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Graphical excellence while communicating concepts as precisely, clearly and efficiently as possible while allowing the data reveal the truth.

Always Be Clear with Your Data Totals â—?

Include the number of the total observations on the chart.


This also provides indirect measures of the variability.

Always Be Clear with Your Data Totals ●

Small number of survey respondents, it’s good to plot counts compared to the percentage of the counts.

Counts for small numbers will help the chart’s readability through getting rid of extra step.

Never Overload Your Graph or Chart â—?

It is also important to pick chart types wisely.

Never Overload Your Graph or Chart ●

There’s often a tendency to add a lot of items to the graph that don’t add to the message of the data.

Show All Survey Data ●

Graphs and charts - Presentation’s accuracy & visual appeal.

Smart color choices, pick consistent chart scales and types and make clear visual hierarchy.

Show All Survey Data

About Us - PollDeep â—?

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