20 NET (Turbo)

ENGINE 6VDi Indiv Coils 3.2 V6 KB 260 Petrol 4JB1 2.8 Diesel / 4JAI 2.Diesel 6BDI / 6BBI / 4JHI 3LTDI 4JB1T Complete 4JXI 3L Tdi 4x4 3.5 V6 6VEI / 2.5T Compensator 4JG2 3.1 TD / 2.2 NAQ (New) 4JA1 / 4JB1 Non Turbo / 4HK1 4JB1 Turbo 4JX1T / KB220 /KB240 4JK1 Turbo 4HE1 Turbo 4ZE1 KB260

R17 900 R13 500 R29 500 R39 500 R32 500 R19 500 R26 000 R26 500 R29 000 R32 000 R19 500 R72 000 R55 000 R13 900

MITSUBISHI 4M42 3.0 TD 16V Canter 4D 56T 2.5 TD 4G63 / L300 CARB 6G72 3L V6 Coil / Dist / Colt 2L 4M40 2.8T-Colt 6G74 (GDI) 6D 14 / 4D 33 / 4M51 4D33 / 4D 326G72 V6 Coil





R5 900 R7 950 R7 900 R14 900 R16 500 R10 900 R19 500 R9 950 R13 900 R14 900 R16 900 R12 500 R19 500 R9 500 R15 900 R14 900 R11 900 R8 950 R19 500

2Y / 3Y / 4Y New Compl. 3YP 5L 3000 Diesel 4AGE Twincam 16V 2E / 4A 16V CARB / IND Corolla 160 GLE 3ZZ RunX 2ZZ Rsi 2RZ / IRZ 2CTURBO 1MZ New Camry 3.0 VVTi HINO JO86 2AZ Camry 2.4 Xli Dyna IB / EH100 / 3RZ Coil Land Cruiser 2F 6 Cyl Petrol Stallion 5K 1.8 CARB Dyna JO5C / SO5C Turbo / 14B Avanza K3 1NZ Hybrid Prius 2E 1.3 12V Dyna WO4D 1NZ Yaris 2NZ / 2CT FWD Imz Non VVTi Yaris 1KR Camry 3S 2 Litre Sub Assembly Camry 5S 2.2 Dist / 7m / 7A Corolla 1ZZ Corolla 140i 4ZZ 1.5td / 1SZ – 4E Corolla IKZT IRZ 2AD Avensis Petrol 2.0 Carb / 2RZ 1JZ Turbo VVTi 3VZ Camry 1AZ Rav 4 / 1NR Dyna 1B New / EH700 / 1KD / 2KD Dyna 15B 16 Valve Land Cruiser 2H 6 Cyl Diesel / 3ZR / 2ZR Prado / Hilux 1GR 1 GR 4.0 V6 / SO5C Dyna (2TR) Land Cruiser NO4CT 1TR

R48 000 R19 500 R13 900 R17 900 R31 500 R19 500 R39 900 R42 500 R14 900



R15 900 R11 500 R45 900 R14 900 R12 500 R18 500 R21 500 R24 500 R16 500 R17 500 R115 000 R24 900 R26 500 R18 900 R6 950 R59 000 R12 250 R14 500 R12 900 R69 000 R7 900 R10 900 R10 900 R14 900 R3 500 R9 900 R16 900 R17 900 R6 950 R31 500 R22 500 R16 900 R8 900 R17 500 R45 000 R69 500 R29 500 R42 500 R54 000 R115 000 R65 000 R37 500

ENGINE IS200 96-05 GS300 96-05 LS400 V8 + Computer LS400 V8 VVTi STARTED IS250 05-11 4GR GS300 06-12 3GR LS400 V8 VVTi + Computer 3UZ LS430 + G/Box + Computer 3UZ LS430 V8 + G/Box (STARTED)

R7 500 R12 500 R14 900 R19 500 R23 500 R29 500 R14 900 R14 900 R19 900

ENGINE 406 / 607 / 806 3L V6 407 / 307 2.0 2004 + (EWD) 10FG 14 16V Boxer 2.8 Diesel 1.6 Tdi 10JB 10 FS 16 Valve 10 FX 8 Valve

R12 900 R14 900 R19 500 R17 500 R14 500 R13 900 R8 900

ENGINE 150 EW Flip-up 22A 2.2 CTDI 1600 16V Luxline / 150 Civic D16 V-Tec K20A Accord Honda K20A B20B CRV 4x4 (A) (M) V-Tech 2.2 / Civic 180 / 170 / C32A Honda Jazz L13 / D15B / D14 F23 DOHC / 650D / F20A CRV 2.4 K24A 2006+ / R18A H22A

R7 800 R26 900 R7 900 R7 900 R11 800 R11 900 R6 950 R6 950 R6 950 R8 900 R22 500 R8 900






G/BOX S R22 000 (M) R6 900 (M) R3 900 (M) R7 900 (M) R9 500 (M) R9 500 (M) R12 500 (M) R12 500 (M) R9 500 (M)



R6 500 (M) R6 500 (M) R5 500 (M) R4 500 (M) R3 900 R6 500 (M) R9 500 (M) R6 950 (M) R5 900 (M) R5 500 (M) R35 000 R6 500 (M) R9 500 (M) R9 500 R4 950 (M) R26 500 (6) R12 900 P.O.A (A)

R11 950 R6 950 R7 950 R4 900 R9 500 5 900 R4 900 R4 900


R9 500

R7 500 (M) R6 900 (M) R7 500 (M) R8 500 (M) R7 500 (M) R7 500 (M) R7 500 (M) R7 900 R7 900 R7 900 R7 900 R19 000 R19 000 R7 900

S H E D !

R5 900 R5 900 R8 900 R8 900

G/BOX R8 900 (6) R6 500 R6 500 R12 500 (A) R12 500 (A) R6 500 R6 500

G/BOX R6 900 (M) R6 900 (M) R9 500 R5 900 R4 900 R5 900 R3 900

G/BOX R2 500 (M) R9 500 R1 500 (M) R2 950 (M) R6 500 (A) Honda K20A R6 900 (M) R3 900 (A) R6 950 (A) R3 950 (M) R12 500 (A) R6 950 (A)



Voyager 3.3 V6 97-00 PT Cruiser 2.0 16V / Optra 1.6 Voyager 2.5crd 2001-2006 T-Cam Voyager 97-00 2.5 CRD PT Cruiser 2.0 16V PT Cruiser 2.0 16V Chrysler 2.2 CRDi (664911) Neon 2.0 16V Voyager 2.5 CRDi T/Cam Voyager 3.3 V6 Aluminium Voyager 3.3 V6 (Plastic) / 2.8 CRD Voyager 3.3 V6

R3 900 R3 900 R7 500 R3 900 R6 500 R3 900 R4 900 R19 500





R12 500 R17 950 R26 500 R14 500 R13 900 R12 500 R39 000 R8 950 R22 500 R16 500 R24 500 R19 900

R9 500 (A) R13 500 (A) R9 500 (A) R9 500 (A) R4 950 R4 500 (M) R95 000 R3 950 (M) R12 500 (A) R12 500 (A) VR12 500 (A) R12 500 (A)



Golf 1 / 2 / 3 1600 Sub Assembly Golf 1 / 2 / 3 1.9 Diesel Non Turbo Golf 4 1.6 AKL Golf 4 1.8 Turbo Gti AGU Polo 1.9 Tdi ATD / ASZ – V5 AGZ 2L Tdi CFB Passat 1.8 Turbo 99-01 AEB VR6 2.8 AAA / AYL Golf 6 / Polo 1.4 CGG / BLF / AGE V6 VW Golf 5 Gti DSG / CFB 2L Tdi AGN 2.0 Golf / Jetta 4 1.6 AZJ BKD/ BKC /BKB / BXE Golf 4 1.9 TDI V5 AGZ AQN Polo AMF 3 Cyl TDI CAY 2.0 TDI / CJ2 / CRB Golf 5 2.0 FSI ATD / 1.9 TDI Polo / ASZ Golf 1 / 2 / 3 1.8 / 2.0 Polo BBY

R3 500 R6 950 R7 950 R11 500 R15 500 R36 500 R11 500 R12 500 R16 900 R39 500 R5 900 R25 500 R13 900 R9 500 R13 900 R26 900 R19 900 R14 900 R7 950 R13 900

R3 900 (M) R3 900 R4 900 (M) R3 500 (M) R9 500 (6) R12 900 (6) R4 500 (M) R6 950 (M) R9 500 R25 000 (D) R2 900 (M) R6 900 (M) R4 900 (M) R6 500 (M) R6 500 (M) R6 900 (M) R6 500 (M) R6 500 (M) R3 950 (M) R6 500 (M)

3L V6 / Kango K4M – Megane 2006+ / K4MT G9T 2.2 DCI / 2013 KOLEOS / ESD Espace 2.2 DCI 6 Spd Gearbox F4RT K9K NV200 K4M / K7M 16 Valve K9K Back Starter K9K Front Starter

R9 500 R13 500 R35 000 R18 500 R16 500 R29 500 R11 500 R13 900 R19 500 R13 900

R5 900 (M) R6 900 R11 500 (M) R9 500



R9 900 R12 900 R14 900 R12 900 R19 500 R12 950 R59 000 R26 900 R16 900 R5 900 R21 500 R26 500 R11 500 R16 900 R17 900 R12 500 R49 000 R14 900

R1 900 (M) R3 500 (M) R14 900 (A) R9 500 (A) R13 500 (A) R6 500 (M) R9 500 (M) AR9 500 (M) R3 500 (M) R3 500 (M) 16 900 (A) R9 900 (A) R19 500 (A) R9 500 (6) R11 900 (A) R29 200 (A) R7 500 (6)




A4 ADR 1.8 / APT A4 / A3 1.8T AEB / APT A4 2.0 ALT / AUM / AUQ A4 / A6 2.4 V6 APS / ACK / AAH / ASG 4.2 V8 BDN / AVJ 1.8T / AVF TDI / ASG 1.9 TDI 2003 – 2005 A5Z / A4Y / ASG CRC 3.0 V6 CAY 1.6 TDI ABG / AJK 2.7 Bi-Turbo AGN 2.0 A4 1.8 Turbo AWT / AWX A4 2.0 TDI B8 2008 +/AB BKD/BKC/BKP A6 / A8 4.2 V8 2000 – 2002 A4 / A6 2.5 TDI 2003+ AJM / ATJ / AVB ABC / ACK / AML / AGA Q7 3.0 TDI CAS A3 1.9 TDI 6 Speed

S500 / E430 V8 / E500 611 4Cyl Turbo (Vito) 613 6Cyl Turbo E320CDI / S320CDI A170DT / E300 DT / SMART CYL Vito 115 CDI (646) 230E / 200E 124 / 300E / 260E Sprinter / 611 Turbo 2014 519 V6 Sprinter 5 Cyl CDI 665 C180 / C200 111 C200K Red 111 / A160 C200K 271 C240 C6 111 C320 / A170 Diesel T S500 / 113 V8 Vito 611 – FWD E320 CDI 613 Vito 646 Sprinter 642T Sprinter 612 On Exchange Sprinter 602 5 Cyl Man Pump Atego 904 / ADE 364 Atego 906 6 Cyl / 646 VITO / C220

R18 500 R24 500 R24 900 R13 950 R29 500 R9 500 R29 500 R119 000 R35 000 R6 950 R9 500 R29 000 R11 900 R12 900 R12 900 R19 500 R11 500 R49 000 R69 000 R39 000 R19 500 R39 000 R59 000

ENGINE Dublo Diesel / 500 Lounge 2.3 JTD Palio / Strada 1.6 16V Dublo 1.9TDI Sienna 1.2 UNO 1100

R12 900 R17 500 R9 950 R16 900 R7 900




AUTO BOX SPECIALS BMW 5HP18 – 4HP22 5HP24 – GM320d 5HP19 – 6HP19 750i F10 / 335i 6HP26 6HP28 MERCEDES-BENZ 230E – 300E C180 – C200 C-CLASS 7226 ELEC ML320 / 500 4X4

R5 900 R12 500 R17 900 R9 500 R19 500 R21 500 R6 900 R5 900 R7 500 R9 500 R9 500 R11 500 R17 900

VOLVO 55 50 SN 55 51 SN



R26 500 (6) R5 500 R6 500 (M) P.O.A R3 950 (M) R7 500 (A) R6 500 (M) R4 950 (M) R4 900 R7 900 (M) R11 500 R6 900 (M) R7 900 (A) R12 500 (M) R9 500 (A) R12 500 (5) R12 500 (M) R19 500 (M) R14 900 R28 000 (A) P.O.A

66 Vermikuliet Street, Laboria Tel: 083 784 6175


R1 500 (M) R1 500 (M) R3 500 (M) R3 500 R6 000 R2 700 R9 500 (6) R1 500 (M) R6 500 (M) R3 950 (M) R9 900 R4 900 R18 500 (6) R3 500

063 786 6786 073 290 0127 076 163 5362

2.7 V6 Turbo Diesel 2005 Jaguar V8 04-06 4.2 3L V6 S / X Type 4.0 V8 XJ8 2000 – 02

R35 500 R22 500 R13 500 R19 500

R3 900 R4 900 R6 500 R4 900

R9 500 (A) R9 500 (M) R9 500 (A) R9 900 R12 900 (M) R5 950 (A) R9 500 (M) 2014 519 V6 R29 500 R14 900 R7 500 (A) R7 500 (6) R14 500 (A) R7 500 (A) R7 500 (A) R7 500 (A) R9 500 (5) R7 500 (A) R14 500 (6) R14 500 (6) R8 500 R14 900 R25 000

G/BOX R8 500 (M) R6 500 (M) R3 950 (M) R6 500 R3 950 (M)

G/BOX R12 500 R12 500 R12 500 R11 500

G4LA i10 2.5 Diesel D4BX / 2.5 TD / D3EA 2.6 Diesel D4BB D4CB 2.5CRD D4EB 1.5 12V G4EH D4EB / D4HA / G4KC G4ED Non VVTi G4HG 1.1 (ALUM) Getz 1.5CRD J2 1600 / 1800 D4BF / D4BB J1 1800 / 2L Auto G4EE / G4ED Getz Non CVVT

B5204T 1 / 2 (Dist) B4204 S – S40 2L B4204 T – S40 2L / S3 B4204T3 B5204S2/3 B5204 T3 (Coil) b5244t B52544T5 DBL Vano D4204T 2.4 Diesel / D5244T B524453 / B5240453 D4204T4

KIA MOTORS New Sportage 2.0 TDI D4EA Carnival K5V6 / 2.3 Diesel / G4HD Diff Now Available. Dbl Wheeler Sportage / Tucson G4GC Picanto G4HCT Kia 2.7 Diesel JT Shuma 1.6 DOHC Sportage 2L 16V / Kia M Tech Sedana 2.9 CRDI J3 Shuma M-Tech S6D Kia Serranto 2.5 TDI D4CB



R16 500 R18 500 R20 900 R32 000 R5 950 R29 500 R12 900 R9 900 R13 250 R8 900 R19 500 R8 900 R10 900

R6 900 (M) R3 500 (M) R3 500 (M) R12 000 (M) R2 500 (M) RR3 900 R2 500 (M) R3 900 (M) R1 500 (M) R3 500 R2 900 (A) R1 500 (M)



R14 500 R11 500 R14 500 R16 900 R9 900 R14 500 R29 500 R19 500 R11 900 R26 500

R4 950 (M) R7 500 (A) R7 900 (A) R9 500 (A) R7 500 (A) R7 500 (A) R13 900 (6) R9 500 (A) R7900 (M)



R18 500 R12 500 R5 500 R12 500 R12 500 R19 900 R12 500 R14 900 R11 900 R9 500 R28 500

ENGINE C2 1.6 Petrol 10F6 1.4 16V C5 3.0 V6 C2 1.6 / 1.4 HDI

R8 950 R19 500 R12 900 R16 900

MINI Cooper New Type 1000cc Eng + Box Cooper S Turbo 2006 / 1.9 TDI Cooper 1.6 Old

Turbo Daily (Electric Pump) Turbo Daily (Manual Pump) Unijet 2.8 Diesel 7 (Belt) Unijet 3.0 Diesel 7 (Chain) Unijet 3.0 2014 +

LAND ROVER 2.5 TDI 300 Series 4.6 HSE / 3.9 V8 Discovery Td5 / Defender Freelander 2L TDI 20T 200 Series 2.5 TDI 300 Series 2.5 TDI Freelander TD4 / BMW Eng V8 3.9 Fits 4.6 / V8 Carb Freelander 1.8j 18K 2010 2.7 V6 Diesel T


R6 900 (M) R6 500 R4 500 (M) R2 500 (M) R7 500 (M) R 6900 (M) R4 900 (M) R12 500 (A)

G/BOX R4 900 R9 500 R8 500 (M) R4 900



R19 500 R5 950 R19 900 R9 500

R13 000 (A)



R29 500 R19 500 R37 500 R45 000 R69 000

R11 500 (6) R8 500 (5) R11 500 (6) R11 500 (6) R19 500 (6)



R21 000 R14 500 R29 500 R14 900 R19 500 R21 500 R14 900 R12 500 R16 900 R79 500

R9 500 (M) R9 500 (A) R12 500 (A) R7 500 (M) R7 900 R7 900 R7 900 R7 900 R6 500 R35 000 (A)


Dodge V8 Carb / Proton / Terios Porsche 924 / 928 Mahindra Scorpio 2.2 CRDI 2013 Chevrolet Spark B10S Chevrolet Cruze F18D3 SAAB Ecopower Daihatsu Charade 3 Cyl SEAT 1.9 TDI BLT / CADDILAC Ssang Yong Musso AUTO

R9 500 (A) R3 900 (M)

R9 500 (M) R6 500 (M)


R9 900 R8 500 R29 500 R11 900 R18 500 R12 900 R6 950 R19 500 R19 500

R4 500

R75 000 R115 000 R75 000 R59 000 R45 000 R59 000 R95 000 R75 000 R65 000 R39 000 R45 000 R55 000

R25 000

R14 900 (M) R12 500 (A) R5 900 (M) R3 000 (M) R5 900 R7 950 (M)

TRUCK ENGINES MAN D0836 Hino K13C Hino NO4C Hino JO5 Non Turbo / S05C Turbo SO5C Non Turbo Nissan FE6 12 Valve Nissan FE6 16 Valve Isuzu 4HK1 Turbo Isuzu 4HF1 ADE 352 ADE 366 ADE 366 Turbo + MANY MORE

R25 000 R29 000 (6) R19 900 (5) R17 000 R25 000 R27 000 R14 500 (5) R14 500 (5) R14 500


MAZDA / FORD R 2 R14 900



NISSAN GA 16 R8 900



FORD ROCAM 1.3 R7 900

MITSUBISHI4M41 TURBO R41 500 I R22 000 (A)



VW 2.0 AGG R8 900


BMW 3.0D TURBO M57 306D1 R14 900




R1 500

Rocam 1.3 Build Over – 5 Speed Audi A3 / Golf 4 1.8 / 2.0 – 5 Speed Audi A4 1.8 / 2.0 / V6 – 5 Speed Ford Fiesta 1.6 Duratec – 5 Speed BMW 318i E46 / E36 – 5 Speed


Honda D15 / D16 Renault – 5 Speed Fiat Palio 1200 – 5 Speed Mazda 6 2.0 – 5 Speed Honda K20A – 5 Speed

R1 500 R3 500 R1 500 R2 500 R3 500





May 17, 2018

Onteiening van grond - sakelui, grondeienaars toegelig BARRY VILJOEN >>

Suidskool samel geld in vir Lana Steyn na krokodilaanval in Limpoporivier


Dewan Gobey en Christelle Swart, hoofleiers van Pietersburg Laerskool oorhandig kontant aan Lana Steyn, ‘n onderwyser van Akademie Reformia wat onlangs deur ‘n krokodil aangeval en ‘n groot gedeelte van haar linkerhand verloor het. Saam met hulle is Steyn se vriend, Mike van der Merwe wat haar uit die krokodilkake gered het. Suidskoolleerders het R5 betaal om gewone klere aan te trek waarna die geld aan Steyn geskenk is om met haar mediese uitgawes te help.

AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION To adopt one of these adorable animals contact Polokwane SPCA on 015 291 1088 or come and visit us at Plot 46, Roodepoort Road. Once applicants are approved they sign adoption and steriliThis Boston terrier is super friendly sation contracts. It costs R500 and loving and wants to be around people all the time. to adopt a cat and R850 to adopt a dog. This includes sterilisation, vaccination, deworming and microchipping. Dogs will also These kittens are loving and friendly. receive a voucher for basic There are many other kittens also available for adoption. obedience training from K9 Academy. Please note that Photos: Supplied This spaniel has a lovely personality the 20 km radius for adoption and enjoys belly rubs. does not apply any longer. We will home anywhere within our area of operation. ALL THE ANIMALS SHOWN HERE ARE UP FOR ADOPTION. We are in desperate need of This one-year-old female schnauzer kitten and puppy food as well crossbreed is very playful and gets along well with other dogs. as blankets for the winter.


ie moontlike onteiening van bates sonder vergoeding het nie bloot betrekking op grond nie en dit is noodsaaklik dat kommentaar en besware met betrekking tot die regering se voorgestelde wysiging van die Grondwet betyds ingedien word om te verseker dat die regering kennis neem van landsburgers se weerstand daarteen. Dit was die boodskap van verteenwoordigers van AfriSake en AfriForum wat belangstellendes verlede Woensdagaand by Pietersburgklub toegespreek het. Regs- en beleidsanalis van AfriSake, Armand Greyling, het verduidelik dat die voorgestelde wetgewing kan toelaat dat vaste eiendom, besighede en selfs intellektuele goedere soos patente deur die regering onteien kan word sonder dat vergoeding daarvoor betaal word. Volgens Greyling berus die mosie wat in dié verband by die parlement ingedien is, op statistiese fiksie oor grondeienaarskappatrone in Suid-Afrika. “In die mosie is beweer dat die ‘African majority’ in die land slegs 13% van die grond besit, terwyl die blanke minderheid teen 1994 reeds 87% van alle grond besit het. Die waarheid is egter dat grond in regeringsbesit en grond in die voormalige tuislande, selfregerende state en die grond van ontwikkelingstrusts in 1994 tot 28% van die totale bruikbare grond in die land uitgemaak het. Die skaarsbewoonde halfwoestyn van die Noord-Kaap is ook by die statistiek ingesluit en verwring as sodanig die

Armand Greyling van Afrisake lig gaste by die AfriForum/AfriSake-praatjie oor onteiening sonder vergoeding in.


Charles Castle is deel van AfriSake se span.

prentjie en die statistiek wat as gesaghebbend gebruik word, maak dus geen sin nie,” het Greyling gesê. Hy het benadruk dat die publiek voor 31 Mei besware teen die voorgestelde wetgewing moet indien om te verseker dat hul stilswye nie as instemming beskou word nie. Die tydperk vir besware is intussen tot 15 Junie verleng. AfriSake se bestuurder van die arbeidsregsadvieseenheid, Charles Castle, het bevestig dat AfriForum gereed is om die eerste geval van onteiening sonder vergoeding as ‘n toetssaak in die hof te beveg. “AfriForum doen deurlopend navorsing oor hierdie saak en beywer hom daarvoor om internasionale steun te werf om die voorgestelde grondwetswysiging te beveg,” het Castle gesê en bygevoeg dat ‘n afvaardiging van AfriForum tans in die VSA is om meningsvormers oor die aangeleentheid in te lig. Eugene Brink, AfriForum se strategiese raadgewer oor gemeenskapsake, het inligting oor AfriForum se werksaamhede verskaf en verduidelik dat AfriForum deel van die Solidariteitbeweging is. AfriForum se assistent-veiligheidskoördineerder, Llewellynn Hemmens, het riglyne oor die hantering van onwettige grondbesetters verskaf en benadruk dat ‘n klag onverwyld by die polisie gelê moet word indien grond beset word. “Dit is die polisie se werk om betreders te verwyder. As strukture eers bewoon word, moet ‘n hofbevel verkry word en kan die proses duur raak. Dit is ook raadsaam om kundige advies in te win sodra die probleem ontstaan,” het Hemmens aanbeveel.

Eugene Brink van AfriForum verduidelik sy organisasie se betrokkenheid by die gemeenskap.

Llewellynn Hemmens van AfriForum vertel hoe grondeienaars hul eiendomsreg kan beveilig teen onwettige besetting.

Mei 17, 2018


Opwindende nuus vir Polokwane!!! Die opening van MannheiM Pub & Grill op Vrydag, 18 Mei 2018 om 17:00 beloof ‘n ervaring duisend te wees!!!! Kom beleef ons feestelike atmosfeer, beste pryse, smaaklikste biefstuk en burgers in die stad met ons onoortreflike diens. MannheiM Pub & Grill bied ‘n veilige en warm atmosfeer vir een van die beste kuiers in die Bosveld.

OPENING ‘SPECIALS’ 18 MEI ‘18 Dubbel brandewyn en Coke “Beer Buckets” 6 x Black Label 6 x Lion Lager 4 x Jägerbombs Dubbel R & R


R75.00 R75.00 R60.00 R15.00

Ons spesialiteit: ‘n MannheiM-burger en ‘n ‘Sloppy Joe’ MannheiM Pub & Grill bied ‘n wye reeks drankies teen billike pryse en daar is deurentyd ‘specials’ wat ‘n spesiale kuier in ‘n fenomenale gebeurtenis omskep.

RIKUS STEENBERG 061 400 7857

Mede-eienaars, plaaslike entrepreneur, Rikus Steenberg, alombekend in sportkringe en die boeregemeenskap, en Joe Snow, welbekend onder oud en jonk in Polokwane, nooi almal hartlik uit om die openingsaand asook vele opvolgkuiers daarna by MannheiM Pub & Grill te kom geniet.

JOE SNOW 064 931 5611

Pietersburgstraat 34, Ladanna (voorheen bekend as ‘Hoofkantoor’)



May 17, 2018

Five suspected robbers in dock RC MYBURGH >> Five wanted suspects including a former Police reservist are expected to appear in the Praktiseer Magistrate’s Court again today (Thursday) after they were arrested during a Police operation last week. Tumelo Kgaphola (30), Thabang Mokganyetsi (24), William Mokoena, Comfort Sefoloshe (both 23) and Prince Masanabo (22) are expected to apply for bail during today’s hearing.

Provincial Police Spokesperson Moatshe Ngoepe indicated that the five, believed to have been terrorising communities and businesses in the area, were arrested at different locations within the Burgersfort cluster. Among them is a former Police reservist believed to be the kingpin behind a series of crimes. Mojapelo said that the five suspects are believed to have been involved in recent incidents which include four armed robberies at two fuel stations in Burgersfort, two armed robberies at a jewellery store at Tubatse Crossing, murder and hi-

CRIME shorts Vrou se neef in hof oor haar verkragting ‘n Sestigjarige vrou se 29-jarige neef wat haar na bewering verkrag het sou na verwagting vroeg vandeesweek in die Giyani landdroshof op aanklag van verkragting verskyn het. Provinsiale polisiewoordvoerder, Moatshe Ngoepe sê die verdagte is verlede Donderdag deur lede van die polisie se gesinsgeweld, kinderbeskerming en seksuele oortredingseenheid in Selawa-nedersetting buite Giyani aangekeer. Volgens Ngoepe was die slagoffer glo laataand op pad huis toe nadat sy ‘n funksie by ‘n nabygeleë huis bygewoon het. Haar neef het aangebied om haar te vergesel, maar het haar langs die pad oorrompel, die bos ingesleep en glo verkrag. Ngoepe sê hy het haar glo twee keer verkrag, maar gevlug nadat hy mense in hulle rigting gehoor stap het. Die vrou het alarm gemaak en die polisie is ontbied. Vinnige optrede deur die polisie het tot die verdagte se arrestasie kort na die voorval gelei.

jacking in Burgersfort, house robbery in Tubatse, four business robberies at Ga-Mashamotane and Ribacross respectively, another hijacking at Tubatse as well as a shootout with Police in Burgersfort recently. Two pistols and a rifle were recovered at the former reservist’s home during his arrest. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

The arrested suspects of which one is a former Police reservist who are believed to have been involved in a series of crimes in the Burgersfort Cluster.

Woman in dock for stabbing husband to death

Police Commissioner joins operation Fiela II RC MYBURGH >> Major successes were recorded during the Police’s ongoing Operation Fiela II when Provincial Police Commissioner Nneke Ledwaba joined his men in closing down on Mankweng and Botlokwa on Monday and Tuesday. The group was composed of Police members from the relevant security cluster, community based crime prevention structures as well as members of the Public Order Policing Unit (Pops), Visible Policing Unit and officials from the Department of Home Affairs. Provincial Police Spokesperson Moatshe Ngoepe indicated that the objectives of the operation were to deal with cross-border crimes such as vehicle theft syndicates, illegal immigration, mushrooming drug smuggling and road traffic transgressions. The process was conduct-

ed through tracing wanted suspects, roadblocks, vehicle check points and intelligence-driven tactical operations. Ngoepe said in Botlokwa 19 illegal immigrants were detained, one person arrested for harbouring illegal immigrants and 21 traffic fines issued. A total of 403 vehicles were searched. In Dennilton, Vuwani, Tzaneen, Burgersfort and Thohoyandou areas 88 suspects, aged 20 to 48, were arrested for various offences ranging from assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm, contravention of the road traffic regulations, failure to comply with the Liquor Act, rape, common robbery, business robbery, drunken driving, possession of dangerous weapons, the Immigration Act, murder, malicious damage to property as well as unlawful possession of firearm and ammunition, according to Ngoepe. He added that a vehicle which was reported hijacked in Sinoville, Pretoria recently was


Police search a vehicle during Operation Fiela II which focussed on the Mankweng and Botlokwa areas on Monday and Tuesday.

recovered abandoned in Dennilton during the operation. A firearm with 59 rounds of live ammunition were also recovered. The suspects will appear before different Magistrate's Courts across the province soon.

Burst water pipe in Marshall Street causes water loss BARRY VILJOEN >>


A major pipe burst in Marshall Street caused a lot of water to go to waste on Monday.

A major pipe burst that occurred in Marshall Street early on Monday morning and that was only blocked off in the afternoon, left consumers without water for the most part on Monday. No other shortages or low pressure were reported. Communications and Marketing Manager of Polokwane Municipality, Matshidiso Mothapo, reported on Tuesday that the level of the Potgieter Avenue reservoir was at 85%, while the 50 and 30 mega litre reservoirs were at 51% and 34% respectively. The level

of the old 30 mega litre reservoir was at 45% while the level of the Seshego reservoir recovered to 24%. The flow from Ebenezer dam and the Olifantspoort plant were 141 litres per second and 70 litres per second respectively. The schedule on the website of the Department of Water and Sanitation indicated that the levels of the Dap Naudé and Magoebaskloof dams were at 100,7% and 100,4%. The Ebenezer and Doorndraai dams were at 91,7% and 42,1% respectively. The level of the Flag Boshielo Dam was at 101,1% and the Hans Merensky Dam was at 101,6% of capacity.

Linda Nyama (26) will appear in the Moutse Magistrate’s Court again next month after she abandoned bail during her appearance last Wednesday in connection with the killing of her husband Isaac Mukondo early last week. Nyama was arrested for allegedly stabbing her husband to death at Kirkvoschefontein outside Dennilton. Maphure Manamela from the Provincial Police Media Centre indicated that the woman allegedly suspected her husband of infidelity. At about midnight on the day of the murder the accused followed him to a nearby house. She allegedly broke the door of the house to gain access and found her husband with another woman. During an argument that ensued between those present the deceased was allegedly stabbed with a sharp object. She said the Police and emergency personnel were called where they arrested the woman. The man was certified dead on the scene.

Stolen earthmoving machinery found

Information received from the community led Police to recovering two stolen earthmoving machines worth R2 million outside Groblersdal and in Gauteng respectively. Provincial Police Spokesperson Moatshe Ngoepe indicated that Police followed up on leads to Ga-Moganyaka village outside Groblersdal where the one machine was found apparently abandoned. Further investigation led Police to Gauteng where the second machine was traced. When the Police arrived the suspects made a run for it. Ngoepe added that investigations are continuing and arrests are expected to be made soon.


There is confusing array of security barriers available on the market, so how do you know which is the best design for you? The truth is that the strengthening features are often hidden on the inside the gate. Trellidor Retractable security gates are fully framed, have multiple locking points and our links in the trellis pattern join up three upright bars. All to ensure we give you the strongest security barrier. Contact your Trellidor franchise to find out more about why Trellidor is still the ultimate crime barrier.

TRELLIDOR POLOKWANE 015 297 2457 | 21A Rissik Street, Polokwane.

Mei 17, 2018

LTA puts spotlight on culture, heritage >> ‘Created awareness of the possibilities and prospects offered by South Africa’s northernmost province >> ‘Potential to reduce poverty by creating job opportunities in the industry’ HERBERT RACHUENE >> com


oughly aware of the possibilities and prospects offered by South Africa’s northernmost province. Nmasontho Ndlovu, Chief Executive Officer of LTA reportedly said they chose to highlight the province’s heritage and culture was motivated by its vast offering of wildlife, scenic beauty and diversity of people. “We showcased and highlighted heritage and culture with cultural experiences that can be enjoyed by visitors to our province. We encouraged our tourism products in the province to take advantage of the Indaba to make business that will bring lots of tourists to the province.” Ndlovu continued to say that an influx of tourists will create more job opportunities and thus help reduce poverty. “Tourism is a very reliable and resilient sector but it requires patience,” she said. She confirmed local and international buyers had met with the province’s exhibitors with the intention of possibly doing business with them.

impopo Tourism Agency (LTA) took the recent 2018 Tourism Indaba by storm where it highlighted and emphasised the cultural and heritage wealth and potential of the province. Represented by a delegation of 29 leading tourism products role players in PHOTO: ACHIEVES the industry who visited Nomasonto the Inkosi Albert Luthuli Ndlovu, Chief Conventions Centre in Executive OfDurban were made thor- ficer of LTA.


Help Police find three missing persons from Ivydale, Matlala, Zaaiplaas RC MYBURGH >>

Chipana village outside Matlala who was last seen by his family on Friday. He was allegedly accompanied by a 77-year-old man to a nearby bush to collect herbs. They allegedly went their separate ways afterwards but Mashilo has not been seen again. He is brown in complexion and was

Police need the help of the community to locate three people who were recently reported missing in Westenburg, Matlala and Zaaiplaas respectively. Nkabeleng Mahlatse Sekoati (24) from Plot 171, Ivydale, allegedly went missing on Monday. Sekoati, a mentally disturbed person was reported missing by her father after she left home on Sunday and never returned. She is about 1,8 m tall and was last seen wearing light blue jeans and a green jacket. Police are also searching for Nang Kleinboy Nkabeleng Mahlatse Mashilo (104) from GaSekoati

Thabo Lelengwa

wearing green trousers with a grey shirt and brown cap. Police are also searching for Thabo Lelengwa (27) from Keerom in Sehlakwane, Zaaiplaas who was reported missing on 29 April. It is alleged that Lelengwa went missing on 26 April and was last seen by his mother who recalled seeing him leaving home but could not remember his attire. Anyone with information on the whereabouts of these people can report to the nearest Police station or call the crime stop number on 08600 Nang Kleinboy 10 111. Mashilo

Coca-Cola warns public of recruitment scam ENDY SENYATSI >> Coca-Cola Beverages South Africa (CCBSA) warns Limpopo citizens of a recent recruitment scam where fraudsters request a sum of money in exchange for jobs. It was reported that the company was made aware that individuals claiming to be representatives of the company are conveying fraudulent offers of employment in exchange for payment. The offers come from unauthorised

individuals fraudulently recruiting on CCBSA’s behalf or claiming to work for or be associated with the company, the statement read. These activities are not authorised by nor linked in any way to CCBSA or any of its entities and such activities must therefore be regarded as criminal and unlawful and should be reported accordingly, it was reported. The company went on to say: “It must be emphasised that neither CCBSA nor any of its entities would ever ask for upfront fees or payment before, during and/or after the

recruitment process. Job seekers are advised not to be attracted or lured by any communication which solicits payment.” CCBSA is currently investigating all the claims received in this regard and assures the public that they will work with relevant authorities to bring perpetrators to book. Residents are further urged to contact CCBSA on 0800 005 174 to confirm whether the offer is legitimate if they are in doubt or suspicious about offers of employment they have received.



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Sharing good service experiences

In response to Polokwane Observer’s request for our readers to inform us of any experience of service worthy of mention, we received the following note from At and Elise Coetzee. “There is a sales lady working at Polokwane Toyota by the name of Vera (Eybers). We found her to be an exceptional, out of the ordinary sales lady. We first got to know her when we were shopping around for a new vehicle. We did eventually buy a second-hand Rav 4 in Pretoria. We took the car to Toyota Polokwane for a service and was again impressed by Vera’s helpful attitude. “The effort she went to to transfer the extended service onto our names, calling the previous owner and emailing the relevant forms to him was far and beyond what is expected of her as an employee. If the service we received from Vera could be transferred to most companies or businesses in Polokwane it would result in ecstatic clientele. Thank you Vera, we were so impressed by you.”

Support Tekkie Tax 2018 KAREN VENTER >> Cansa Polokwane is excited to be part of the fourth annual Tekkie Tax Day, set to take place on Friday 25 May and encourages everyone to buy a sticker or shoelaces and wear them with tekkies on this day. Christopher Combrink, Cansa

community mobiliser, explained that Cansa is part of the education sector and therefore has Education stickers available for R10 per sticker. There are also Tekkie Tax shoelaces for sale at R35 per pair. “The income raised from Tekkie Tax goes a long way in helping us educate communities as well as providing care and support initiatives. By taking part and buying stickers and sparkly multi-coloured shoelaces, you are helping to create awareness, educate families better and assist in promoting early detection

that ensures a much better treatment outcome,” Combrink explained. Cansa is one of 11 national beneficiaries representing more than 1 000 local non-profit organisations. Tekkie Tax started in 2013 and has raised R30 million to date for participating nonprofit organisations including Cansa, Epilepsy SA, Child Welfare SA, SOS Children's Villages, Special Olympics SA, Imisebeyelanga Services, WA, NG Welfare, SAVF and RoleModels Foundation. They are divided into five sectors, being animals, bring hope, children, disability and education. To purchase your Tekkie Tax Education sector sticker contact Cansa on 015 297 1268. All five sectors' stickers are available at Polokwane Nasorgsentrum, which can be contacted on 082 257 3857. PHOTO: KAREN VENTER

Christopher Combrink, Cansa community mobiliser, encourages everyone to participate in Tekkie Tax Day on Friday 25 May.

Earth Day educates young warriors HERBERT RACHUENE >> Littering, water conservation and recycling were among the topics dealt with on Friday when the Grade R learners of Pietersburg English Medium Primary School (Pemps) celebrated Earth Day. Karen Adlem, principal, believes one of the best ways to contribute towards a healthy planet in is to teach children about the importance of recycling. “This way they will grow with an appreciation of recycling. We want them to practise this at home. They are our earth warriors, future PHOTO: HERBERT RACHUENE

Kganya Ramala, Denzhe Vele, Leray Sinclaire and Lesego Chere in front of the Earth Day mural designed and made by learners using recycled bottle caps.

leaders and ambassadors of our environment. We also want them to teach their parents about littering because presently they are the culprits,” Adlem said. On the day the learners collected waste material around the school precinct using their own recycling bags they brought from their homes. “They personally deposited waste in bins and bags and sent them to a local recycling waste company. We want to make recycling fun because it is another small way to make a big impact on the environment. We want them to practise this at home and make their parents feel guilty because they are the ones who are always littering,” concluded Adlem. Earth Day is celebrated annually on 22 April and aims to encourage people across the world to live more environmentally friendly.


17 Mei >> Bolivia Estate bied om 10:00 ‘n geselligheid vir bejaardes as deel van die ‘Go turquoise’-projek aan waartydens ‘n spreker toeligting oor Sassatoelaes sal gee. Piet van Waveren: 083 263 3326. 18 Mei >> Elandré Schwartz tree om 19:00 by die Hervormde Kerk Welgelegen-Pietersburg op. Daar sal vanaf 17:00 ‘n verskeidenheid kosstalletjies wees. Kaartjies kos R100 per persoon. Henk Joubert: 015 295 8267 of die kerkkantoor by 015 295 5464. 19 Mei >> Lollos, Lettie, Disco en Karla se splinternuwe vertoning, ‘Lollos & Lettie – 10 jaar basaar’ vind om 11:30 by Taberna DeiOoskampus, Bekkerstraat 108, Faunapark plaas. Kaartjies kos R90 per persoon. Maryke Thomson 082 317 3101. 24 tot 26 Mei >> Die Tafelrondes bied hul jaarlikse A la Carte komedie ten bate van La Wiida Leersentrum vir Kinders met Spesiale Behoeftes by Hoër Tegniese Skool Tom Naudé aan. Die vertoning begin om 18:30 en kaartjies kos R3 000 vir ‘n tafel van 10 en sluit aandete in. Kaartjies beskikbaar by James Gutche: 079 255 9274 of Gerhard Booysen: 082 052 8080. 25 Mei >> Koop ‘n Tekkie Tax-plakker teen R10 en dra jou tekkies op Tekkie Tax-dag terwyl jy ‘n aktiwiteit van jou keuse ondersteun. Veelkleurige veters teen R35 en T-hemde teen R95 vir volwassenes en R80 vir kinders is ook beskikbaar by Kansa Polokwane, Suid-Afrikaanse Vrouefederasie en die Polokwane Nasorgsentrum vir Volwasse Intellektueel Gestremdes. Saartjie du Toit: 082 257 3857. 26 Mei >> Laerskool Duiwelskloof Primary School hou ‘n tamatiefees met bulletjierugby- en mini-netbalwedstryde. Belangstellendes vir stalletjies kan Hendi Erwee by 083 380 1761 skakel of per e-pos hendierwee@ kontak. >> Die Boeremusiekgilde Pietersburg bied om 18:00 ‘n boemelaarsmandjiedans by Pietersburg Laerskool aan. Eet- en drinkgoed sal beskikbaar wees en kaartjies kos R30 vir lede en R60 vir nielede. Eugene van Heerden: 082 828 0255. 2 Junie >> Die Gereformeerde Kerk PietersburgNoord op die hoek van Dap Naudé en Andrewstraat bied van 08:00 tot 15:00 ‘n Doppermark aan met ‘n verskeidenheid stalletjies en ‘n ontbyt teen R60 per persoon. Stalletjies is beskikbaar teen R200 elk en moet voor 22 Mei bespreek word. Alwine Eilers: 082 585 5831 of Susan Coetsee: 083 626 5423. 4 to 10 June >> The Classic Cars and Wheels Expo takes place at Mall of the North with displays inside the mall and at the overflow parking area only on 9 June. Eric Wood: 082 802 3676.

Cultural Day to showcase South Africa traditional colours ENDY SENYATSI >> Noordjieland Pre-Primary School celebrated Culture Day under the theme ‘Our country South Africa’ and the learners wore traditional at-

>> More photos on

tire representing the country’s various cultural groups. Principal Noeline Jordaan said the day was well celebrated and thanked the parents for ensuring that the children looked amazing. She said the educators had played a big role in preparing for the day and making sure that everyone enjoyed it. Left: Itumeleng Motsifane, Simonae Mogagane, Leona Motene, Kamohelo Phali, Nyiko Mayimele, Omphile Riba, Nicole Tihuhlu and their educator, Maria Shika all dressed up for the day.

Mei 17, 2018


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May 17, 2018

Mei 17, 2018

The good times roll at The Fun Company KAREN VENTER >>


enpin bowling, bumper cars, omni virtual reality and a variety of arcade games for all ages were just some of the attractions when The Fun Company at Mall of the North in Polokwane officially opened its doors to the public on Saturday. Martin Bester, radio presenter and entertainer, was on hand giving out prizes to some lucky gamers while many shoppers opted to try out the coffee shop, which offers a variety of coffees and milkshakes as well as some delectable cakes and desserts. As if this is not enough fun, the trampoline park will be opening shortly as well. The Fun Company at Mall of the North, owned by Guy Caminsky, is the first of its kind in Limpopo and the latest addition to the fastest growing family entertainment centre

Ignatius Roos (3) uses all his concentration to hit the burger each time it pops up. located in various malls in KwaZulu Natal, Gauteng and Mpumalanga. The Fun Company aims to offer the latest entertainment for all ages at affordable prices in a safe environment. Belinda Booysen, chief operating officer, said The Fun Company is not just family and child oriented. “While it is the perfect venue for birthday parties it is also wonderful for corporate use such as team building and entertaining customers,” she said.


Nurses honoured on International Nurse’s Day KAREN VENTER >>karen@observer. Nursing personnel of Mediclinic Limpopo took time out of their hectic schedules to have a sitdown meal on Friday to celebrate International Nurse's Day, which falls on 12 May, also being Florence Nightingale's birthday. Mediclinic Limpopo general manager, MC Botha thanked all nursing personnel for their dedication and said the function in honour of the nursing personnel was just a small token of the hospital management's appreciation for

their dedication. Stephina Leboho was announced as the winner of the annual Nursing Excellence Award in recognition of the dedication she invests into caring for her patients and supporting her colleagues. Nursing manager, Matlou Sathekge said this award was most significant because nominations were made by Leboho's nursing peers who work alongside her. A candle lighting ceremony was also held in tribute to Florence Nightingale, also known as the Lady with the Lamp.


Stephina Leboho was announced as the winner of the annual Nursing Excellence Award at Mediclinic Limpopo’s International Nurse’s Day celebration held on Friday.


The Fun Company personnel are always available with a friendly word and a smile. On the far left is owner Guy Caminsky. In front are just some of the scrumptios cakes and desserts available at the coffee shop.

Gugulethu Rangata, deputy nursing manager, Matlou Sathekge, nursing manager and Alfonsina Sekgoka, deputy nursing manager during a candle lighting ceremony in tribute to Florence Nightingale.

Right: Martin Bester, radio presenter and entertainer, with Linné Niewoudt and Genevieve Trueman who tried their hand at ten-pin bowling and won a prize. Niandrie Brand (2) enjoys doing 360° turns on the bumper car as her grandfather Willie Herbst holds on for dear life. Right: Lethabo Kola (7) tries her hand at basketball. Father and daughter, Phillip Potgieter and Tasia Potgieter (10) try to out shoot each other.

Alyan Uddin (13) immerses himself in an omni virtual reality game.

Leon Spies concentrates hard on his game of Air FX.

Trust Ndlovu and his son Thabo Ndlovu (13) try their hand at tenpin bowling, a first for Thabo.

Kolobe Manyelo, student nurse and Kevin Nxumalo, infection prevention and control management, two of the nurses who celebrated International Nurse’s Day.



May 17, 2018

Kyk uit vir verwaarlosing onder kinders, meld onverwyld aan KAREN VENTER >>


n die lig van Kinderbeskermingsweek wat landwyd van 27 Mei tot 3 Junie plaasvind is die SAVF Polokwane se Kinder- en gesinsorgafdeling besig met ‘n bewusmakingsveldtog. Sonja White, SAVF Polokwane kinder- en gesinsorgdienste se maatskaplike werker sê verwaarlosing is ‘n vorm van mishandeling en dit is belangrik dat enige persoon wat met kinders werk genoegsame kennis het. Volgens haar vind verwaarlosing plaas wan-

neer ‘n ouer of versorger voortdurend nalaat om die basiese fisiese, emosionele, opvoedkundige, sosiale, psigiese en emosionele behoeftes van ‘n kind te vervul. “Verwaarlosing veroorsaak dat ‘n kind nie oor die vermoë beskik om die eise van die lewe te hanteer nie en laat hoofsaaklik ‘n gevoel van waardeloosheid by die kind omdat hy nie veilig voel nie,” sê sy. Dit is gewoonlik ooglopend dat ‘n kind fisies verwaarloos word as hy vuil is, gereeld koud kry omdat hy nie warm klere het nie, sy klere gereeld te groot, te klein of vuil is, kos steel en nie

PUBLIC NOTICE POLOKWANE MUNICIPALITY PUBLIC NOTICE CALLING FOR INSPECTION OF THE FIFTH SUPPLEMENTARY VALUATION ROLL AND LODGING OF OBJECTIONS FOR THE PERIOD OF 23 MAY 2018 TO 25 JUNE 2018 Notice is hereby given in terms of Section 49 (l)(a)(i) read together with section 78(2) of the Local Government: Municipal Property Rates Act, 2004 (Act No. 6 of 2004), hereinafter referred to as the “Act”, that the fifth supplementary valuation roll for the 2014/2018 financial years will be open for public inspection at the Municipal Offices, cnr Landdros Mare & Bodenstein streets Polokwane, as well as the Municipality’s website from 23 May 2018 to 25 June 2018. An invitation is hereby issued in terms of section 49(l)(a)(ii) read together with section 78(2) of the Act that any owner of property or other person who so desires should lodge an objection with the Municipal Manager in respect of any matter reflected in, or omitted from, the supplementary valuation roll within the above-mentioned period. Attention is specifically drawn to the fact that in terms of section 50(2) of the Act an objection must be in relation to a specific individual property and not against the valuation roll as such.

kos in sy tas by die skool het nie of gereeld vir kos vra en beserings as gevolg van onvoorsiene ongelukke het. Ander vorms van verwaarlosing sluit ongereelde skoolbywoning, gereelde gedragsprobleme, hartseer, woede, geen maatjies nie en angstigheid in. Wanneer grense of reëls inkonsekwent of afwesig is, voel ‘n kind onveilig. Ook as die kind gereeld sonder toesig of onvoldoende toesig gelaat word soos byvoorbeeld in die sorg van ʼn jong boetie of sussie wat self sorg nodig het. Gevolge van verwaarlosing Volgens White sluit dit die volgende in: Die jonger kind vertoon gebrekkige groei ten opsigte van gewig en lengte, het sit-, loop-, kruip- praat- en ontwikkelingsagterstande. Vel en hare is in ‘n swak toestand, soek aanhoudend aandag of het emosionele uitbarstings en voortdurende infeksies. Skoolgaande kinders vorder skolasties baie swak, is aggressief of isoleer hulself en toon emosionele, sosiale en gedragsprobleme, ondervind probleme om hul beurt af te wag en boelie


of word geboelie. Tieners het geen of min selfvertroue, vertoon toenemende risikogedrag byvoorbeeld die misbruik van substanse, isoleer hulself sosiaal en ervaar probleme binne hul portuurgroep. “Van die ernstiger langtermyngevolge van verwaarlosing is selfmoord, geestessiektes, beserings wat die persoon homself toedien en antisosiale gedrag. Wanneer jy enige kommer oor die veiligheid en welstand van ‘n kind het, kontak ‘n welsynorganisasie naby jou of een van die organisasies se nasionale kantore,” sê White. SAVF 012 325 3920, Kindersorg 011 452 4110, Childline 0800 055 055.

Huge linen donation to Centenary House KAREN VENTER >> Residents and management of Centenary House in Polokwane, run by the Association for Persons with Disability (APD) Limpopo, were ecstatic when a private hospital donated what seemed like a mountain of linen to the home on Monday. According to Lawrence Mkhombo, key stakeholder manager at the hospital, this was the third such donation in the past few weeks. “We

also donated linen to the SPCA Polokwane and Reakgona Adult Centre in Seshego,” he said. He explained that as a private hospital, it was essential to ensure that items such as linen are replaced regularly. “Although this linen is used, it is still in very good condition and we just didn’t have the heart to throw it out,” he explained. Christa van der Walt, director of APD Limpopo, expressed her gratitude and said the linen would be extremely useful and would also be utilised during outreach programmes.

The prescribed forms for the lodging of an objections are obtainable at the following municipal offices: Civic Centre, Rates Hall (Polokwane), Seshego, Mankweng, Sebayeng and Aganang or on the website The completed forms must be returned to the following address: The Municipal Manager, P.O. Box 111, Polokwane, 0700 or submitted at any of the above-mentioned offices. For enquiries please contact: S Moremi/T Maila on 015 290 2341 or by e-mail to; L Makweya on 015 290 2059 or by e-mail to, or contact MD Ngoasheng on 015 290 2558 or by email: MR D.H MAKOBE MUNICIPAL MANAGER

Lawrence Mkhombo, hospital key stakeholder manager, Anel Jansen van Vuuren, hospital buyer, Christa van der Walt, APD Limpopo director, Aaron Tshimange, Centenary House houseparent, Shadrack Mangena, hospital employee and Nadia Kotze, hospital medical ward unit manager. PHOTO: KAREN VENTER

Mei 17, 2018




May 17, 2018

Mitchell House ECD Centre

In front are Letlotlo Tswaane, Rilen Lambert, Kabelo Mashile and Adam Spraat and at the back are Zaydaan Gani, Dimpho Poto, Rosy Lopes, Rofhiwa Mulaudzi, Zaydaan Huss and Daniel Raggett.

Share Joy Pre-School


Selaelo Senwamadi, Potego Motimele, Khloé Halkon, Salani Chauke, Ginnel Ward and Bonolo Mogotsi.

Bontle Legodi and Rinae Nemavhadwa all dressed up like their mommies.

Zöri Masekoameng and Matsiri Masoga looking cool in their mothers’ sunglasses at school’s Show and Tell ceremony.

Lehlogonolo Molelekeng and Dawn Pambireyi cut a delicious looking cake while principal Josephine Kagori looks on.

Schools celebrate Mother’s Day, Slipper Day ENDY SENYATSI >> Pre-schoolers in the city had a busy time last week when some schools celebrated Slipper Day as well as engaged in preparations for Mother’s Day. The money raised by schools participating in Slipper Day will be donated to various charity organisations in order to assist people living with life threatening illnesses. Learners at Mitchell House’s Early Childhood Development (ECD) Centre sported gowns and slippers to support the intiative. The school indicated that about 300 learners participated and had to pay R10 each to wear the clothes.

Learners at Northview Christian Academy had a lot of fun wearing slippers for a good cause. The school incorporated Mother’s Day planning and the learners were given ample time to design greeting cards and make lovely presents for their mothers. Educator Nicole Staddon, said each present was designed and made with love. At Share Joy Pre-school, toddlers had to dress up like their parents during the school’s Show and Tell which was part of their Mother’s Day celebrations. Josephine Kagori, the principal, stressed that the day was especially to honour mothers. Learners at PEPPS Preparatory School and College also celebrated Slipper Day turning up at school in cosy gowns and slippers on Friday.

Northview Christian Academy

Learners celebrate Mother’s Day in style.

PEPPS Preparatory School and College

Leila Korff, Erin Hilary, Lefa Motsoane, Mia Korff, Hasnain Hassim and Bathabile Mashiane pose for the picture with their gowns and slippers.

Left: Thuli Ramakgolo, Koketso Maseleme and Kgotso Ngwaile show off the presents they designed for their mothers. Right: Lesedi Manganyi, Mokoena Morake and Oreratile Mabotha with lovely Mother’s Day presents.

Mogau Thibela, Atlegang Mojela, Mokgadi Phokungwana, Crown Letsoalo, Mohau Fourie and Tshegofatso Mdhluli play chess in their gowns and slippers.

Suikerbekkie Kleuterskool

>> Die kinders van Suikerbekkie Kleuterskool het met Polokwane Observer gesels terwyl hulle Moedersdagkaartjies vir hulle ma’s gemaak het.

26 MAY 2018

FUN DOG SHOW Tel: 015 285 8180 Church Street, South Extension Polokwane

Albert Hattingh het vir sy ma ‘n pragtige kaartjie gemaak. “Die kaartjie het lekker geruik want ek het badsout opgeplak,” het hy gesê.

Joshua van Wyk het buite saam met sy ma baljaar en bal geskop.

Ru-Anel Gouws sê sy en haar pa het by die dam visgevang sodat mamma bietjie by ouma kon kuier.

Chloé Myburgh het met pappa se hulp vir mamma lekker koffie gemaak.

Jason Maponya was ‘n soet seun op Moedersdag.

Tian van der Westhuizen het vir sy ma ‘n verrassing gegee.

Alexander Farmer het vir sy ma die skottelgoed gewas.

Vanechka Pretorius het lekker saam met haar ma op Moedersdag gespeel.

Vir Chanté Smit is Moedersdag ‘n mammadag. “Ek het my ma op ‘n ‘date’ gevat en ons het saam TV gekyk.”

Diané Putters het vir mamma koffie in die bed gebring en gesê: “Mamma gaan nie vandag opstaan nie, net lê en rus.”

Mei 17, 2018



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May 17, 2018

Attempted-kill-gone-wrong goes viral with 700 000 views >> See video URL on PHOTO: YOLANDE NEL

Johann Eloff and Hannes Joubert share the video clip that has gone viral.



oing viral with close to 700 000 views within a week of a wildlife video being posted on the internet was not what local amateur photographers and nature lovers Hannes Joubert and Johann Eloff anticipated when capturing an attempted kill in Kruger National Park over the past long weekend. They merely intended to share Joubert's video of a blue wildebeest getting the better of two lionesses, who tried to bring the bull down after an hour of stalking and the one being injured during that late Monday afternoon drive in the park, with the world. With the clip posted last Tuesday and currently averaging around 5 000 hits an hour, it had already had 668 822 views by Tuesday morning. The clip has seemingly been popular among internet users in South Africa, Europe,

America and India and is still climbing in popularity as it has apparently catapulted to the most watched on the website it was initially posted to. In the meantime the clip had been secured by the likes of worldwide publications such as National Geographic and Daily Mail in the United Kingdom, said Joubert. The scene of two lionesses attacking the fiercely fighting antelope that managed to shake off two adamant felines within little over two minutes as it injured the one cat by locking its horns into her side, was filmed by Joubert. All along Eloff was taking an estimated 50 still photos with a recently acquired 70 – 500 mm lens he was still putting to the test. Already witnessing the incident was a fluke as it was the second kill of the day they had come across as a pride of eleven lions taking down a blue wildebeest bull on the way back from Olifants Camp late that same morning, they remarked. Joubert elaborated by explaining that they had returned to Satara Camp, where they stayed over, when happening upon the unfolding scene of the pack of lions closing in on one of two blue wildebeest bulls. They couldn't manage to get proper shots and returned to camp with the intention to return to the spot late afternoon in the hope of getting photos of the aftermath of feasting lions The late afternoon attempted-kill-gonewrong occurred some 25 km from camp when they noticed five vehicles parked along the road, the occupants observing two lionesses having two respective blue wildebeest bulls in sight, they added. Only about an hour later they had closed in on the second blue wildebeest bull while he was frolicking in the dust distance away, according to Joubert. The next moment both lionesses simultaneously pounced. “It was the cherry on the cake to have been able to videograph something like that,” declared Joubert. Eloff emphasised that it was good fortune witnessing two such extraordinary occurrences in nature within one day, as one might visit Kruger National Park without getting to witness such a scene. But their story has a twist in the tale, he excitedly explained as he mentioned a close shave with a herd of elephant early the previous afternoon when they had found themselves on a narrow enclosed gravel stretch where they stumbled upon the grazing mammals. They recalled a youngster in the herd immediately starting to trumpet, which caused the rest of the herd to storm their bakkie from the front. As more elephant were approaching from a river to one side of the road Joubert, who usually takes the wheel to give Eloff ample opportunity to capture photos on a drive, swiftly reacted by reversing the vehicle out of the danger zone. When going through their archived collection of thousands of images and clips mostly of bush scenes, it is evident that their love for nature finds a strong footing in a shared interest in photography and the varied media they are inspired by. They expressed the belief that their personalities were being displayed in their photography. Whereas Eloff appreciates still photography, Joubert has a penchant for action and movement. Joubert stressed the emotional experience attached to wildlife photography that was often characterised by seeing animals getting killed. “You want it to happen in order to get the best shot, but when it does it remains a shock because you wouldn't want to watch something die.” Having been caravanners for the past year they are regular visitors to Kruger National Park and, as Eloff put it, they knew that one had to adopt a different rhythm upon entering that environment. To this Joubert added that one couldn't be in a hurry when on such an excursion. As they revisited their all time favourite photos of two male lions on patrol against the backdrop of the African bush and one of a cheetah kill showing the Lebombo Mountains in the background, they expressed the wish to see their photos in a book that would likely centre around the Kruger one day.

Mei 17, 2018


Renault KWID Climber – more energy, style, head-turning RC MYBURGH >>


on't let size fool you when it comes to the all-new limited edition Renault KWID Climber because this small vehicle packs loads of funky features ensuring you to steal the limelight wherever you go. With an electric blue body and vibrant orange accents, the car brings you a bold combination of style and excitement. What’s more, its robust appeal and specially designed interior marked by the Climber insignia, make it as striking inside as it is on the outside. Protection claddings on the doors, two-tone

exterior mirrors, rugged bumper overriders and 6-spoke wheels and arching roof rails with orange details make it look much sportier. The KWID Climber's eye-catching interior complements its stylish exterior. The piano black centre fascia with orange contours seamlessly blends with the upholstery inscribed with the Climber insignia. The vibrant orange accents continue on the door trims, side air vents and extend to the two-tone gear knob as well. The 3-spoke steering wheel features unique orange perforations. The sporty contoured seats with integrated headrests add to the car’s uncompromised comfort. Live for more technology and find your way to a new adventure as the KWID Climber comes with a state-of-the-art, userfriendly MediaNav Multimedia System which features a first-in-class seven-inch (18cm) touchscreen display, complemented by two speakers in


The new Renault KWID Climber offers much more than expected of such a small car.


the front. The Multimedia system comes with a range of functions such as Bluetooth audio streaming and hands-free telephony, built-in navigation, USB & AUX-input ports and speed sensing volume control. Again when it comes to the 1 000cc engine, this small size engine will surprise you on performance and especially when it comes to fuel consumption. The KWID Climber has an Smart Control efficiency (Sce) engine for accurate air to fuel ratio monitoring – delivering the ultimate driving pleasure. A knock sensor automatically adjusts spark advance to fuel quality, to help deliver optimised performance and fuel efficiency. The three-cylinder petrol engine deliver 50 kW of power at 5 500 rpm and 91 Nm of torque at 4 250 rpm. Coupled with a five-speed manual gearbox the KWID Climber offers 4,7 litres of fuel on 100 km and can reach a top speed op 152 km/h. The suspension system of the KWID Climber is calibrated for optimum ride, handling and braking, providing for a comfortable, safe drive. The ultra high ground clearance of 180 mm allows you to take on any challenge with ease. With your safety in mind, the KWID Climber comes equipped with high safety Pro-Sense front seat belts, a driver side airbag and central locking system. The

>> Eye-catching interior complements its stylish exterior >> Suspension system calibrated for optimum ride

front disc brakes ensures you're equipped for all weather conditions and road surfaces, while the high mount stop lamp and audible parking brake warning let you be at complete peace of mind all through the journey. For more information or to book a test drive visit BB Group Renault Polokwane at 20 Excelsior Street or contact the sales team on 015 287 1300.

The eye-catching interior complements its stylish exterior.

The 1 000cc engine performs well while saving fuel.



Tuisgemaakte items by Koraal

Moedersdagkaartjies met liefde gemaak



Inwoners van Polokwane Nasorgsentrum vir Volwasse Intellektueel Gestremdes het verlede week Moedersdagkaartjies gemaak en hulle eie boodskappe geskryf. Volgens Saartjie du Toit, sentrummatrone, het almal dit baie geniet en was inwoners baie opgewonde om hulle kaartjies uit te deel aan die spesiale moeder of moederfiguur in hul lewens. FOTO’S: KAREN VENTER

Regs: Alex Taylor is baie trots op die Moedersdagkaartjie wat hy self gemaak het.

May 17, 2018

Charlie Molekoa en Maneka Maleka met hulle kaartjies.

>> Meer foto’s op

Koraal Aftree-oord in Polokwane en Martha Hofmeyr Tehuis vir het onlangs ‘n vlooimark gehou Bejaardes ook geleentheid om waartydens inwoners hulle van hulle goedere tuisgemaakte ware hier te verkoop.” van die hand kon “Dis ‘n lekker sit. ontspanne famiVolgens Rita lieatmosfeer met Lombard, organioorgenoeg te ete seerder van die en drinke met maandelikse mark, musiek wat deur word slegs ‘n klein die Hill Billies bedrag van elke onder leiding uitstaller per tafel van Anton Fourie gevra en die res gespeel word.” van die opbrengs Vir meer is vir sy eie sak. inligting of om ‘n “Op die manier tafel te bespreek, kan inwoners kan Lombard by bietjie ekstra geld 082 413 9234 verdien. Ons gee Anna de Beer verkoop ander aftreeoorde vrugte wat sy self inlê en tydens kantoorure soos Ons Tuiste bottel. FOTO: KAREN VENTER geskakel word.

Stepping Stones Early Learning Centre>>

Children learn about respect for themselves, others BARRY VILJOEN >>

The toddlers at Stepping Stones Early Learning Centre could not

Stepping Stones Early Learning Centre toddlers watch the presentation by the I’m Special team.

contain their excitement last Wednesday when the team from I'm Special, a motivational group from Johannesburg, visited the centre to remind them that every child is special and a gift from God. The theme of the talk was 'Respect' and it was written by award winning TV, film and stage actress Nazli George who is known for her appearances in titles which include Swartwater, Dryfsand, Andries Plak and Hoofmeisie. She is also the author of various award winning shows and took her life skills to schools all over the country for the last 17 years. The presenta-

tion was made by I’m Special team members Valentino Brandt and Lucinda Scholtz and according to Ina Buys, Deputy Principal of Stepping Stones Early Learning Centre, the show was presented at the level of the toddlers and it reminded them that they should learn to respect themselves and others. “The show was really relevant and spoke about the bullying, the violence and the abuse at our schools where some learners don’t have respect for educators, themselves, their parents and others. Respect begins with ourselves, so let us all make the difference,” Buys said.


Toddlers Maya Miles, Phenyo Nthlane, Tebello Temo and Thuto Hlungwani, front, with Stepping Stones Early Learning Centre Deputy Principal, Ina Buys and I’m Special team Valentino Brandt and Lucinda Scholtz at the back, attended the presentation.

Mei 17, 2018

Laerskool Pietersburg-Oos>>


Hoërskool Pietersburg>>

Oosskool verras hoof op sy verjaardag

Vrywilligers maak erns met bloedskenk



Gideon Pelzer, hoof van Laerskool PietersburgOos is Vrydag met se 42ste verjaardag aangenaam verras toe personeel en leerders vir hom ‘n partytjie op die sportterrein gehou het. Hy het 'n verskeidenheid geskenke, insluitend ‘n polshorlosie, ketelbraaier en handgeskrewe briewe van gelukwensing van die leerders ontvang. Hy en sy vrou, Ingrid, het ook aan ‘n spesiale motorfietsrit op die terrein deelgeneem wat deur ‘n plaaslike motoffietsklub en die skool gereël is. Michelle van der Westhuizen, leerkrag sê die besluit om Pelzer te bederf is geneem omdat hy so baie vir die skool en leerders beteken. “Ons kon skaars aan ‘n beter manier dink om hom vir sy harde werk en toewyding te bedank. Leerders het ook met oorgawe vir hom briefies met gelukwense geskryf en te sê hoekom hulle dink dat hy 'n goeie hoof is,” sê sy. Die spesiale gebaar het Pelzer oorweldig

Ruben Weyer, hoofseun en Izelna Venter, hoofmeisie van Laerskool Pietersburg-Oos oorhandig ‘n verjaardaggesenk aan skoolhoof, Gideon Pelzer.

Skoolhoof, Gideon Pelzer, en sy vrou, Ingrid, gereed vir die motorfietsrit op die skoolterrein om sy verjaardag te vier.


Tertius du Plessis, oudleerder en Dawid Malan, ‘n ouer, skenk bloed.

en hy het sy dank teenoor elkeen wat aan die reëlings en vieringe meegedoen het uitgespreek. “Dit was onverwags, baie spesiaal en hartverwarmend.” Hy het gesê as hy homself iets kan toewens vir sy verjaardag sal dit goeie gesondheid en uitstekende resultate vir die skool wees.

Gideon Pelzer speel passasier vir plaaslike motorfietsryer, Hendrik Blignaut wat hom op ‘n plessierrit geneem het.

R399 000

2016 Ford Fusion TDCi

PHS se ‘blood buddies’ is Welmi Groenewald, Luré Hattingh, Mia Schulenburg, Kirstin Nelson, Keegan Fourie en Louise van Ryneveld. Agter is Carli Malan, Carmen Pratt, Melissa de Beer en Zelda van Jaarsveld, PHS-organiseerders, Patrick Nevhutalu, SANBS Limpopo geregistreerde verpleegster, Amoré van der Linde, Elrike Wolmarans en Jemarie Niehaus.

R369 000

2015 Infiniti Q50 2.2 Diesel

R399 999

2016 Mercedes-Benz A200 Style

Hoërskool Pietersburg (PHS)-leerders, onderwysers, ouers en selfs oudleerders het verlede Woensdag tydens ‘n SANBS Limpopo bloedskenkkliniek meegehelp om die diens se

bloedvoorraad te verstewig. Die skool se span ‘blood buddies’ was byderhand om te help en leerders wat vir die eerste keer bloed skenk aan te moedig. ‘Blood buddies’ is leerders wat namens die SANBS leerders motiveer om bloed te skenk en tydens bloedskenkklinieke hulp verleen. Volgens Keith Zwane, skenkerwerwer van SANBS Limpopo, is 96 eenhede geskenk. “Ek daag ander skole uit om ook betrokke te raak en hulle doelwit te bereik of selfs daarop te verbeter.”

R179 000

2013 Nissan Juke 1.6 Acenta Plus R179 000

R199 999

2015 Mazda 3 Dynamic

R499 000

2016 Ford Everest 3.2 Limited



Hoërskool Pietersburg>>

PHS wys eerste kwartaal se top akademiese presteerders aan Die toptien slimkoppe is onlangs deur Hoërskool Pietersburg (PHS) aangewys. Die leerders se punte is na afloop van die eerste kwartaal bepaal. Die beste akademiese presteerders in graad 8 is Kara Bornman (90,7%), Shani du Plessis (90%), Mia van Straaten (94,5%), Zurika Venter (89,3%) en Ashley Kruger (89,1%). Agter is Lee-Ann van Aarde (89,3%), Eduard de Lange (88,33%), Ruvé Erasmus (88,1%), Aimee Wreyford (91,6%) en Rynard Pretorius (89.1%). FOTO’S: RC MYBURGH

Graad 9-toptienleerders is Megan Veldman (94,6%), Annedeé Oerlemans (92,7%), Leana Swarts (95,7%), Cari Schulenburg (92,1%) en Elzaan Espach (92,8%). Agter is Michlan Groenewald (93,2%), Isabel van der Goot (94,8%), Cameron Dunkley (92,4%), Gabriella von Well (93,4%) en Zuané Breedt (93%).

May 17, 2018

Stanford Lake College>>

Accolades for athletes, swimmers Stanford Lake College (SLC) was early off the mark to award achievement and service in summer sporting codes at a recent prize-giving ceremony. Among the recipients were Lia Revelas and Mafanedza Maiwashe who were awarded honours (white blazers). Lia, u.17,

qualified for the South African Schools Championship. Mafanedza ran the South African Schools Championship qualifying time at club level. He was also recognised for his leadership skills and commitment to the sport. The school’s swimmers and biathletes were also recognised.


Learners who received half colours for service in athletics are Renato Vieira, Sarena Wolff, Nikita Espach, Muzzammil Cassim, Cailin Desmet, Christian Schmidt, Tammy Dyason, Nsuku Muyimane; Jamela Maswanganyi, Tanweer Ghood, Kholofelo Monyepao and Maryam Kollia. The proud recipients of full colours in athletics are Mokgadi Mangena, Frank de Wit and David Pullinger. Lesedi Motumi, far right, was re-awarded for athletics.

Junior achievers who were awarded are Isabella Drewett (biathlon), Wernich Schmidt (swimming), Felicia Pilusa (athletics), Devon Coad (biathlon), Anika Schmidt (swimming) and Luca Wasley (swimming, biathlon)

Die toptienpresteerders in graad 10 is Thomas Williams (87,1%), Wian Haasbroek (90,5%), Diana van Niekerk (95,2%), Jan-Hendrik Weyer (86,5%) en Keegan Menzies (90,4%). Agter is Marizaan Pelzer (88,4%), Elrike Wolmarans (91,4%), Chantel Wreyford (94,7%), Corina Stears (86%) en Malanie White (87,2%). Graad 11 se akademiese uitblinkers is Jean van Zyl (90,5%), Bart Oerlemans (90,7%), Carmen Pratt (92,5%), Stephan de Lange (91,2%) en Jurgens Nel (88,4%). Agter is Mia van Rhyn (92%), Carla Kruger (89,7%), Mia Schulenburg (89,2%), Anneline van Wyk (91%) en Liezl Schoeman (91,75%). Die beste tien graad 12-leerders is Lisa Herholdt (87,1%), Jena Taylor (92,7%), Pieter-Jan Gouws (95,5%), Eljani du Plessis (92%) en Megan van Rensburg (89,4%). Agter is Marlise Geddes (90,1%), Kailan Ferreira (86,8%), Jean-Pierre Viljoen (94,1%) en Gillian Alsemgeest (87,2%).

Lia Revelas and Mafanedza Maiwashe, recipients of honours (white blazers) in athletics.

Dynamic young sport stars Danica Altenroxel, athlete, and swimmer Anika Schmidt who received half colours.

Hoër Tegniese Skool Tom Naudé>>

Tommies kry nog onderskeidings na hermerk van matriekvraestelle RC MYBURGH >> Verlede jaar se graad 12-leerders van Hoër Tegniese Skool Tom Naudé wat van hul antwoordstelle laat hermerk het se uitslae is onlangs bekendgemaak en drie leerders het gesamentlik ‘n ekstra ses onderskeidings verwerf. Tommies se top graad 12-leerder, Chris Viljoen het nog twee onderskeidings, 81%

Chris Viljoen spog nou met sewe onderskeidings nadat hy nog twee behaal het.

vir Afrikaans en 80% vir ingenieursgrafika en -ontwerp wat sy totale onderskeidings nou tot op sewe gebring. Verlede jaar se hoofseun, Armich Lottering het ‘n verdere twee A-simbole in Engels eerste addisionele taal en elektriese tegnologie bygekry en spog nou met vier onderskeidings terwyl Ignatius Rademeyer breëbors oor sy ekstra twee onderskeidings in Engels eerste addisionele taal en siviele tegnologie is.

Armich Lottering is twee onderskeidings ryker.


Ignatius Rademeyer het nou nóg twee onderskeidings .

Mei 17, 2018

Osieteddies Kleinkindontwikkelingsentrum>>

Mitchell House>>

Osieteddies vier 18 goue jare met partytjie, Bertus Beer se besoek

Africa Month a time for learning

HERBERT RACHUENE >> A joyous atmosphere prevailed at Mitchell House on Saturday when it was time to celebrate Africa Day. Organised by the Parents’ Association of the school, Mitchell House’s learners and guests celebrated Africa Month by hosting Africa Day, a fun-filled family day hosted by the Intermediate Phase. The whole project formed part of an integrated learning experience for the learners, and they were very excited to show off their new knowledge. Each class in the phase represented a different African country, randomly selected during assembly. The two Grade 4 classes got Ethiopia and Egypt, the Grade 5s Mauritius and Cameroon, Grade 6 Uganda and Ghana and the Grade 7s Mozambique and Senegal. The learners and educators sported beautiful


Lethabo Chelopo learner at Mitchell House enjoyed the taste of rice made from a Ghana recipe.

traditional outfits, making for colourful displays of culture and diversity as they embraced their African heritage. They performed cultural dances, poems and drama as part of the entertainment programme to commemorate the day. According to Achsah Phoshoko, Mitchell House Director of Marketing, the event was aimed at raising awareness about Africa Month. “It was a beautiful day with family and friends. Everyone enjoyed the festivities and I would like to thank every person who was involved in the planning and implementation process, and those who came to support us,” she said. Africa Day is the annual commemoration of the foundation of the Organisation of African Unity, now known as the African Union, on May 25, 1963. It is celebrated in various countries on the African continent, as well as around the world.

RC MYBURGH >> ‘n Groot beertjiekoek, geskenke en kolwyntjies vir elke kleuter was verlede Vrydag deel van Osieteddies Kleinkindontwikkelingsentrum se 18de verjaardag. Amelia Marx en Cayden Steyn op Bertus Beer se skoot. “Ons is oor die jare werklik geseën. Osieteddies se ouers is die hartklop van die skool wat sorg dat ons jaarliks met vol klasse kan begin en elke jaar suksesvol kan afsluit. Hul harte is oop, hul hande staan vir niks verkeerd nie en hul dra ruimhartig tot die skool se sukses by,” sê skoolhoof, Linda Kruger. Bertus Beer het in die vieringe gedeel deur by elke klas te kuier en geskenke van die kleuters te ontvang wat voortaan tydens lesperiodes in die klasse gebruik sal word.

>> Sien videogreep op Mmabogoshi Msiza, Chairperson of the Limpopo branch of the Businesswomen’s Association of South Africa and parent of the school wearing a typical Senegalese outfit with educator Guppy Wilkinson dressed in Egyptian style.

Niel Opperman met ‘n geskenk vir Bertus Beer. FOTO’S: RC MYBURGH

Links: Skoolhoof, Linda Kruger, vertel ‘n storie voor die verjaardagvieringe begin. Regs: Amoré du Preez met ‘n kolwyntjie.

Pietersburg Laerskool>>

Suidskool-skaakspanne maak regte skuiwe tydens Super 12


Andrew Cook, Headmaster at Mitchell House (middle) with Mavis Lepuru, Zara Kimmie, Lize Roux and Charlotte Nkoana during the school’s Africa Day celebrations.

Njabulo Mongoegi, Jacques Snyman, Tshiamo Tsebe, Moshia Senwamadi, Kristabel Mutize and Mishaal Latib dressed in different regalia representing different cultures in the African continent.

RC MYBURGH >> Die junior- en senior skaakspan van Pietersburg Laerskool wat onlangs aan die Super 12 Skaaktoernooi in Pretoria deelgeneem het, het hul goed van hul taak gekwyt deur onderskeidelik ‘n algehele sesde- en elfde plek te behaal.

Skaakorganiseerder, Linda Myburgh, sê daar was ongeveer 25 deelnemende skole en spelers het hul beste gedoen alhoewel sommige harder voor die toernooi kon oefen om beter prestasies te verseker. Juniors, Ronel Brits en Morné Joubert, en senior speler, Justin Basson, het elk ‘n bordprys tydens die toernooi behaal.

Laerskool Piet Hugo>>

Koekverkoping om Piet Hugo se geldkoffers te styf FOTO’S: RC MYBURGH

Duan Redelinghuys help koeldrank aandra.

Die junior skaakspan wat ‘n algehele sesde plek behaal het, is Marco Janse van Rensburg, Emily Lange, Jonathan Müller en Matthew Mclaughlin. Agter is Lourens Swanepoel, Li-Mei Wessels, Morné Joubert, Miné van der Veen, Zelda Joubert, Ronel Brits en spanbestuurder, Mariette Kelly. FOTO’S: RC MYBURGH


>> Meer foto’s op JD Engelbrecht help homself met stokworsies.

Die tafels het Vrydag tydens Laerskool Piet Hugo se graad 2-koekverkoping onder al die lekkernye gekreun wat van die hand gesit is. Nie net lekkergoed, springmielies, oliebolle en kolwyntjies was te koop nie, maar kon leerders ook hul magies met vars pasteie, stokworsies en pizzas vul. Graad 2-graadhoof, Leandra Horn, sê elke graad kry kwartaalliks ‘n beurt om ‘n koekverkoping te hou om geld vir die skool in te samel. “Die produkte word meestal deur ouers en besighede geskenk of ons koop dit teen baie billike pryse aan en herverkoop dit. Die ingesamelde geld word op verskeie maniere weer in die skool teruggeploeg,” sê Horn.

Die senior skaakspan wat 11de geëindig het, is Eric Hoon, Reginald Schnugh, Christelle Swart, Marilene van den Berg en Simoné de Villiers. Agter is Reuben Pretorius, Justin Basson, Shaun Becker, Dewan Gobey, Janco Swart en Jayden Malan met spanbestuurder, Linda Myburgh.


PROPERTIES May 17, 2018 >> PAGE 26

Properties profile>>

Marnus Bergh

Agency: ERA Polokwane What advice do you have for buyers? >> Employ a qualified estate agent to give you property advice. To what do you ascribe your success? >> Work hard, stay honest, stay on your knees. What is the current trend in the local market? >> Sellers tend to ask too high selling prices and do not listen to qualified agents

Gedugte span sien toe dat 1 311 minderbevoorregtes hulp kry KAREN VENTER >>



Drienie van Wyk, VOHF-voorsitter en Petro du Preez, Pietersburg Helpgroep werk nou saam om minderbevoorregtes te help.

rienie van Wyk en Petro du Preez sorg nie net dat sowat 130 gesinne (1 311 persone) maandeliks gevoed en geklee word nie, maar bly deurgaans deel van die gesinne deur emosionele ondersteuning en hulp op verskeie ander vlakke ook te bied. Die uitdagings raak ook elke jaar groter omdat die aantal hulpbehoewendes jaarliks styg. In 2016 is 283 mense met kos, klere en ander benodigdhede voorsien en in 2017 is 617 gehelp. Tot op hede vanjaar is 1 311 gehelp en die syfer styg weekliks. “Ons is God se hande- en voetehulp op aarde sonder wie ons niks kan doen nie,” is die motivering vir hul gemeenskapswerk. Van Wyk, tans voorsitter van Vision of Hope Foundation (VOHF) Polokwane, is die afgelope vyf jaar deel van die niewinsgewende organisasie wat minderbevoorregtes help en hoofsaaklik by drie skuilings en twee

ouetehuise in die stad betrokke is. Du Preez is die afgelope ses jaar aan die stuur van Pietersburg Helpgroep, ‘n facebookgroep wat minderbevoorregte gesinne help. Beide maak op skenkings van die publiek, besighede en ander privaatinstansies staat, hanteer hul eie insamelings en bestuur hul eie hulpgroepe, maar help mekaar onderling met voorraad en deel as hulle baie van ‘n spesifieke kossoort het. “Ons kommunikeer voortdurend met mekaar oor diegene wat ons help want daar is altyd mense wat kanse vat en probeer om kos en lewensmiddele uit ons albei te kry. Ons loop ‘n reguit, eerlike pad en verwag dit van dié wat ons help. Hul mag ook nie drank of dwelms gebruik nie,” sê Van Wyk. Du Preez doen telkens huisinspeksie om haar van die omstandighede van die gesinne te vergewis en seker te maak dat hulle hulp nodig het. “Ek vra ook vir ‘n inkomste- en uitgawelys en dokumentasie soos betaalstate om die volle prentjie te kry.”

Hulle voorsien meer as net kos en klere. “Ons word later ‘n lid van elke familie en help werk soek, neem hulle na onderhoude, neem babas kliniek toe vir inentings of gesels en luister net,” sê albei wat deur beraders en ‘n pastoor bygestaan word omdat van die verhale hartverskeurend en ontstellend is. Hulle families ondersteun hulle heelhartig. Van Wyk se man, Charles, is die voorsitter van een van die skuilings waar hul albei betrokke is. Selfs die kleinkinders spring in en help tydens vakansies en naweke. “Dis belangrik dat hulle weet hoe ander swaarkry en besef hoe gelukkig hulle is,” sê Du Preez. Hulle bedank almal vir hulp, borgskappe en donasies en doen ‘n verdere beroep op hulp met veral blikkieskos omdat baie persone of gesinne nie yskaste het nie. Komberse word benodig met die komende winter. Skakel Van Wyk by 083 495 3959 en Du Preez by 078 453 1433 vir meer inligting of hulp.

PROPERTY SERVICES • EIENDOMSDIENSTE EAAB TEL: 015 287- 3300 F AX : 015 297- 5898 VISIT OUR W EBPAGE AT w w w . eli s tro h . c o . z a

We are selling HOUSES, TOWNHOUSES, PLOTS AND FARMS. List your property with us to sell it for you!

Polokwane R5 200 000.00

ANTON ROSEMARY 082 443 6039 082 804 9725

15A Schoeman Street, Polokwane, 0700 P.O. Box 1961, Polokwane, 0699 Tel: 015 295 3134 Fax: 015 295 3161

22nd and 24th o f May 2018 f ro m 14H00 to 18H00 Beau ti f u l 5 Bed ro o m s , 4 b ath ro o m s , Pu b th at g o es o u t o n p o o l area. Pati o w i th b u i lt- i n b raai . D o u b le g arag e and m u c h m o re… . . Interes ted b u y ers p leas e c o m e and v i ew o u r s h o w h o u s e! ! ! !

THE GABLES- R1 300 000

e TSTiRm oAGw EET Sh N Y S A 27 M

Unit for sale in this very popular complex. The unit consists of an open-plan living and dining area, kitchen, 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. Double Garage. SOLET - 082 498 4415

BEND OR – R2 825 000

JAMES PETER GRETHA VICTOR JACOB INA SIMON RINA 072 236 7310 073 219 4538 082 802 1874 073 066 6805 082 466 8366 079 597 8636 082 476 8916 082 929 9171


R1 825 000


JULIET (Intern) 074 236 9553

ANITA (Rental Intern) 081 554 4817

MMATHABO (Intern) 082 959 7598

R1 399 000


PHONE YVETTE - 083 763 7677


This neat and spacious house offers 4 bedrooms, study, lots of built-in cupboards, big living areas, big kitchen, separate scullery, laundry room outside, double garage, carport for your caravan and boat, swimming pool and lapa. Bonus: borehole.

Modern house with electric fencing in a security estate. Tiled roof, plaster house with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, lots of built-in cupboards. 3 Spacious living areas, lovely kitchen with pantry and separate scullery with laundry facilities. Outside room with bath facilities. Neat garden. This is a lovely family house.

YVETTE - 083 763 7677

YVETTE - 083 763 7677

COMFORTABLE FAMILY HOME Need to sell quickly, well situated in Ster Park. Guestroom with own bathroom. Living areas are comfortable leading onto a patio with braai. Bring back the sparkle and you will have made a smart investment. Call now! GRETHA 082 802 1874 Web Ref: 106200822

INA 079 597 8636



R4 825 000


OF F ICES: ISMINI OF F ICES Available Immediately: • 90 m² @ R13,000 p.m (excl.Vat) • 65 m² @ R10,000 p.m (excl. Vat) PLATINUM PARK OF F ICES • Available Immediately: 136 m² @ R23,000 p.m. (excl. Vat) • Available August: 60 m² - 200 m² @ R150/m² (excl.Vat) OF F ICE F OR SALE CBD - 110 M² - R1 750 000 F ARM F OR SALE LEGK RAAL - 630 HA + 40 BUF F ALO R9 500 000 CONTACT STEPHEN 082 558 3525

RINA 082 929 9171

Guesthouse fully furnished. 11 En-suite rooms. Self-catering, with microwave ovens, bar fridges, DStv. Reception, kitchen, dining room. Backpackers, accommodation to sleep 16 people. Bathroom, kitchen, braai entertainment area. Swimming pool with private garden. Secure parking, cameras and electric gate. This is a must see. Call to view.

Our services include: • Rental Administration of Commercial & Residential properties • Sales of Residential, Commercial and Agricultural properties • Valuations done by registered Professional Valuers • Auctioneering


Web Ref: 106295464

ANITA - 081 554 4817

Welgelegen R7 500: 3 Bed, 1½ Bath, Dining room, Lounge, Lock-up Garage and in a secured area Ivy Park R7 000: 3 Bed, 2 Bath, Walled, Electric fence Rethabile Gardens R6 150: 3 Bed, 1 Bath Rethabile Gardens R6 100: 3 Bed, 2 Bath, Alarm, Carport Leeuwkuil Plot R9 500: Spacious 3 Bed, 2 Bath, Eskom electricity and Borehole Bendor R5 650: 2 Bed, 2 Bath, Open-plan, Garage, Carport, Secure Town (Duplex) R7 400: 3 Bed, 2 Bath, Open-plan, Carport, Small garden

F AUNA PARK - 4 Bedroom house with 3 bedr townhouse R13 000 p.m. 2 Bedroom Townhouse in Secure Estate – R6 000 p.m. Available 1 July 2018 COMMERCIAL PROPERTIES: LAND D ROS MARE STREET • Available Immediately: Arcade Retail Space 70 m² @ R8000 p.m (excl. Vat) Shop Front Retail Space 640 m² @ R45,0.00 p.m (excl. Vat) • Available November: Shop Front 560 m² Negotiable CONTACT NICO 015 287 3300


Discover this exclusive Town Houses suitable for a family. Sunny spacious open plan lounge dining and kitchen: Granite tops and enough cupboards.Private entrance to community swimming pool. Under-roof entertainment area. 3 Carports, lockup garage that can be converted into a spacious 4 th bedroom, studio or playroom. Worth the price, worth to view.


STAND F OR SALE NORTHVIEW ESTATE - 850 m² for R760 000 NEG. YVETTE 083 763 7677



Web Ref: 106311964


Bendor R6 000: 2 Bed, 1 Bath, Carport Penina Park R6 200: 3 Bed, 2 Bath, Secure area In town R6 500: 2 Bed, 1 Bath, Secured area, Garage Bendor R5 300: 2 Bed, 1 Bath, Open-plan, Carport Koraal R5 600: (Retirement Village): 2 Bed, 1 Bath, Open-plan kitchen Koraal R5 500: (Retirement Village): 2 Bed, 1 Bath, Open-plan kitchen, Lounge, Secured area

Mei 17, 2018


We make dreams

Views Government housing a failure/ Regeringsbehuising ‘n mislukking Following Polokwane Observer’s report last week that provincial government has failed to deliver a single social housing unit of a five-year target, residents gave their opinions on the matter. Nadat Polokwane Observer verlede week gerapporteer het dat die provinsiale regering nog geen sosiale behuising in ‘n vyfjaarteiken gelewer het nie, het inwoners hulle menings gelig.




Contact Cathrine Robberts 079 297 0167

J unction Centre 26 Industria S treet Industria P olokwane



1. HOUSES FROM R750 000 Electrically fenced 3 Bedroom House 2. PLOTS and FARMS available with carports 3. TOWNHOUSES R 9area, 000kitchen, p.m. Dorp - 2 Bedrooms, 1 bathroom, living yard and garage.

R700 000

- 2 Bedrooms, 1 bathroom, living area, kitchen, 3Bendor Bedroom yard and carport.Townhouse with double R500 000 facilities in Bendor Bendor - 3 Bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living area, patio with braai, kitchen, small yard and carport. R 9 150 p.m. R650 000

Malehlogonolo Nkadimeng: “Government should just allocate funds for housing because people really need houses.”

Henry Rodgers: “Mense het ‘n reg om ‘n dak oor hulle koppe te hê en die regering het nie ‘n saak daarmee nie.”

Adri Bronkhorst: “Die provinsiale regering moet die mense wie se skuld dit is kennis gee en iemand kry wat sal sorg dat dit gedoen word.”

Aifheli Lusunzi: “The government should meet with the affected parties and find solutions.”

Kamo Mabelebele: “There is a need to introduce a communist government with equal distribution of wealth among all. This might not be easy but in the long run it will be worth it.”

Melody Delport: “Dis skokkend. Winter is op pad. Waar gaan die mense bly?”

Elsa Moulder: “Dit is baie sleg want duisende mense het geen behuising nie. Dit mag nie weer gebeur nie.”

T O W N H O U S E F O R RE N T : CY CA D 3 B ed r, 2 bathr, l iv ing area, d / carp ort, no p ets – R7 4 5 0 ( J u n’ 18 )

H O U S E F O R RE N T : B E N D O R 2 B ed r, bathr, l iv ing area, g ard en, l ock - u p carp ort – R6 900 ( J u n’ 18 )

Tlou Dinyake: “Government should come with the right budget to deal with the issue.”

F L A T F O R RE N T : B E N D O R 3 B ed r, 2 bathr, l iv ing area, carp ort ( no g ard en) – R7 4 90 p . m . ( J u n’ 18 )

2 B E D R F L A T S F O R RE N T : • B end or: 2 B ed r, bathr, l iv ing area, k itchen, carp ort – R5 4 5 0 ( J u n’ 18 ) • Cy cad : 2 B ed r, 2 bathr, l iv ing area, sm al l g ard en, l ock - u p carp ort – R6 3 00 ( J u n’ 18 ) • K oraal Retirem ent V il l ag e: 2 B ed r, bathr, l iv ing & d ining area, s/ carp ort ( no p ets) ( P ensioners onl y ) - R5 000 ( J u n’ 18 ) • S ter P ark : 2 B ed r, bathr, l iv ing area, s/ g arag e, sm al l g ard en – R5 78 0 ( J u n’ 18 ) F L A T S F O R RE N T : L A D A N N A • Bachelor flat: open-plan room with bathroom, s/carport – R2 990 (Jun’18) • 2 B ed r, bathr, l iv ing area, s/ carp ort – R4 100 ( J u n’ 18 ) • 3 B ed r hou se, 2 bathr, l iv ing & d ining area, g ard en – R7 5 70 ( J u n’ 18 ) • 3 B ed r, bathr, l iv ing area, s/ carp ort – R5 100 ( J u n’ 18 ) F L O RA P A RK : 2 u nits in sam e y ard • 1 B ed r, bathr, l iv ing area, s/ carp ort – R2 8 00 ( J u n’ 18 ) • 2 B ed r, bathr, l iv ing area, s/ carp ort – R5 000 ( J u n’ 18 ) W A RE H O U S E & O F F I CE S T O RE N T : • Warehouse space & 5 offices, ablution, kitchen, parking (1 541 m2) – R100 000 (excl Vat) • O F F I CE S A N D S T O RA G E F O R RE N T : W O O D W O RX P A RK Office x 3, kitchen, bathrooms, storage space, parking – R45 000 (excl Vat)

K AMPHERBEEK & POGRUND TO LET Elim Kiepersol Serala Village Tuscany Adenhof Kiepersol Serala Village Mount Godson Serala Village Serala Village Serala Village

R3 250,00 R3 400,00 R3 935,00 R4 800,00 R4 935,00 R5 200,00 R5 300,00 R6 500,00 R6 000,00 R6 500,00 R7 000,00

Imm Imm 01/06 Imm Imm Imm 01/06 Imm Imm Imm 01/06

Pits Villa Fleurenville HOUSES Ladanna

R8 000,00 R8 500,00

01/06 Imm

R11 000,00



R12 000,00



R32 000,00


R9 260,00


SHOPS Shop - Sterkloop

Bachelor Bachelor 1 Bedr, 1 Bath, carport 2 Bedr, 1 Bath, carport 2 Bedr, 1 Bath, garage 2 Bedr, 1 Bath, carport 2 Bedr, 1 Bath, carport 3 Bedr, 2 Bath, carport 3 Bedr, 2 Bath, carport 3 Bedr, 2 Bath, garage, carport 3 Bedr, 2 Bath, Guest Toilet, Small Garden, double garage 3 Bedr, 2 Bath, Garage 3 Bedr, 2 Bath, garage 5 Bedr, 2 Bath, Kitchen, Lounge, Dining, TV Room, Double Garage 3 Bedr, 2 Bath, Lounge, Dining, TV Room, Kitchen, Scullery, Tree Filled Garden 3 Bedr, 2 Bath, Guest unit, Kitchen, Lounge, Dining, Garage, Bar area, Jacuzzi, Fully furnished 63 m²

25A Biccard Street | Tel: 015 295 0420/21

shower, pool and double garage.

R7 600-00p/m

- 3 Bedroom Townhouse with 2 bathrooms, liv2Bendor L/A, ingBedroom area, kitchenTownhouse and 1 carport inwith secure complex. bathr and garage in Woodlands R5 600-00p/m Bendor - 3 Bedroom townhouse with livR 15bathroom, 800 p.m. ing area, kitchen and garage in secure complex. R4 070-00p/m Electrically fenced 4 with Bedroom House Bendor - 3 Bedroom house 1 bathroom, 2 living areas,lapa, kitchen,pool lapa, Wendy and 2 carports with and 2house bedroom flat. with electrical fencing. R5 000-00p/m R 13 600 p.m. URGENTLY WANTED!!! Al kinds of property to rent. If you have a property that you want to let or know of someone who has, please contact me.

Tel: 015 298 8151/91 Woodworx Park Industria Street, Office 1 Polokwane A V A I L A B L E F O R RE N T : W O O D L A N D S 2 B ed r, bathr, l iv ing area, k itchen, sm al l g ard en, s/ g arag e – R7 4 90 ( J u n’ 18 )

TO LET 2 Bedroom Townhouse with double Residential facilities and garage close to CBDstudy, Bendor - 3 Bedroom house with 2 bathrooms, R5 800toilet p.m. lounge, dining room, kitchen, scullery, outside &



No. 9 @ 71 m² – R90.00 p/m² No. 10 @ 80 m² – R90.00 p/m² No. 12 @ 122 m² – R90.00 p/m² No. 17-20 @ 80 m² – R80.00 p/m² No. 23 @ 23 m² – R80.00 p/m² For any enq u iries: Ph one Nath ania/Danie on 015 291 2253 / 083 742 3154 or e-mail: ernapre@ g mail.c om inf o@ k ing snet.c o.z a




Estate Agents & Auctioneers | 23 Thabo Mbeki Street | 015 295 9014

HEIN WARMEHOVEN 082 808 7675 WELGELEGEN MEENTHUI S K OMPLEK S @ R1 300 000: P ragtige ruim 3 slaapkamer meenthuis, 2 badkamers. G root oopplan sit- / eetkamer/ TV vertrek. R uim kombuis. U nieke binnehof, privaat tuin, enkel motorhuis asook stoorkamer.

Philip Schalkwyk - 082 937 3683 Email: MAASSTROOM- 5 9 9 ha G AM E F AR M with cattle handling facilities, 3 bedroom family home, 2 bedroom chalet, swimming pool, 4 chicken houses, 4 eq uiped boreholes, 2 cement dams, excellent graz ing, lovely Bushveld farm. R 4 35 0 0 0 0 + V at. EX C LUSI V E LI FESTYLE GAME FARM R4 350 000: 120 HA. A very neat thatched roof family home, 3 Bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, lounge/diningroom, kitchen, spacious entertainment area and sparkling swimming pool. G ame 14 N j alas, 3 R oan, bird life, beautiful mountain views, 45 km

west of town, close to the N 1. V I V O 780 h a: I RRI GATI ON AND C ATTLE FARM: 33 Hectare Irrigation rights, 33 ha arable lands. 3 eq uiped boreholes, reservoir, booster pump ha entre pi ot. ra in amp , cattle kraal, old house, excellent red bushveld graz ing. R 6 ,40 0 0 0 0 + V at. MOPANI E- 9 9 ha. G AM E F AR M on the S AN DR IV ER . 4 Bedroom Lodge fully furnished, swimming pool etc. Also a 3 bedroom family home very private and secure. 5 Title deeds. R 2,0 0 0 0 0 0 + V at. ALLDAYS - SEC TI ONAL TI TLE

GAME FARM R2, 4M: F ly-in 10 % of 6 0 0 ha, traversing rights. 3 Bedrooms air-conditioned, 3 bathrooms, fully furnished thatch roof family home. Lapa, swimming pool. Laundry/ storage, netted aeroplane parking. N issan X -trail included. ALLDAYS – 464 h a - Beesplaas met woning.: R 3.2M plus BTW V ARI OUS GAME & I RRI GATI ON FARMS AV AI LABLE- PHONE ME WANTED: GAME, C ATTLE, I RRI GATI ON, LI FESTYLE FARMS FOR SALE I N LI MPOPO PROV I NC E

Raymond Pratt - 082 458 4239 OFFI C ES TO LET C ENTRAL: 1 10 0 m² office block close to High Court with 30 parking bays. Immediate m in hi h ri e o e blo . HAMPTON C OURT: 2 m o e available immediately 16 4 m² stand alone 215 m² in a complex office block immediate.

WAREHOUSES/WORK SHOPS: I NDUSTRI A : 1 0 0 0 m² warehouse with internal ablutions, good yard space ! @ R 25 ,0 0 0 -p.m. I NDUSTRI A : 240 m² warehouse @ R 47 -5 0 per m² excluding V at ALL FI GURES Q UOTED ABOV E ARE EX C LUSI V E OF V AT. OFFI C E SPAC E FOR SALE: We ha e ario re idential o e dwell

ing properties in the CBD available at market related prices! S elf occupation and/or offering an immediate income . Call now for more info. ( ± R 1,3 M -R 3 M ) POLOK WANE EX T 90: ( M agna V ia new) : 1 20 0 m² vacant popular stand available, excellent exposure. Don’ t miss out ! ! ! !

Jean Buys - 072 691 6115 D E V I N E E S TAT E R 9 3 0 0 0 0 : Beautiful 3 bedroom townhouse, 2 bathrooms, open-plan kitchen/ dining room / lounge and carport. ( P 24.10 6 0 5 2331) BENDOR: Beautiful 4 bedroom home in a well sought after area. 2 Bathrooms, lounge/diningroom, kitchen and double garage. House 40 0 m² P .O .R SOEK MEK AAR R650 000: P ragtige 3 slaapkamer woning, 2 badkamers, ruim sit-/ eetkamer en oopplan kombuis, tralies voor alle deure en vensters, pragtige tuin, subtropiese omgewing. C YC AD ESTATE R3.4M: Beautiful home in luxurious security estate, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms open plan lounge/dining room, mod-

ern kitchen granite tops and a pantry, separate scullery, large entertainment area, small splash pool, double garage and carports. Already approved or a e ond floor. 2 V AC ANT STAND NORTHV I EW R700 000: 850 m² WOODHI LL R2, 750M ONLY: 4 Bedroom home all air-conditioned and 4 bathrooms, open-plan dining/ lounge/ kitchen, spacious intertainment area, 3 balconies, double garage. Intercom system. BENDOR X 24 R1, 850, 000 Neg !! 3 V ery large bedroom home, 2 full bathrooms, lounge/ dining room, kitchen, drive-through garage. WOODHI LL STAND: 40 0 m² for only R 432 0 0 0 . AC AC I A ESTATE C ORNER STAND:

6 49 m² O nly R 5 6 5 0 0 0 . Located in a very popular security estate! Call now to view ! FAUNA PARK R1.695 000: Lovely 4 bedroom home, 3 bathrooms, dining room / lounge, big spacious kitchen, laundry, double garage. Borehole. FAUNA PARK R2.2 M: ( O nderhandelbaar) P ragtige 3 slaapkamer huis, 2 badkamers, sit-/ eetkamer, kombuis asook studeerkamer, 2 slaapkamer woonstel, dubbel motorhuis en afdak, groot tuin met n swembad. EMDO PARK R500 000: 2 Bedroom home, 1 bathroom, lounge and kitchen. R ooms at the back of yard.

Slight - 072 3239 386 / 073 0250 222 Email: C all y ou r area spec ialist f or Sesh eg o!! SESHEGO Z ONE 8 R380 000: C ASH ONLY !!! I NV ESTORS: 4 rooms with 1 bathroom and double garage. LI THULI PARK R600 000: A 3 bedroom home, 2 bathrooms, lounge/dining room, kitchen and garage. I V Y PARK R1.270: A beautiful spacious 4 bedroom home, 2 bathrooms, loung/

diningroom, kitchen, garage and carport for 2 cars. SESHEGO R390 000: 2 Bedroom house, 1 bathroom, lounge and kitchen, also a bedroom flat with bathroom and tore room, carport. AFRI C AN J EWEL R750 000: A 3 bedroom home with 2 bathrooms, dining room/lounge and kitchen. 1 G arage and

a alarm system. FLORA PARK : R1.2 M S pacious 4 bedroom home, 2 bathrooms, dining room, lounge, kitchen and 2 garages. LI THULI PARK R260 000: A 2 bedroom house, 1 bathroom, lounge/diningroom, kitchen and 2 outside rooms. I am u rg ently look ing f or h ou ses to sell in Sesh eg o, bu y ers are w aiting !!!!


CLASSIFIED May 17 - 23, 2018 >> PAGE 28

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Leeuwkuil Plot R9 500 Spacious 3 Bed, 2 bath, Eskom electricity and borehole Bendor R5 650 2 Bed, 2 Bath, Open-plan, Garage, Carport, Secure Town (Duplex) R7 400 3 Bed, 2 Bath, Open-plan, Carport, Small garden, Secure

Contact: Anita - 081 554 4817 ERA POLOKWANE HOUSES IVY PARK –R6 000 3 Bedr, 1 Bathr, Open-plan Kitchen, 1 Carport, Garden, Lapa SOUTHERN GATEWAY – R5 570 2 Bedr, 1 Bathr, Carport, Wendy House DALMADA – R8 000 5 Bedr, 3 Bathr, Lounge, Kitchen, TV Room, Borehole Water DEBRON ESTATE -R14 950 4 Bedr, 2 Bathr, Dressing Room, Dining Room, Lounge, Kitchen, TV Room AKASIA ESTATE – R11 300 3 Bedr, Open-Plan Kitchen, Garden WELGELEGEN – R13 200 4 Bedr, 2 Bathr, Open-Plan Kitchen, Study, Swimming Pool TOWNHOUSES HOOG STREET– R5 950 2 Bedr, Bathr, Kitchen, Lounge, Carport – Available Immediately FLATS PLEIN STREET - R4 300 1 Bedr. Available immediately HOSPITAL PARK -R4 550 Fully furnished Bachelor flat available immediately AFRICAN SPIRIT – R4 600 2 Bedr in Bodorp DOUGLAS COURT – R4 900 2 Bed, Lock-up Garage FALCON COURT – R5 300 2 Bed, 2 Bathr BENDOR – R3 800 1 bed, kitchen with stove, 1 bathr, prepaid electricity, water included FALCON COURT – R5 300 2 Bedr, 2 Bathr OFFICES - Thys OFFICES IN CBD – R3 200 Water and Electricity included OFFICES IN BENDOR – R 156 p/m² OFFICES IN MARKET STREET – R2 000 p.m. OFFICES OPPOSITE LIMPOPO MALL – R1 000 p.m. MARYNA – 061 546 1149 THYS – 083 702 0768 PENNY– 072 340 6596 OFFICE – 015 295 8527

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1 bedroom IMMEDIATELY Prepaid electricity Rent R3 750 Reference TC 74 9


1 Be droom IMMEDIATELY Prepaid electricity Rent R3 800 p.m. Reference TC 74 0

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107 m² IMMEDIATELY Prepaid electricity Rental: R12 650 (inclu des Vat) Levy: R4 60 (inclu des Vat) Parking additional. Reference TC 751


4 1 m² IMMEDIATELY Prepaid electricity Rental: R6 095 (inclu des levy, parking and Vat Reference TC 752 Contact Florence 086 111 6011/ 015 295 2305 or email John at

SHOP TO LET KRUGER STREET, close to taxi rank, 55 m² IMMEDIATELY Prepaid electricity Rent R6 555 (incl levy and Vat) Reference TC 753 SHOP TO LET 106 SCHOEMAN STREET IMMEDIATELY Prepaid electricity Rent R10 120 (incl levy and Vat) Reference TC 756 Contact Florence 086 111 6011/ 015 295 2305 or email John at

House New Ivy Park R4 000-00 p.m. 2 Bedrooms Prepaid Electrcity Water payable at the municipality JoJo tank Offices - CBD Biccard Street R13 000-00 p.m. Water and electricity included up to R1 500-00 Parking included CBD Hans van Rensburg Street 140 m² = R10 465-00 p.m. R270-25 p.m per parking Operating cost R1 295-00 Water and electricity payable at the municipality

For more Info Please call 015 295 4537/8 081 409 6794 View on Property 24 and



GENERAL NOTICE POLOKWANE PERSKEBULT TOWN PLANNING SCHEME 2016 AMENDMENT SCHEME 55 Emendo Inc., being the authorised agent of the owner of Erf 516 Annadale Extension 2, hereby give notice in terms of Section 56 (1) b (i) of the Town Planning and Townships Ordinance (Ordinance 15 of 1986), read together with Spatial Planning and Land Use Management Act 16 of 2013 (SPLUMA), that we have applied to Polokwane Municipality for the amendment of the Polokwane/ Perskebult Townplanning Scheme, 2016, for the rezoning of Erf 516 form “Municipal” to “Special” for residential with a density of 78 units per hectare. Particulars of the application will lie for inspection during normal office hours at the office of the Manager: Spatial Planning and Land Use Management, Civic Centre, Polokwane, for a period of 28 days from 11 May 2018. Objections to or representations in respect of the application must be lodged with or made to the Municipal Manager, at the above address or at P.O. Box 111, Polokwane, 0700, within a period of 28 days from 11 May 2018. Address of applicant: Emendo Town & Regional Planners 31 Market Street Polokwane 0700 Tel: 071 5022 031 072 649 1974 email: info@emendo. 10/5 _________________

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cnr Yster and River streets, Ladine, Polokwane Tel/Fax: 015 293 1060 Cell: 083 466 6553 / 072 757 5560 Factory F1 - Habakuk Industrial Lebowakgomo


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Credit Facility Available! Insurance Approved

Mei 17 - 23, 2018 ALGEMENE KENNISGEWING POLOKWANE PERSKEBULT-DORPSBEPLANNINGSKEMA 2016 WYSIGINGSKEMA 55 Emendo Stads- en Streekbeplanners, synde die gemagtigde agent van die eienaar van Erf 516 Annadale, Uitbreiding 2, gee hiermee kennis ingevolge Artikel 56 (1)(b) (i) van die Ordonansie op Dorpsbeplanning en Dorpe (Ordinansie 15 van 1986), saamgelees met die Wet op Ruimtelike Beplanning en Grondgebruikbestuur 16 van 2013 (SPLUMA), dat ons by Polokwane Munisipalitei aansoek gedoen het vir die wysiging van die Polokwane/ Perskebult Dorpsbeplanningskema 2016, vir die hersonering van Erf 516 vanaf “Munisipaal” na “Spesiaal” vir residensieël met ‘n digtheid van 78 eenhede per hektaar. Besonderhede van die aansoek lê ter insae gedurende gewone kantoorure by die kantoor van die Bestuurder, Ruimtelike Beplanning en Grondgebruikbeheer, Burgersentrum, Polokwane, vir 28 dae vanaf 11 Mei 2018. Besware en/of vertoë ten opsigte van die aansoek moet binne 28 dae ingedien word vanaf 11 Mei 2018 skriftelik tot die Munisipale Bestuurder, by bovermelde adres of by Posbus 111, Polokwane, 0700, ingedien of gerig word. Adres van applikant: Emendo Stads-en Streekbeplanners Markstraat 31 Polokwane, 0700 Tel: 071 5022 031 072 649 1974 email: info@emendo. 10/5 _________________ GENERAL NOTICE: POLOKWANE/PERSKEBULT AMENDMENT SCHEME 50 NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR AMENDMENT OT THE TOWN PLANNING SCHEME IN TERMS OF SECTION 56(1)(b)(ii) OF THE TOWN PLANNING AND TOWNSHIP ORDINANCE, 1986 (ORDINANCE 15 OF 1986), READ IN CONJUNCTION WITH THE PROVISIONS OF SPLUMA (ACT 16 OF 2013) I, Douw Gerbrand Steyn, of Van Rensburg & Steyn Land Surveyors, being the authorised agent of the registered owner of Portion 3 of Erf 609 Pietersburg hereby give notice in terms of Section 56(1)(b) (ii) of the Town Planning and Townships Ordinance, 1986 (Ordinance 15 of 1986), read together with the provisions of the SPLUMA 2013 Act, (Act 16 of 2013), that I have applied to Polokwane Municipality for the amendment of the town planning scheme known as the Polokwane/ Perskebult Town Planning Scheme, 2016 for the rezoning of Portion 3 of Erf 609 Pietersburg, situated at 31 Voortrekker Street, Polokwane from Residential 1 to Business 4 for offices. Particulars of the application will lie for inspection during normal office hours at the office of the Manager, Spatial Planning and Land Use Management, at Polokwane Municipality, Room no 127, First Floor, cnr Landdros Mare and Bodenstein streets, Polokwane, 0699 for a period of 28 days from 11 May 2018. Objections to or representation in respect of the application must be lodge with or made in writing to the Manager, Spatial Planning and Land Use Management, at the above address or at P.O. Box 111 Polokwane, 0700 within a period of 28 days from 11 May 2018. Address of agent: Van Rensburg & Steyn Land Surveyors P.O. Box 333 Polokwane, 0700 10/5 _________________ ALGEMENE KENNISGEWING: POLOKWANE/ PERSKEBULT WYSIGINGSKEMA 50

KENNISGEWING VAN AANSOEK OM DIE WYSIGING VAN ‘N DORPSBEPLANNINGSKEMA INGEVOLGE ARTIKEL 56(1)(b)(ii) VAN DIE ORDONANSIE OP DORPSBEPLANNING EN DORPE, 1986 (ORDONANSIE 15 VAN 1986), SAAMGELEES MET DIE BEPALINGS VAN DIE SPLUMA (WET 16 VAN 2013) Ek, Douw Gerbrand Steyn van Van Rensburg en Steyn Landmeters, synde die gemagtigde agent van die geregistreerde eienaars van Gedeelte 3 van Erf 609 Pietersburg gee hiermee ingevolge Artikel 56(1)(b) (ii) van die Ordonansie op Dorpsbeplanning en Dorpe, 1986 (Ordonansie 15 van 1986), saamgelees met die bepalings van die SPLUMA 2013 Wet (Wet 16 van 2013), kennis dat ek by die Polokwane Munisipaliteit aansoek gedoen het om die wysiging van die Dorpsbeplanningskema bekend as die Polokwane/Perskebult Dorpsbeplanning Skema, 2016 deur die hersonering van Gedeelte 3 van Erf 609 Pietersburg geleë te Voortrekkerstraat 31, Polokwane, vanaf Residensieël 1 na Besigheid 4 vir kantore. Besonderhede van die aansoek lê ter insae gedurende gewone kantoor ure by die kantoor van die Bestuurder, Ruimtelike Beplanning en Grondgebruikbeheer, Kamer 127, Eerste Vloer, h/v Landdros Mare- en Bodensteinstrate, Polokwane, 0699 vir ‘n tydperk van 28 dae vanaf 11 Mei 2018. Besware teen of vertoë ten opsigte van die aansoek moet binne ‘n tydperk van 28 dae vanaf 11 Mei 2018 skriftelik by of tot die Bestuurder, Ruimtelike Beplanning en Grondgebruikbeheer by bovermelde adres of by Posbus 111, Polokwane, 0700 ingedien of gerig word. Adres van agent: Van Rensburg & Steyn Landmeters Posbus 333 Polokwane, 0700 10/5 _________________ POLOKWANE/PERSKEBULT DORPSBEPLANNINGSKEMA, 2016 KENNIS GESKIED HIERMEE: Ingevolge die bepalings van klousule 32 van die Polokwane/Perskebult Dorp Beplanning skema, 2016 lees met gelees met artikel 20 van die Ordonnansie op Dorpsbeplanning en dorp Ordonnansie, 1986 (Ordonnansie 15 van 1986), Ditau Enterprise Group (Edms) Bpk voornemens is om by die Polokwane Plaaslike Munisipaliteit aansoek te doen vir spesiale toestemming om ‘n sellulêre telefoon mas en basisstasie (telekommunikasie-infrastruktuur) op gedeelde Erf 18904 PIETERSBURG EXT 28 Besonderhede van die aansoek kan gedurende gewone kantoorure besigtig word by die aansoeker by die hierin vermelde adres , en die kantore van die Stadsbeplanning Afdeling, Polokwane Plaaslike Munisipaliteit, Burgersentrum, eerstevloer, wesvleuel, h/v Landdros Mare- en Bodensteinstraat, Polokwane vir ‘n tydperk van 28 dae vanaf 17 Mei 2018. Enige beswaar(e) en/ of kommentaar(e), insluitend die gronde vir so ‘n beswaar(e) en/of kommentaar(e) met volledige kontakbesonderhede, ten opsigte van hierdie aansoek sal skriftelik beide die aansoeker en die Munisipale Bestuurder, Polokwane Munisipaliteit, by bovermelde adres of by Posbus 111, Polokwane, 0700, binne 28 dae vanaf 17 Mei 2018. Adres en kontakbesonderhede van die aansoeker: Naam: Ditau Enterprise Group (Edms) Bpk Adres: 94 Garnet Way Pebble Rock 0129 Tel: 0832005658 Posadres: Posbus 2362 Hammanskraal, 0400 Epos: mabits7705@ Datum van die kennisgewing: 17 Mei 2018 Sperdatum vir beswaar: 14 Junie 2018 Terreinverwysing: Polokwane Newsite 20 T19611 17/5 _________________ POLOKWANE/PERSKEBULT TOWN PLANNING SCHEME, 2016 NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN: In terms of the provisions of Clause 32 of the Polokwane/Perskebult Town Planning Scheme, 2016 read with read with section 20 of the townplanning and township ordinance, 1986 (ordinance 15 of 1986) that we, Ditau Enterprise Group (Pty) Ltd intend applying to the Polokwane Local Municipality, for Special Consent to erect a cellular telephone mast and base station (Telecommunications Infrastructure) on Erf 18904 PIETERSBURG EXT 28 Particulars of the application may be inspected during normal office hours at the applicant’s address mentioned herein, and at the offices of the Town Planning Department, Polokwane Municipality, Civic Centre, west wing 1st floor, cnr Landdros Mare and Bodenstein streets, Polokwane, for a period of 28 days from 17 May 2018. Any objection(s) and/ or comment(s), including the grounds for such objection(s) and/ or comment(s) with full contact details, in respect of this application shall be lodged in writing to both the applicant and The Municipal Manager, Polokwane Municipality at the above address or at P.O. Box 111, Polokwane, 0700, within 28 days from 17 May 2018. Address and contact details of the applicant: Name: Ditau Enterprise Group (Pty) Ltd Address: 94 Garnet Way Pebble Rock Kameelfontein 0129 Telephone number: 0832005658 Posatal address: P.O. Box 2362 Hammanskraal 0400 Email: mabits7705@ Date of notice: 17 May 2018 Objection expiry date: 14 June 2018 Site reference: Polokwane Newsite 20_T19611 17/5 _________________ POLOKWANE/PERSKEBULT TOWN PLANNING SCHEME 2016 SPECIAL CONSENT FOR AN INSTITUTION, PLACE OF INSTRUCTION Notice is hereby given in terms of provisions of Clause 32 of the Polokwane/Perskebult Town Planning Scheme 2016, that we, Emendo Town and Regional Planners, the authorised agent of the owner, have applied to the Polokwane Municipality for the Special Consent for an Institution, Place of Instruction, for the use of the existing building for purposes of an Educational Centre on Erf 1541 Pietersburg Extension 6, located at 85 Thabo Mbeki Street, Polokwane. Particulars of the application will lie for inspection during normal office hours at the applicant at the address mentioned herein, and at the offices of the Town Planners, First Floor, West Wing, Civic Centre, Polokwane, for a period of 28 days from 10 May 2018. Any objections to or representations in respect of the application must be lodged in writing simultaneously with the applicant and with the Municipal Manager, Polokwane Municipality at the above address or at P.O. Box 111, Polokwane, 0700, within a period of 28 days from 10 May 2018. Address of applicant: Emendo Town &

Regional Planners 31 Market Street Polokwane, 0700 Tel: 012 346 2526 Fax: 012 346 4101 Cell: 071 5022 031 10/5 _________________ POLOKWANE/PERSKEBULT DORPSBEPLANNINGSKEMA 2016 SPESIALE TOESTEMMING VIR ‘N INSTITUSIE, PLEK VAN ONDERRIG Kennis geskied hiermee dat ons, Emendo Stads- en Streekbeplanners, synde die gemagtigde agent, van die eienaar, ingevolge die bepalings van Klousule 32 van die Polokwane / Perskebult Dorpsbeplanningskema 2016, aansoek gedoen het by die Polokwane Munisipaliteit vir Spesiale Toestemming vir ‘n Institusie, Plek van Onderrig, vir die gebruik van die huidige gebou vir die doeleindes van ‘n Onderrig Sentrum op Erf 1541 Pietersburg Uitbreiding 6, geleë te 85 Thabo Mbeki Straat, Polokwane. Besonderhede van die aansoek lê ter insae gedurende gewone kantoorure by die aansoeker by die vermelde adres en by die kantore van die Stadsbeplanners, eerste vloer, Burgersentrum, Polokwane, vir ‘n tydperk van 28 dae vanaf 11 Mei 2018. Enige besware teen of vertoë ten opsigte van die aansoek moet skriftelik ingedien word binne ‘n tydperk van 28 dae vanaf 11 Mei 2018 by die Munisipale Bestuurder, Polokwane Munisipaliteit, of Posbus 111, Polokwane, 0700. Adres van applikant: Emendo Stads en Streekbeplanners Markstraat 31 Polokwane, 0700 Tel: 012 346 2526 Faks: 012 346 4101 Cell: 071 5022 031 10/5 _________________ POLOKWANE/PERSKEBULT TOWNPLANNING SCHEME, 2016 SPECIAL CONSENT FOR A GUESTHOUSE We, Hannes Lerm and Associates being the authorized agent of the owners of the Remainder of Erf 179, Annadale situated at No. 13 Woodbush Street hereby give notice that we have applied to the Polokwane Municipality for Special Consent for a Guesthouse on the abovementioned property in terms of Clause 32 of Polokwane/ Perskebult Scheme, 2016. Particulars of the application will lie for inspection during normal office hours at the office of the Manager: Spatial Planning and Land Use Management, Directorate Planning and Development, Polokwane Municipality, Second Floor, West Wing, Civic Centre, Landdros Maré Street, Polokwane for a period of 28 days from 17 May 2018. Objections to or representations in respect of the applications must be lodged with or made in writing to the Manager : Spatial Planning and Land Use Management at the above address or at P.O. Box 111, Polokwane, 0700, within a period of 28 days from 17 May 2018. Address of Agent: Hannes Lerm & Associates P O Box 2231 Polokwane 0700 17/5 _________________ POLOKWANE / PERSKEBULT DORPSBEPLANNINGSKEMA, 2016 SPESIALE TOESTEMMING VIR ‘N GASTEHUIS Ons, Hannes Lerm en Medewerkers synde die gemagtigde agent van die eienaars van die Restant van Erf 179, Annadale, gelee te Woodbushstraat No. 13, gee hiermee kennis dat ons by die Polokwane Munisipaliteit aansoek gedoen het vir Spesiale Toestemming vir n Gastehuis op bogenoemde eiendom in terme van die bepalings van klousule 32 van Polokwane / Perskebultskema, 2016. Besonderhede van die aan-

soek le ter insae gedurende gewone kantoorure by die kantoor van die Bestuurder: Ruimtelike Beplanning en Grondgebruiksbestuur, Direktoraat Beplanning en Ontwikkeling, Polokwane Munisipaliteit, Tweede Verdieping, Wesvleuel, Burgersentrum, Landdros Marestraat, Polokwane vir n tydperk van 28 dae vanaf 17 Mei 2018. Besware teen of vertoe ten opsigte van die aansoeke moet binne ‘n tydperk van 28 dae vanaf 17 Mei 2018 skriftelik by of tot die Bestuurder: Ruimtelike Beplanning en Grondgebruiksbestuur, by bovermelde adres of by P.O. Posbus 111, Polokwane, 0700 gerig word. Adres van agent: Hannes Lerm & Medewerkers Posbus 2231. Polokwane 0700 17/5 _________________ NOTICE BLOUBERG LAND USE SCHEME, 2006 Matebele Town and Regional Planners, being the authorised agent of the owners of the properties below, hereby give notice in terms of section 20.1(c) Blouberg Land Use Scheme, 2006 that we have applied to Blouberg Local Municipality for Special Consent Use of the following properties: 1. Erf 1870 Bochum Ext 05 for the purpose of establishing rental accommodation. 2. Erf 2072 and Erf 2073 Bochum Ext 05 for consolidation and simultaneously establishment of rooms to let. Particulars of the applications will lie for inspection during normal office hours at the office of the Manager: Land Use and Planning, Blouberg Local Municipality, 2nd building Mogwadi to Senwabarwana road, Senwabarwana for a period of 28 days from 10 May 2018. Objections to or representations in respect of the applications must be lodged with or made in writing to the Municipal Manager at the above mentioned address or at P.O. Box 1593 Senwabarwana 0790 within a period of 28 days. Address of Agent: Matebele Town and Regional Planners P.O. Box 1024 BOCHUM, 0790 Cell: 078 719 9775 Email: matebeletrp@ 10/5 _________________ TSEBIŠO BLOUBERG LAND USE SCHEME, 2006 Matebele Town and Regional Planners, re le baemedi ba semolao ba ditsha tše di latelago re fa tsebišo ya go ya ka karolo ya 20.1(c) Blouberg Land Use Scheme, 2006 gore re kgopetše go Masepala wa selegae wa Blouberg go fetola sekimi se se tsebegang ka Blouberg Land Use Scheme,2006 go refa tumelelo ya ditsha tše dilatelago: 1. Setsha sa 1870 Bochum Ext 05, lebakeng la go tšweletša bodulo bja go hirišwa. 2. Setsha sa 2072 le 2073 Bochum Ext 05, lebakeng la gore dibe setsha se se tee gammogo le go tšweletša diphaphoši tša go hirišwa. Ditlabakelo tša kgopelo di tla ba gona go lekolwa nakong ya mošomo kantorong ya Hlogo: Land Use and Planning, Blouberg Local Municipality, 2nd building Mogwadi to Senwabarwana road, Senwabarwana lebakeng la matšatši a masomepediseswai (28) go tloga letšatšing la di 10 Mei 2018. Dikganetšo goba boemedi mabapi le dikgopelo di swanetše go išwa goba go tšweletšwa ka mokgwa wa lengwalo go Hlogo ya Masepala mo atereseng ye e ngwadilwego ka godimo goba go P.O Box 1593, Senwabarwana 0790 lebakeng la matšatši a masomepediseswai Aterese ya Moemedi: Matebele Town and Regional Planners P.O. Box 1024

29 BOCHUM, 0790 Cell: 078 719 9775 Email: matebeletrp@ 10/5 _________________

Kontak: 084 076 7294 10/5 _________________

NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR AMENDMENT OF TOWN PLANNING SCHEME IN TERMS OF SECTION 56(1)(b)(i) OF THE TOWN PLANNING AND TOWNSHIPS ORDINANCE, 1986 (ORDINANCE 15 OF 1986) POLOKWANE/PERKEBULT AMENDMENT SCHEME 59. I Lebogang Mogale of Opulence Developments being the authorised agent of the Owner of Portion 4 of Erf 587 Pietersburg hereby give notice in terms of Section 56(1)(b)(i) of the Town Planning and Township Ordinance, 1986, as well as the provision of SPLUMA,2013 (Act 16 of 2013) that I have applied to the Polokwane Municipality for the amendment of the town planning scheme known as the Polokwane/ Perskebult Town Planning Scheme, 2016 by the rezoning of Portion 4 of Erf 587 Pietersburg from “Residential 1” to “Business 4”. Particulars of the application will lie for inspection during normal office hours at the office of the Manager: Spatial Planning and Land Use Management, First Floor, West Wing, Civic Centre, Landdros Mare Street Polokwane, for a period of 28 days from 11 May 2018. Objections to or representations in respect of the application must be lodged with or made in writing to the Manager: Spatial Planning and Land Use Management, First Floor, West Wing, Civic Centre, Landdros Mare Street Polokwane or P O Box 111, Polokwane, 0700 within a period of 28 days from 11 May 2018. Address of authorised Agent: Opulence Developments 6 Villa Santana Main Street, Heatherview 0156 Contact: 084 076 7294 10/5 _________________

NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR AMENDMENT OF TOWN PLANNING SCHEME IN TERMS OF SECTION 56(1)(b)(i) OF THE TOWN PLANNING AND TOWNSHIPS ORDINANCE, 1986 (ORDINANCE 15 OF 1986) POLOKWANE/PERKEBULT AMENDMENT SCHEME 63. I Lebogang Mohale of Opulence Developments being the authorized agent of the owner of Portion 1(Remaining Extent) of Erf 687 Pietersburg Township hereby give notice in terms of Section 56(1)(b)(i) of the Town Planning and Township Ordinance, 1986, as well as the provision of SPLUMA,2013 (Act 16 of 2013) that I have applied to the Polokwane Municipality for the amendment of the town planning scheme known as the Polokwane/Perskebult Town Planning Scheme, 2016 by the rezoning of Portion 1(Remaining Extent) of Erf 687 Pietersburg Township “Residential 1” to “Residential 3” . Particulars of the application will lie for inspection during normal office hours at the office of the Manager: Spatial Planning and Land Use Management, First Floor, West Wing, Civic Centre, Landdros Mare Street Polokwane, for a period of 28 days from 18 May 2018 Objections to or representations in respect of the application must be lodged with or made in writing to the Manager: Spatial Planning and Land Use Management, First Floor, West Wing, Civic Centre, Landdros Mare Street Polokwane or P O Box 111, Polokwane, 0700 within a period of 28 days from 18 May 2018. Address of authorized Agent: Opulence Developments 6 Villa Santana Main Street, Heatherview 0156 Contact No: 0840767294 17/5 _________________

KENNISGEWING VAN AANSOEK OM WYSIGING VAN DORPSBEPLANNINGSKEMA INGEVOLGE ARTIKEL 56(1)(b)(i) VAN DIE ORDONNANSIE OP DORPSBEPLANNING EN DORPE, 1986 (ORDONNANSIE 15 VAN 1986) POLOKWANE/PERKEBULT WYSIGINGSKEMA 59. Ek, Lebogang Mogale van Opulence Developments, synde die gemagtigde agent van die eienaar van Gedeelte 4 van Erf 587 Pietersburg gee hiermee ingevolge Artikel 56 (1) (b) (i) van die Ordonnansie op Dorpsbeplanning en Dorpe, 1986, asook die voorsiening van SPLUMA, 2013 (Wet 16 van 2013) dat ek by die Polokwane Munisipaliteit aansoek gedoen het om die wysiging van die dorpsbeplanningskema bekend as die Polokwane / Perskebult Dorpsbeplanningskema, 2016 deur die hersonering van Gedeelte 4 van Erf 587 Pietersburg vanaf ‘Residensieel 1’ na “besigheid 4”. Besonderhede van die aansoek lê ter insae gedurende gewone kantoorure by die kantoor van die Bestuurder: Ruimtelike beplanning en Grondegebruik-bestuur, eerste vloer, Burgesentrum, Landdros Marestraat, Polokwane vir n tydperk van 28 dae vanaf 11 Mei 2018. Besware teen of vertoë ten opsigte van die aansoek moet binne ‘n tydperk van 28 dae vanaf 11 Mei 2018 skriftelike by of tot die Munisipale bestuurder by bovermelde adres of by Posbus 111, Polokwane, 0700 ingedien of gerig word. Adres van gematigde Agent Opulence Developments Villa Santana 6 Mainstraat Heatherview, 0156

KENNISGEWING VAN AANSOEK OM WYSIGING VAN DORPS-BEPLANNINGSKEMA INGEVOLGE ARTIKEL 56(1)(b)(i) VAN DIE ORDONNANSIE OP DORPSBEPLANNING EN DORPE, 1986 (ORDONNANSIE 15 VAN 1986) POLOKWANE/PERKEBULT WYSIGINGSKEMA 63. Ek Lebogang Mohale of Opulence Developments synde die ge-magtigde eienaar Gedeelte 1 (Resterende Gedeelte) van Erf 687 Pietersburg gee hiermee ingevolge artikel 56(1)(b) (i) van die ordinnansie op Dorpsbeplanning en Dorpe, 1986, sowel as die verskaffing van SPLUMA, 2013 (Wet 16 van 2013) kennis dat ons by die Polokwane Munisipaliteit aansoek gedoen het om die wysiging van die dorpsbeplanningskema bekend as die Polokwane / Perskebult Dorpsbeplanningskema, 2016 deur die hersonering van Gedeelte 1 (Resterende Gedeelte) van Erf 687 Pietersburg Dorpsgebied vanaf ‘Residensieel 1’ na ‘Residensieel 3’ van 28 dae vanaf 18 Mei 2018. Besonderhede van die aansoek le te insae gedurende gewone kantoorure by die kantoor van die Bestuurder: Ruimtelike beplanning en Grondegebruik-bestuur, eerste vloer, Burgesentrum, Landdros Marestraat Polokwane vir n tydperk van 28 dae vanaf 18 Mei 2018. Besware teen of vertoe ten opsigte van die aansoek moet binne n tydperk van 28 dae vanaf 18 Mei 2018 skriftelike by of tot die Munisipale bestuurder by bovermelde adres of by Posbus 111, Polokwane, 0700 in gedien of gerig word. Adres Van Agent: Opulence Developments 6 Villa Santana Main Street, Heatherview

0156 Contact No: 0840767294 17/5 _________________ NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR AMENDMENT OF TOWN PLANNING SCHEME IN TERMS OF SECTION 56(1)(b)(i) OF THE TOWN PLANNING AND TOWNSHIPS ORDINANCE, 1986 (ORDINANCE 15 OF 1986) POLOKWANE/PERKEBULT AMENDMENT SCHEME 58. I Lebogang Mogale of Opulence Developments being the authorised agent of the Owner of Portion 2 of Erf 762 Pietersburg hereby give notice in terms of Section 56(1)(b)(i) of the Town Planning and Township Ordinance, 1986, as well as the provision of SPLUMA,2013 (Act 16 of 2013) that I have applied to the Polokwane Municipality for the amendment of the town planning scheme known as the Polokwane/Perskebult Town Planning Scheme, 2016 by the rezoning of Portion 2 of Erf 762 Pietersburg from “Residential 1” to “Residential 3” . Particulars of the application will lie for inspection during normal office hours at the office of the Manager: Spatial Planning and Land Use Management, first floor, west wing, Civic Centre, Landdros Mare Street Polokwane, for a period of 28 days from 11 May 2018. Objections to or representations in respect of the application must be lodged with or made in writing to the Manager: Spatial Planning and Land Use Management, first floor, west wing, Civic Centre, Landdros Mare Street Polokwane or P.O. Box 111, Polokwane, 0700 within a period of 28 days from 11 May 2018. Address of authorised Agent: Opulence Developments 6 Villa Santana Main Street Heatherview 0156 Contact: 084 076 7294 10/5 _________________ KENNISGEWING VAN AANSOEK OM WYSIGING VAN DORPSBEPLANNINGSKEMA INGEVOLGE ARTIKEL 56(1)(b)(i) VAN DIE ORDONNANSIE OP DORPSBEPLANNING EN DORPE, 1986 (ORDONNANSIE 15 VAN 1986) POLOKWANE/PERKEBULT WYSIGINGSKEMA 58. Ek, Lebogang Mogale van Opulence Developments, synde die gemagtigde agent van die eienaar van Gedeelte 2 van Erf 762 Pietersburg gee hiermee ingevolge Artikel 56 (1) (b) (i) van die Ordonnansie op Dorpsbeplanning en Dorpe, 1986, asook die voorsiening van SPLUMA, 2013 (Wet 16 van 2013) dat ek by die Polokwane Munisipaliteit aansoek gedoen het om die wysiging van die dorpsbeplanningskema bekend as die Polokwane / Perskebult Dorpsbeplanningskema, 2016 deur die hersonering van Gedeelte 2 van Erf 762 Pietersburg vanaf ‘Residensieel 1’ na ‘Residensiele 3’ . Besonderhede van die aansoek lê te insae gedurende gewone kantoorure by die kantoor van die Bestuurder: Ruimtelike beplanning en Grondegebruik-bestuur, eerste vloer, Burgesentrum, Landdros Marestraat Polokwane vir n tydperk van 28 dae vanaf 11 Mei 2018. Besware teen of vertoë ten opsigte van die aansoek moet binne n tydperk van 28 dae vanaf 11 Mei 2018 skriftelike by of tot die Munisipale bestuurder by bovermelde adres of by Posbus 111, Polokwane, 0700 in gedien of gerig word. Adres van gematigse Agent Opulence Developments Villa Santana 6 Mainstraat Heatherview, 0156 Contact: 084 076 7294 10/5 _________________



May 17, 2018

721 social workers without jobs, department denies responsibility ENDY SENYATSI >>


n increasing number of unemployed social workers across the province is a major concern of the Department of Social Development. This issue was raised when MEC Mapula Mokaba-Phukwana handed over vehicles and laptops to employees of the department in the Capricorn district during a ceremony at Polokwane Welfare Complex on Monday. It was reported that to date, the department has trained 2 155 social workers and absorbed 1 112. Some 721 social workers are without jobs while 211 are on an internship programme funded by the Department of Health and Welfare Seta and 180 are on contract with the Department of Education. She said the department equipped social workers with relevant skills but it is not the department’s responsibility to absorb all of them upon completion of their studies. She added that social work graduates should use the skills and knowledge acquired to seek employment both in the public and private sector. Mokaba-Phukwana indicated that the department gives aspiring social workers bursaries to further their studies but the department cannot take full responsibility when graduates seek employment. “We

handed over 118 computers and four vehicles where she will hand over 100 computers and are not pushing social workers away but the followed by Sekhukhune district last Thursday two vehicles while 138 computers and two truth is that we cannot employ all of them. We where she provided 118 computers and two ve- vehicles will be handed over to employees acknowledge the challenge; that is why we are hicles. Mokaba-Phukwana’s next stop will be at at the Thohoyandou district office, Vhembe planning to have a summit in the future for us the Modimolle district offices, Waterberg district district on 28 May. to have a plan on how we are going to deploy social workers. We encourage people to study but we need a plan to absorb graduates,” she stated. She indicated that lack of proper infrastructure and tools were also a challenge and reiterated that such issues are addressed gradually. Mokaba-Phukwana said the department was still new because it was formerly part of the Health Department hence they were still trying to be independent. She urged employees to sacrifice and use the little resources they have to render services to the people of Limpopo. When handing over 126 computers and two vehicles to officials in the Capricorn district, Mokaba-Phukwana said she was happy to engage with employees to learn more about their troubles in the workplace and added that the concerns raised will assist the department to improve where necessary. The engagement sessions are part of her province-wide employee engagement road shows which aim to provide officials in all the five districts with the tools of the trade. PHOTO: SUPPLIED Her first stop was at the Giyani district of- Social Development MEC Mapula Mokaba-Phukwana hands over laptops to department employfices, Mopani district last Monday where she ees in the Capricorn district during a ceremony at the Polokwane Welfare Complex on Monday.

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TEGNIKUS Vir installering en instandhouding van CCTV en Toegangsbeheer. Tegniese ondervinding in bogenoemde sal voordelig wees, maar is nie ‘n vereiste nie. Kompeterende pakket, voordele en opleiding. Vereistes: Bestuurslisensie en ten volle tweetalig. Stuur CV aan of 086 639 8956 A d y n a m i c L a b e l & Ta g p r in tin g c o m p a n y is in n e e d o f a n

OFFICE MANAGER Re q u i r e m e n t s : 1 . P r e fe r r e d k n o w le d g e o f p r in tin in d u s tr y 2 . s tr o n g a d m in is tr a tio n s k ills 3 . k n o w le d g e o f p a s te l a c c o u n tin 4 . m u s t h a v e s tr o n g o r g a n is a tio n s k ills 5 . m u s t b e c o m p u te r lite r a te , w o r e x c e l, e -m a ils , p a s te l e tc 6 . m u s t b e m o tiv a te d a n d h a v e in itia tiv e 7 . g o o d c o m m u n ic a tio n s k ills 8 . a b ility to w o r k u n d e r p r e s s u r e w ith o u t s u p e r v is io n 9 . m u s t b e a te a m p la y e r 1 0 . m u s t h a v e v a lid d r iv e r ’s lic e n c a n d o w n tra n s p o rt

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Elica Primary School Teaching Posts Available Foundation Phase 1. Qualified 2. Experience 3 years 3. Passion 4. SACE 5. Own transport 6. Energetic 7. English CLOSING DATE: May 31, 2018 2 page CVs ONLY Fax: 0866104784 E-mail:

EDUCATION MAKES A DIFFERENCE A d y n a m i c L a b e l & Ta g p r in tin g c o m p a n y is in n e e d o f a

SALES ASSISTANT Re q u i r e m e n t s : 1 . 3 y e a r s ’ e x p e r ie n c e in Ag r i c u l t u r e 2 . m u s t b e b i l i n g u a l – En g l i s h & Af r i k a a n s 3 . m u s t b e c o m p u te r lite r a te 4 . m u s t h a v e a v a lid d r iv e r ’s lic e n c e 5 . g o o d c o m m u n ic a tio n s k ills 6 . m u s t b e a te a m p la y e r. CV s t o b e m a i l e d t o h r @ la b e lp r o .c o .z a

DA ready to claim key provinces in 2019 YOLANDE NEL >> A future of governing coalitions, land expropriation without compensation and the Democratic Alliance’s (DA) preparedness to secure majority votes in key provinces during next year’s elections came up when the party’s Deputy Federal Chairperson and national spokesperson, Refiloe Nt’sekhe discussed politics during a visit to Polokwane last week. Nt’sekhe was in the province on Thursday for an evening radio debate on the controversial land issue which, she said, would have afforded the DA an opportunity to also express their position on matters. The visit also gave her the chance to catch up with matters in the province. In an interview with Polokwane Observer she was requested to, among others, address coalitions and to the question remarked that coalitions were not going to be easy and was always going to be difficult, particularly where one had differences of ideology. Even in ModimolleMookgophong Municipality in Limpopo it was a very difficult coalition as was the case across the board, she reiterated. She used the example of motions against Nelson Mandela Bay Metro mayor Athol Trollip having been tabled for media attention and continued to say the same hadn’t happened in the other metros or in ModimolleMookgophong Municipality where the DA governed though. They had to be realistic about the

Radiographer A well-established radiology practice in Polokwane is looking for a part-time radiographer Requirements: * Appropriate university qualification * At least 5 years’ experience * Must be willing to work on weekends and night shift Please send an abbreviated CV with at least 2 references to or If you have not heard from us within three weeks of submission, consider your application as unsuccessful.

future and knew that going into 2019 they were looking at more coalition governments as much as they might intend to go out and try to win it all, she opined. Nt’sekhe predicted that realistically looking at the landscape they would probably be in more coalitions, PHOTO: YOLANDE NEL but more difficult Refiloe Nt’sekhe. arrangements. Preparations for the elections of next year and the take-over the DA had in mind were up for discussion next, to which she said they were going into very difficult terrain. She continued to add that the land issue has raised a very difficult issue for them, because the most important thing was people understanding the offer they had to put on the table around land and the successes they have had around land in the Western Cape where they governed, as well as Johannesburg. The African National Congress (ANC) has never been able to meet the obligation around land nationally, she remarked. She quoted statistics of a 60% DA success rate on the national average in terms of land redistribution against all ANC governments together being at 10%. Even with regards to land redistribution in terms of title deeds they have far exceeded any ANC government on a year-on-year comparison, it was reiterated. Going into the elections another issue requiring attention was people’s concern about safety and jobs, she remarked when saying that she didn’t think the President realised what a risk it was to announce the implementation of minimum wages, adding that already the country was on the verge of the loss of 700 000 jobs in the labour sector because of minimum wages. Addressing the key issues they needed to deal with, she stressd the DA was reviewing their policies to ensure that when putting their manifestos together they gave South Africans a compelling offer to say why they wanted to vote for the DA. Nt’sekhe was convinced that South Africa was going to see a DA that was 100% ready for a take-over and give people what they promised. With the elections in mind they were targeting key provinces, being the Western Cape, Gauteng, Northern Cape and now also considering North West, according to Nt’sekhe. The upcoming elections were probably as important as the 1994 elections, she mentioned. “We honestly believe you can’t continue to have an ANC government if you want to improve South Africa.”

Mei 17, 2018

Gay march momentarily diverts attention from challenges >> More photos on



DA Women’s Network (Dawn) leader Nomafrench Mbombo (centre) with DA Legislature Member Katlego Phala and Dawn Provincial Leader Desiree van der Walt.

ibrant colours and pastel pinks mixed with ball gowns and tutus when members of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex (LGBTI) community in Polokwane took to a march through the streets of the city on Saturday morning. Momentarily they diverted attention from challenges such as corrective rape and cultural and religious stigma that men and women of alternative gender orientation get subjected to. Saturday’s march was part of the annual Limpopo Pride programme that created opportunity for, among others, a show of support by structures such as the Democratic Alliance (DA), the University of Limpopo and the Anova’s Health4Men initiative when participants later gathered in the park at Jack Botes hall. Speaking to Polokwane Observer afterwards, LGBTI sector Limpopo Chairperson Cindy Maotoana stressed the lack of support for their programme, adding that organisations who gained from their presence in the province were not in attendance. Whereas they had intended to incorporate dialogue into the day’s programme which they initially planned to host at Jack Botes hall, they couldn’t do so as the daily rental was too expensive, she remarked. She raised the opinion that the municipality’s approach to rental of the

facility was seen as not being communityfriendly. Turning to the issue of the onslaught against their members, she alluded to more homosexual men in Limpopo getting attacked and raped than lesbian women. The biggest problem in Polokwane posed to be a dark spot along Dahl Street adjacent to the cemetery where two to three homosexual men got raped every weekend. Some didn’t report the cases, she said. In the crowd placards with slogans like “Killing us won’t make us heterosexual” promoted their grounds. Another critical challenge their members faced was being disowned for their orientation and being shunned because of cultural and religious reasons, she said. In many instances parents withheld school fees or took kids out of school for their choices, Maotoana added. Prior to joining the march DA Women’s Network (Dawn) leader Nomafrench Mbombo, who was in Limpopo for the day to join the parade as she did elsewhere in the country, in a brief inter-


view said that after two decades of democracy there were still people discriminated against based on their sexual orientation and yet the Constitution was so clear on every right of every citizen. It was not on that people got subjected to corrective rape for their sexual orientation and families disowning their children because of love, she indicated. It was everyone’s choice to be who he or she wanted to be, she stressed as she highlighted support for the cause and creating awareness that LGBTI rights were human rights. Mbombo, who is also Health MEC in the Western Cape, was accompanied by Dawn Provincial Chairperson and Parliamentarian Desiree van der Walt and DA Provincial Legislature Member Katlego Phala.


Marchers promote zero tolerance for intolerance towards LGBTI rights.

Nthabiseng Vhuromu from Polokwane attracts attention at the front of the group of marchers, accompanied by a squad of traffic control and Police vehicles during Saturday’s activism.

Day of Families celebrated internationally KAREN VENTER >>

are taught to live and recognise each other as family without strictly confining to blood line or family trees. We are one big family,” she said. She stressed the importance of having healthy and happy relationships with one another. “Families are the core of society, children are born into them and some of the most important developing years of their lives are spent within families.” Mokaba-Phukwana concluded by saying they would like to encourage everyone to play a meaningful role in harnessing and strengthening families. “After all is said and done, it is our families that we must always find and give comfort and love.” The SAVF can be contacted on 012 325 3920, Child Welfare on 011 452 4110 or Childline on 0800 055 055. Any of these will be able to refer families to their nearest organisation, she concluded.

Modern families have unique challenges that families in other times did not have including HIV/Aids, unemployment, drug and alcohol abuse, only one parent or a child-headed family, or even a grandparent bringing up grandchildren. This was the focus on International Day of Families, which was on Tuesday. According to Sonja White, social worker with SAVF Polokwane child and family welfare services there is, however, help available for such families. “There are several organisations equipped to provide assistance in this regard,” she said. Promoting awareness of issues relating to families and increasing knowledge of the social, economic and demographic processes affecting them is what International Day of Families is all about, according to the Department of Social Development. The department plans to officially commemorate this day together with the launch of Child Protection Week, which starts on 28 May. However, according to department spokesperson, Joel Seabi, activities around the building and supporting of families continue all year long in all the five districts of the province focusing on various areas of importance for families. “These include moral regeneration, balancing work and family, dialogues on issues that cause conflicts in families and equipping foster parents with parenting skills,” Seabi said. Social Development MEC Mapula Mokaba-Phukwana said the department recognised the pivotal position of the family unit in society as the foundation for humanitarian values and growth. “It is through the family institution that as human beings we grow and establish PHOTO: SUPPLIED ourselves within communities, nations Being a happy family in modern times is very chaland the broader international communi- lenging, however, the Robberts family, Casper, Cathty. Moreover, in the African tradition we rine, HP (10) and FC (5) seem to be getting it right.

Nasorgsentrum ondersteun Slipper Day KAREN VENTER >> Polokwane Nasorgsentrum se inwoners het verlede Vrydag Slipper Day heelhartig ondersteun deur R10-plakkers te koop en pantoffels in ruil vir gewone skoeisel te dra. Volgens Saartjie du Toit,

sentrummatrone, voel sy dat dit niks minder as reg is dat hulle ander organisasies se geldinsamelingsinisiatiewe steun nie omdat hulle soveel ondersteuning vir Tekkie Tax uit die gemeenskap kry. “Die inwoners het ook ‘n jolige tyd gehad en ons het heerlik partytjie onder die bome gehou.”


Saartjie du Toit, Polokwane Nasorgsentrum-matrone en Lindi Greyling, ‘n inwoner. Links: Inwoners van Polokwane Nasorgsentrum spog met hul pantoffels op Slipper Day.

Moeders en kroos verewig besondere oomblikke KAREN VENTER >> Besoekers aan Mall of the North het die afgelope naweek die geleentheid gehad om spesiale Moedersdagoomblikke met foto's by 'n fotohoekie vas te vang. Milady's en Fragrance Boutique het boonop gekenkbewyse vir diegene wat van die unieke geleentheid gebruik gemaak het oorhandig. Olivia Soundy en haar kroos het Saterdagoggend by die fotohoekie 'n draai gemaak. “Dis 'n wonderlike idee en unieke geleentheid.”


Olivia Soundy met haar kroos, Bianca, Tom en Dejanae.



Hoërskool Pietersburg>>

>> Meer foto’s op

Pieties onoorwonne op netbalbaan, hokkieveld

May 17, 2018

Hoërskool Pietersburg>>

Hokkie-, netbalspelers verwerf Lim-kleure

>> Verskeie hokkie- en netbalspelers van Hoërskool Pietersburg (PHS) het onlangs provinsiale kleure verwerf en sal Limpopo tydens die onderskeie toernooie verteenwoordig.

RC MYBURGH >> Die wintersportseisoen is goed op dreef en skole regoor die stad sorg weekliks vir groot opwinding wanneer daar tydens vanjaar se ligawedstryde meegeding word. Hoërskool Pietersburg het onlangs korte mette van Hoërskool Merensky op die hokkieveld en Mitchell House op die netbaalbaan gemaak deur al hul wedstryde te wen. Merensky se seunhokkiespanne kon in totaal slegs twee doele teen PHS se nege aanteken. PHS se netbalmeisies het Mitchell House ‘n goeie loesing gegee. Alle spanne het met wegholseges geseëvier. FOTO’S: ENDY SENYETSI

Eerstespanspelers, Louis Nel van PHS en Talon Griffiths spook om besit.

Seunshokkiespelers wat Limpopo-kleure verwerf het, is Braam van den Heever en Cor Müller (o.16A), Louis Nel (o.18A), Riekert Erasmus, Keegan Menzies en Jan-Hendrik Weyer (o.16A). Agter is Eduard de Lange (o.16B), Hanro Potgieter en Luan de Villiers (o.14A), Wian Kruger (o.18A), Eduan Gobey (o.16B), Enri Albertse (o.16A) en Edward Conradie (o.14A). Eli Ströh (o.18A), Fred Potgieter (o.16B) en Leroux Marais (o.14B) was afwesig. FOTO’S: RC MYBURGH

PHS se eerstespanspeler, Edwil van Zyl mik doelkas toe. Links: PHS se eerstespanspeler, Antonette Albertyn, en haar opponent meet mekaar.

Meisies wat in die Limpopo-netbalspan opgeneem is, is Chanelle Cloete (o.15), Kayla Crause en Maritsa Oosthuizen (o.17)Antonette Albertyn (o.18), Zandri Swatz (o.17), Elzaan Espach en Chané Pennels (o.15). Agter is Jenni-Lee Malan (o.14), Marzelle Luüs (o.15), Carla Craig (o.14), Ruvé Erasmus en Odine Swanepoel (o.14) en Ashley Kruger (o.15).

Mitchell House>>

Champions of u.10 soccer tournament HERBERT RACHUENE >>

Yvette Louw en Natasha Magidi van PHS en Mitchell House se eerstespan gun mekaar geen kans nie.

Merensky se tweedespanspeler, Jacques Mölller, probeer die bal van PHS se Glen Bezuidenhout afneem.

Mitchell House was crowned the 2018 winners of the annual Pietersburg English Medium Primary School (Pemps) u.10 soccer tournament after defeating the u.10 soccer team of Flora Park Comprehensive Primary School 4-3 in the final on Saturday. Mitchell House’s goals were scored by Lathitha Yaya, Nkateko Mathebula, Tebanye Mmethi and the team captian, Munei Malada. Underway to the finals Mitchell House eliminated Pemps, Pietersburg Comprehensive School (PCS), Eagle’s Nest and PEPPS Polokwane Preparatory School.

Stanford Lake College>>

Senior hockey girls conquer hosts on own turf Not even the novelty of playing on astro turf could deter Stanford Lake College’s (SLC) first and second girls’ hockey teams from victory during a recent day of friendly matches hosted by Hoërskool Ben Vorster (Vossies). The first girls’ team narrowly beat their

hosts 4-3 while the second team could celebrate a 4-2 win. Vossies had the upper hand in the u.14 (4-1) and u.16 (1-0) girls’ matches while SLC’s 1st, second and u.15 boys lost 0-1, 0-5 and 1-2 respectively. Rona McGaffin, marketer at the school commented that they were looking forward to inviting the Vossies for a similar day of sport at their own astro turf hockey field next year.

Mabine Mametja, sport coordinator at Pemps, headmater Desiree Conradie and educator and Conny Rammutla with the caps presented to the winning team.

Mitchell House coach Jan Motloutsi was elated about his team’s victory and expressed satisfaction with the performance of the team throughout the tournament. “We prepared and trained well for this tournament. We knew it was not going to be easy playing against the likes of PEPPS and PCS who are good teams and tough opponents. We had a game plan and it Munei Malada, worked. Credit should captain of Mitchell go to the players, their House’s u.10 soccer parents and the school team with the winmanagement for their ner’s trophy. support,” Motloutsi said. Congratulating Mitchell House, event organiser and sport coordinator at Pemps, Mabine Mametja said they were impressed with the Mitchell House team. “They played well throughout the tournament and we are looking forward to see them defending the title next year,” Mametja said. He thanked the parents and the participating schools for supporting the tournament every year. “We could not have done it without them. This tournament aims at developing the talent of budding soccer players and forging new friendship among players, supporters and parents alike,” Mametja said.


SLC’s Dani Ramalepe and Lea Revelas engage in fierce struggle for ball possession with Vossies player Lihani Vorster during their u.16A match.

SLC first team player Felicity Baloyi returns the ball to play from a short corner.

The u.10 soccer team of Mitchell House celebrates after being crowned the 2018 Pemps u.10 soccer tournament champions. PHOTOS: HERBERT RACHUENE

Mei 17, 2018

Curro Heuwelkruin / Stanford Lake College>>

Kruinies se rugby-, netbalspanne kook teen Stanford Lake College RC MYBURGH >>

Groot opwinding het die naweek op Curro Heuwelkruin se sportterrein tydens die kragmeting teen Stanford Lake College (SLC) geheers. Kruinies het op die netbalbaan en rugbyveld geen genade teenoor hul opponente getoon nie. Al die netbalspanne het

>> Meer foto’s op

geseëvier met die eerstespan wat met 23-17 die oorhand gehad het. Op die rugbyveld was die Kruinies onstuitbaar en die o.14-span het SLC met 79-0 in die grond geboor. Die o.16-span het met 36-21 geseëvier. Die eerstespan se uitmuntende vertoning op die veld het vir hulle ‘n wegholsege van 96-15 verseker. Die hokkiespanne het mekaar Vrydag gepak en Kruinies se meisie- en seunspanne is bloednuus op hul astrobaan geslaan en slegs die eerste meisiespan kon daarin slaag om met een doel elk gelykop te eindig.


PEPPS Preparatory School and College>>

PEPPS rules in netball league matches day. PEPPS’ u.10 team won 5-1, the u.11 beat their hosts 7-6, the u.12’s 16-9 and the u.13’s 16-10. The two schools also played two friendly games with the hosts taking the lead this time. Piet Hugo defeated the PEPPS u.11Bs 3-2 and the u.13Bs 10-6.

ENDY SENYATSI >> PEPPS Preparatory School and College dominated the netball league matches played against and hosted by Laerskool Piet Hugo last Thurs-


PEPPS u.11B wing defence Leila Jardim has possession of the ball with Piet Hugo wing attack Lebo Riba and centre Neo Nemakondo, far left, fast approaching.


Werner Kotze van Kruinies se juniorhokkiespan in aksie.

Kruinies se o.16-speler, Deon Kriel, doelgerig met die bal op pad.

PEPPS u.11A goal attack, Kutlwano Serogole tries to advance the ball while under pressure from Piet Hugo’s wing defence Precious Masemene and centre Kelleigh Peters.

Kutlwano Mosana of PEPPS’ u.11A team looks for support from her teammates with Piet Hugo centre Kelleigh Peters on the attack.

Pietersburg Laerskool>>

Odi Modadime, o.14-speler van Kruinies, hou sy opponent in die oog.

Kruinies se senior spanspeler, Onthi Maredi beheer die bal gemaklik met een hand.

Vier Suidskool-rugbyspelers in o.13-Limpopospan

Hoërskool Pietersburg>>

Kolskote vir Pieties se boogskietspan RC MYBURGH >> Hoërskool Pietersburg (PHS) se boogskietspanne het besonder goed gevaar tydens die onlangse African Bowhunting Organisation (ABO) Triple Crown se finale ronde van die skoleliga wat in Bronkhorstspruit gehou is. Die eerstespanlede, Jean-Mari Mostert, Bernard Mentz en Phil Fourie se uitstekende telling van 590 punte was goed genoeg vir 'n goue medalje en tweedespanlede, Zander de Jager, Robert O'Reilly en Dylan Fletcher het 'n algehele bronsmedalje gewen. Phil en Jean-Mari het individuele goue toekennings behaal terwyl Robert 'n individuele silwer toekenning verwerf het. FOTO: RC MYBURGH

Hoërskool Pietersburg se boogskuts is Bernard Mentz, Jean-Mari Mostert en Zander de Jager. Agter is Dylan Fletcher, Phil Fourie en Robert O’Reilly.


Zandré Hattingh, Dewan Gobey, Jason Hugo en Ian Fouché van Pietersburg Laerskool is vir die o.13-Limpopospan gekies wat dié naweek hul eerste oefenkamp by Hoërskool Pietersburg (PHS) het. Saam met hulle is Suidskool se operasionele hoof, Jacques Bartlett.

Suidskool-netbalster op pad na SA’s FOTO: RC MYBURGH

Simoné Jansen van Nieuwenhuizen, o.12-netbalspeler van Pietersburg Laerskool, is onlangs gekies om as deel van die Limpopospan van 24 tot 28 Junie aan die SuidAfrikaanse Skolenetbalkampioenskappe in Boksburg deel te neem. Dié opgewonde senter sien baie uit na die toernooi.



May 17, 2018

Cycling club reaches out to needy children >> ‘A meaningful contributor to community building’ >> ‘We thank the cyclists who have supported us’ HERBERT RACHUENE >>


olokwane-based JoyRide Cycling Club maintains its support for disadvantaged communities. During the latest of their outreaches they visited the Ba-Abele Drop-In Centre in Ga-Phago village, on Saturday to deliver a donation of non-perishable food, vegetables, fruit, blankets and items of clothing. More than 30 members of the club rode the 70 km from Polokwane to Ga-Phago to

practically demonstrate support to the needy children in the area. Chairperson Shaun Ramahlodi said their support of the centre will not be a once-off activity but a sustainable one. “We were here last year around this time and we also did the same at Bana Ba Thari Special School last year. We will continue with such initiatives,” Ramahlodi said. He added that, beyond seeing cycling as recreational and sport, the club sees it as a meaningful contributor to community building. “We have committed ourselves to making sure that the community here in Moletjie gets this facility fenced, structures put in place and have its own life beyond what they currently have. We have used various partners who made donations in addition to individual contributions coming out of our members, hence we were able to put up a fence and establish a vegetable garden,” added Ramahlodi. Ba-Abele Drop-In Centre looks after 97 disadvantaged children and has been in operation

for nine years. It has serviced the Ga-Phago community with distinction, having some of its earlier members now at high school level. Manager of the centre, Sophy Ramagoshi was quoted to have said: "We thank the cyclists who have supported us over the past two years. Today we are in a new place and starting a foundation to build a new structure which we shall completely own and control. We will have a good fence and a vegetable garden coming out of the support we received from Joyride Cycling Club." Ramahlodi believes that the cyclists are capable of raising awareness and that the contribution they are making should pave the way for others to support children from disadvantaged backgrounds to rise above their current limitations. He also mentioned that they are currently looking for a charity organisation they can assist in Polokwane and its surrounds.


Tlou Molekwane and his son, Bokang.

Local soccer tournament to fight social ills HERBERT RACHUENE >>


Members of JoyRide Cycling Club pose next to some of the goods they delivered to Ba-Abele Drop-In Centre in Ga-Phago village in the Moletjie area.

Members of the JoyRide Cycling Club on their way to Ga-Phago village.


Period of Evaluation CompulsorySite and Briefing Advert. Criteria 24 May 2018 Appointment of Service 80/20 @11:00, 30 days Provider to Supply, New Peter Install, Repair, MoniMokaba Stadium toring, Respond and Complex, ExecuMaintenance of Alarm tive Lounge, 1st on Various Municipal Floor Sites for a Period of Three (03) Years (Re-advert) Bid Description

Closing Date Professional Contact Person Registration and Time 13 June 2018 N/A Mr. P Mahlatji on @10:00 3rd 015 290 2411; Floor BoardphineasM@polokroom and Ms. Motshabi Malepe on 015 290 2088 motshabim@

The Municipality shall adjudicate and award bids in accordance with the PPPFA and BBBEE Level of Contribution on 80/20 point system, 80 points for the price and 20 points for BBBEE Level Bids documents containing the Conditions of Bid and other requirements in terms of the Supply Chain Management Policy will be downloaded from e-tenders Publication Portal at at no fee. Bidders who do not attend compulsory site briefing will be disqualified. No late, faxed or telephonic bids will be accepted. Bids will remain valid for a period of ninety (90) days. The Council reserves the right to negotiate further conditions of the bid and other requirements of the bid with the successful bidder. Furthermore, Council is not compelled to accept the lowest or any bid. 1. Completed bids documents, fully priced, fully signed, fully initialled on all pages and original documents attached must be submitted in a sealed envelope marked: “Bid Name, Bid Number and Bid Description” should be deposited in the Tender Box at the Polokwane Municipality - cnr. Landdros Mare and Bodenstein streets, Civic Centre - Supply Chain Management Office, Ground Floor (to the left of the security reception) – Polokwane on or before the closing date. N.B: No bids will be considered from persons in the service of the State (As defined in Regulation 1 of the Local Government: Municipal Supply Chain Management Regulations). MR. D H MAKOBE MUNICIPAL MANAGER

Former Bafana Bafana player, Tlou Molekwane will stage a one day soccer tournament at Seshego Stadium’s ground B on 16 June so as to give aspiring soccer players a platform to show their talent. This engagement in sport, he believes, will also assist in fighting the social ills prevalent in the area. The Seshego born defender, currently playing for Bloemfontein Celtic Football Club, said there are lots of young boys blessed with immense soccer talent but who have become immersed in social ills and are unable to grow their talent. “Those are the people we are targeting. We want to see them on the field of play, engaged in their favourite sporting code. We believe this initiative can fight the scourge of these social ills. One of the reasons why young people, particularly boys, resort to social ills is that they have given up on their dreams. We want to give them hope, a chance and an opportunity,” Molekwane explained. He said football scouts from prominent soccer teams in the Premier Soccer League have been invited to come and see the talent in Seshego. The scouts will also give motivational talks to participants. “I am doing this because soccer gave me a better life and I want to see every talented soccer player in Seshego and surrounds playing for a professional team and the national soccer team one day. I don’t want to be selfish because I was also helped by people along the way and this is just my way of giving back to the community,’’ added Molekwane. Asked how many teams would take part in the tournament, Molekwane said they were looking at four to eight teams.

PHS claims victory over Noorderland BARRY VILJOEN >> Netball players of Hoërskool Noorderland and Hoërskool Pietersburg (PHS) recently met at Noorderland for an afternoon of excitement that culminated in victory for PHS in all six matches played. PHS’s teams clearly conveyed the message that they were a force to take note of. The first team won 29-21, while the u.14A and B, u.15A and B, u.16A respectively took the PHOTO: BARRY VILJOEN honours with victories PHS u.15A player of 22-7, 16-7, 44-5, Cameron Dunkley in 40-4 and 27-7. action.

Mei 17, 2018


Tommies neem hul bloedskenkpligte ernstig op



Hoër Tegniese Skool Tom Naudé-leerders het tydens ‘n onlangse SANBD bloedskenkkliniek geleentheid gekry om mense se lewens te help red deur bloed te skenk. Michelle Butler en Liandri Peyper sê hulle het net gewag tot hulle 16de verjaarsdag om bloed te skenk. “Dis ons verantwoordelikheid om ander te help waar ons kan want bloed is ‘n kosbare, lewegewende geskenk.” Die skool se span ‘blood buddies’ was byderhand om te help en leerders wat vir die eerste keer bloed skenk aan te moedig. Hulle motiveer namens die SANBS leerders om skenkers te wees en verleen hulp tydens bloedskenkklinieke. “Dis vir my ‘n voorreg om te help en my medeleerders te probeer oortuig om ook ‘n bydrae te lewer deur bloed te skenk,” sê Abram Sekgobela, een van die ‘blood buddies’.

Bo: Hoër Tegniese Skool Tom Naudé se ‘blood buddies’ is Willie Oberholzer, Lourens Venter, Charn-René Bell, Michael Richards en Patrick Ronquest. Agter is Jaco Prinsloo, Kiara Jones en Abram Sekgobela. Regs: Michelle Butler en Liandri Peyper kon nie wag tot hulle oud genoeg is om bloed te skenk nie.

Tom Naudé open day invites new enrolment HERBERT RACHUENE >> Hoër Tegniese Skool Tom Naudé opened its doors to potential learners from the city and surrounds during its open day last Thursday. Prospective learners accompanied by their guardians and parents were taken on a tour of the school by the student leaders who pointed the school’s various offerings. The school boasts state-of-the art leisure, sport, arts and academic facilities such as computer and science laboratories and mechanical workshops. The sports activities include cycling, soccer, netball, netball, rugby and hockey. On the day prospective learners were also informed about the school’s rich culture and academic record as

Ina Haasbroek, Physical Science educator is eager to help answer potential learners’ questions on the day.

Sclherine Britz, student educator in electrical engineering welcomes potential learners to the school’s laboratory.

Sibusiso Tshabalala from Laerskool Piet Hugo Primary displays his piano playing skills.

well as its legacy and successes. Johanita Cilliers, deputy head girl said with the event they wanted to give members of the Polokwane community and neighbouring areas an opportunity to see some their academic offerings. “We are the best performing school in the province. We are doing well academically, in sport, arts and culture activities. We want them to be part of our success hence we decided to come up with an open day initiative to allow community members to have firsthand information about the school,” she said. Karin de Jager, educator, with visiting learners Sibangani Mahlangu, Rakgadi Babili from Sibangani Mahlangu, a Grade 7 learner at Laerskool Piet Hugo Primary said he was impressed by the school’s Laerskool Piet Hugo Primary, deputy head girl Johanita Cilliers and visitor Moses Tande. setup. “There is a lot of professionalism at the school. They have top class laboratories for Physical Science and Electrical Engineering, a workshop for plumbing and a computer lab. You can see they mean business. I was chuffed and I think I will be doing my secondary education here,” Sibangani said. A fellow learner, Rakgadi Babili agreed and said the school has always been her favourite in Polokwane. “I am interested in technical studies and I think there is no better technical high school in Polokwane than Tom Naudé. I am also an avid netball player and their netball team is doing well. I can’t wait to join them next year,” she said. Educator Karen de Jager said the event was a success and thanked all their guests who turned up on the day to Lucille Markgraff, Andre Thirion and head boy, Damian Arle spend time with Laerskool come and learn more about the school. Pietersburg-Oos learner and open day visitor Berco van der Linde, second from right.



May 17, 2018

Medaljes vir studente van Kimura Shukokai BARRY VILJOEN >>


tudente van Kimura Shukokai Karateklub in die stad het onlangs tydens die Suid-Afrikaanse Shukokai-kampioenskappe in Johannesburg 18 goue-, silwer- en bronsmedaljes ingepalm. James Marais het goue medaljes in kata en kumite verwerf, terwyl Harry Marais en Mignon Bronkhorst elk ‘n

bronsmedalje in kata gewen het. Kwete Kganyago en Lavela Godlwana het elk ‘n goue medalje in kata verwerf, Henco Bronkhorst ‘n silwermedalje in kumite, Duan du Toit, ‘n goue medalje in kumite en Koki Mpolokeng goud in kata en brons in kumite. Dinita Olivier het ‘n bronsmedalje in kumite losgeslaan, terwyl Jordan Skordi goud in kumite en brons in kata verwerf het. Bukulu Godlwana en Wihan Louw het onderskeidelik ‘n brons en silwer in kata gewen, terwyl

Rhain Skordi ‘n silwer in kumite en brons in kata om sy nek gehang het. Volgens sensei, Marcia van Niekerk, was dit ‘n strawwe kompetisie en die studente moes hard werk vir hul medaljes. “Ek is baie trots op my studente wie se goeie tegniek en vorm veral opgeval het.” Kimura Shukokai International bied hul wêreldkampioenskappe in Julie in Swede aan en Van Niekerk is hoopvol dat van haar studente vir deelname gekies word.

Studente van Kimura Shukokai Karateklub wat aan die Suid-Afrikaanse Shukokai-kampioenskappe deelgeneem het, is James en Harry Marais en Mignon Bronkhorst, voor, met Kwete Kganyago, Henco Bronkhorst, Duan du Toit en Koki Mpolokeng in die eerste ry. Agter is sensei, Marcia van Niekerk, Dinita Olivier, Jordan Skordi, Lavela en Bukulu Godlwana en Wihan Louw. Rhain Skordi was afwesig toe die foto geneem is. FOTO: BARRY VILJOEN

Polokwane City pleased to escape PSL relegation HERBERT RACHUENE >>

Chippa United, striker Thabo Rakhale tries to thwart Polokwane City’s Football Club defender Sulalani Phiri’s efforts to get to the ball. PHOTO: HERBERT RACHUENE

Polokwane City Football Club defender Thabo Semenya works hard to keep Chippa United, midfielder Abel Mabaso from reaching the ball during their PSL match on Saturday.

Polokwane City Football Club cleared the Premier Soccer League (PSL) relegation bar by a mere two positions and three points when they managed a 1-1 draw against Chippa United Football Club in the last match of the season at the old Peter Mokaba Stadium on Saturday. City started the season well winning their top matches and defeating the likes of Mamelodi Sundowns, picking up crucial points against the mighty Orlando Pirates and Kaizer Chiefs but faltering along the way. They managed to amass 34 points from 30 matches of the league winning six matches, drawing 16 and losing eight to finish the season in 13th position.

Head coach Bernard Molekwa said they have already put the bad season behind them and will now focus on the new season. “We did not have the best season at all but we will get better next season. We were in the relegation zone most of the time and it was stressful and hard for us. We are happy to have avoided relegation. We promise our fans that we will double our efforts next season and compete for top honours in the league. We are aware of the journey ahead, it is not going to be easy but we will be prepared for it,” Molekwa said. He also mentioned that they will be going to the market to strengthen the team ahead of new season. “We definitely need to refresh the team so we will go all out to scout for new talent during the break,” he concluded.

Kobola receives chairman’s award HERBERT RACHUENE >> One of Polokwane’s own, Phaladi Kobola who currently plays for Cape Town City Football Club was bestowed with the Club Chairman’s Award during the club’s annual end-of-season award function. A statement issued by the club explained that Kobola was rewarded for his exemplary service and loyalty to the club over the past seasons. An alumnus of Flora Park Comprehensive High School, Kobola joined the club from the University of Pretoria Football Club in the 2012/13 Premier Soccer League season and has won many accolades with the club. He was part of the team that won the Telkom Knockout Final in 2016.

The 32-year-old who is known for his hard tackling abilities reportedly said the award came as a total surprise. “I am honoured and deeply moved by the gesture. This serves as special motivation to me because not many players have been bestowed with this kind of an award,” Kobola said. Former Ria Stars striker, Percy Motloutsi who coached Kobola as member of the former, Seshego based development team, said he was proud of Kobola’s achievement. “He is a leader and has been a committed player from a young age. He was respectful, hardworking and loved everybody. I am not surprised that he received the award. I wish him more success in his football career and may he continue to inspire young soccer players in the province and in his hometown, Seshego,” Motloutsi commented.

PHS-nebalspanne wys Kruinies wie is baas


Curro Heuwelkruin se netbalspanne het swaar onder Hoërskool Pietersburg (PHS) se aanval tydens die onlangse ligawedstryde gebuk gegaan. Pieties het elke wedstryd oorheers en

Kruinies se o.15Aspeler, Maggie Lekganyane raap die bal voor PHS se Ashley Kruger weg.

die Kruinies min geleentheid by die doelpaal gegee. PHS se o.14A- en o.15A-span wen 37-1 en 23-12 onderskeidelik met die o.17A-span wat met 'n wegholsege van 45-6 seëvier. Die eerstespanne het mekaar 'n harde tyd op die baan gegee, maar Pieties was sterker en het 'n 21-18-sege behaal.

Odine Swanepoel van PHS se o.15A-span en Kruinies se Pele Takalo.


Kruinies se eerstespanspeler, Zené de Waal soek ondersteuning.

Mei 17, 2018


(Polokwane Athletic Club)

(Polokwane Athletic Club)



May 17, 2018

Sports court in honour of player HERBERT RACHUENE >>


Dewaldt van Dyk se spoghings, Bouwman Khalib, is as wenner van die kompetisie in die onder driejaar-kategorie aangewys. FOTO’S: RC MYBURGH

Perdeklubs se pretdag vol opwinding RC MYBURGH >> Oud en jonk kon met Saterdag se pretdag wat by Winnfield Stables plaasgevind het iets vind om hul belangstelling te prikkel. Capricorn Wheels and Legs-athon in deur die Capricorn Uithouritklub en Capricorn Western Club net buite die stad aangebied en het onder meer ‘n Ysterman en -vrouekompetisie, Western Mounted Games, potjiekoskompetisie, hingsskou en lyndanse ingesluit. Glybane, ponieritte en gesigverf het die kinders besig gehou terwyl oud en jonk die meganiese rodeobul kon aandurf, Capricorn Uithouritklub se Rioni Combrink sê die sogenaamde driekamp of Ysterman

Amelia du Plooy klou verbete om op die rodeobul te bly.

en -vrouekompetisie is ‘n eerste vir Limpopo. Deelnemers moes 5 km draf, 10 km bergfiets ry en 15 km te perd aflê. Bertus Dreyer en Anandré van der Nest het dié onderskeie titels ingepalm. Die hingsskou se onder driejaar-kategorie is deur Anmar van Dyk se hings, Bouwman Khalib oorheers gevolg deur Hannes Olivier se Aureb as naaswenner. In die seniorkategorie was Van Dyk se PSTYLE X die wenner gevolg deur Werner Marais se Armar Nadeem en Gerhard Smith se Chapmar Maximus onderskeidelik in die tweede en derde plek. In die Western Mounted Games was Karisna Landman, Anri Greyvenstein en DJ du Plooy die onderskeie algehele wenners in vlak 0, -1 en -2.

he Department of Sport and Recreation and The Sports Trust officially opened a R1,2 million multipurpose sport court at Makgefola Primary School in the Mankweng area recently in honour of its alumnus, Aubrey Modiba who currently plays for Bafana Bafana and Super Sport United Football Club. Modiba grew up in Mankweng and his talent was nurtured from a young age at the school, and recognised during an annual tal­ ent search programme in Polokwane in 2014. Modiba encouraged learners at the school to make good use of the facility to pursue their dreams and talents. Minister of Sport and Recreation, Thoko­ zile Xasa reportedly said: “We affirm this initiative by the private sector and we can only hope that all of them can come to the party and alleviate the plight of lack of sport facilities within our communities. We need


Bafana Bafana and Super Sport United player, Aubrey Modiba, middle, during the handover, with, from left, Nedbank Ke Yona Team Search selectors Khabo Zondo, Mike Mangena, former Bafana Bafana Head Coach Shakes Mashaba and Nedbank Executive Head, Group Marketing Khensani Nobanda. Thokozile Xasa, Minister of Sport and Recreation, middle, with Tobie Badenhorst, Nedbank Head Group Sponsorship and Cause Marketing, Shakes Mashaba, former Bafana Bafana Head Coach, Nedbank Ke Yona Team Search selectors Mike Mangena and Khabo Zondo.

Ystervrou, Anandré van der Nest.


Registered as Mitchell House (Association Incorporated under Section 21)

Tel: 015 296 0865 Fax: 015 296 0912 Email: preppa@ Plot 153, Tweefontein P.O. Box 1051, Faunapark POLOKWANE, 0787

Invitation to attend a briefing meeting for a tender The tender is to create a promotional video to raise awareness about Mitchell House. The video will be shown on the Mitchell House website, social media platforms and at the school’s 25th Birthday Celebration in 2019. It will also be shared with the school community. Tender:

School Promotional Video

Date of briefing:

Wednesday, 23 May 2018 at 10:00


Mitchell House, Founders Boardroom, Plot 153, School Street, Tweefontein, Polokwane.

Attendance and confirmation that you will attend the tender briefing meeting is a requirement to tender. Tender documents will be issued at the meeting. Any queries can be directed to the Director of Marketing: Miss Achsah Phoshoko on or 015 296 0865.

the private sector to come to the party so that we can reverse this bitter legacy created by apartheid and recognise the effort of those who contributed to the battle of equally opportunities for all.” School principal Maria Makgoba was quoted to have said that the multipurpose sports court has fallen on fertile soil and it will be used to the maximum. “Having highachieving role models that come from your community is the best way to inspire young people to achieve their potential. Our wish is to produce competent, healthy learners with skills in our different sporting codes and to create opportunities for them. The fruits of this court will be revealed in the talent we produce,” Makgoba said. The school was established in 1980, has a learner enrolment of 462 and will share the facility with its neighbouring schools and communities for tournaments, competitions, events, wellness days and sports-related activities.

Dancers pass exam with flying colours KAREN VENTER >> Dancers from Fun Dance Company in Polokwane recently danced their Acrobatic Federa­ tion of South Africa (Afsa) exams and did very well in their various categories, securing 19 Honours with Distinction. Seven dancers received Honours and one Highly Com­ mended. According to dance instructor, Olivia Fox-Venter, one dancer, Anandré Minnaar, qualified to take part in a national dance competition known as the Afsa Bursary Awards later this year. She said the Afsa only invites the PHOTO: KAREN VENTER

Dancers who did their Pink Examination are in front Rhuné Stander and in the second row are Evelyn Shrives, Lineke Minnaar and Deoné Gouws. In the third row are Lexie Botha, Lu-vé Venter, Juané Shrives, Natalie Gouws and Kaylee Brits. In the fourth row are Zuané Pretorius, Candice Kekana and Werlize Stander.

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best dancers from around South Africa to take part in an audition for the Afsa Bursary Awards. “If they are successful at the auditions they then take part in a prestige event where only a few winners are announced,” she explained.

Mei 17, 2018

Final chance to join Annual Mayoral Road Race PHOTO: RC MYBURGH

Polokwane Executive Mayor Thembi Nkadimeng cannot wait to complete the blank cheque with the names of the 21,1 km men’s and women’s open category winners of the annual 3 in 1 Mayoral Road Race who will each receive R15 000. The race, to be hosted at the old Peter Mokaba Stadium on Saturday, once again promises to be a memorable event. BARRY VILJOEN >>


olokwane Municipality’s Annual 3 in 1 Mayoral Road Race is set to take place at the old Peter Mokaba Stadium from 07:00 on Saturday and final registrations will still be accepted until early on the day of the event. Polokwane Executive Mayor Thembi Nkadimeng and a number of councillors will participate in the race as part of promoting a healthy lifestyle and contributing towards the Mayoral Bursary Fund. The funds raised will be used to assist needy and poor deserving learners to pursue their tertiary education. More than R150 000 in prizes are up for grabs and all athletes will receive T-shirts and after completion of the distances, medals as well. Free aerobics sessions will be presented. Entry fees for the 5 km, 10 km and

21,1 km races will be R30, R50 and R100 respectively and temporary licences for the 10 km and 21,1 km distances will be compulsory and available at R30 each. Registrations will still be accepted at the municipality’s Sport and Recreation offices next to Virgin Active between 08:00 and 16:00 today (Thursday). Final registrations will be accepted from 08:00 until 20:00 tomorrow (Friday). Registrations will also be accepted at Polokwane Athletic Club (PAC) next to the stadium tomorrow from 16:00 until 20:00 and on Saturday before the race from 05:00 until 06:45. The event is sponsored by PAC, Coca-Cola and Talisman, among others, and athletes from all over the province as well as Mpumalanga, Gauteng and North West are expected to join in the fun. Cecilia Molokwane or Willie Smit may be contacted on 073 330 8791 and 083 379 6644 respectively for further information.


Sports club needs assistance to produce professional athletes ENDY SENYATSI >> The desire to keep children from the streets and encourage them to adopt a healthy lifestyle, motivated Chupyana Raphasha to establish a sports club named Molotong Tigers in Ga-Ramokgopa village, Botlokwa where at least 30 children are being catered for at the moment. Raphasha said the idea came when he noticed that children in the village had nothing to keep them busy on weekends and after school. Local children aged 12 to 21 are engaged in netball and soccer. Raphasha said a lot of children participate in criminal activities and he believes that the club will help minimise such happenings in the community and encourage children to focus on their studies

and careers. Molotong Tigers is in need of assistance to acquire sports equipment to enhance athletes’ performance. He said local residents have assisted with soccer and netball goalposts and balls but they don’t have the necessary kits. He pleaded with businesses and residents to assist him to groom these youngsters into future leaders by donating money or sports equipment, especially kits for the team to start competing against other sports clubs. Raphasha indicated that his PHOTO: ENDY SENYATSI biggest wish was to take children Chupyana Raphasha away from drugs and criminal activities, adding that he also hopes pleads with busito produce professional netball and nesses and resisoccer players in the future. Anydents to assist his newly formed sports one who wishes to assist the team financially or buy sports equipment club, Molotong can contact Raphasha on 079 862 Tigers to acquire 3272. sports equipment.

Popular annual Aïda Road Race to take place next Saturday RC MYBURGH >> Amateur and professional athletes can look forward to the annual Aïda Road Race set to take place at Laerskool Pietersburg-Noord Primary on 26 May. The race is organised by the local Run/Walk for Life club and promises to be yet another exciting event which offers a 5 km fun run as well as 10 and 15 km races. Entry fees are R30, R50 and R70 respectively. The 10 and 15 km races start at 6:30 while the starter's gun for the fun run will go off at 06:45. Entries can be done next Friday from 17:00

to 18:00 as well as on the day of the race from 05:00 to 06:20 at the starting venues at Noordskool. The races are run according to International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF), Athletics South Africa (ASA) and Limpopo Athletics (Lima) rules and should be adhered to at all times. Temporary licences will be available at the registration table at R30 on the day of the race. Athletes in the 10 km and 15 km races can look forward to medals and prize money for the first three podium positions. For more information contact the race organiser Kobie Marais on 082 561 5429.

RWFL Road Race ... Proudly Sponsored by:

Golfers battle it out for prizes ENDY SENYATSI >> A challenge hosted by the Polokwane Golf Club on Saturday attracted entries from as far as Phalaborwa and Hoedspruit in the various divisions. In the A, B and C divisions the men battled it out while the ladies competed in the silver and bronze categories. The A-division was won by Johan Steynberg on 69 points, followed by Willie Opperman on 73 on a count-in and Ray Mushaike third, also with 73 points on a count out. Brandon MacDonald’s 67 ensured his victory in the B division where Sipho Talane finished second with 69 points on a count-in and Joe Legora third, also on 69 points on a

count out. In the C-division, Zack Chuenyane took the lead with 71 points on a count in, followed by Albie du Plessis, 71 points, and Farook Essa, 72. In the ladies’ silver category, Cherise Siebbert finished first with 69 points, Desi Earle on 73 was second and Belinda Schutte third with 80 points. In the bronze category, Cynthia Viljoen took the lead with 71 points followed by Bev Weijters and Naomi Molepo, second and third respectively, on 74 and 77.

VENUE: Noordskool Primary, cnr Biccard and Rissik St, Polokwane


Eurika Demos from Phalaborwa aims to sink the ball during a golf challenge at the Polokwane Golf Club on Saturday.

SATURDAY, 26 MAY 2018 Start: 06:30 5 km Fun Run - R30 - 06:45 10 km Road Race - R50 - 06:30 15 km Road Race - R70 - 06:30 Temporary Licence - R30 Enquiries: Kobie 082 561 5429

Hoedspruit player Lynette Strause putts on the green.

Local golfer Belinda Schutte in action at the Polokwane Golf Club.

Organisers: Regular golfer, Nola Peceur prepares to putt.

ACHIEVERS Shop U 4 2, Mall of the North, cnr R81 & School Road, P olokw ane Tel: 015 26 5 107 7 Shop 17 , Savannah Mall, Thabo Mbeki Street, P olokw ane Tel: 015 296 1298

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We specialise in: • Radiators • Brakes • Clutches and, very rare .... INTEGRITY

53 Nelson Mandela Drive, Superbia

Tel: 015 292 1238

Brake n Clutch (Pty) Ltd

Jong rugbyspeler Dustin Terblanche droom groot >> Wil professionele rugby speel of vlieënier word >> ‘Wees jouself, moenie oordeel of dink jy is beter as ander’ KAREN VENTER >> RC MYBURGH >>


anneer die 12-jarige Dustin Terblanche op die rugbyveld draf is daar net een ding wat vir dié talentvolle skrumskakel saak maak – om die bal so vinnig moontlik by die agterlyn te kry. Sy befaamde duikuitgooi is al welbekend onder spelers en sy vermoë om ‘n gaping om die skrum of losgemaal te skep en agterlyn toe te voer spreek van vernuf. Die rugbymal en toegewyde graad 6-leerder van Pietersburg Laerskool maak vinnig naam en is vir die afgelope drie jaar as sy span se Agterspeler van die Jaar aangewys en boonop vanjaar die enigste tweedespanspeler wat tydens die onlangse Bokkieweekproewe in Mookgophong vir die o.13A-Verre Noordspan gekies is.

Die Bokkieweek vind van 2 tot 6 Julie in Mookgophong plaas waar Dustin hoop om raakgesien te word en volgende jaar vir die Limpopo- of Cravenweekspan oorweeg te word. “Aanhouer wen en ander leerders wat vir ‘n tweedespan speel en voel dat hulle nie goed genoeg is nie, moet nie moed verloor nie. Daar is ‘n beperkte hoeveelheid spelers in ‘n eerstespan en dit beteken nie noodwendig hulle is beter as jy nie. Met harde werk en gereelde oefening kan jy jou drome verwesenlik. Almal het unieke talente wat eendag raakgesien sal word en een na die ander deure vir jou op die regte tyd sal oopmaak,” meen Dustin wat hoop om eendag oorsee professionele rugby te speel. Hy oefen drie keer ‘n week saam met sy skoolspan onder leiding van afrigter Jacques Bartlett. “Ek sien uit daarna om saam met die Bokkieweekspan te oefen want dit sal lekker wees om saam met ander spelers te speel en te ervaar hoe hulle ook rugby geniet.” Intussen spandeer hy elke spaaroomblik met sy rugbybal al is dit net om bal saam met sy honde te skop. ‘n Goeie skrumskakel is volgens hom ‘n speler wat vinnig besluite kan neem – soos om die bal agterlyn toe te speel of om self verby die skrum te probeer veld wen. “‘n Skrumskakel se besluit verander die spelpatroon en spanmaats moet vinnig op sy besluit kan reageer.” Dustin hou ook baie van atletiek en krieket en beplan om sokker te begin

speel. Hy speel graag skaak, hou van sing en het twee jaar gelede by die Bosveldkunstefees ‘n A+++-sertifikaat vir poësie verwerf. Wiskunde is sy gunstelingvak. “As ek nie oorsee professionele rugby kan speel nie wil ek graag ‘n vlieënier word,” sê Dustin. Curwin Bosch, Cell CSharkspeler, en Patrick Lambie, Springbokspeler is sy rolmodelle omdat dié twee volgens hom uitstekende rugby speel en hy graag in hul voetspore wil volg. Hy geniet Vin Dieselrolprente, eet graag pizza en is ‘n Imagine Dragon-aanhanger. FOTO: KAREN Sy beste eienVENTER skappe volgens hom is Dustin Terdat hy vriendelik is en blanche, maklik maats maak. Suidskool se “Wees altyd jouself en tweedespanmoenie ander mense skrumskakel oordeel of jou beter neem in as hulle ag nie,” is Julie aan die sy raad aan ander Bokkieweek jongmense. deel.


66 Vermikuliet Street, Ladanna, Polokwane 063 786 7864 / 083 784 6175 / 082 786 7864

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Polokwane Observer 17 May 2018