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Quick Tips to Manage your Interactive TIP tool Data Transfer Solutions LLC October 2012

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Editing Individual Projects  

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How to edit p projects j and control what shows up p in drop p down menus? Report Detail Page : How to attach new documents with an existing report/ project?

Moving a database from working to published Downloadingg reports p in excel. Modifying permission levels Generate comparison reports Document Library

How to edit projects and control what shows up in drop down menus?  An admin login is available to all the users to help manage new and existing reports. The Manage Projects section enables the user to select from the Working Database individual projects projects. The Manage Lookups section contains a list of lookup or drop down items to manage available options. In other words, Lookups are the common lists of items used in the application which facilitate drop down lists and data consistency.

Accessing Admin Login Admin Login g can be accessed either byy selecting the Login Button or by typing in “/Admin” to the original web address.

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Selecting Individual Projects Manage g Projects j section enables the user to select from the database of individual projects and thereby allowing the user to make necessary changes to the report. Helps p in addition of new projects

Editing Individual Projects Selecting an individual project takes you to the “Edit Project” page that provides the user with the option to make necessary changes to the project The edit section is provided with dropdowns p in order to make it easier for the user to edit or create a new project.

Does the Admin allow you y determine how report should be arranged? The Manage Lookups section contains a grid for each lookup table in the application. For eg; The window for the “Edit Project” (above) has list h a dropdown d d li for f “Section”. “S i ” Section S i Lookup k is a grid that contains all the sections of the report. It is assigned to a project in the TIP Projects section. The sections are the groupings of projects for the report and as such are important for p p determining how the report will be structured.

Sections have a name, a display flag (determining whether they will show up on the th reportt att all) ll) andd a sortt order d to t be entered when they are created.

Report Detail Page : How to attach new documents with an existing report/ project?  This tool enables you to attach separate documents with the original project in the form of .pdf/.doc/.jpeg or any other information that is required. This is usually done to tag extra information with the project other than the basic information that the Interactive TIP site enables in producing. p g Step 1: Log into “Admin” Step 2: Select “Projects” from the 1 d d dropdown li t off “Manage list “M TIP Data” Step 3: Select the required project in 2 which the attachment is to be placed.


Step 4: Scroll down to “Documents” Documents Step 5: Select the Add button Step 6: Attach the required d documents andd fill in i the h necessary details.



Select the “+” (Add) button


Moving a database from working to published  The Report Manger is the section of the application that lets you manage the multiple datasets that represent individual TIP reports. Within the Report Manager, right – clicking on a row enables you to get a list of options like Replace, Published, Snapshot, and Replace Working databases.

Work : Lets you move a report p snapshot p to the working dataset (what is available in the admin backend)

Snap: enables you to create a new snapshot for any selected report The grid for the Report Manager has 2 new buttons on the toolbar : “Work” and “Snap”. The Report with the type “Working” is the one that is currently loaded and editable in the administrative backend while the report with the type “Published” is the one the public is capable of searching from the h Search S h TIP section. i

Does the TIP tool give you the option of downloading the reports in Excel?  Yes, The Admin has an Excel dump, which can be accessed from “Run Reports” section available through the admin. The Report Library also provide access to documents and files that are available for download.

Excell dump d gives you a data d dump d off the h currently l loaded l d d working k dataset d into an excell file. f l Above Ab is an example l off the h excell file generated by the application. The file is broken apart into sections, as separate worksheets in the document, just like the normal report but also includes a Data Dump tab that has raw tabular data for custom reporting.

Modifying permission levels for selected user.  The User Manager lets the administrator manage user accounts in the system. Using this section you can create new TIP Administrators with full permissions or users without only permission to access individual sections of the TIP. By default the newly created users have no permission to access the tool and need to be assigned the permission level they will have.

The grid itself functions like a normal grid but once a user is created, the “Edit” button in the h Roles/ R l / Agency A column l can be b used d to edit di the h user’s ’ permission i i level. l l Above Ab shown h i is an example of the pop up that will help in modifying the permission level for a selected user. Selecting any or all of the agencies will give the user access to all those agencies. Selecting all the agencies allows in the creation of a data editor that can maintain data but none of the other features of the application pp while limitingg them to jjust one agency g y allows in the creation of a local agency that can only manage its own projects. Selecting Administrator gives the user complete administrative access to the tool.

Ability to generate comparison reports ďƒ˜ The TIP Tool also provides the opportunity to generate comparison reports from the admin which is usually activated at the time of approval. The comparison report generator can only be accessed from Admin ďƒ Run Reports.

Enables the user to select any two reports that requires to be compared

What does the Document Library do?  The Document Library section of the application is where you manage all of the documents that will be publicly available on the Report Library. The grid for the document library functions exactly the same as the other grids in the application. If your document does not fit into anyy of the existingg categories, g , you y can create another one in the Document Category g y lookup p section. You can specify a sort order which determines the order the document is displayed within the category it belongs to. The Document Library can be accessed through Admin  Manage Documents  Document Library

Each of these documents can be b in i the h fform off an excel file or PDF file.

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How to use interactive tip  
How to use interactive tip