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HP support for HP Fingerprint Reader Issues

Fingerprint Reader is an exclusive security feature available in many brands of laptop. It is a software application and device developed by Microsoft to augment the security features of laptops and desktops. Putting this software into use, a user is not allowed to access computer only via fingerprint and by no means an alpha-numeric password. Fingerprint Reader is extensively useful to maintain security in the office premises and school campusesor sensitive laboratories. It is so suggested because it restricts any unauthorized entry of people disallowing from accessing files from your account by making use of your password. To get your system shielded by an added security activate your Fingerprint Reader. Fingerprint reader feature is generally installed on a PCto offer an extra level of security and protection. Once the device gets installed and configured on the Windows operating system access to the computer would be allowed only by a registered fingerprint. This a highly useful feature specifically for computers with highly sensitive data as it lets only authorized users to access. In case your fingerprint reader fails to work properly, do not worry as there are several easy procedures to get it completely fixed. There are few models of HP Laptops that are already incorporated with the Fingerprint reader. For proper functioning they need to install device drivers and application software. Most of the issues that are faced owing to the HP Fingerprint reader can be resolved by simply reinstalling drivers or rolling back the preinstalled hardware device drivers. Some Finger Print feature related issues are also resolved by resetting the BIOS settings. Most HP Fingerprint reader issues get easily resolved bit at times there might be certain intricacies. In such situations you may avail the online HP support and get the issue resolved with expertise. There is a scope of more issues like that of fingerprint reader displaying a status saying unavailable in the Biometric Devices Control Panel. At times the fingerprint reader appears to be currently busy owing to its being used for enrollment purpose. Lest you are presently enrolling fingerprint data

with a device, the status displays to be unavailable. A user would be able to use the device only when fingerprint enrollment is completely done. But even if the problem persists in spite of the enrollment being complete there might be something severely erroneous with the fingerprint reader. The issue is often driver related. Re-installing the driver might resolve the issue. In case the issue persists get in touch with an adept online tech support provider and avail their HP support help for the fingerprint reader feature and get your computer again strongly protected from unauthorized access.

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