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An apple a day,

Keeps the doctor away.

By: Ignacio Ballesteros Jose Ignacio Moral Daniela Perez Emilia Marcos Bernarda PĂŠrez Juan Martin Pacheco

This magazine is about how nutrition can affect on you life. It has some fact of our community eating habits and some tips to improve the habits we have now.

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Eat Healthy, Live Healthy By: Juan Martin Pacheco & Emilia Marcos Have you ever think how can you improve your daily diet? If your answer is yes, we have some tips that can help you achieve a healthy diet. These tips would help you with your metabolism. They will also help you by preventing diseases. If you eat healthy, you live healthy. Don’t skip meals. You need to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner, when you skip a meal your body recognized that he isn’t going to have food to transform it to energy. Then the body goes in a survival mode and it will make your body store carbohydrates and fat. If your body starts storing carbohydrates and fat you’ll star gaining weight. You also need water to hydrate your body when it’s tiered. You need to drink at list 2 liters of water a day. If you want to drink 3-4 liters a day, go for it. But it’s not so good to drink too much water. If you drink too much water you will start losing your appetite and you will start losing a lot of weight.

You need to consume protein. Protein makes your muscles strong. Consuming protein may reduce the risk of suffering a heart attack. It would reduce heart attack risk by reducing bad cholesterol and augmenting good cholesterol. If you want to decrease the chances of having a heart attack you should eat protein every day. Eat more whole grains. The whole grains will help you with your digestion. Whole grain products have a lot of fiber in them. Fiber helps by making your digestion system work well. That’s the tips that will help you achieve a healthy daily diet.

That’s the tips that will help you achieve a healthy daily diet. "Proper Nutrition." Six Tips To. N.p., n.d. Web. 27 Nov. 2013.

The people of our community are healthy? We made a survey to the people in our community and the first question was: How much milk do you drink daily? In that question we had really disappointed results. The 11% of the community drinks 3 times a day, while the 22% of the people drinks twice a day. The 67% of the community drinks only once in a day. These results aren’t that healthy, so our community definitely needs to improve that. The second question turned out to be healthier than we expected. It was: How much salad do we eat weekly? In this question the 33% of the people eat 2 times, the 11% of the community 3 times a week. Now, these results are really good: the 56% of the community eats 4 times a week that is almost 1 time a day without weekend. The answers for this question were impressive, so our community need to stay like that.

The third question turns up to be really healthy too! The question was: How much soda do you drink daily? What we didn’t expect was this: 22% of our community does not drink soda. Plus, the 56% drinks only 1-2 times a week, so that is pretty good. The 11% of our community drinks 3-4 times a week and the other 11% drinks more than 5 times a week. So, we need to stop drinking that much soda. The fourth question is: do you eat fruit daily? The possible answers were: yes no sometimes. The 22% said sometimes, the 11% said no and 67% said yes. That is really healthy; almost everybody eats fruit every day. The last question is: how much junk food do you eat weekly? The 11% east 3-4 times a week, the 89% eats 1-2 times again. In conclusion: the community is really healthy.

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and muscles when it is Article 3 What is nutrition? By: Daniela PĂŠrez and JosĂŠ Ignacio Moral


Nutrition is a provision to our

Fats are also energy, but they

cells and organisms, in the

provide nutrients for your

form of food. Also the food

body. Fats make possible for

that you eat provides you

other nutrients to do their jobs.

energy. Nutrition is the

Protein builds, maintains, and

process in which organism

replaces the tissues in your

takes food and liquids

body. Vitamins are

necessary for growth.

substances that your body

Nutrition is the science that

needs to grow and develop

studies the relationship

normally. Your body needs 13

between food and health,

vitamins. Water is a source of

especially in a diet.There are

life that everyone needs

six major nutrients:

including animals and plants.

carbohydrates, fats, minerals,

Do you remember about the

protein, vitamins, and water.

food pyramid? Well now we

Carbohydrates are energy for

have myplate

your body; carbohydrates stores extra sugar in your liver

It’s important for people to

substances and natural

follow myplate system for

antioxidants that help us a lot

have a good nutrition. The

in our digestive system.

myplate system shows you

Fruits provide us a variety of

how to have a balanced diet.

vitamins specially vitamin C.

Also illustrates the five food

Also hydrates our body

groups that you have to eat


each day just like the food

Finally is important for us to

pyramid but myplate is better

have a great nutrition so we

because shows you the

can be healthy. Is important

more important food groups

for everyone to have a

that you have to eat so you

equilibrate diet and to

can be healthy. These food

understand why is important

groups are proteins,

to have a good feed. Is

vegetables, diary, grains and

important because otherwise


you can have a heart

The fruits and vegetables

disease, or other serious

are a very good source of

diseases. In other words you

vitamins specially fruits. Also

need to have a good

have many natural

alimentation. We hope that

substances that our body’s

you understand the

need to be healthy. This kind

importance of nutrition.

of food has protective

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Credits: Writers: Ignacio Ballesteros Jose Ignacio Moral Daniela Perez Emilia Marcos Bernarda PĂŠrez Juan Martin Pacheco

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