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A Unique Opportunity

Share the Fun of Cookies Great American Cookies takes pride in being the “Home of The Original Cookie Cake”. We were the 1st Cookie Franchise in the United States; in fact, we’ve been manufacturing our dough in the same plant for over 30 years. Our original chocolate chip cookie recipe was created by the grandmother of one of our founders. This proprietary recipe is still the basis of our cookies today. We want you to share in the fun with us!

Celebrate with Cookies Founded in 1977, Great American Cookies offers fresh-baked cookies, made daily with hand-scooped batter. Whether it’s a Cookie Cake, a dozen, a few or just one, you can’t go wrong with a soft and delicious cookie or brownie from Great American Cookies. In 2008, Great American Cookies was added to the company portfolio. With the brands commitment to fresh quality products and innovative new menu items, Global Franchise Group, LLC’s marketing and branding experts will build the cookie business into a brand with stronger positioning, a product innovation focus and a compelling look and feel. Great American Cookies is a great opportunity for us to enter the cookie business with a premium cookie brand that has grown consistently over the years. Global Franchise Group, LLC plans to elevate the cookie business in consumer’s minds in both the domestic and international marketplace. Global Franchise Group, LLC’s integrated QSR portfolio helps make all franchise concepts stronger and more profitable by leveraging product purchasing, merging similar business development systems, and utilizing more efficient resources for product development, research and marketing. There has never been a better time to join The Great American Cookies family.

New York franchise law requires that we provide the following information for New York prospective franchisees. This advertisement is not an offering. An offering can only be made by a prospectus filed first with the Department of Law of the State of New York. Such filing does not constitute approval by the State of New York. These pages do not in themselves constitute an offer for the sale of franchises. An offer can only be made by delivery of an offering circular. We are not currently offering franchises to prospective franchisees in the State of Maryland. Until such time as we are registered in Maryland, no additional information will be forwarded to individuals in Maryland.

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Community Involvement

Great American Cookies Cares About Community Great American Cookies is more than just delicious, fresh-baked cookies. We believe in providing excellent support to the local community. During the marketing section of training at GFG University, franchisees learn the importance of supporting the local community. Our franchisees are active members of the local Chamber of Commerce, supporters of the neighborhood schools and partners with not-for-profit and other charitable organizations. As many of our locations are in malls, we often partner with other retail outlets to help drive overall mall business. We are also very supportive of the employees who work in the malls and we develop special programs to reward their service. We find giving back to the community in which we operate extremely rewarding. It is something we love and enjoy!

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Global Growth & GFG University The Adventures of Cookie Man Who is that fun-loving character? None other than Cookie Man. He’s the official mascot of Great American Cookies, spreading the love of cookies to kids of all ages. He is constantly going on new adventures and celebrating special occasions from Birthdays to Graduations with his delicious Cookie Cakes.

New GFG University Training Facility Because Global Franchise Group, LLC is one of the world’s leading brand management companies, we understand the importance in supporting all our franchisees in every way we can. This deep commitment and passion for our brands is the reason for building GFG University, ensuring every franchisee in our brand portfolio has a level of expertise and confidence from day one of ownership. It takes hard work and devotion to run a profitable cookie business, and GFG University offers state-of-the-art technology for initial and ongoing training programs and support. GFG University’s courses are drawn from the knowledge of our best-in-class management team and knowledge of franchise systems. With a mix of traditional GFG University’s courses are drawn from the knowledge of our best-in-class management team and knowledge of franchise systems. With a mix of traditional classroom, workshop and seminar presentations, we use highly interactive instructional techniques including video and online demonstrations. Students also receive hands-on training in the following categories: cookie production, staff management, store operations, marketing, financial analysis and more. GFG University is developing the technology for presentations to be sent to the store on flat screen televisions so franchisees can get up to the minute instruction after graduation from GFG University. So whether a franchisee is just starting out or has been in business for a long time – each and every franchisee is supported to the maximum with the most current information from GFG University.

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We’re Here To Help

Our growth strategy at Great American Cookies focuses on enhancing not only our brand’s awareness but also extends to aiding every franchisee to find the best location possible. To that end, we have some of the best real estate specialists who are experts at local trends and demographics. We also assist you with site selection. Our store locator assistance and store layout is designed to drive maximum traffic with minimum overhead. Additionally, Great American Cookies continually offers new and existing owners assistance and consultation for your stores. Global Franchise Group, LLC provides a vast array of sources in addition to site selection and lease negotiation upon signing of a franchise agreement:

• Marketing support tied to calendar of events and ongoing key brand building initiatives

• In-depth training in the areas of Operations including: P&L Management, cost of goods and

• Periodic visits from field representatives to consult on operations and marketing to help in

crease profit able revenues

• Ongoing tips for team training to ensure customer satisfaction and long term customer loyalty,

labor controls

including suggestive selling techniques for new products

• The opportunity to network with experienced peers who enjoy sharing knowledge to benefit fellow

owners and the organization

• Unparalleled franchisee training and support through state-of-the-art GFG University

• The opportunity to co-brand with other brands in the Global Franchise Group, LLC portfolio

• You will have ongoing access to our expertise and materials in the areas of: Business Development

and Administration, Site Selection and Store Leasing, Construction, Purchasing, Training, Store

Operations, Quality Control, Promotions, Marketing and Research & Development

Open Communication We believe communication with our franchisees is a top priority. Emphatically, our business philosophy is to encourage an open dialog between you and the entire Global Franchise Group, LLC Franchise Management team. We want you to create a thriving, successful business that offers the ultimate memorable guest experience. We work diligently to constantly brand and create emotional ties with Great American Cookie customers so you have not only a customer, but a customer for life.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the initial franchise fee? A: $25,000 30,000 30,000 Q: What are the ongoing royalty payments? A: 6% Q: What is the Marketing Support Fund (MSF) fee? A: 1.5% Q: Can I open a kiosk and if so what is the fee? $15,000 $15,000 A: Yes, the initial fee for a non-baking kiosks is $5,000. Q: What is the total initial investment? $185,000 the Financial $185,150 160,150 Costs $289,000 302,950 page. A: ItPlease ranges see between $167,000 $296,500. 144,150 and $288,950 256,150 Q: What is the typical size of a store? A: It ranges between 500 and 900 square feet. Q: What is the typical size of kiosk? A: Approximately 250 square feet. Q: A:

What do I receive for the franchise fee and royalty payments? You are granted the right to own and operate a Great American Cookies store for ten years, plus two five-year renewal options. In addition, you receive:

• Ongoing enrollment in our top-notch training program at GFG University. • The right to use Great American Cookies trademarks, training and support as outlined in our Operating Manual.

• Real estate support.

• The benefit of our prototype store design and staff consultation during the construction of you store. • A full set of training manuals to assist you in operating your store; Assistance in ordering your initial inventory and supplies.

• Assistance in planning your Grand Opening.

• On-site assistance prior to and during your store opening, and on a regular basis thereafter.

• The use of our established supply sources, including negotiated prices that could not likely be attained by an independent cookie store.

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Frequently Asked Questions

• The use of merchandising support programs, product tie-ins and seasonal promotions that are developed to attract new customers, cultivate and enhance customer loyalty and maximize the frequency of visits. • The benefit of our Research and Development team that is constantly testing new products and searching for new ideas and better ways to serve your customers. Q: What are the minimum requirements for franchise candidates? A: To ensure that our franchisees will be able to qualify with both lenders and landlords, we require that potential franchisees have at least $100,000 in liquid capital and a $250,000 net worth. In addition, food service and/ $85 $100,000 $100 or retail experience is desired, although not mandatory. If you (or you and any partners) meet these requirements and would like more information please complete the attached application. For international opportunities, the minimum net worth requirement varies. Please ask your sales representative for more information and an international application. Q: How much can I make as a Great American Cookies franchisee? A: We do not provide earnings claims of any kind. We recommend that prospective franchisees make their own independent investigation. Actual results vary for each store and we cannot estimate the results of a particular franchise. We can provide you with a detailed listing of our current franchisees and developers, whom you may contact directly to discuss sales figures or earnings.

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Financial Costs



Franchise Fee



Real Estate & Improvements



Cookie Ingredients



Other Opening Inventory



Computer System



Travel & Living Expenses While Training



Grand Opening Advertising



Other Prepaid Deposits & Expenses



Professional Fees



Insurance (3 months)



Miscellaneous Opening Costs



Additional Funds (3 months)





Total Initial Investment ROYALTY FEE



1.5% # of Units

Franchise Fee





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10 Steps to Becoming a Franchisee with Global Franchise Group (GFG) Completion Date

______ Candidate completes Franchise Application and forwards it to GFG. $85 ______ Candidate shows Verification of Liquid Assets to $100 $100K.

______ GFG obtains credit report to ensure credit worthiness for purposes of financing. ______ Candidates for whom applications are approved will participate in a phone interview to discuss real estate, construction, operations and marketing, training and initial investment parameters. It is best for a candidate to have a detailed list of questions prepared for this conversation. ______ If initial requirements are met, GFG forwards a Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) to candidate for their review. ______ Candidate signs the Acknowledgement of Receipt (the last page of the FDD), and returns one signed

copy to GFG via fax or direct mail.

______ Candidate contacts existing franchisees within GFG system to learn more about our opportunity and

what is expected.

______ Candidate and Franchise Development Representative from GFG schedule a Discovery Day at the candidate’s convenience. During the Discovery Day candidates will meet key management personnel

which will assist in the franchise development.

______ The Franchisee Approval Committee reviews candidate’s application and notifies candidate of results. ______ Once candidate is approved, the candidate and GFG sign a Franchise Agreement and the candidate pays the Initial Franchise Fee to GFG. We welcome you to the GFG family and help you build the business of your dreams!

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Brand of Interest: ________________________________ Development Manager: ___________________________________

Franchise Application

Today’s Date: ____________________________________

Information given will be held in the strictest of confidence. Fax to: (+1) 770-514-4903 Attn: Development Coordinator Mail to: 1346 Oakbrook Drive, Ste. 170, Norcross, Georgia USA 30093 Personal Information Name __________________________ SS#_________________________________ Date of Birth ________________________ Residence Address ____________________________________ City, State/Province___________________________________ Zip/Post Code _______________________________ Country _____________________________________________________ Home Phone ___________________________ Business Phone ___________________________________________________ Mobile Phone___________________________ Fax Number ______________________________________________________ Email Address ___________________________ Marital Status ____________________________________________________ Name of Spouse _______________________ Spouse's SS# ___________________ Spouse's Date of Birth_________________ Number of Children ___________________ Ages _______________________________________________________________ Please indicate the names of all individuals (in addition to yourself) who will have a beneficial ownership in the franchise or the entity that will own the franchise. (All individuals identified below as equity owners must also complete a Franchise Application.)

Do you plan to devote your full time to this business? _________Will your spouse/partner be active in the business? __________ Will this business be your primary source of income? ______________ Have you ever owned a business? __________________ Comments: _____________________________________________________________________________________________ Geographic Area of Interest: ______________________________ County/Country ____________________________________ I am: (Check all that apply.) ___A citizen or national of the United States ___ An alien lawfully admitted for permanent residence (Alien # A____________) ___An alien authorized by the Immigration and Naturalization Service to work in the United States (Alien # A_____________) or Admission Number , expiration of employment authorization, if any ___ I am a national of ___________________ (Country) ___ I am a citizen of _________________________ (Country) ___ A military Veteran Non-citizenship will not be a bar to being awarded a franchise. Please attach to this application a copy of at least one of the following documents: ___ Passport photo page ___ Certificate of United States Citizenship ___Alien Registration Card with photograph ___ Certificate of Naturalization ___ Other government-issued identification (describe) __________________________________ ___ Driver's license or I.D. card with photograph, or information, including name, sex, DOB, height, weight, and color of eyes GFG Management, LLC reserves the right to ask you produce original and/or additional documentation verifying your identity.

Recent Employment History or Experience Owning a Business Company Year(s) Title or Position Salary City, State, Country Tel. # 1. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ 3. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Have you ever owned a franchise before? _____________________________________________________________________ Business Interests Please identify all business enterprises in which you hold a beneficial ownership interest. The term "business enterprise" includes a corporation, association, partnership, business trust, sole proprietorship, or other business, the shares of which are not listed on a securities exchange or otherwise regularly traded. Name & Address of Business

Legal Form of Business

Nature of Business


Current Value

Have you ever applied for or obtained credit under another name in the past ten years? ___ Yes ___ No What name(s)? _____________________________________________________________________________ Have you ever been convicted of a felony or other crime involving moral turpitude? ___ Yes ___ No If you answered “yes,” please state the name and address of the court and the date of conviction, and provide brief description of the charges for which you were convicted: ______________________________________________________ Have you ever filed for bankruptcy? ___ Yes ___ No If yes, please provide discharge letter for the bankruptcy. Are there any judgments pending against you that have not been satisfied? ___ Yes ___ No If you answered “yes,” please state the name and address of the court, and the date and amount of the judgment: _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Are you currently involved as a defendant in any litigation or arbitration proceeding? ___ Yes ___ No If you answered “yes,” please state the name and address of the court, and provide a brief description of the allegations against you and the amount of the claim: _____________________________________________________________ Are there any contingent liabilities of any kind against you? ___Yes ___ No Notes Or Accounts Receivable Discounted Sold, or Assigned US$ _____________________ As Guarantor For Other on Notes, Bonds, Contracts, Etc. US$ _____________________ Any Other Contingent Liabilities, Pending Lawsuits, Litigation. Please itemize and provide details. US$ _____________________

Financial Condition as of __________20 ___

Assets Cash on hand or in bank $ ____________________ Home $ ____________________ Stocks and Bonds $ ____________________ Real Estate $ ____________________ Autos $ ____________________ Personal Property $ ____________________ Retirement, 401K, IRA, etc... $ ____________________ Other $ ____________________ Total Assets (A) $ ____________________ Authorizations and Releases

Liabilities Installment Notes & Contracts Real Estate Loans Bills Payable Other

$ ____________________ $ ____________________ $ ____________________ $ ____________________

Total Liabilities $ (B)

$ ____________________

Total Assets $ (A) $ ____________________ Total Liabilities (B) $ ____________________ Total Net Worth (Subtract B from A) $ ____________________

I understand that GFG Management, LLC and its affiliates will be requesting information from various companies, financial and other institutions, universities, credit reporting agencies, professional and academic certification law enforcement agencies, former employers, and the military, and I hereby authorize such entities to release any information that they may have about me to GFG Management, LLC and its affiliates, its agents and designees, and release them from any liability arising out of or related to their release of such information. I authorize all financial institutions holding funds or other property on my behalf or on behalf of any business entity in which I hold a beneficial interest, whether or not identified in this Franchise Application, to release all records including signature cards, statements and all documentation reflecting the source of deposited funds, whether the funds were received in the form of cash, credit, electronic fund transfer or wire transfer. I also authorize GFG Management, LLC, its affiliates and its agents and designees to obtain such credit and other civil and criminal investigative reports as they consider necessary to evaluate this Franchise Application, and understand that these reports may contain information about my background, mode of living, character and personal reputation. This authorization is valid for any current and future reports and updates that may be requested. ___ I request a copy of my credit report ___ I do not request a copy of my credit report I further authorize GFG Management, LLC, its affiliates, its agents and designees to contact individuals or entities identified in this Franchise Application, or whose names arise in connection with the civil and criminal investigative reports described above for purposes of obtaining character references and verifying the information contained in this Franchise Application. I hereby authorize any individual or entity contacted by GFG Management, LLC and its affiliates, or its agent or designee to provide all requested information, and release them from any liability arising out of or related to their release of such information.


I certify that I have carefully read the Franchise Application and it is complete, true and correct in all respects. I have been advised and understand that any misrepresentation or inaccuracy in the information provided by me will be grounds for termination of any franchise that GFG Management, LLC and its affiliates may grant to me based on the information in this Franchise Application. Notwithstanding this acknowledgment, I understand and agree that nothing contained in this Franchise Application obligates GFG Management, LLC and its affiliates to grant me a franchise.

Signature: ____________________________________________________________ Date: _____________________________ Spouse Signature: ______________________________________________________ Date: _____________________________

Great American Cookies Franchise brochure  
Great American Cookies Franchise brochure