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I listen it because: › I like the diversity of sounds that it has in every song. › How the DJs combine the sounds to make different rhythms. › How my body respond to the rhythm in the song.

The toxic Averager Trashing Teenagers


The Bloody Beetroots


It’s fast but with strange rhythms in it: › You can fell a variety of feelings listening to this music › The lyrics that it has is unusual. › The rhythm can varied among the song.

Foster the people

Vampire Weekend Too door cinema club

White lies

The Drums

It’s fast and loud, and it can accelerate you when you do your work › I love how the musicians play the guitar so fast. › How the voice of the singers can give to the song a different feeling or meaning for you. › The variety of the types of Rock that exist.


Flyleaf Alesana


Marilyn Manson

My favorite music  

It's a magazine that describe my favorite music and why I like it